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on October 13, 2011
I've had a Yamaha DTXpress setup for years. In my opinion, this drum set is a better product. First of all, the looks of these drums are amazing. When I look at the 12", 10", and 8" pads, the set looks like I spent 3k on it. The feel of the real head pads are great. I don't like the feel of hitting rubber pads. The bounce you get off the of the real head pads are just like hitting a real acoustic drum set. This drum set does need some tweaking when you first get. No big deal. Just take the time to adjust the sensitivity and cross talk. Another thing I like about these drums is the fact that I can change out the heads of the drums with any drum head I want as long as they are the right size. I can also do a Mesh conversion if I want for cheap. I can't forget about the cymbals which come in very nice sizes. You can choke them and they have multiple zones. Finally the module. This module has some great built in drum sets. You can customize your own drum set if you want. You can also plug a MP3 player up to it and play to your favorite bands. Overall this is a great drum set for the price. You will NOT be disappointed.

DM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation(tm) sounds
RealHead 8", 10", and 12" drum pads with tension-adjustable drumheads
12" dual-zone Snare, 8", 10", and 12" Toms, and 8" Kick, which works with single and double pedals (sold separately)
DMPad 12", 14", and 16" multi-zone cymbal pads with natural motion
16" 3-zone Ride with choke, 14" Crash with choke, 12" Hi-Hat with RealHat continuous pedal
StageRack with four-post design, integrated cymbal booms, and wingbolt-adjustable clamps
StageRack includes convertible boom/straight cymbal arms, mounted in the downtubes
Premium instrument library multi-sampled from real drums and cymbals
Play along with tracks and record yourself with the three-part sequencer
Mix input for practicing with external music players
USB-enabled for tracking and programming with virtually all music software
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on January 20, 2012
Alesis has been known for being affordable, unfortunately we have seen that it usually is accompanied by a bunch of kinks and iffy quality. This kit is absolutely an exception to that reputation.

This is an intermediate level kit, it has multizone crash and ride, and has room for an extra trigger. The sounds are pretty good, it isn't all that difficult to create your own kit and alter triggers and sounds to get a "real" sounding kit of your preference. The hihat pedal is pretty good, haven't had any real big problems, though I do see a few "ghosts" of pedals past from Alesis. Occasionally during fast play the open and close sounds will fight each other and you get a very unnatural sound, which has definitely thrown me off for a second. The chokable cymbals are nice features but when you choke them the sound goes immediately to 0, not exactly a good replication of a real cymbal choke.

I would recommend this kit to any beginner, because for the same price as an entry level, you get a few more features and some room for it to grow with you.

My main beef with this is that the pads with the "real head" technology are a bit counter-effective. The RealHead technology is really nothing new at all, it's just an option for you to put actual drumheads over the trigger. However the gap between where the head rests and the trigger itself is millimeters at the most, and the trigger is not forgiving. Like others have said, the pads will hit back. They are very loud so don't get this if you are looking for a kit you can play quietly, and you will find them uncomfortable to play on. Vibe-reducing sticks and really good noise-cancelling 'phones are must-haves. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have, leave em in the comments.

Having had this for about 5 months now, I feel an update would be fitting. Over the past months with medium play hours, the kit has really started to age. The pads are becoming even louder, believe it or not, as the god-awful 1/8" foam that protects the trigger gets flattened. The kick drum has become altogether broken. The plate itself is now bent as there was an insultingly thin layer of protection over the trigger. It now triggers randomly and seems beyond repair. This is a kit to be played VERY delicately.

The kick trigger has completely died. It lasted 10 months, which doesn't sound awful, but the last 7 months of it's life were wretched. It is destroyed and beyond repair despite all my efforts to keep it alive. If you do get this (or any Alesis kit; the pad quality will be the same no matter which kit) I recommend preparing to replace the kick. I have seen that Yamaha makes a well-reviewed one for about $65, which is what I plan to put onto the kit. Until then, no play for me.
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on April 3, 2012
This is my first electronic drum kit, and having played acoustic drums for years, I was a bit skeptical going in. I had need for something that I could practice on without disturbing others though, and while it is undeniably different than acoustics, this is a great kit and a lot of fun to play. I've had it for a few months now, and its held up great.

