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on April 29, 2010
I got my chair and couldn't be happier... It's comfortable and was VERY easy to assemble with what was provided in the box... I put it together myself in about 15 minutes with NO problems at all...
Excellent buy overall and very sturdy...

Well, 5 months after receiving this chair, the "mechanism" under the seat broke leaving the chair wobbling like a bobble head... I contacted Amazon who referred me to the actual seller, "Shoplet" and I contacted them... They were courteous and helpful and went out of their way to correct the broken chair by sending me a new one, asking only that I return the broken mechanism to the distributor (all shipping paid for by them) so it could be checked to see why it failed as I was told, it was unusual for it to have broken ... I must say I am VERY happy with both the chair and the service I received to correct the issue I encountered...
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on January 4, 2012
I've had it about a week. After reading some of the other reviews I tempered my expectations a little bit. I should have never even let them get in my head. My experience has been great so far. I'm a truly big guy (unlike some of the other posters) at 6'8" and 400lbs. This is the most solid chair I've ever had and it sits nice and high so my feet are flat on the ground. Previously, I've always sat half indian style with my legs crossed, which has taken a toll on my ankles. This biggest problem I had was that I had to raise my desk to accomodate me sitting as high as I should. So happy I bought it and regretting not doing it years ago.

FYI - if you build things regularly, like I do, the assembly is easy. I've seen a lot of bitching on here about holes not lining up etc. It's common sense not to tighten everything up all the way until you have it fit together loosely, but apparently it has to be spelled out here.
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on February 7, 2016
This chair was the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in. Yes it was a bit firm to sit in at first but I sit a LOT in front of the computer. I work in software so it became comfortable for me, quickly. About 4 months ago, right at the 18 month mark, I noticed it started leaning a bit. Since that time it started leaning more. Then about a month ago I began to feel like I could fall out of the chair. There just wasn't any support on the main seat. So I found the number to call and I did call them. Immediately after calling them the chair became utterly un-useable. When I called them, they were very nice (the number is 800-733-4000, I think another reviewer listed a different prefix). They need the date of delivery (stamped on the bottom of the chair), the REG number (also on that same piece) and they want a picture of the chair (I included two to show them the extreme lean), and the date purchased as well as where purchased. They tell me that within 48 hours I should hear back about either replacement parts or a replacement chair. I think the chair if it truly only lasts 18 months to two years is too expensive. However, if their service is stellar or returns are easy enough and they work with you instead of fighting you then that can sometimes make the difference. We shall see. For now, as many other people reported; expect about a two year life out of this chair.

After receiving a new chair from them, and having to pay someone else to have my old chair fixed (remember they sent parts but no instructions and I needed an air hammer or something or other the guy said to separate the piston, which of course I didn't have) the "NEW" chair i.e. replacement has started to lean. I've been through this before and I had the other chair (my old "fixed up" chair), so I just pushed it out to the living room and started using my old chair which now is starting to lean. I know I'm a big girl, and I sit a lot working in software, but I'm not hard on chairs. And this chair is supposed to be heavy duty and long lasting. I will say to you it is still a very comfortable chair. The hydraulics still work the first chair, and the hydraulics worked even when the base plate split. The hydraulics on the new one still work even though the seat leans. The padding is very good and my faux leather hasn't split off or come off like other reviewers noted. But it really only has a life expectancy of 18 months.
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on May 3, 2013
I ordered this chair after looking at reviews for close to 100 chairs on a number of different websites. I have gone through 3 chairs in the past 4 years, and I determined that this one offered the best chance at longevity.

So...let's take a look at the high and low points at this "Big and Tall" chair.

First: Delivery. I ordered this chair one evening, and 36 hours later it was at my door. Not bad for free shipping. Your experience might be different, depending on where you are located.

Packaging: The box was pretty banged up, but everything inside was in perfect shape. Further, the package of assembly hardware was a breath of fresh air. Each of the different bolt types were clearly labeled. Not only that, but there were EXTRA bolts! And even THOSE were labeled.

