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on July 25, 2013
The cameras are easy to setup and have a standard mounting connection so any of the 3rd party solutions should work. For setup, I just plugged it into a PoE enabled jack it blinked and connected to my network. From my router I saw what IP the DHCP assigned. Typed that into Firefox and the camera popped up. I setup a static IP and changed some of the brightness/contrast settings. Settings take about 30s to change except the immediate video effects like brightness/contrast/flipped/inverted.

Once installed, they work well. In the daylight, they are relatively accurate in their colours, and their view angle is not wide, but wide enough. The resolution is only 640x480 and over a gigabit connection to a high end i7 server, they average 10-15 FPS at "very high" JPEG quality running through 60 meters of RJ45 cable, and 2 switches. At night, the included IR LEDs are almost useless. If they have something to reflect on, you can sort of make it out, otherwise it is pretty dark. This means insects and things set it off easily if you have motion detection, but it is also sensitive enough that if someone/something does pass infront of it, it will trip the record. You will at least have a record of the event, just not really enough detail to do anything about it.

I currently have 3 of these cameras installed outside, and have had them installed for a few weeks now. Over these few weeks they have all worked continuously and perfectly except for 1 camera had 1 occasion it flickered out for a good 30 minutes. It was during a rainstorm and afterwards I noticed the RJ45 connection on the camera was drooping lower than my roofline. My guess is that it got wet. After it dried, it turned back on, retained all settings, and has continued like a champ.

I just purchased 4 more of these because they make great wide coverage cameras. Cheap enough that they let you know what's going on everywhere. I have also ordered a true 1080p PoE camera to replace one of these on the main access point to the house. The high definition cameras will capture the detail you need, these little cheap cameras will let you know grossly what happened and to start recording from the good cameras!

For less than $90 these are great value for money. If you want HD cameras, you are looking at twice that at least for anything of reasonable quality. Make your choice to have 1 good camera or 2 OK cameras if on a budget. My choice was many OK cameras and a very select few excellent cameras.

My expectations for this camera were very low, and gladly it surpassed them and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I do feel that the connectors on the pigtail will be the downfall of these cameras. They are not waterproof or even weatherproof. There is no easy way to secure them, and the RJ45 jack which in power over ethernet cases supplies both power and data is extremely exposed. I am currently thinking of putting the connectors and wiring through a sealed outdoor rated PVC electrical junction box. Get the small ones for a few dollars at a home improvement store, they are gray, and they can be mounted near the camera and shove the wires inside. That`s the current plan but it didn`t stop me from ordering 4 more.
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on August 27, 2011
The delivery was timely.
The camera itself was excellent - solid with a heavy aluminum shell.
The support bracket is OK for locations that there is not a risk of tampering, but a more heavy duty one is needed if it is in reach.
For 640x480 the image is excellent -in day light it is first rate, and in pitch black it is excellent.
Software is stable and has good functionality .
Superb value - it is essentially a Foscam in a beefier body.

BUT - it was advertised as a 67degree angle view - the sample I got clearly did not have 67Degs (I do have suitable references, and it is not 67deg)

Would have been 5, except for the factual error on the lens view angle.
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on August 17, 2013
Great camera very Easy to configure Out of the box and price right!
I priced some Linksys camera and that stuff is 4-5X a much with little benefits.
If you are looking to protect your hose or business and you only need 3-4 camera, this is a great camera.
I would figure that an IT guy would charge like $200-$500 to hook up 3-4 cameras. But you can do it yourself Easy.

They are IP and you don;t have to mess with CCD Siamese Cable and CCD ends
They pick up and IP Address immediately
The picture looks really good just a little narrow view
On detection of an intruder it will email you 6 Pictures through email. Gmail works <-very east to set up
You can also sent pictures to a Ftp site but gmail gives you 8 GIGs of storage free
The cameras are individual and have their own operating system
They come with power adapters but best used with POE

All Camera are all configured individually
The documentation is limited
The Ethernet jack end is bulky and you would need to make a large hole if you want it located inside the building (approx 1 1/4 -1 1/2)
(If you keep the Ethernet jack outside you may be able to use some waterproof tape or caulk)
They are not wireless
I think the metal base would rust it doesn't seem coated.

Be sure to get a POE switch so you don't have to Use the power Cord
TRENDnet 8-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch (TPE-S80) OR -- 8 PORTs Have POE
TRENDnet 8-Port 10/100Mbps PoE Switch (4x 10/100, 4x 10/100 PoE) TPE-S44 <-- ONLY 4 Ports have POE
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on July 23, 2014
This camera only delivers about 4 frames per second to my zoneminder system. Plus the resolution is low and the picture quality is poor compared to my other (more expensive) cameras. But it works if you can't afford a better camera.

My setup: four cameras all powered by the same POE switch, using the same type of Ethernet cables, connecting to the same computer with the free zoneminder software. The other cameras cost 3-4 times what this one does, but each of them delivers 30 FPS at a much larger resolution and field of view, while this one stumbles along at 4-5 FPS.

You can also watch this camera in real time with the free VLC program, so if you're not interested in recording video -- for example you just want to see who is at the door right now -- this might be a good choice. But be aware if a burglar comes while you're away, and if they move quickly across the camera's field of view, you might get just one or two pictures which may not be enough to help identify your suspect.