Once you get it put together, its pretty solid. The racks themselves are a light metal, while the connecting bits are a durable plastic. Some might be put off by the plastic, but its really a lot lighter than all metal would be and there's practically no danger of breaking it. Some tweaking from the instructions might be needed to get everything where you want it to be (I like my toms low, so I inverted the L-rod connectors, they "hang" off the rack, and also I play lefty). Everything stays where it should once its set up too, just make sure you tighten all the bits down as there are quite a few.

This is what had me skeptical about electronic drums, but these are some of the best pads I've come across. The pads actually have heads. You can adjust the tension of all the heads, which doesn't have a huge impact on the overall feel, but it helps you get comfortable with them. The only one that's at all awkward is the bass drum, as it's quite a bit harder than a real bass head. If you play with a felt beater and loosen the tension on the head a bit though, it works just fine. The cymbals have good response and swing just like real ones would, and as much as you want since its adjustable. They're a bit "softer" than real cymbals, but thats to be expected. The hi-hat pedal works well, after some fine tuning of the sensitivity, and you can place it independently from the hi-hat.

The Module:
The module has 100 pre-set kits, of assorted sounds and genres of music. Some of them are fun, some are ridiculous, and some are good. However, they're not really what's important. You've got 100 extra slots for your own custom kits. You simply pick one slot, go through and pick the sound you want for each trigger, and then save it. Additionally, you can change the sound of the "room" your kit is in, adding in echo, reverb, etc. Many of the sounds are quite good, and, with adjustments to their respective volume to the rest of the kit, can sound really great. There are also a bunch of accompaniment tracks that you can play with, and also slots to make custom ones. Most importantly, there is a huge amount of customization to the sensitivity and behavior of your triggers. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU SET THESE. Otherwise, nothing will feel quite right for YOU. Play around with the settings for the triggers until you find what you like, and suddenly it will feel much closer to acoustic drums. The module also has a MIDI in and USB port, aux in, two options for sound output, as well as one extra input for another trigger.

Overall I have really come to love this kit. It has held up to several months now of my practicing on it at least once per day. One note though. Because the pads have heads, and the bass is pretty hard, this kit is a bit louder compared to other electronic kits. If you've got irritable neighbors, its taps might be too loud for them. I live in an apartment though, and I've had no complaints. With some tweaking of the various settings, this is a kit that can work for anyone from beginners to professionals who need an electronic kit for whatever reason, and it is an excellent substitute for acoustics.
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on October 9, 2012
I did a ton of research before buying this drum set and I decided to buy the Alesis DM8 Pro kit for the following reasons:

1) The drum kit has a realistic look (as far as electronic drums go). The actual drums aren't some cheap, crappy rubber. I feel like I'm playing an actual drum kit.
2) The mylar material on the drums, along with the tuning ability, gives the drums a realistic kick-back feel, which is very important for drummers.
3) The pads and symbols are easily customizable so you can set everything up for your exact needs.
4) The brain is very easy to use and the instruction booklets that are included are very easy to understand.
5) The sensitivity of every component is very customizable, which makes your kit perfect for your drumming needs.
6) The kit comes with a ton of sounds that you can customize to each drum head.
7) The drum kit sounds realistic and amazing.

I think the key here is that it is customizable, which is awesome. I feel like a drummer when I play on this kit, not some kid with a drumming toy, which is the feeling I get from other kits.

These are the reasons I purchased the Alesis DM8 Pro kit. The price was an added bonus. It is similar to other kits that are anywhere from $200 to $400 more and this kit is superior, in my opinion.

Downsides? Yes, just one and it has to do with what is included in the kit. There is no kick pedal or drum throne as part of the kit, so if it's your first kit ever, you will have to purchase those items separately. Also, there was a cord included to enable the triple zone feature of the ride symbol, but not the crash symbol. It would have been nice if they would have included both, but it's not a huge deal.

Other than that, this kit is awesome. Buy it!
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on April 9, 2013
I purchased these drums as an xmas present to myself and was thrilled after setting them up. They worked great for about 2 months but have started to seriously deteriorate. The kick drum responsiveness got really spotty and then stopped working entirely and the snare is on its way out too. I'm working with the manufacturer on a replacement kick drum but I'm afraid using this kit is going to mean constantly replacing pads after short periods of time.

