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on September 28, 2015
I purchased Akashic Records:Case Studies of Past Lives to help gain a better understanding of why I've had some of my experiences and to get past some spiritual "blocks" so I could learn the intended lessons and move on to new ones.

Like other books about the Interlife, it is spiritual without being religious, so no matter where you attend church, if at all, the message is universal to everyone. It is written from the perspective of each person's soul and each is rather unique yet with always with a common thread. This book reminded me of Brian Weiss's because of his method of conducting past life regression therapy by calling upon the client's spirit guide to gain needed insight in order to heal sooner and not continue the vicious cycle that traumas can cause. It is quite detailed though manages to hold the reader's interest and easy to read. You will find some typos here and there, but they in now way detract from the content of the book, so it's easy to look past.
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on March 24, 2013
This self-published book is fascinating, informative and well-worth reading! In it, author Lois Wetzel gives numerous examples of past life readings she has done for clients over the years, describing how the readings have helped them heal from present-life emotional and physical issues. While Dr. Brian Weiss uses past-life regressions for a similar effect, the author has found that by relaying the information from our guides, we can experience similar healing without going through the sometimes extreme trauma of a regression, wherein you might relive something pretty terrifying if the hypnotist is not sufficiently skilled.

I went out on her website afterwards and saw that she has a couple of permutations of these readings. I got the "past lives with life purpose" reading and it was worth every penny. A couple of things that came out of it have proved enormously helpful after only a few weeks. Other things I learned will continue to percolate and should assist with slow, gentle healing.

Read the book and see what you think!

A final note: Even the largest publishing houses seem to have lost their editorial edge; as a professional editor, I am often horrified by the mistakes I find in books by firms that presumably employ full-time, qualified proofreaders and editors. One of the great things about Amazon and the self-publishing industry is that valuable information is no longer being filtered based on the agendas of a handful of editors. The downside is that not every person with something wonderful to say is also an editor, nor can they always afford editors. So, as with any self-published work, there are occasional typos in Lois' books -- but I do not judge a self-published work by the quality of its editing. If it is readable and interesting, then I am happy to enjoy it anyway. And this book is very enjoyable and very readable!
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on December 20, 2016
Best book on reincarnation I've ever read and I've read heaps over many years. Unlike most, this book actually provides an insight as to how karma might work, which is always a mystery. It does this by providing five or six lives for each client, so you can see how the same theme often runs through them. This is, of course, thanks to the wisdom of each client's guides. Lois Wetzel has the extraordinary gift of being able to tune in to the Akashic records without needing to do hypnotic regression. Brilliant!
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on September 1, 2013
Lois Wetzel's 'Akashic Records' is a compassionate and absorbing account of past life readings that she has provided to clients. The life lessons imparted are profound, and this is the most complete and fascinating book that I have read about past life readings since classic books about the late Edgar Cayce's similar work in the first half of the 20th century.

I have spontaneously experienced what appear to be some past life recollections, and I gained additional insights upon reading Wetzel's book, which have helped me understand the relationship of those experiences to my current life. Thus, I found this book personally helpful and healing.

There are a couple of concepts introduced that many may find difficult to assimilate: the concept of overlapping lives and the concept of human incarnation in the body of an animal, as suggested by the account of a client who incarnates as a dolphin. Wetzel attempts to explain the possibility of overlapping lives by suggesting that time is non-linear from the perspective of the soul. As for the concept of human-to-animal reincarnation, this concept is widely accepted in Asia, although others-- including Edgar Cayce-- have rejected the concept. It would be interesting to have Wetzel's observations on this subject.

All told, an excellent book on the subject of past life readings.
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on October 23, 2013
I have been fascinated by past lives since an early age when I recollected my own past life from Nazi Germany. From that point on, I have made it a habit to learn, learn, learn more about past lives and have included past life readings in my own healing and psychic work with clients. I was uncannily drawn to Lois Wetzel's book and felt an immediate respect and camaraderie. I truly did not want this book to end. I love reading about people's stories, and this book is full of amazing details about past lives that will impact any reader. I would say it is a MUST READ for those who are practitioners as well as those just curious. Lois Wetzel is doing a huge service for the population by educating others about past lives, and that everyone has an opportunity to be happier and healthier without the burdens from the past weighing you down. I have already recommended this book highly, and will continue to do so. I believe Lois Wetzel is a gifted healer, and I am so grateful that her book has found its way to me.
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on October 30, 2011
This book is a fascinating read. If you have ever had a hypnotic past life regression, then you are familiar with the "typical" process. Lois sets herself apart from the main stream of past life regressionists inasmuch as she channels the information. You are not put in hypnotic trance and Lois brings forth the information from tapping into the Akashic records.
Whether you are a serious student, new-age curious, or simply drawn to the book, I do not think you will be disappointed. The reading is engaging and informative allowing the reader to journey with Lois and her subjects. It is mind expanding sans the drugs. My ride with Lois and her subjects was touching, frightening, loving, humorous and interesting. Having been taught by my mother that reincarnation is a reality (she could recall her past lives), makes me want to be a better person each consecutive lifetime. I can appreciate the "whew" moments when we realize we've finally learned our lessons we chose for ourselves each time we step into the "earth school" as well as the moments we realize we still have a lot of work to be done.
I am glad this book did not escape my attention. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did--in fact, I am about to reread it. Lois' gifts are pure and we are the fortunate recipients of her talents.
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on September 26, 2014
I love anything to do with the paranormal, life afterdeath, and reincarnation. The author of this book share numerous past life regressions of her clients. She did not just to one past life on each person. I think she did about 5 or 6 on each person, then at the very last did a very in depth regression on one person. The book lets you explore the possibilites of what may be causing panic attacks, fears, or feelings you have in your current incarnation. Very well written.
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on April 3, 2015
Fantastic record of past lives. Lois has deep insights into these examples of past lives and the effect on people in their current incarnations. The thing that struck me as new information (at least for me) was, "When you feel compassion and affection for the person with whom you have had karma, it is cleared." Wow! It really is simple!. Thank you, Lois.
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on January 31, 2015
I think this is a very interesting book, and, the way in which the author, Lois Wetzel, is able to review past lives separates her from other authors books that write about the subject of reincarnation. Lois Wetzel is able to access the Akashic Records (With the clients' permission) which holds information about past lives lived with the assistance of spiritual guides. The guides show past life situations which a client has faced in past lives, and, which are pertinent to the current life being lived. Lois Wetzel discusses this with the client.
Many other books access past live through the use of hypnosis, this method does not and can be done in person or over distance.
If someone is interested in the subject of reincarnation this is a book I would definitely recommend.
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on July 1, 2014
I can not believe it was just a coincidence I found this book. I had come to the conclusion that reincarnation was indeed a fact after much thought and soul searching. I come from a family that does not feel this way so I am basically on my own. I am beginning to look at things differently. This book is well written and I enjoyed it very much! I will probably read it again and hope someday to have my own Akashic records read!
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