Sturdiness of parts: The components of this chair must be built to military specifications. The arms are heavy, the plywood in the seat and back are extremely rigid, and the base could be wielded as a weapon in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The integrity of the gas piston remains to be seen. My experience with these is they all seem sturdy until they fail, and when they do fail, it happens without warning. This one seems especially solid, but time will tell.

Assembly: This was a surprise. The directions are in the form of diagrams with indications of what goes where and lists the specific bolts used to fasten parts in place. The entire assembly time took between 10 and 15 minutes. It would be useful to have someone to help with the assembly, because the parts are large and heavy. My wife held the seat steady on a table while I attached the back to it. Then she sat in the chair while I bolted the arms in place.
As I tightened the bolts, it seemed as though I was over tightening them, or that the internal pieces into which the bolts are inserted had stripped, because it takes a LOT of turns of the supplied hex wrench to really snug up these bolts. That is not the case. Keep tightening until you can't tighten any further.

Comfort: This is highly subjective, so I will give you my impressions, with a few caveats.

First: The seat is firm. There is plenty of padding, but it is dense foam over a very thick and rigid plywood core. If you like a firm seat, you will love this one. I like it.

Second: Back height. This is one area in which I personally experience a great deal of difficulty finding a comfortable chair. This one is no different. Manufacturers of big and tall chairs don't seem to realize that two people of the same height can have significantly different body proportions. For example, my son and I are both 6'5" tall. His pants inseam is 36" while mine is 31.5." This means that my torso is 4.5" longer than his. He can sit in this chair and experience good support of his back and neck. For me, this is a mid-back chair. The top of the back hits me right between the shoulder blades. It provides no neck support whatsoever.
I experience the same thing in cars. Seat headrests don't reach my neck and are therefore useless. In fact, typically people 6'2" or taller tend to "try on" an automobile as much as test drive one. There are cars my son can comfortably drive that I cannot even sit in, because my head presses against the headliner. And we are the same overall height.
In any event, in order for me to utilize the back of the chair for neck support, I need to slide forward on the seat. This creates a gap between the back of the chair and the small of my back, necessitating the use of a pillow to provide a measure of lumbar support. I am used to needing to do this, but I wish that a chair manufacturer would build a office chair with an adjustable headrest. And in THIS chair, the design of the headrest forces my head up, so looking at the display is difficult and the keyboard impossible from that position. Once this chair is no longer under warranty, if it is still holding up, I will have an upholstery shop install a headrest that actually supports my neck and head, after having a friend with a machine shop bend the hack forward a bit so it is more vertical.

Third: Back ergonomics. If I just lean back in the chair, it feels great. Terrific back support from the lumbar through thoracic spine regions, and if I slide forward a bit, it supports the cervical spine as well. And it's comfortable! Sadly, I don't use a office chair as a recliner. I have one of those, and it's in the living room in front of the television. I use this chair in front of my computer. And as an office chair, in order for it to support my back, I need to lean back with my head pointing at the ceiling. So there's the dilemma. It's comfortable and supportive when used as a chair for relaxing. For typing (its primary purpose), back and neck support is non-existent. The back needs to be more vertical, or the lumbar region of the chair needs to nor bulge out so much. If it is supporting my lower back, my mid back and neck are unsupported. If I sit so my neck and mid back have support, not only is my lumbar region not supported, my head is pointing skyward. The way it is designed, after an hour or so, my neck and shoulders feel like they are on fire from a lack of support. (Poor ergonomic design for my body type.)

Fourth: Tilt mechanism: this functions smoothly and feels solid. No issues here at all.

Fifth: Swivel mechanism: the spindle upon which the chain is seated seems to be machined to very tight tolerances. I can pull this chair away from my desk with my legs out from under the the desk, lift my feet off the floor, and the chair will slowly and smoothly rotate me in circles...it's like the chair sits on a ball bearing mount. This isn't an issue at all. It just speaks to the high quality of the construction.

Sixth: Casters: I use the chair on a chair mat in a hardwood floor. They roll easily. I have no ideas how they would work on carpet. They don't seem to be particularly heavy duty. If they fail, I will amend this review. For now, they work fine.

