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on March 10, 2016
Stop what you're doing and make note of the date and time.

Then, buy this.

Your life will never be the same.

I can't really think of anything to say that hasn't been said before, but this is basically the iPhone of the coffee world. It changes the game:

1) Easy to use, easy to clean, doesn't require elaborate rituals
2) Makes REALLY GOOD coffee, that can be easily adjusted to suit your taste
3) It's FREAKING CHEAP compared to owning a whole counter full of coffee appliances (trust me, I've been there)
4) It's portable. You can take it on trips, use it in hotels. You can take it camping, hunting, or fishing. You can take it to your office. In fact, I bought a second one for my office. This thing can make the best coffee anywhere you have boiling water.

I'm going to keep this brief, because. Really. Just buy it already. The more time you spend reading this, the longer until Aeropress changes your life.

UPDATED - Okay, it's been maybe 4 months since I bought my first Aeropress. I liked it so much I got another one for my office. The first Aeropress has had maybe 500 cups through it, the second maybe 100. The problem is, the seal on that first unit is totally, completely shot. You can't even really push down on it, or air burps past the plunger. Worse, sometimes hot coffee makes it past, and spurts out the top all over your hand. This started a few weeks ago and has gotten steadily worse.

Googling, it looks like this does happen to people from time to time, and Aerobie do make a replacement part, but apparently you have to call and order it - it's not available on Amazon or Aerobee's website that I can find.

I don't mind replacing a worn out part, but this thing is 4 months old. There's only two coffee drinkers in my house. Yeah, we both drink a lot of coffee, but there's two of us. Two people wearing out a coffee appliance in 3 or 4 months is kind of ridiculous. I don't know how much the seals cost, but I am probably going to ask for several. I'm not going to stop using this, and I do still believe it's the single best way to make coffee, but I am pretty disappointed. Hopefully this is an isolated incident. I'll report back in a few months when the second unit has a similar volume through it, or once the first one hits the next ~500 cups. In the meantime, I'm sadly deducting a star from my prior 5 star rating.

UPDATED AGAIN - 6 months (roughly) later. The high-use unit at home is juuuuust starting to wear out again. It's been a little more robust this time but is still starting to wear. The lower-use unit at my office is still going strong on it's first rubber bit. It looks like the rubber part has a useful life of maybe 750-1,000 cups of coffee. For some people that's gonna be years maybe? For us, it's not very long. I still love this thing, I'm still gonna keep using it, but I'm still slightly disappointed. They should just bundle the rubber part with the filters. It's a little annoying to order, there is apparently one online source in Canada or you can call (yes, CALL on a phone - no online ordering) the manufacturer.

Also, I want to share a useful tip. Once the rubber seal does start to wear, if you soak it in very hot water for a minute before use, it sometimes rejuvenates it and lets it seal. So, even once it's worn you can kind of still use it, but with an extra step that only works some of the time.
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on June 10, 2011
I worked at a coffee shop for over five years and was a finalist in a number of regional barista competitions from California to Missouri.

So I have a thing for good coffee, which starts with the roast and the purity and temperature of the water. But when it comes to extraction, very few, if any, brewing devices put so much control into the hands of the brewer.

With this brewer, I have made some of the best cups of coffee I've ever had. You can achieve the quality of brewed coffee as with a classic pour-over but in a much more convenient and durable system.

It's faster than a crappy Mr. Coffee, easier and more forgiving than a pour over like the Hario V60 and more durable than anything else I've ever used, besides of course a Turkish coffee brewing pot.

Sometimes you're just too busy to brew a coffee everyday (even it is does only take 2-3 minutes from start to finish). Or perhaps you hate being stuck with the crappy coffee found at your office. The versatility to brew a regular cup of coffee or an "espresso extract" is awesome. On a busy week, I will brew a heavy concentrated brew of coffee and store in a vacuumed, air-free, glass Porto bottle. When I want to make a coffee, I simply pour a measure of the coffee extract into a cup, cut with either iced or hot water and enjoy my quick, dead simple brew.

When traveling, this thing really shows off. If you travel and hate using hotel coffee and coffee makers, take this on your next trip, use the in-room coffee maker to heat up bottled water and use the Aerobie's coffee cavity to hold your coffee safe for travel. You can then brew the best cup of coffee you'll ever have at a hotel. This goes for camping, business travel or backpacking.

The whole system breaks down to really only two parts, the plunger and the reservoir with filters. You can leave the rest behind (scoop, funnel, stirrer) if you want. Learn where your coffee grinds should reach vertically in the brewer and free pour your coffee, stir the brewing grinds with the spoons or straws made available in most hotel rooms.

