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on September 20, 2016
New -- check out the recent youtube demo video they posted:
youtube dot com/watch?v=Wpbj9Mi4AAA

This is a super value, a full-size 88-key digital piano that works very well. Sound quality is excellent; the piano & other patches are solid. Key action is in between a keyboard & hammer-action; good spring action. It's full-size fun. At 15 pounds, it's solid and doesn't slip around, it's built strong and sturdy.

I've been a lifelong keyboard player, since my Roland D-50 and Alesis HR16/MMT8 in the 80s (all of which still work fine).

I was looking for a starter digital piano, and this one is a new release. I normally never buy new-release Anything with no reviews. but I thought I'd take a chance on this, and I'm glad I did. Just got it today and thought I'd write this to help anyone on the fence (and as a thanks to Alesis, I've enjoyed the HR16/MMT8 drum mach/sequencer for decades).

The 2 main criteria I wanted are:

a) piano sound: how realistic, the timbre and depth? This one is as good or better than my $1k pro keyboards. I'll likely make a review video soon so you can all hear. Much better than expected piano sound; pro-quality at a consumer price, super value.

b) key action: how solid, responsive, playable? I'm impressed, very pro build quality, solid and fun to play. I've just played it 2 hours today and am thrilled. Solid, responsive and sounds great. And I really like they are full-size keys, a must.

I like the ease-of-use in layering 2 patches (like piano/synth), for different sounds; for variety, though mostly all I care about is the piano sound, which is superb. . Walter, your product review video sold me; thanks Alesis team for an affordable high-quality dp. Also the velocity sensitivity is excellent, a must-have for a digital piano.

Highly recommended, very good playability, tone, features & value. Bravo Alesis, thanks. Worth a lot more than they're asking, it's a very satisfying instrument at a great price.

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on November 29, 2016
i had to upgrade my 10 year old daughter's keyboard to one that has all 88 keys and she loves it. The keys are definitely heavier and the quality is excellent. She now has all the keys she needs to practice her music.
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on September 21, 2016
This digital keyboard is both inexpensive and unimpressive. It's not terrible, but you get what you pay for.

The feel of the keyboard, while advertised as "semi-weighted," is cheap. The keys are plastic and spring back like organ keys. It is far from feeling like a piano or demonstrating "hammer action," but it is perfectly playable and even expressive. It does feature the full 88-key range, and the keys are full-sized, which is a bit rare for a keyboard in this price range. It has good velocity sensitivity for dynamics.

The sound is another issue. In the mid-range, the piano sound (which is really the standard by which one should judge a digital keyboard) is fine. But in the top octave, it's hard to listen to. The decay on the top notes turns into a harsh, high synthesizer sustain instead of a piano sound. It's more apparent if more than one note is hit.

The low end reveals the limitations of the small built-in speakers. It is not particularly deep or resonant, and the player will never be lost in the illusion that they are playing a real piano. Of course, it sounds better with good headphones or running the RCA outs into a PA system. Overall, the volume of the keyboard is fairly quiet; I don't think it could be used to accompany a live singer or even a small choir without a PA.

One really nice thing: It's a true stereo keyboard, so the low notes seem to emanate from the left side of the instrument, the high notes on the right side, and the mid tones are right in the middle. It's a nice illusion of reality. Note that this happens only on the piano sound, not the synth.

The other sounds are limited and uninspired. The organ sound is kind of a swirly wurlitzer/hammond sound, but there is no tone wheel or any way to change the speed or depth of vibrato. It's one unalterable sound. The same can be said for the other sounds: the electric piano is so-so. The synth is abrasive and unchangeable, and the bass sound is plunky and synthy. Layering of sounds is easy though: just press two buttons together to get two sounds at once.

The piano does not come with a sustain pedal, but there are some affordable options on Amazon. I recommend the style that looks like a piano pedal, not the ones that are just a square trigger. The Cherub WTB-005 is $15.00 or so and is just fine.

Usability is a real mess here. Whatever features this keyboard has beyond just selecting an instrument and playing are difficult to manage. Even the metronome does not have an obvious way to change the tempo or volume. Without the user's manual, you will be lost; every function involves putting the keyboard into "Advanced Mode," then pressing combinations of the piano keys to make the changes. Except that there is no labeling on the actual keyboard to tell you what the keys do; you must consult the manual. Here's an example of how to change the tempo of the metronome, right out of the manual: "Press the Metronome and Lesson buttons at the same time to enter the Advanced Function mode... Use the keys marked TEMPO + or TEMPO - to adjust the tempo value." The problem here is that NO KEYS ARE MARKED. The supposedly marked keys are C5 and D5. The manual goes on to explain how you can also use the keys to type a number (G5=5, B5=9, etc.). So to use this keyboard easily, the user will need to apply a strip of white tape to the keyboard and label each key with the Advanced Function.

