Customer Reviews: Agasio A502W Wireless IP Camera with IR-Cut Off Filter 3.6mm lens 90Degree Viewing Angle, Black
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on April 11, 2012
I've just spent a few hours playing with my newly delivered Agasio A502W and, while I probably won't return it, I do wish I'd known before purchase what I've learned since.

Agasio is owned by the same parent as Foscam and, as far as I can tell, there's a lot of common technology between the two product lines.

- at least initially, the pan/tilt mechanism is whisper quiet, and seems reliable and responsive
- good video quality
- the wireless setup was a little vexing, but no more so than any other wireless IP camera I've set up, and better than some

- apparently, significant functions like, say, "Record," are only available in IE with the ActiveX plugin, not in Firefox or Chrome. This is a pretty significant feature gap.
- on Windows 7, I'm unable to set the video record path (where the streaming video is stored on my PC) to point to a non-public directory.
- in Firefox, the browser interface is extremely buggy, bringing up menus mismatched, usually not bringing up the "Browse" dialogs at all, and generally not working well.
- even though the web UI and Agasio's site both claim the camera video stream works with VLC plugins, it does not appear to recognize those plugins after I installed them.
- for each of these issues, I visited their website, which is incomplete (lots of pages like "Download firmware" and "FAQ" are marked as "coming soon") and lacking in any real support information.
- you cannot find a firmware update for this camera anywhere. Apparently Agasio's standard nonhelpful answer is, "every camera ships with the latest version of the firmware." Great... how long ago did my particular camera ship to the dealer? Any chance the firmware's been improved since then?
- Agasio appears to participate little on the tech support forum, leaving unanswered customers hanging. Reading through Foscam's forum, I get the impression the same is true there.
- reading through the support forum is pretty sobering... I see a lot of comments like, "I'm glad I bought this through Amazon, so at least I can return it."

Not evaluated:
- audio

The price on this camera's very attractive compared to some of its competition but, if that's your deciding factor, I'd recommend testing the unit very thoroughly upon arrival to make sure it really meets your needs.
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on February 8, 2012
Got two of these Agasio cams several weeks ago and have put them throgh their paces. i have one for the living room with the back door in view and a second one in the kitchen with the front door in view.Bottom line--i'm pretty tech saavy--but it took me a week and a consultation with our radio station engineer to figure out how to "port forward" these are configure them to work via the wireless router--to view on web or mobile phone app. I thought i had to purchase third party software to run them on the internet and/or open an account at dyndns. I discovered i was wrong on both counts. First--if you got to your router manufactuers website--you should be able to go online and access your router IP/web address. Mine is something like, etc. By finding out that numberical address--when you configure the camera's software--you can access your camera's online and on a smartphone with browser or app by typing in that address--without third party software. you'll have to assign a "port" number higher than 80--one for each cam. In my case--i chose like 8045 and 8046. so when i type in the address to view them online or smartphone, i typed in like The colon is followed by the port number for that particular cam. do the same for the other cam(s)--just inserting a different port number that you assigned to it. Agasio comes with installation software and a basic viewing template that works fine. bottom line--the colors look great, in focus and good resolution, you can move the cam via the web or smartphone app and each cam has presets that you can choose. you can record using your computer as a dvr. i have mine set on medium motion-detection--and whenever i'm near the closet cam--i set it off-and it records video on my computer. Mine if for home surveillance. Colors are great, good crisp pictures on my iphone that i show folks at work. have it on my ipad as well. had to email tech support since i wasn't sure if the audio was working or not. they emailed me a firmware upgrade. i believe it's working now--but i don't really use it much. i'm thinking about getting two more. i like the design, versatility and quality of pic/video. i think you'll love them!
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on August 30, 2012
I found this camera while reading the reviews of another camera. The reviewer recommended this camera as a less expensive alternative. But since I am not a technical person it has been a little hard to get going. I purchased the first camera to use as a baby monitor. The appeal was that I could view my son's room and crib using my iPhone or iPad both inside my house and when I am away from my house. That has been a wonderful feature. I took a trip recently and was able to check in on my son from CA! There is a speaker on the camera so I can hear any noises in the room as well. The app that the camera uses on my iPhone is LiveCams Pro.

