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on November 19, 2012
Researching humidifiers on Amazon was a somewhat tiresome exercise. Almost all products I looked at are subject to very serious complaints, most importantly noise, leakage, and lack of reliability. I decided to go with the AOS 7147 because most reviewers agree that it is really quiet, and because I liked the clean look and the features.

Here is what I can report after about a week of usage (will update if anything changes over time):

Noise level: Both my wife and I are extremely noise sensitive, but this unit can operate in our bedroom without affecting our sleep. Yes, there is a bit of a humming noise, but it is barely audible. Also there is a bubbling noise once in a while when water flows out of the tank into the tray. All-in-all, it seems about as quiet as can reasonably be expected.

Effectiveness: We use the auto setting that lets the device decide the target level of humidity and the output level. This works very well and hassle free, keeping the room comfortably moist.

Warm mist setting: I would recommend having it. Without it the room feels cool and damp. Even with using it there is a bit of a cooling effect, but it is acceptable.

Filtering/water treatment: We did not see any white dust around the unit, which was a concern.

Reliability/ease of use: No problems so far, straight-forward to operate, everything works as intended. I will post updates, if something comes up.

Look: Matters more than you would think, because it is supposed to be three feet away from the ground and away from both heating and return vents. Inevitably it will end up in a rather visible place. This unit has a bit of a techy, but overall relatively neutral look, better than most.

In summary, I am very happy with this unit.

Update: After a winter, We are still happy with it. So we bought a 2nd one to be used in the office.

Some tips on reducing the humming noise. Put a tray underneath the unit, then a thick sponge pad or similar cushion underneath the tray. The cushion dramatically reduces the noise level. The tray is very important. We first put the sponge directly underneath the unit, and that totally screwed up its moisture reading. We could watch the moisture level reduce from 50 to 49 to 48... to 37 in a few minutes and the unit cranked out steam like crazy. It seems that the unit needs to be placed on a hard surface to read the moisture level properly. Once we put a tray underneath it, the reading works normal again.
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on November 22, 2014
Before I start laying out pros and cons:

READ THE MANUAL. Some of the reviews were saying "it wetted my carpet," while saying it's their first ultrasonic humidifier. On the quick start guide, it specifically says 3 feet from the floor. This is NOT a stand-alone room humidifier. You're supposed to have it on top of a table, nightstand, even on a chair that is at least 3 feet high. So from 'it wetted my floor' to 'humidity sensor not being accurate,' please read the manual first.

And second, do READ how much water a humidifier puts out in the air. This is not evaporative humidifier (which works like wet rag), it has certain limit on how much water it can put out in the air (more mechanical). This particular unit only puts out 3 gallons/24hrs, which is far away from sufficient to cover a large master bedroom. If you need to put a 3 gallon humidifier on constantly on, then you should be looking for at least 6 gallon unit, (I'd recommend 8-9, heavy-duty stuff) not 3.

Cons first:

1) Pricey - $150 is very unusual price for a humidifier size of this. Last time I spent $150 on a humidifier, it was a size of window AC unit, covering hallways. This does get the job done, so I wouldn't go so far to say how much it really should be.

2) Water tank - It's never easy to fill it. It's $150 worth humidifier, and I think a useful innovation could have made it a lot better.

3) LCD - Everyone else had to say it, so I'm gonna say it too. How come there's no switch to kill the LCD? I mean, if it is designed to be table-top. So wouldn't people be using in their bedroom? It's not so-bright-I-can't-sleep level brightness, but I think it will bother some people.


1) Light weight - Compared to my last table-top humidifier (Crane, which is also sold in Amazon), it's lighter and easier to carry around. I'm actually using it in a guest bedroom, so usually end up moving it one place or the other.

2) Very Very silent - Silent or quiet doesn't do its justice. It's quiet enough for me to not notice it at all. Some of the reviews I've read were comparing it to evaporative model about "how quiet it is," and that's just a poor comparison. It's quieter than my alarm clock (how it ticks every second) and radiator.

3) Auto-adjust - It's not perfectly accurate, give it +/- 5%, but it conserves a lot of water. One of my heavy duty humidifier just puts out the water so fast, I actually have to fill the tank 2 or 3 times a day. And usually I end up with either too humid or too dry room. This model, on the other hand, is a lot easier to keep the humidity stable, somewhere around 50%. Again, if you're having trouble with stability in terms of humidity in your room, I'd suggest you to get a bigger model.
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on December 13, 2014
I just bought this unit 12/11/2014, followed instructions for filter soaking before use. The following day the setup and us were a home is very dry and sleeping has been a nightmare, if I could even get to the nightmare stage of sleep it was more like impossible to sleep, my eyes, nose and throat were irritated, trying to open my eyes every morning was a task as they seem to feel like they were glued shut...Well back to this unit, after using just one night so far, I had the best night sleep that I've had in what seems like forever, my eyes weren't dried out my throat and nose all felt moist, I slept like a baby..I am looking forward to my many nights of great sleep again and I beleive this product does what it states and I would recomend it to anyone going through dryness and poor air quality problems in there home..
review image
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on January 31, 2012
The 7147 is the quietest humidifier we have ever owned. It has easy to read digital controls, and the humidistat stays within one degree of one that also hangs on the wall in our bedroom. The filters do their job nicely and the warm mist setting keeps the room from feeling clammy.