For a beginner (or for a child learning to play) this may be a good. There are few distractions here such as numerous annoying "demo" songs, drum-kit sounds, microphone samplers, etc.

This is not a pro instrument, but it is adequate for light home use or for a beginner. I would not consider taking this to a gig; it just seems so lightweight that I fear it is not durable. Time will tell. The weight, while a bonus for many users, is actually so light that the piano slides, and feels unsteady even on a sturdy professional stand.

PROS: Cheap, easy to use, very lightweight and portable. Full 88 keys with USB Midi and decent RCA and headphone outputs.
CONS: Sound quality, speakers, cumbersome advanced usability, no included sustain pedal.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 18, 2017
I bought this product and it was delivered to me on May 10th. Its June 18th just one week beyond the 30 day return period and the keyboard does not make any sound any more. Basically the volume button has stopped working. I am not sure what to do next here as I have spent $200++ on this piano and it does not work anymore and I cannot return it.
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on May 19, 2017
Very disappointed with this product. After one month the volume of the piano goes so low that it is barely audible. i had returned the first one with this problem and got a replacement. after one month, the second one also has the same problem but the return window has passed so am not even able to return it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 1, 2018
Don't waste your time and money. Amazon needs to get rid of this product and not sell it. The volume went out the first day on this. Seems like a very common issue with this piano based on the reviews which I didn't read prior to buying. Had it all set up for our 3 and 5 year old girls for X-mas morning. Pain in the butt having to re-package all this crap up after we broke down all the boxes. Wish I could have just thrown this crap to the curb and had them deal with it.
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on September 20, 2016
Happy parents! I purchased this as a starter piano because of the price point hoping that it would deliver adequate sound. I am so glad that I purchased this one. I tested out the Williams Legato which I found to be lacking the real piano timbre. This baby sounds like a real piano. I also wanted a keyboard with minimal distractions for my son. There are only a few buttons on top which minimizes off-task behavior. Great price for high quality product.

We bought the Rockjam Xfinity stand but the securing straps do not fit.
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on February 5, 2017
Before bought it, my mind was going crazy because I don't know how good the quality is, but after I purchased it, it just so gorgeous and awesome. The keyboard is really smooth and sound is really clean. When I first touched the keyboard, the sound is just same as the real piano. I really like this keyboard and hope next time i can recommend to my friend and let them buy one too :) 5 starrrrrrrrrr 5 starrrrrrrrr :-----ppppp
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 26, 2017
I'm teaching myself how to play piano for the first time and I love this keyboard. I wanted simplicity and a full size 88-key keyboard and this is brilliant! The pressure sensitivity is great and helps me really focus on how much more or less I need to press on the keys.

If I could rate the keyboard separately from the rest of the bundle it would be a 5 star slam dunk! But, I want to be honest. The bench sucks, it's too low, and the foam is too easily formed too, well - my roommate is bigger than me, and now it has her butt imprint (sometimes blunt is the best explanation). Further the stand is terrible. Considering the shortness of the bench the stand height adjustment is quite literally too short or too tall. I'm hunting through my house to find something else to sit on that might help me find the correct posture and height with the stand. That being said, I'm replacing both pieces in the very near future.

Keyboard = WONDERFUL!!!!!

Bench & Stand = TERRIBLE!!!!!

Sustain petal, useful, I'd say go for it, just leave the stand and the bench with someone else!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 23, 2018
Customer service is a nightmare. We bought this keyboard as a Christmas gift for our daughter. The sound is quite good, and the weighted keys really are close to a real piano. The problem came two months after purchase when a single note began to miss when played. I contacted Alesis, but it took a couple of weeks for them to respond, stating that it sounded like the keyboard was faulty, and they would replace it. They did not provide any more information until I had sent them multiple emails over the course of the month. When they finally elaborated, they emphasized that to fix the single key, we would need to pay the $97 in shipping fees (plus packaging and tax), and that if every item the keyboard came with was not returned at the same time - to include manuals and cords - the keyboard may be ineligible for replacement. So if we missed anything, we would have spent over $100 to ship a keyboard on top of its initial purchase price, and ended up with nothing. As it is, I am extremely dissatisfied that in order to have the product I paid $300+ for, I need to spend an additional $100+. So basically: The keyboard was fine when it worked, but when it turned out to have a defect, it took over 5 weeks and multiple emails for Alesis to tell us we needed to shell out more money for the possibility of having the product we had paid for (specifically one which worked). Not sure it is worth the hassle.
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