UPDATE: After 2 1/2 years, this camera suddenly stopped working. Specifically, it stopped accepting its DHCP address from my router. Using wireshark I can see the camera asking for a DHCP address over and over, and the router is giving it one, but it doesn't "take". As a result, nothing can connect to the camera and it is effectively dead. Power cycling does not help.
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on December 18, 2012
The A612 gives a good first impression, in its nice shiny aluminum casing. I hooked it up to my (POE-injected) ethernet and soon had the camera in operation. I have come to realize that after this much of the product's use, the company lost interest.

The image is blurry. If you rotate the camera around you can get different amounts of bluriness--there's something loose inside. A quick search showed that this is very, very common with this camera.

The IR illumination is minimal; it peters out after about 8 feet. Similarly, the "motion detection" on its most sensitive setting will only trip if you put your face in front of the lens or drive a car right by it. Between these two aspects, I've concluded that product development happened exclusively in a small cubicle somewhere. For real use, looking out onto a driveway, this camera will simply not hack it.

And yes, it really is a "weather proof" camera with completely exposed ethernet, reset button, and alarm I/O ports. For my use it's in under an overhang so this isn't fatal. But I do wonder about problems from moisture in the long run.

Back to that blurriness. There's a "support" e-mail address, which is never answered. And there's a "support" phone number which is never answered, although you're endlessly exhorted to "please hold" by their phone system. Did they forget to hire somebody to work the phone queue? It's a toll call, not an 800 number, thank heavens I have free long distance.

I'm sending it back. Save yourself the hassle and don't order it in the first place.

UPDATE 12/19/2012
After three days of trying, somebody answered the phone! He didn't do support, but scheduled somebody to call me back, which they did. This person was pleasant, but simply verified that there is no focus adjustment possible on this model, so I should just return it if the image is blurry.
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on January 7, 2013
I bought this primarily as a weather camera for our workplace. Note what the other reviewers state about the pigtail leads (and see the customer picture)--this camera is really 'weather-resistant' not 'weather-proof' as the pigtail connections should be made in a secure watertight box or run through to an interior room. Other than that, it appears to work fine. The webserver software running in the camera allows all the usual IP setups, and after changing the default webserver port and assigning a static IP a port-forward in the router was all it took to get Internet access. It's been up for a month now on PoE with no issues. The built-in webserver includes Internet Exploder, Server Push and VLC modes; tested and working fine with Windows 7 and with both Firefox and Chrome on my Gentoo Linux system. The software also includes a number of options for pushing images to an FTP server, email, and the like. Haven't tried those yet. Images are good both in daylight and on dark nights. All in all, I'm happy so far with this purchase.
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on January 16, 2014
I bought this to monitor my woods, so I did not want to run power out there in addition to a network cable. I also prefer the reliability of a cable over wireless any time it is possible to choose a cable over wireless. And if I wanted a wireless camera, then I would have had to hassle with batteries or running power anyways. I have it hooked up to a POE switch for power and network with the single cable. It does come with a power adapter in case you don't have a POE switch. I ran about the maximum of 330 feet for the cable run. As other reviewers stated, the connectors are not water proof, so I just bought a water proof box, mounted it next to the camera and made all the connections in it, then sealed it with caulking. It has been working in sub zero temperatures. The resolution isn't wonderful, but the price is right for the resolution and the fact that it is POE.
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on October 24, 2012
Very easy install and it is working well. I have it located several hundred feed away from the house using a NanoStation M5 wireless bridge. I already had a DDNS service, so was able to add this IP POE camera to the existing service. I can view live shots remotely via a mobile, tablet or PC and the night vision capability is OK as well.

The documentation is less than optimal. Nowhere did it give any specs on POE as the "manual" is written for three different Agasio cameras and they don't cover POE anywhere. I used a 24V injector and it works fine.

The hardest part was configuring my router for DDNS. Luckily, I already had a DDNS Lorex camera system installed and I just used it's settings as a template with a different port number.

The pigtail is huge. It needs about a 1" hole cut in the wall to get it through, or run an ethernet cable through the wall and secure the pigtail connector in a weatherproof box. Mine is mounted up high under an eave so a 1" hole fille in with silicone is no big deal.

Good value for the money.
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on June 14, 2014
Buy the Agasio A612-POE Outdoor IP Camera with PoE if you are OK with the following.
1. Basic outdoor camera housing, poor mounting hardware
2. DDNS that cannot be disabled (yes, instant public feed of your video)
3. Beta quality firmware
4. Usable video quality
4. Good ethernet cable
5. You need a camera immediately and there is nothing else in stock
I bought this for a PoE security camera and waited a number of months to install. Stupid move on my part.
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on October 8, 2013
The camera typically provides less than 3 frames per second under daytime lighting conditions and a 640 x 480 picture resolution. Not impressed with this aspect of the camera!

The night vision feature worked well for about three weeks then quit. The IR LEDs glow a dim red which indicates that the camera's night vision mode is active however the night picture is pure black. I suspect the IR cut filter is stuck and cannot move out of the way when night vision mode is activated.

The included camera mount is cheaply made and the included hex wrench does not properly fit the hex-head screws. The mount is not long enough when attached to a wall to permit the camera sufficient room to pivot to anything close to 90-degrees from the wall. You are limited to pointing the camera along the wall rather than perpendicular to it.

The only positive thing that I can say about this camera is that the weather-proof casing appears to be sturdy.
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