The only issues I have with this humidifier is the way in which it is refilled. The oddly shaped top tank lifts off the pedestal control base and the refill opening is on the bottom of the tank. When you lift the tank off the pedestal daily to refill water drips everywhere as the tank sits in a pool of water. You then flip over the tank and remove the fill cap, which also happens to be connected to the filter! When you pull the filter out (which is filled with water) it drips everywhere! You then hold the oddly shaped tank upside down to refill. Since the top is now the bottom, and it is not flat you cannot set down the tank to refill. You also must contend with the nozzle where the mist sprays from, making a refill quite a challenge without getting everything around you wet!

Then you must re-insert the filter cartridge to seal the tank which displaces water. Since there is no fill line, it is easy to overfill the tank, and when the water is then displaced by the filter as you close the tank it squirts out! A simple opening on the top could have easily eliminated this problem!

The filler issue is the reason I rated the item a four out of five. It could and should be much better! Also, the controls do not remember previous settings once turned off, so you must reset your desired humidity level and fan speed each time you turn on the machine. It would be nice if previous settings were remembered!
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on December 13, 2016
After 6 months, the valve cap leaked into the unit necessitating daily filling with water. Extremely unreliable. I am very disappointed that the return window was only one month. I haver had humidifiers for over 10 years and this is the worst one I've ever had or seen. Boneco should be ashamed to put out such an inferior product. Do not buy this product if you want it to last more than 6 months.
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on November 17, 2014
I am on the phone with them as I write this and they refuse to honor the warranty. I will not buy from this company again. I bought this product FOUR months ago and it started leaking all over my hardwood floor. According to the "very helpful" person on the phone, my only option is to guess as to what parts are not working properly, buy them myself, and pay for shipping. Note that the water tank itself only has a THREE month warranty. What a joke for such an expensive product. I wish I would have read ALL of the reviews before purchasing. The only reason I'm not giving this 1 star is because when the product is actually working I enjoyed it a lot.
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on December 3, 2014
This unit is very quiet as advertised. After a few days I have 2 issues with it:
1) Every time you shut it off (like to refill it), the settings go back to some standard. The humidity setting goes to 55% (I set it to 45%) and the heater activates automatically. So when I turn it on I have to reset the humidity setting and turn off the heater option. Not a big deal but a previous humidifier retained these settings.
2) The larger issue is that it is rated to cover a 600 sq ft room. Our master bedroom is 15 X 15 which is only 225 sq ft. After running the unit for a full day it only got the humidity to 40% (I had it set to 45%). Admittedly we live in Northern AZ so the inside humidity is usually in the 30% range but it appears this unit will only be able to boost the humidity about 10% in a much smaller room than advertised. Maybe it is better suited to more humid climates even in winter.
I bought this because it had some great reviews on Good House Keeping. NOT.
I have had units that are less expensive, work better but would be noisier. This one is very quiet. Depends on what your priorities are.

Update 12/28/14:
Just finished packing this piece of junk to return it to Amazon for a refund. On top of the issue above, last night it just stopped misting. We've been using filtered water plus their included filters. There is no scaling or residue on the ionization disc but it is no longer generating the mist. I lowered my rating from 2 stars to 1. It would be lower if that was an option.
Kudos to Amazon for making the return very easy.
I'll look on Amazon for a different humidifier.
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on December 21, 2016
My experience is similar to what others have reported. It worked will until it unexpectedly started leaking. This happened not what placing the reservoir on the unit, but after it had been running for some time. Completely ruined the paint on a shelf. For the price paid (and the price of necessary cleaners/replacement filters), this is really unacceptable.
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on December 6, 2014
After a few years having to replace my humidifier every season or two, due to leaky seals and failing electronics, I decided to splurge on a nicer model, and this humidifier does not disappoint. It also comes with a three year warranty, so hopefully it should last a while.

I chose this one primarily because it could make both a warm and cool mist. I've owned both types of humidifiers in the past, and liked the hot mist ones especially because they keep the house warmer. However they usually use a different type of misting element which actually boils the water. This is not very efficient, and builds up minerals in the water especially fast. This humidifier is different, it just warms the water in the bottom a bit, and uses an ultrasonic element to make warm (but not hot) mist. Note that it is not recommended to add oils to this humidifier like camphor/eucalyptus, and even if you tried, I don't think it would actually get hot enough to distribute them at all.

The hygrostat is a great addition to a humidifer. You can set a relative humidity you would like, and it will stay on until it gets there, and restart periodically to keep it there. On auto mode, it even sets a comfortable humidity level itself, and adjusts the setting automatically when the temperature of your house changes. This prevents the room from getting too moist, and means you don't have to refill the tank nearly as often. It can keep the humidity in my home comfortable around 60% for about a week before I need to refill it.