Cleaning the system is easy, just rinse and air-dry or wipe dry. I reuse my paper filters 2-4 times and see little to no difference in taste or consistency. This a company that makes permanent metal disk filters for this brewer that many people love. I am reluctant to use them as a metal disc will not remove any extra oils left in darker roast coffee but some people like the flavor of the oils so to each their own.

Bottom line, this is the perfect brewer for the everyday coffee drinker, the business traveler, college guy/gal stuck in a dorm room, tiny New York apartment goer or backpacker. Get it, use it and love it.
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on June 17, 2015
I will just quote FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and say that this makes "a damn fine cup of coffee".

This pairs well with the reasonably priced Handground Precision Coffee Grinder: Manual Ceramic Burr Mill as you can easily select the size of your grind. There's something nice and meditative about the time it takes to hand-grind and then Aeropress; clean.
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on May 5, 2017
I tend to use it for coffee more than espresso, but you can still make a good espresso with it.

At home I have a Ranchilo tuned for espresso, a scale to weight out 18 grams in & 32 out, and a smart kettle to brew at the 190-195 degree Fahrenheit temp (depending on the roast). I don't use it much for espresso at home though, because I have a Rocket. However, it is one of the better coffee devices I have around the house. It is faster and easier to clean than my french presses, chemix, vacuum pot, moka pot, and drip.

I tend to keep it at work because I needed something to make good coffee. And whenever I brew a cup, I become the envy of the office. :)
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on April 5, 2017
Only time will tell as far as the quality of the workmanship and material. The Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker is simple to use and a lot easier to clean that a French Press. Like many things it may take you a little trial and error to get the coffee taste your looking for but well worth the time and effort. Read the instruction, follow them closely and your first use should be a hit! There is a video by Kit Badger that is well worth watching and was the convincing reason for my decision to but the Aeropress.
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on November 15, 2017
The first one I bought lasted me 2-3 years. The second one I've had for a year and it's not showing any signs of wear so far. They made the plunger head thicker and I think the walls of the outer plastic are thicker too. Usually products get worse and not better, so great job Aerobie.

As far as flavor, it's a coffee maker, if you put in good beans and use the right temps of water it'll come out as good as any other coffee maker. They're all the same.

It's remarkably easy to clear though.
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on November 30, 2014
Excellent. Makes brilliant coffee. Just doesn't make a lot of it!

The system is easy to use, there is a ton of literature out there with tips and tricks (see the inverted method brew), it is portable and convenient, it's cheap, it's BPA-free, and it comes with everything you need to get started--sans the coffee, water and grinder. Makes awesome coffee concentrate, much like espresso.

I suggest utilizing the methods the interwebs suggest by weighing both the coffee and water for precise brewing. Prior to my switch, I was using the measured scoop and the lines on the unit for the water, but measuring the beans and H2O gave me greater strength and flavor in general. A nice digital kitchen scale on Amazon can be had for under $20.

The fit and finish of the unit is great, since it's just plastic. The included accessories are nice, but not necessary.

Highly recommended as a "specialty coffee brewer," but not as a carafe to serve 10's of people. Thumbs up!
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on November 11, 2017
Nothing beats this for rich coffee worth drinking. The ritual of making it is only value added. Also, lasts for years. Eventually (years), the cylinder needs replacing due to hot water effects.

BUT--Amazon raises the price without notice, when the item is in my cart. I try not to buy late at night but next day the price has risen 20%. Had I known I would have completed the purchase then. And communicating with Amazon is very difficult. If it is less than 24 hrs later, we should get the cart price.
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on April 5, 2014
First off...I prefer espresso; I don't really care for a normal cup of coffee.
For a single shot of espresso..(or any brewing in my opinion).use the Aerobie AeroPress INVERTED.
I use 2 oz of boiling water over a full level scoop of espresso grind.
Then flip and press into the large pre-heated cup until i hear air..then pour into pre-heated espresso cup a bit over a oz of "espresso" using this approach.
You don't get don't get do however get a delightful shot of caffiene.
It is NOT a A+ espresso shot from a master barista...but it is better than any POD based shot I've had from anybody's home machine....and the full espresso head rush is there...and it does have what i call the flavor I'm calling it an A-/B+...great for travel. Really is my best home and travel solution so far.
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on November 17, 2015
The silicone on the plunger appears to be deteriorating. I can wash it and wash it. But it gets shiny and tacky in between uses. Also, if you get this device, be careful not to put too much pressure on the plunger when you're making coffee. It can handle quite a bit. But I pushed too hard once and coffee spewed out and got all over me and the cabinets. This was manageable. But the silicone plug deterioration was not.
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