Seventh: Leather: Seems to be of standard quality for a chair in this price range. It's attractive, and I don't expect durability to be an issue.

Eighth: Arm rests: This is another area that is highly subjective. Construction wise, they are very heavy duty. chrome plated and padded. They could double as a sledge hammer if you were demolishing a house. I suspect they will be a bit short for many people, curving down toward the seat rather sharply at the front. For me (I have a 38" sleeve length). the right one supports my elbow. This works very well for my right arm when I am using the mouse but not typing. The left one will never see any use at all, because with my hands on the keyboard, the armrests are behind my elbows and 6" below them. In short, with the chair properly adjusted the right arm rest supports my elbow nicely for extended mouse use. For typing, they serve no function at all. If they were longer and adjustable for height they would be great. As designed, they could just as easily be left off the chair.

Ninth: Use by shorter people: my wife is 5'2.5" tall (that 1/2" is important, and woe is me if I say she is 5'2" tall). This chair does not fit her. If she sits with her back against the back of the chair, the seat is too deep for her legs to bend at the knee. But really...people her size have no difficulty finding chairs that fit them well.

Summary: If this chair had a back that was 4-5" higher, and adjustable to being more vertical (or a lumbar region that protrudes less), as well as adjustable arm rests, it would (for me) be perfect. Because it doesn't, it is not nearly as comfortable as it could be. But it is well made, and if it stands the test of time, I will have the back modified to fit my long torso.

If you are looking for a well-made chair that will support more than 300 lbs, this might be about the best thing out there. Buying a chair without first "trying it on" is always risky. I have done my best to point out the perceived strengths and weaknesses of this one so you can make an informed decision before laying down your hard-earned money.

Would I have bought it if I had a chance to try it out first? Nope. It doesn't fit me well, and I would have kept looking. If I manage to find one locally that does fit well and is solidly built, this one is PERFECT for my son,and it will be his. If I can't, I'll have this one modified to fit me.

Update 11/14/2016: Well, the chair is dead. This is sad, because there should be a lot of life left in it. But...
The bottom of the chair, where the pedestal enters, is shot. This happened all at once, yesterday. Not the chair lists heavily to the right, and tilts forward at a steep angle.
If I could buy a replacement for this part, I would. Seems a shame to throw away a perfectly good chair because one piece failed.

Update 11/19/2016 See the attached photos. In what is arguably the most critical part of the chair, the manufacturer used cheap metal to save a few bucks. The metal BROKE. This rendered the chair unusable.
If you buy this chair, spend the extra money on the 5 year warranty. The warranty that comes with the chair (also 5 years) seems to be not something you can actually use. I have been getting the run around for a week, trying to get satisfaction on this issue.
review image review image
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on October 15, 2015
I am a 6'6" 340lb man.

First the good: this chair is incredibly solid and well built, and shipping was less than two days I ordered it 30 hours ago. I was very easy to construct. It is also very tall at the highest setting, which is great.

That's the end of the good.

This chair sucks. The material isn't good quality on the seat. It is literally filled with foam, not padding. The lower back lumbar section is far too protrusive, I sat in it for 4 hours today and my lower back hurts immensely now.

The worst part however is the mechanism. The tilt is not dynamic, it can only lock in the complete upright position, otherwise your option is to lean all the way back. The range isn't very far on 'all the way back' either. You also must have the arms installed to hold the chair together which is awful because they dig into my thighs, I prefer to have office chairs with no arms or arms that originate from the back of the chair and don't connect where my giant thighs will want to relax.

But I looove Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is the only reason I had the confidence to try a chair on the internet before sitting in it, and Amazon Prime is why I'm about to take this beast apart and send it back for a refund.

