Customer Reviews: Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair: Basic - Height and Tilt Tension Adjustments - Fixed Vinyl Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Graphite Frame/Carbon Classic Pellicle - Size C (Large)
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on April 12, 2011
I didn't realize this chair was non-adjustable. It has seat height and tension, nothing more. This is my own fault, it is clearly stated in the product description, but I didn't think to look because frankly I didn't know H-M even MADE such a stripped down chair. I'm tall so the arms were in a completely unusable position for me.

On the other hand, if you're not mechanically helpless, you *can* move the arms and lock them into the slot you want. You will need a T25 Torx (the six-pointed star shape) screwdriver to take off the arms. If you remove the back piece (mine was shipped with the back already off) you can see the bolt holding the arms on. Remove the bolt, pull the cosmetic plastic strip out of the arm groove, and screw the bolt back in the arm piece at the desired height. It took me about 10 minutes and the chair now fits me perfectly.

So if you bought this chair without realizing the arms aren't adjustable, don't despair!
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on December 6, 2011
I want to clear up exactly what is included with this chair.
MOST IMPORTANT _ You get a tilt - but not a tilt lock. However you can reach up inside the bottom of the chair and flip a tilt lock gear to make the chair lock.
I've been looking for the switch gear and spring on ebay so I can install it myself... for about a week now with no success - but you can lock the chair; however a switch is not included to do so.
I can't stress this enough. Your $600 chair will always lean back. You cannot prevent it from doing so. There is no tilt lock. Hilarious and sad at the same time.

You get arms - but they are not adjustable - unless you use a wrench to detach and reattach in the desired position.
You get the basic raise/lower

No lumbar
No forward tilt
No tilt lock
No adjustable arms

Hope this helps future buyers. I think the chair is great but I was shocked that there was no tilt lock.
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on May 27, 2007
I've used the Herman Miller Aeron chairs for years at work. I love them. They are as comfortable as high quality leather chairs, but the mesh prevents the chair from building up heat as leather tends to do.

The only downside to this chair is that it's the Basic model. It lacks adjustability. It raises and lowers, but that's it. No lumbar adjustment, no arm rest adjustment, etc.

If you want a comfortable chair, get this one. If you have back problems and need adjustability, get the other one.
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on October 19, 2009
This is the Cadillac of office chairs and can typically go for over $1,000. We looked for an office chair for more than 2 months and nothing came close. If you sit in front of a computer for any length of time, this chair is for you. Why torture yourself with a mediocre product? Note that office supply companies have to sell to the masses and therefore stock chairs that will fit the mainstream customer. If you are shorter or taller, they will always be uncomfortable.

There are 3 sizes (A-B-C) with 'A' being the smallest and designed for a smaller or petite frame. Since my wife is 5'5", this was perfect for her. The webbing is on both the back and seat portion of the chair. This adapts well to the user as well as provides a ventilated chair that a leather chair cannot provide.
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on December 29, 2013
I have owned and used this chair daily, spending many hours each day in it, for more than three years. I think that gives me ample experience with the product, so I decided it was time to write this review.

Don't buy it.

The Aeron Chair is marketed based on its ergonomics and customizable features. This chair, despite the hefty price tag, does not have most of the adjustability, and unless your body just happens to fit the shape and size of the basic chair as-is, and unless you do not mind the fact that you have no control over the tilt, you will hurt after a while of using it.

OK, point-by-point:

The chair back - in rest position, the angle that the chair back makes with the seat is too great to contact your back in an upright position for keyboarding, so you may find that you will spend most of your time perching on the chair without any back support.

Lumbar support - this comes as a separate gizmo that can be purchased extra, but it isn't furnished with the basic chair.

Tilt - The chair tilts, but you cannot adjust the tension, and there is no tilt lock. I repeat, THERE IS NO TILT LOCK. When you lean back, you will lean back very, very far - too far for comfort. Also, the back is not high enough to support your head or neck when you lean back, so forget using that extreme lean to rest your tired back and neck muscles while on the phone. I found this chair to be extremely hard on my neck for these reasons.