I tried to do the install myself using the instructions that came with the camera. I think if I had a technical background, I might have been able to do the setup, but I had to call support. This was very frustrating as I was on hold for over 30 min and never spoke to anyone. I left a message and did receive a call back, but I wasn't near my phone so they had to leave a message. When I called back the same thing happened...on hold forever. I finally called the sales department and they transferred me to IT support. They did my setup quickly and easily and it has worked great since. They seem very sincere and genuine when you talk to them, but I guess they just have more support calls than they can handle...probably b/c the install instruction are so bad.

The only thing I can't do with the LiveCams Pro app is turn on the infrared feature. I have to do that on my computer. IP Camera Tool (the program installed on your computer) doesn't work with VPN so I have to make sure I disconnect from my company's VPN before I do anything with the camera.

I love the end result...being able to monitor my 10 month old from anywhere. For that reason I purchased a second camera for our family room so I can monitor both my sons in that room when I am in my home office. The cameras come with a wall mount that is easy to install...using just two screws. The picture can be flipped, mirrored, and rotated to accomodate just about any install location.

The only reason I didn't give the camera five stars is b/c of the frustration from trying to reach support.
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on June 20, 2014
I have seven of these cameras and only one works without problem.
Of the six others, the I.R. cut filters don't function at all while the infrared doesn't function on one camera so it has no night vision.
I used their web form for support and haven't received a response.
In the past they responded to a problem I had with my first camera but I'm disappointed in the quality control on these last six cameras as well as no response to my request to their support department.
I am in the queue for phone support now and have been for the past forty minutes, hopefully once they answer they will be able to RMA the six malfunctioning cameras.

When the cameras work they seem to be a good value but the odds most certainly haven't been in my favor when you consider the number I have purchased and had only a single camera without problems. Hopefully your experience will be different.

UPDATE: I finally dismantled one of the six problem cameras too see why the I.R. cut filter mysteriously doesn't work on ANY the six newest cameras I purchased. Despite the description, the invoice and the labeling on the box stating that the cameras include the I.R. cut filter, these cameras are actually MISSING the I.R. cut filter altogether. That is deceptive and since they were not all purchased on the same invoice or from the same seller I would have to assume that this is something that the factory did rather than a seller, boxed the cheaper camera and sold it as the one with the filter.
Because of this I'm dropping my review to one star.
I emailed the company and I'll update the review depending on their response to the issue (assuming they respond).

LATEST UPDATE: After many email exchanges and a couple phone calls with Foscam they did agree to replace the six A502W cameras that have the IR cut filter problem with the Foscam FI8910W. All six of the Foscam models work absolutely perfectly! I'm so impressed with them that I'm going to buy 3 more of them.
IMPORTANT!: Foscam told me that if you don't buy the cameras directly from THEIR site there was no warranty. I'm not sure how this will work with Amazon but their representative said it and I looked at their site which states the same thing.
This bothers me because you should be able to buy them anywhere but since they rectified my problem and all my cameras were purchased on Amazon I can't complain.
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on July 22, 2014
Great Camera for the money, at this price point the Camera is a fantastic value. Image quality was good on my unit. Camera initially made a popping noise and had to be manually adjusted in order for the gears to be able to move it around. I suspect this was a shipping issue so no points docked. Initially the Camera is set to a lower resolution, you will want to crank it up to its max value of 640X480. 90 Degree viewing angle is nice. Motion is smooth, I'm using Blue Iris to control and monitor. Replaced a junk camera from E-bay that lasted just a couple years. I used an IP Scanner to locate on the network and did not need any special software, just open browser pop in IP address, program new admin account and set resolution to 640X480, if you don't have an NVR application or appliance then the camera does have a number of controls to send alerts. Personally I prefer to do all my settings from BI setup schedules and have the ability to arm and disarm the system from my phone. Great application to work with any good camera. I like the look of the camera and it includes mounting hardware as well as power supply and installation disk.