The tip where mist is released has a nice mechanism where you can point it in two directions at once, which is great for distributing mist all over a space. It generates more mist than any other humidifier I've used and is able to bring humidity up from ~30% to 60% in an hour or two. It is also exceptionally quiet, making only a quiet whir from the internal fan.

This humidifier has two additional filters to keep its water supply fresh and clean. So far they seem to be working well. On auto mode I do not have to fill the tank more than once a week, but I have had no problems with anything growing in the water or mineral deposits even without frequent cleaning. The additional filters do make this humidifier more expensive to use, however, but It is probably still cheaper than having to replace the humidifier at the end of the year, like you might with a cheaper model. It is easy to refill in the sink and seems to have a very tight seal on the opening.

My only complaints about the unit are that it's display, while quite informative, is quite bright, and I wish I could turn it off at night. I also think that it should turn its fan off when the mist stops on auto mode, rather than leaving it on all the time. It probably does this so that it can keep reading the humidity in the room, but perhaps it would save energy to just turn on the fan periodically to take a reading, instead of leaving it on at all times.

EDIT 12/10/14: I was curious how much power it uses so I measured it with a Wemo Insight.

Misting, Hot, Low Fan: 120W
Misting, Hot, High Fan: 135W
Misting, Cold, Low Fan: 35W
Misting, Cold, High Fan: 45W
Standby (auto), Hot, Standby Fan: 100W
Standby (auto), Cold, Standby Fan: 14W
Turned Off: 4W

It still uses 100W of power on standby with the heat on, so if you are going to leave it on auto when you are out of the house, I suggest turning off the heat!

EDIT 4/25/15 It went through the winter great. I learned that with constant use, the filters do eventually need to be replaced to prevent scale from building up.
I suggest buying demineralization granules and refilling the cartridge yourself, instead of buying whole new cartridges:
They also recommend descaling regularly with Air-O-Swiss EZcal, which worked fine, but I have since learned that Urnex is air-o-swiss's parent company, and they sell the same product, rebranded as DEZcal, for much cheaper.

EDIT 2/13/15
After two years of near daily use, this humidifier has started to have an issue. The circulation fan motor, which is always on, has begun to make a "churning" noise, which is annoying enough to prevent me from sleeping. I decided to try and utilize my 3 year warranty from AOS. I now find that AOS has been purchased by another swiss company, BONECO. They claim to honor the same warranty as AOS so I gave them a call.

The rep was nice and set up an RMA for me. I learned from him that I would have to pay the return shipping, which is unfortunate - but I guess unavoidable. He told me to email my receipt to their customer support and they would tell me where to send it back. That was a week ago. I still have not heard back from their support email. Starting to get annoyed and planning to remove some stars from this review for an otherwise stellar humidifier. (used to be 5 star...)

EDIT 3/30/16
After about 2 weeks and 3 additional emails, BONECO finally got back to me with the address to send the unit to. I had to pay ~$15 to ship it out UPS. After 4-5 days, a humidifier arrived in an different box. I opened it to find it was a different model, AOS 7144. I looked it up and saw that it is usually more expensive than the 7147, and had the same features with a larger case, so I decided to try it anyways. After a couple weeks with it, I think I want to go back to the 7147... the 7144 is almost as loud as my broken 7147 was... It would have been better if they just sent me the correct product. Overall I am very unhappy with the level of service from BONECO.
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on January 9, 2012
We have been so pleased with the performance of the original Air-O-Swiss AOS 7145 Ultrasonic Humidifier - Cool Mist in our 300 sq.ft. bedroom that we decided to upgrade and put the 7145 in our son's room. The AOS 7147 is identical to the 7145 with some excellent additional features. I love the controls that provide; readings of the current humidity level, ability to set the desired target humidity level, and the ability to pre-heat the water to improve efficiency.

The one thing about which I have a minor complaint is the mist output level control. The 7145 has a dial control that allows for a continuous adjustment of the mist output. The 7147 touch controls provide only 3 absolute settings: low, high & high+. Frankly, I prefer the continuously variable mist output control of the 7145.

We are relegated to using well water which pretty much "eats up" wicks in evaporative type humidifiers, forcing frequent and costly replacements several times in a season. The mineral cartridge included with both the 7145 & the 7147 (but not needed where water is soft) does its job in treating hard water so the humidifier works as intended.

In the end I find this to be a product well worth the cost. Maintenance is easy, expensive replacement wicks are unnecessary, and the humidifier is reliable. I highly recommend this to anyone, but especially where hard water is an issue.

(Update 02/18/13)
Still using this daily without any problems. Still gives whisper quiet operation (the less expensive 7145 is a bit noisy, but not loud). Because of its very quiet operation, this 7147 would be an excellent choice for a baby's or child's room. I did not mention in my original review that the humidifier flashes an icon when it needs cleaning, a nice convenience. I use the Air-O-Swiss EZ CAL Cleaner and Descaler - A7417 for thorough cleanings, but I find a regular rinse & brushing under warm water minimizes the need for this.

(Update 01/05/14)
Both machines still whisper quiet & working perfectly. Still very happy with these purchases.
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