The armrests - are not adjustable. I am a mere 5'8" and they are too low for me, so my arms are completely unsupported. Will yours be? If your arms are not supported as you work, you will fatigue more quickly and your posture will suffer. Other reviewers have mentioned taking the chair apart to adjust the armrests. That's a great hack if you can do it, but I will leave it to you to decide if you have the skill and tools to disassemble the components of this chair to make the arms do what chair arms are supposed to do.

The seat - the much-vaunted waterfall front of the Aeron chair seems to be either loved or hated. After all these years, I find that I hate it. It places much too much pressure on the backs of my legs, and that quite simply hurts. I ended up putting a cheap memory foam cushion on my expensive chair. (Note, I have the fully-loaded, top-of-the-line adjustable Aeron at work, and in this respect, it is no different. I had to get a cheap cushion for that one too.)

The pneumatic height adjustment - works fine. It's nice to have one positive thing to say about this chair.

In summary, the Aeron Chair's reputation is staked on its adjustability and good ergonomics, but the basic Aeron has neither.
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on March 18, 2012
I have been using this chair for 3 years now and its been great. The biggest thing about it is getting the correct size. I am 5' 11" 158 lb and I use the size b chair. I had the size C and it was not comfortable. Sitting in the wrong size chair also bothered my back because the lumbar support was all off. Keep that in mind if you plan on getting one.

I also had a base Freedon Task Chair from human scale for a year and it was not as comfortable at this one.
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on July 19, 2013
I have used Aeron chairs for years and of course there have been price increases throughout the years so my first two chairs were about the same price or less then this basic. My mistake was assuming that all Aeron chairs were adjustable so I did not pay attention to the fact that only the higher priced chairs were adjustable. The armrest are miserable for me at the permanent setting. So I suggest not getting the unadjustable Aeron. One of the main calling cards of this expensive chair is the adjustability for comfort. I am sad that I am stuck with this one.
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My boss is a 5ft 4 and always complained her chair was hurting her. I bought several from the local office stores for her. She complained about all of them and would go back to this fugly computer chair that we got somewhere for free and she is the business owner.

So, one day, I got tired of hearing her complain and explaining to her clients why she is sitting in a ratty, dirty old chair you can find in a trash dump. I got on Amazon and started looking for something that an Asian female would like.

Found this chair. Thought about the one by the same company that adjusts automatically but decided against it.

I liked the A B C in sizes. My boss is borderline A or B. I chose A.

Thank the chair gods that it came before the bill. Fast shipping and so easy to put together. I don't like tools or plans, so all I had to do was put the back on it. This worked out great.

So I got it put together and put it in her office. She loved it. Says it is the most comfortable chair she has ever sat in. But she will not let me sit in it because she says I am too big and fat and it is made for small people. It looks sturdy to me, but she won't let me sit in it.

When she got the bill, she said that it was a great deal at $699.00.

If you are short, buy this chair!
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on February 28, 2013
This is a good. chair, but I was expecting adjustable arm rests. This chair does not come with that feature, but if you remove a plastic piece on each side of the attachment to the back, you can adjust it to your height to your needs, just not easilly adjustable without getting out the wrench.
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on August 27, 2014
I, like others, didn't read all of the listing to see that this does not come with adjustable arms. One would think, for this price, that would be standard but it is my own fault for not reading in more detail. I was quite disappointed but immediately looked at how they were attached and there is a groove for adjusting. After reading a fellow comment on here that you can adjust them the hard way I got to work. Took about 10 minutes. Take the back off, there is a plastic piece in the groove - it is all one piece and you will need to maintain the integrity of this to secure the arms back on. I was able to just snap off the top of it (about 1 1/2"), slide the arm up and re-tighten and it's perfect. You will need a TX25 Torx to loosen the arms from the track. Chair is great now!
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