This Camera also supports installing additional lenses which is great if you need to put in a fish eye or other type of lens. The stock 90 degree will work for most normal applications.
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on November 18, 2011
The 1st webcam I received was 1st generation and suffered from no audio from speaker and no control over the IR lamps (could not be turned on/off). The internal microphone worked, but the speaker in the unit did not. The IR lamps would come on automatically when ambient light levels were low. Other than that the unit worked ok. Agasio gave me a return authorization and I sent my cam back. It took almost 3 months before I received my replacement cam. The new cam has updated firmware that fixed the 2 problems noted. Support, although slow, was good via the Agasio forum.

What I like about the cam: Wireless. Once setup on your network via cat5 cable all the cam needs is power. The IR lamps do a good job illuminating about 10-12 feet away. The software can handle multiple cams. Low price, just don't expect hi-def video.

What I don't like about the cam: No zoom. Hard to adjust levels for light if using it inside looking out the window. Very sensitive to light and easily over-driven. The focus is manually adjustable, but it does not like close-up objects (closer than 2 or 3 feet).
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on March 18, 2013
I bought this camera to go with a Wansview that is keeping an eye on my car parked in the driveway. Picked this one because of the "IR Cut" filter and the "Auto Iris". Both features work OK when they're working. The included software let me set it up and get it working on WiFi and I even got it to work with ZoneMinder, a linux only program for running these cameras.
The problem with this camera is that it only works for an hour or two and then needs to be reset by cutting power to the camera. This makes it useless.

Update 4/2/2013:

I left the camera connected to power even though it wasn't working. After about a week it "woke up" and started sending emails when it sensed motion. After a few days it went back to sleep. I left it alone and lo and behold after another week or ten days it woke up again. It seems to be working OK right now - we'll see how long it lasts this time. It is still hit or miss on making adjustments with the included software and I haven't had the time or interest to dig deeper into ZoneMinder setup. For now it is doing an adequate job of capturing stills when the motion detector is tripped and that's all I wanted it for in the first place.

Update 5/17/013:

The camera worked for several weeks but now is dead again - it quit a few days ago and hasn't come back to life this time - maybe it's finally truly dead this time. I'll leave it plugged in for a few more days anyway - see what happens.

Meantime, my Wansview continues to chug along. I'll probably just get another one of those - the washed out colors aren't a big deal on a surveillance camera anyway.
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on June 23, 2012
I just got the camera and have tested both day and night. I think the camera is well worth what i paid for it. I also own an axis which cost 10x what this one cost. there is no comparison to picture quality BUT its way way cheaper. I plan on buying more of these for the close up spots like front door back door ect.

day picture: I think day picture quality is really good i can see whats going on 100+ ft away.

face recognition: im not sure yet. if it was someone i knew i would be able to tell from very very far away. if it was someone i didn't know i would say 20-30 ft to get a good enough picture but i have not gotten a chance to test that. ill try to update

Night picture: is OK i can see whats going on within about 15-20 feet but the IR function is kinda like having a dim flashlight pointing in what ever direction the camera is pointing. I think i can resolve that that with IR flood light or a motion light ill have to do some testing.

remote viewing with pc or phone. seems to work fine its a bit slow but there are so many variables to why it could be slow.

Wireless: this seems to be a weak spot for the camera going through a few walls brick and sheet rock it really loses signal quality fast. I worked with the location and got a signal that works but wired definitely works a lot better

remote sound: its is very sensitive i can hear very well i liked this feature. I have not tested talking through it with a speaker connected yet.

Ill try to update once im more familiar with the product
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on January 5, 2015
Not as easy to use as I was hoping from the previous review. I didn't put the product to use right after purchasing it and then once I did get it hung, the hinge broke and I found it laying on the floor when I came home one day, the mount still attached to the ceiling. Being that it was past the initial 30 days I was unable to get a replacement.
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on April 22, 2013
Update from use of this IPCam. I've used other ipcams within this price range and this one outperforms others. Plus I find the audio listen/talk option quite useful!

Got this camera because the parts are same as Foscam with different name.
Good color resolution. Audio quality is good for listening AND talking using the mic function.
PTZ functions well and has surveillance mode to scan around. To capture images, I setup ftp; works well. Motion-capture works. Wish I can specify area for motion-detection.

Like other ipcam of this price, camera is made with plastic. I would not use for outdoors since it's not weather-proof.

Overall, I would buy this IPcam again.
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