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on October 6, 2014
I've always loved this movie. My age is telling on me. Heralds back to the days of large-scale disaster movies with as many big stars as they could muster. The music, the stars and the books from which these block-busters were from ... Only us baby-boomers can appreciate them.

For those not familiar with Airport, I urge you to see it. They don't make them like this now. The music was an integral part of the entire movie. Without it, the action would not be so exciting. The faces of some of the aging super-stars lend a level of credibility to the entire movie, even when some of those faces are little more than cameo appearances. This movie follows very closely the book of the 60's, and put a new fear of flying into the traveling public. The fear of a bomb-carrying passenger was planted firmly into the minds of all who flew ... little did we know then that THIS new type of terrorism would some day pale in comparison to what we now know it can be.

It will seem corny to some, but this was and IS one of my all time favorite movies.
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on July 16, 2013
I fell in love with Airport when I saw it the first time it came out!!! I LOVE the stars, especially Helen Hays and George Kennedy, and it kept my full attention from beginning to end! As each movie came out I saw it with in the first few days they were released and fell in love with them also. They are all about ordinary, everyday people put in very unordinary situations and how each individual handles what life has thrown at them. These movies are not all blood and guts like we have today and that makes them all the more appealing to me. You don't need all that violence and carnage to have a great movie. The special effects are GREAT and well executed. These movies have withstood the test of time and they are just as appealing today as they were when they were first released. They are well worth watching and I highly recommend them. They are even GREAT for family watching, but they do get intense at times They are far from the blood and guts movies we have today and that makes them good for families to watch together for a family night at the movies.
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on December 2, 2013
It was very convenient to be able to purchase entire series of "Airport" films in a single package, as opposed to seeking them out individually. For the most part, all four films were enjoyable to watch, but as often the case in the production of a series of sequels, the quality of the stories deteriorates somewhat from film to film. The initial "Airport: was superior, from the fluid story lines through the casting, "Airport 75" was also excellent, but the quality did slide with the other two. Still, it is a very enjoyable set of films that I will watch at my convenience from time to time, and not have to wait for abridged versions to appear on TV at 2:00AM.
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on March 9, 2017
Spectacular Visual Effects Academy Award (Oscar) winner and nominated multiple times ..the pioneers of 1970's major cinematography events to present (disaster - drama - adventure movies at the same time).
Encouraging, Inspirational, Survival ...x stasis, Supportive and level of Redemption....
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on January 22, 2011
Airport Terminal Pack (Airport/Airport '75/Airport '77/Airport '79 - The Concord)

The Airport Terminal Pack contains all 4 movies of that genre.

1. Airport- This movie in the pack is the original starring Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy and others. Van Heflin, a disturbed and financially strapped passenger, brings aboard a bomb in his lugaage to blow up the plane after he took out a large sum of fly insurance. Most likey, this could not happen in this volatile environment we live in and with the security measures now taken at the airports.

The movie has subplots of various passengers' lives and moves a bit slowly, but rapidly picks up after the bomb is set off and one of the stewardesses is blown out the plane by the bomb's blast, and another is seriously injured. In the aftermath, it is up to Dean Martin and the crew to bring the partially destructed plane safely to the airport that was directed to them to land.

Of the 4 movies, this is the only one that has been remastered in audio stereo.

2. Airport 1975- Though not in audio stereo, this is personally my favorite, starring many famous actors; in particular, Charlton Heston, George Kennedy, and Karen Black. The story line goes as Dana Andrews, is flying a piper cub plane on a late business trip when suddenly he gets a heart attack in flight and is heading directly for the 747. The crash happens and tears a huge hole into the cockpit and sucks out one co-pilot, another is killed, and the pilot is serious injured with his eyes incapacitated. This leaves Karen Black, a stewardess with no flying experience, to get into the pilot's seat and try to fly the plane while in contact with the airport control towers.

With the plane heading for the mountain ridges, Clarleton Heston must hop into a plane and try to intercept the 747 and try to make a plane to plane transfer of him into the 747 cockpit in flight. One attempt by another from the military failed as he was swept away to his death before he could get securely into the 747 cockpit.

A very action packed, disaster, airplane movie that is plausable and with an interesting and drama filled plot and great actors doing great acting performances.