2 stars for the chair, 5 stars for Amazon prime. Purchased @ $240 for the records.
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on June 18, 2017
I had purchase one of these a few years ago, and it fit its purpose and was comfortable. 4 months or so ago, I purchased another thinking I would get the same chair. It looks the same, but the seat cushion is hard as a rock and although I have tried additional pads, it just isn't comfortable. In hindsight, I should have returned it but the sheer size of the box and the chair itself after assembly made me think I could just adapt to it. It is extremely uncomfortable and apparently now I have bruised or broken my coccyx. I have been sitting on a doughnut cushion for more than a month and am still having issues. As far as the hydraulics go, it is fine. I am a big person, but I don't weight enough that I should have the issues that I am having with this chair. Two stars for looks and hydraulics . Try something else. Made in China.
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on September 4, 2016
Okay, Finally a 5-star rated product. I'm a big guy. 6'3" and 350lbs. I've gone through no less than 5-6 big box stores "Big & Tall" chairs over the last years and they all last about a year. This one is actually rated at 450lbs and at the lowest setting on height is perfect for my desk, so I won't ever experience the dreaded hydraulic cylinder sag anymore. Also the back piece that holds the back of the chair to the bottom is like grade 8 steel. Really wide from side to side. I've waited a couple months to write this review, so I could have time with the chair and overall comfort. It still feels very comfortable. The only complaint I have (and it's not against this chair) all office chairs in particular are the plastic caster wheels. I have laminate flooring, and it scratches the floor. I promptly replaced my plastic casters with rubber in-line skate-type wheels off Amazon. Now not only does it roll better, its dead silent. Love this chair. I paid only $100 at time of this writing. You cannot beat the price to value ratio here.
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on December 25, 2014
this is the second chair i have bought from this company and im very unhappy with it the first one i bought lasted about 7 months before the chair became unstable and wobbly what caused this im not sure because i am way below the weight capacity which is why i purchased the chair in the first place i purchased the second chair thinking i did something wrong to the first and now im facing the same wobbly problem where the chair doesnt stay steady while seated 2 chairs down the drain complete waste of money
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on April 14, 2017
First off I am 6'8" and 360lbs. I bought this chair because the "not big person approved" chairs kept failing me. This chair is heavy duty and initially it was a good chair. But after about a year or so it started to lean to the right a bit. Wasn't a big deal at first. Eventually it got worse and just the other day it had enough of me.

The metal that the tilt lever runs through broke. This is a critical load bearing piece of metal when reclined back so the fact that it is so small and not beefed up like the rest of the chair is a big design flaw in my opinion. Even the top of the base has a 90 degree crack in it!

I had it for about a year and a half, which is a little better than what chairs normally last for me. But I bought this so I wouldn't have this issue. I am not going to act as if I am easy on my chairs, because I am not. I am rough on them and sit in them for long periods of time. Just expected a little bit more out of this chair.

Minus the major failure and design flaw, this chair was pretty good. Like I said above, it is heavy duty. It is wider than I expected and while its for sure not the most comfortable chair I have ever owned, it wasn't unpleasant to sit in. I am going to end up using my redneck powers and welding the base onto the cylinder and make it a non tilt chair. Not exactly sure how I am going to go about it yet but I'll figure it out.

All that said. If you are looking for a chair that you want to last you maybe two or more years then go for it. But if you are kind of rough on your chairs or sit in them for long periods of time reclined or otherwise, then look for something else.

Forgot to mention this but good luck getting in contact with the supplier/manufacturer for warranty info. Tried calling them but their automated prompts kept asking for a 6 digit "account" code. At this point its not worth my time or the hassle to contact them for repairs.
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on December 31, 2012
This baby is the real deal. I've spent my entire life going through cheap chairs from Sam's Club or Staples, etc. and they're never big enough, tall enough, or strong enough. I just spent half an hour lugging this thing upstairs piece by piece and putting it together (piece of cake--I don't know what those other reviewers were putting together, but it wasn't this thing) and when I finally plopped down in it I thought, "Wow...a tank!" It's plenty big, it's plenty comfortable, and it seems to be plenty sturdy. It uses the same hydraulic cylinder that all chairs use so if it ever gives out on me, I'm guessing a replacement would be easy to find. It says "leather" but it doesn't ~smell~ leather, if you get my drift. Could be the chemicals leaching out of the foam, etc.; could be about 1 micron of leather over plastic--but this isn't a $1,000 chair. Right now, I'm pleased.
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