Update: After working with customer service, I managed to get them to agree to replace the kick pedal. I mailed it to them and six weeks went by with no response. Apparently the part was not in stock and they just didn't tell me. After several more calls and emails. they found a different part that would work and sent that to me. Now that part has broken in the same way after only about a month...

Don't waste your money on this piece of junk. It obviously can't handle the stress of regular play for any reasonable length of time. I am disgusted.
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on January 29, 2013
I bought this in June of 2012 so it has been a little over half of a year that I have owned this drum set. its sound quality is amazing and very, very realistic. although there a few problems with the accuracy of faster high hat playing, overall the drums and cymbals can read every hit according to dynamic and speed. as far as durability I can surely testify that that are strong! with acoustic drumheads I would have to replace them every few months due to the type of music I play (metal) and that I just hit hard :) but these have stood up to the test, no dents, no scuff marks even! what little marks are left rub off easily. so at the rate this set is going I would expect it to last for a long time. as for the module itself it has tons of different sounds so many I probably haven't even been through them all, there was a slight technical malfunction it had but after contacting alesis support and having it sent in and fixed it has been working like a champ. I would vouch for it over and over :D
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on March 26, 2012
I was looking for a drum kit for our church and explored several different options including buying/building a complete isolation drum booth. After researching all of the options and prices, I decided that even though I knew an electronic kit is a far cry from an acoustic kit, it was the necessary evil. I researched all different brands and different price ranges and I'm glad it paid off. This was a great value for the features you get. The heads are much better than playing on a rubber pad and the sensitivity to velocity was impressive. With the DM8 I was able to get a kit customized to my liking in about 2 hours going through each trigger and adjusting the settings. The construction of the rack was weak which made it hard to move but that has been the case with many of the other electronic kits I've seen. I don't plan on moving mine around much so I'm cool with it. I was able to use it live for the first time this week and got several comments on the sound. I don't think I would have been able to contain the sound of an acoustic kit and get it miked back into the system and get the sound that I was able to get with the DM8. The best part is it only takes one 1/4" input and that's something that very limited in the front of our old church. I would recommend a monitor of some kind so that you can hear the kit on stage if you don't already have one. All in all, very happy with the purchase.
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on January 30, 2014
Bought this set for my kid as my house has close neighbors and thin walls. First electronic kit I've ever owned but I was pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the pads. Very cool feature is that you can plug in your MP3 and play along - all the while being able to adjust volume of music and volume of kit independently. My kid has not even scratched the surface of what the DM8 can do (i.e. record yourself, create different kits, etc.) but that's kids for you. Honestly I hope he leaves it here when he goes off to school in a few years! Probably only con is with the ride cymbal - doesn't seem to trigger as well as the pads, but then it is dual zone (cymbal and bell) - in all fairness it might be able to be adjusted w/ some of the sensitivity adjustments on the DM8, but being that no one in my house is playing a gig anytime soon no ones bothered to try. Also wish it had a trigger in the snare rim for shots/cross stick stuff. Hope this helped.
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on May 1, 2012
These drums are awesome! I couldn't believe the quality that went into these!

I have had two electronic sets previously. Pintech, and the Roland TD-5. I hated the rubber pads on the Roland. I loved Pintech's mesh heads, but it was triple what I paid for this set. The pads are closer to a real drum, not exactly, but close. Not as mushy as a mesh head, and no where near as hard as the rubber pads.

The hardware on this Alesis, is really good, the cabling is one "snake" that connects to the brain with one plug on one end and all the other inputs at the correct length on the other. I like that Alesis used the rack uprights for cymbal stand connection points. The electronic brain has great sounds and great sequences to play along with. Just lots of little details that add up to a lot for the money.

It's just a very well thought out piece of equipment.

I couldn't be happier with it.
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on July 5, 2012
I love the Alesis. It is sturdy, easy to put together and very versatile in the adjustments of the toms and height of hi hat and Snare drum. Being short and a female drummer I always have a challenge to fit the kit to me. It has been wonderful not having to set up my acoustic kit after every weekend show so I can practice. Even using drum bags for my kit to protect them, it is just a whole lot of work every week. Having the Electronic kit I can practice full time on it and leave my acoustic in the trailer to take to shows! Works wonderful. The calibration for the hi hat was a challenge as well. But just playing with it helps and eventually you figure it out.
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