Customer Reviews: Ageless Memory: Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Young - Foolproof Methods for People Over 50
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on March 14, 2008
I became a Harry Lorayne fan ever since he published his first book, "How To Develop A Super Power Memory." His easy-to-learn memory systems became indispensable at the work place. Teaching Mr. Lorayne's systems are one of the greatest lifelong GIFTS you can give your children. (I taught it to my sons and they almost felt as though they were "cheating" in tests, since they could "see" the answer right there in their minds.)

I have, as I recall, gotten every memory book Mr. Lorayne has written since 1957, but "Ageless Memory" is, without doubt, his best. It may well prove to be his "legacy."

"Ageless Memory" is well-written in non-technical, numerous, encouraging style. He doesn't waste your time with a lot of techo-talk or theories. He just teaches you shows how your memory naturally works and HOW to develop a "push-button" memory from the git-go. His book is results-oriented. I consider it to be his BEST book on memory because it covers SO MANY AREAS by showing you step-by-step how to apply his systems to YOUR own personal memory problem.

He covers, e.g., however to remember names, faces, numbers, dates, shopping lists, appointments, spelling, trivia, vocabulary, foreign vocabulary, stocks, history, playing cards, Morse code, speeches, remembering what you read, computer shortcuts, medications, how to cure absent-mindedness, even remembering Bible verses! He even teaches you how to easily perform a 400-digit memory feat. At the end of each chapter is a special "Mind Power" exercise that is equivalent to doing "mental pushups."

I would heartily recommend Mr. Lorayne's latest book, "Ageless Memory" to ANYONE who wants to improve his or her memory. All you have to lose, when all is said and done, is your forgetful memory.

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on May 25, 2008
I had read a Harry Lorayne book as a teenager many many years ago and found the techniques useful then.

This book allowed me to revisit his lessons as an elder retired physician and is helping me to cope with the usual senior moments that we all encounter.

Highly recommended.
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on January 31, 2011
Forgetting numbers can cause you to lose deals. Forgetting names can cause you to lose clients. Harry Lorayne is one of the premiere memory-experts in the country. This book gives time-tested, proven techniques to names, faces, numbers, dates, shopping lists, appointments foreign vocabulary, playing cards, and just about anything else you to which you want to apply it. Delivered in a light-hearted, straight-forward manner, this tome can be very valuable to you. However, the one catch is that this book is only as good as your commitment and discipline to do the exercises. Passive reading will not yield any results until you commit yourself to practice his techniques.
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on May 2, 2012
I am 62 years old, and have had trouble remembering names for quite awhile. I'd also occasionally forget to get something done in a timely manner, creating problems from time to time. When I spotted this book, I recalled seeing Harry Lorayne on the Tonight Show years ago, demonstrating what to this day stands as one of the most amazing things I'd ever seen. Here's what happened:

Johnny asked Harry what he was going to demonstrate that evening, and Harry said that he was going to introduce Johnny to his audience. He explained that before the show, as people entered the studio, he shook hands with them and introduced himself, and heard their names - a 10-second encounter. The audience of several hundred people then entered and sat at random in the theater.

After explaining this to Johnny, Harry asked for the house lights to be brought up, illuminating the audience. He then asked everyone in the audience to stand up, but then to sit down as he called their names. He further added that he was going to give $1,000 to anyone that he could not name. Guess what: He named everyone, rapid-fire, no hesitation. Incredible.

I've not only learned how to remember names (I can tell you the name of the waitress who served my wife and me dinner three weeks ago), I can remember task lists of up to 100 items. It just requires practice and patience - read a chapter a few days and implement what you've learned. You'll be amazed at your progress, and where you'll stand after about a month or two of using Harry's techniques.

