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on July 24, 2016
Alex Cross and his friend Samson are working overtime to find the connection between two serial killers: one targeting young boys and the other killing tall blonde women. In the meantime their orphaned teenager, Ava, living w/ them for a year, is thought to be on drugs and goes missing. The family is devastated as the killers are finally brought to justice. It is a good read but very graphic. If I didn’t like following the Cross family, I would stop reading Patterson books. The margins are wide, the lines are almost double-spaced, and the empty space between chapters is telling - almost like reading a short story put into a few hundred pages. I recommend reading this author in paperback.
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on October 30, 2015
The Alex Cross series of books is not to my liking. I read several. I love a good mystery or detective novel, but these criminals are what I call horrific criminals. The descriptive writing was just too much for me. I like the Alex Cross person and his story but not the crimes. James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series are the only books of his what I have enjoyed. I guess that is why he writes a variety of books and is so popular. He has something for everybody.
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on May 22, 2017
A psycho reporter that holds a vendetta against Dr Cross and a pair of killers that brutally shoot and stab a number of blonde females and nice looking males are the background for this exciting novel.
Dr. Cross is temporarily out of commission after he "appears to beat the reported in public, but is reinstated and finds one suspect that commits suicide. He sets a trap for another suspect and his wife ends up being the person in the right place to take care of the reporter, in a public setting.
Agreat writing by this author.
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on September 25, 2013
Patterson is such a fantastic writer, and it seems he just gets better & better. Of course, Alex Cross is a marvelous character, which offers Patterson a lot to work with. Called from his home which is suffering turmoil trying to adjust to the addition of a new member into the family, emotionally damaged teen Ava, Alex is once again the man who is most needed to solve what appear to be the work of 3 serial murderers. Even as Alex begins to grasp that he is possibly looking at something entirely different, he realizes that he has failed to realize that he is being hunted, set up to look badly enough to discredit all his present theories and past glories. Mocked, accused of being a drug user, he is relieved of his duties just as Ava is removed from their home. When she most needs love and support of family, the system hides her away from them, and Alex is helpless to intervene in her life or assist in the ongoing investigations. Fortunately, he still has those who believe in him...and there is still a missing newborn to be found. With his family & friends around him, he finds information that finally brings down the murderers. But even Alex Cross cannot always save everyone. Great read! Could hardly close the book at night!
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on March 10, 2013
All the Alex Cross books are good reads, but some just aren't as good as others. I'd rate this one about in the middle.

I didn't care for his new boss, who seemed overly shrill and distracted from the story. In addition, the character of Ava has never grown on me. It doesn't feel believable to me that two busy police detectives, who already care for three children, would bring a "stray" into their home when they barely have time away from their jobs--especially when you factor in that Nana, the primary caregiver, is 90 years old.

My biggest issue with this book is it feels like we're supposed to believe that Alex is no longer as smart as he's always been. The earliest murder victim was related to the killer, and Alex never noticed that even by the end of the book. In addition, Alex never noticed that he had listening devices in his home, again, not even by the end of the book. There were many other things like this in the book, and if Alex isn't going to continue to be the all-seeing, all-knowing detective he's always been, that's bitterly disappointing.
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on July 25, 2013
I love all J.P. books. This book showed another facet in Alex Cross and in the final two chapters makes you wonder if he and Bree are headed for a huge change I'm their lives.
The Cross family has taken on a troubled foster child, Ava, who is jaded and emotionally scarred from her upbringing and gives the family an insight into a "defiant" teen. While the family has gone through many things over the course of years their kids, due to their upbringing, have been relatively consistent in their behavior and while Nana Mama is a wise wise lady, even this girl is a little immune to her attempts. Just as you sense a "revelation" in this teen that there really are people out there who will genuinely care for her things out of her control escalate beyond her control.

Alex is under attack in the media by a blogger out to make his and his family and career miserable. Alex works hard to prove this man false as he fights to clear his name and experiences the feeling of frustration as his own co-workers are forced to detain and arrest him as this blogger creatively makes his life miserable and leaves him under the scrutiny of the Internal Affairs Dept.

I try very hard in my reviews not to give any spoilers that will ruin your desire to read the book, so I will leave it as this.

Patterson is an author who I never have a second thought about pre-ordering any book he writes or co-authors as I have never been disappointed. The only honest thing I have a hard time with is by having "Cross" in most of the newer titles and being such a prolific author I am always afraid I have missed a book somewhere, and while almost all can be read as a "stand-alone" I want to keep the stories in order. I almost wish rather than publication date that somewhere on the info given that the books were numbered.

Enjoyable at any rate. Happy reading.
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on May 12, 2017
It seems the closer I am to the end of the series the better the writing has gotten. Its like Mr. Patterson went on vacation mid series and just put a warm body in to explore writing. I really was hoping there would be a different turn of events for Ava's story. I really enjoyed this book. The reason I did not give 5 stars is the storyline tends to be too wordy, at least for me.
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on March 14, 2013
The book was another decent effort on the part of James Patterson, but I found some aspects of the book not very realistic; for instance, that they stalker of Cross could sit so close to Cross's home, and yet, neither Cross nor his detective wife ever saw or noticed this guy sitting on their block....ever! Also, it's doubtful that Cross would have not known that his house was bugged. I just found that unbelievable. It's doubtful that as full as the Cross household is, that the family home would ever be 'empty' for any serious length at time; his mama Nana doesn't work, and at her age, it's doubtful she goes out much. And as often as Cross has had intruders in his home in his past adventures, I can't believe he wouldn't have a state of the art protection system in place that would have detected unauthorized person entering the home. I just didn't believe that part of the book. I also didn't find the confrontation with his attacker very credible either, when the stalker was able to inject Cross with a narcotic drug, and then dispose of the means of accomplishing this so quickly. Cross would have snatched that guy up and slapped cuffs on his in a hurry! Another point; I don't think Cross and his wife would have allowed the girl they had temporary custody of out of their sight long enough between school and home for her to have a developed a relationship of any sort with the adult male stalker. I didn't find that credible either, when you considered how Cross, his wife and Mama Nana were so protective of all of the children. The back to back killers which Cross pursued in the book were chilling characters.
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on February 12, 2017
I bought this book because I am an Alex Cross fan.
I like the way Alex isn't perfect. This book made me want to cry because Alex made the choice he is driven to make. Like Alex we all spend too much time putting out fires.
I would recommend this book to people who like suspense.
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on May 6, 2017
I have read nearly all of J Patterson's books since he first started writing. This is another of his great books. Like it as usual. Usually when I get one of his books I cannot put it down until I have finished it sometimes as late as 2am. Enough said.
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