3. Airport 1977- Again with great stars, this time a sabotage of the plane is tried by one of the co-pilots working together with some in the mechanical area to try and place gas into where oxygen should come out into the plane for the passengers. This is to knock them out while the plotters take over the plane, and land it into one of the islands in the Bermuda Triange, and take the rare and expensive art that is stored in the plane's cargo. But, as fate has it, the crooked co-pilot flying the plane hits an oil rig in the dense fog, and the plane goes down in the Bermuda Triange and sinks to the bottom. As the passengers and Jack Lemmon, the Pilot, wake up from the gas wearing off, they find themselves at the bottom of the sea in that 747 plane which is water sealed, but leaking rapidly from the great water pressure, and with air also at a premium.

The rest of the movie is the story of how they try to get out of this situation as the flight path is hundreds of miles from where they were supposed to go. Jack Lemmon plays a serious role, and major movie stars play in this movie as well. A great rescue movie of a plane in terrible straits. I almost put this one on par with the other other two reviewed above.

4. The Concorde, Airport 1979- This movie of the Airport Terminal Pack is farcical and not good or believable at all. It is unbelievable and is funny in parts where it should not be humorous. Despite great stars, such as Robert Wagner and George Kennedy, this one should have been left on the cutting room floor. The special effects are terrible, and the plot is just nonsense.

This movie has the plane shot at by a guided missle, then later by rockets from jet airplanes, all on the same flight. One would think that after one experience in the air like this one, the passengers would disembark at the next terminal at which they they land and not journey on with that flight, which they did.

With the great price of this Package of 4 movies, it is worth it to buy it, if just for seeing the 1st three movies, which are outstanding. And for kicks, this particular one can be seen for the heck of it.
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on June 19, 2014
Flying was glamorous. People could get on board a plane with bombs, guns, randy pilots and pregnant stewardesses (not attendants yet) en flagrante, a cross-eyed stewardess flying a 747, a concord outmaneuvering guided missiles, Linda Blair and oh, yes, a human kidney and the so-cute-you-could-twitch little boy slowly dying waiting for it... Just a few of the guilty pleasures I got from watching this trio of 70's airborne soap opera. And let us not forget the cavalcade of stars from has beens to who's that to never heard from again... Can you say Helen Reddy? A hoot on three disks.
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on September 19, 2016
Airport 77 has good sound and picture also. Airport 79,,,,?????
THE CONCORDE LOOKS GREAT IN THE AIR!!! Otherwise the weakest of the four movies.
But I liked the price and now have the set.....
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on July 14, 2011
Once upon a time Hollywood was beseiged by a host of disaster films. People found themselves in life or death situations, cities crumbled, the world was in peril. It all had to start somewhere and that was with the film "Airport." Not only were the people on an airliner in jeopardy, but the lives of everyone on the ground trying to help was in disarray. In "Airport" a disturbed man decides to leave his wife a large insurance payoff when he decides to explode a bomb in the plane over the ocean leaving no trace. In "Airport '75" an midair collision leaves a plane without a flight crew. In "Airport '77" a failed art theft downs a plane which sinks and a coast guard trying to find it. Lastly, an arms dealer tries to bring down a reporter s that his dealings will not be revealed in "Airport '79 - The Concorde." All of these films were commercial successes and spawned countless "disaster" movies in the 70's nd 80's. Some were good, others weren't. These four were among the good ones.
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on July 26, 2015
If you were too young to really remember these well but knew they were box office gold in the 1970's this is a fun and inexpensive way to get to see them again. Movies like these aren't shown on TV much anymore and are not always available to rent or stream so I bought the nicely packaged bundle. My wife have enjoyed a new, thrilling adventure in the air for the last 4 Saturday nights. I think we enjoyed the first and the third the most but even the turd of the bunch, Airport '79 the Concorde can be watched for its historical shots of the Concorde and fashions of that time period. Movies that try to be of their time make great time capsules and all of these at least serve that purpose. But there is some genuine drama and excitement generated at times and overall you can't wrong at this price for four decent movies.
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on December 26, 2011
The first movie is a classic. I was impressed. So many stories within, and yet they blend together incredibly well. This movie deserves to be in everyone's collection of films.

The second film is also good. Not quite as great as the first one, but the tension is actually greater. This one seems to be less character-driven and more situation-driven. It also loses something in having Nancy stop piloting the plane as soon as Murdock gets onboard. He should have instructed her. It takes away too much from her character.

The third film begins the decline. It's nowhere near as interesting as the first two. Not that it's a bad movie, it isn't, it's just that it seems to be lacking the force and masterpiece-level craftsmanship of the first two. However, it's worth watching alone just to see Brenda Vaccaro punch Lee Grant out to prevent her from killing everyone.

The final movie is not even worth discussing.
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