I recommend this book to anyone - any age - who wants to improve their memory.
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on April 7, 2008
I have many of Harry's books, and love him! He is such a sincere person and gives his all to us the reader.
Naturally if you have ordered this book, you are in a situation that you may be feeling concerned that your mind is feeling fuzzy, or that you want to keep your brain young and vibrant. You will not be dissapointed in this book at all.
I especially liked how positive the books overall feeling is. That our brains shouldn't be deteriorating and actually should be sharper than ever. I have tried the techniques in the book, and as long as I apply them, I have noticed an improvement! I now know my Bible books forwards, and backwards. Have memorized several scriptures, and am partially thru the Sermon on The Mount.
Our brains are wonderfully made, and we should take care of it. So go ahead, whatever you decide to memorize, it will help you in middle age and beyond. Thanks Harry for the encouragment and help to sharpen up!
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on April 9, 2014
I've read HL's other memory books before this, perhaps with insufficient motivation or attention. But, this is the very best book on memory training and surpasses his other books. There are several reasons.

You may be put off by memory "tricks" thinking they don't actually improve memory. But HL shows how memory enhanced by his techniques becomes "true" memory after a while. And the techniques are fun to use and well presented. I have had an especially good time using them to memorize foreign vocabulary. Gradually, for each word or phrase, the technique fades as the true memory takes over and you simply remember the words and phrases as a "normal" memory.

His techniques rely a lot on visualization. But don't despair. If, like me, you are "visualization challenged," meaning you don't visualize clearly or think you don't visualize at all -- you are wrong. Ask yourself which side of the car you get in when you drive. See. You have some visualization (or if you never drive, which side of the bus is the door on?). A really great part of this training is that as you practice, your ability to visualize grows and grows. That is a side benefit which is truly remarkable. I really enjoy that effect; it's like a fountain of youth.

In this book HL says a lot about why we have memory problems in the first place. The main reason is that we do not pay attention to what we see and do. Much of his technique is to ensure that we do that first. In fact that may explain why memory seems to become harder as we age. As children we see everything as new and interesting. Past the age of 60 we may see them as less so, and sort of tune out. HL certainly has the antidote for this.

Another reason I love this book is that it is written better and more interestingly than his previous ones. The material is presented in more digestible and useful doses interspersed with interesting mind games. Someone here said that these techniques beat "Lumosity" exercises. I don't know about that, but this book keeps the brain engaged and the neurons firing. Recent research in neuroplasticity suggests that this actually encourages growth in brain cell connections and mental effectiveness. Based on my experience with the exercises and practices set forth in this book I don't doubt it at all.

I especially liked HL's statements about why these techniques work and the focus on their practical use.

If you want to improve your memory, and mental effectiveness in general, REMEMBER to buy this book.
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on June 30, 2008
This is a great book. I notice I'm not forgetting things as readily as I did. I can now tell you my safe deposit box number, my drivers license number, my car plates, and various phone numbers. It's also helped me to remember people's names. Great buy. Other programs want hundred(s) of bucks to improve your memory and prevent altzimer's. This does the same thing.

Leah Levitt
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on January 18, 2013
I was looking for something to help in memorization and observation. I practiced these but I had no sure way of remembering. After reading this book, my memory has soared to new heights. I remember names, quotes, biblical passages, and what I read even after week.

Harry Lorayne does a great job keeping the book entertaining and fun. There's even a bonus, upon completion of the book, you'll know all 50 states and capitals of America, 25 of the amendments, many quotes from famous people of the past and present, and how to remember where you put your keys.

I recommend this book to everybody of all ages.
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on November 30, 2008
Very useful tools but it could have been a 5 page pamphlet if it wasn't filled with so much filler. It also reads like an infomercial which gets quite annoying after awhile.. how many times can you read "Hey did I tell you how great my techniques are? Lots of famous people say so! Here's an example of how great I am!"

I'm only 27 so I would recommend it for any age and he would probably sell a lot more copies if he left out the 50 in the title.
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on July 17, 2015
Harry Lorayne has been doing this business for a few decades now, and it shows somewhat. If you have any of his other writings, the subject of the book might be slightly familiar. His techniques haven't really changed at all, but he has gotten older and as such seems to be targeting senior citizens in this book. Along with his techniques, Lorayne includes some brain teasers and a brief history of trained memories, which I happen to have some familiarity with. I read The Art of Memory by Frances Yates so I do know about some of the old tomes and how it was treated back in the Renaissance and so on. All in all, if your memory is starting to go, you don't really have anything more to lose.
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