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on October 17, 2017
I don't know if the Alex Cross novels are considered formulaic, but I do love them. I always root for Cross and his crew, and I get worried about the bad guys--angry at them, even--then Patterson brings the story around and the good guys win. OK, a lot of lives are usually lost in between, but I enjoy the books anyway. I am catching up on the Alex Cross series--Patterson is at, what, 92 Cross books now?? ;)

I look forward to exploring the other series that Patterson writes.
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on May 22, 2017
A psycho reporter that holds a vendetta against Dr Cross and a pair of killers that brutally shoot and stab a number of blonde females and nice looking males are the background for this exciting novel.
Dr. Cross is temporarily out of commission after he "appears to beat the reported in public, but is reinstated and finds one suspect that commits suicide. He sets a trap for another suspect and his wife ends up being the person in the right place to take care of the reporter, in a public setting.
Agreat writing by this author.
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on April 2, 2014
When a young couple on their honeymoon are found murdered, the wealthy father of the groom hires FBI Special Agent John O’Hara to investigate. A short time later, another couple on their honeymoon are poisoned in plain view of numerous people at the JFK Delta terminal while waiting for their flight to Rome. Special Agent O’Hara is soon thinking of a serial killer of honeymoon couples.
Meanwhile, the FBI’s attention is drawn to another curious set of circumstances when several men in diverse geographical locations are murdered. Coincidentally, all the men killed have the last name of O’Hara. FBI Agent Sarah Brubaker picks up this case and travels to the several locations where the victims were found.
What’s going on here? Two serial killers at large in the same novel? Two different FBI agents, one male and the other female, are both on the lookout for the killers? If you suspect these two parallel paths to converge you’re clearly a fan of James Patterson. The chapters are short and he has a ‘hook’ that pulls you to the next page.
A fun novel to read as the plot picks up speed but don’t take it too seriously. It goes fast and you can probably finish it before your plane lands.
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on August 8, 2013
Recently, I must say I've been disappointed in Patterson, and this book continues that feeling. The storyline centers around people on their honeymoon being murdered , when the detective starts to investigate these murders it leads him down another path. The book is good but not the greatness I've been use to from old Patterson. Can you put this book down ... yes...will it keep you riveted to the see what's going to happen 1 or 2 places but overall not....can you relate to the characters ....yes but some of their conversations are really hokey (almost like someone else not Patterson wrote them) ..... is it the worse book you'll ever read .....

Don't feel it's worth $9.99, but down around the $5 mark...the one thing I found disappointing was the fact that while I was reaching the end, my Kindle was showing I was only 88% read, meaning there was 12% left to read, which I assumed was more of the story line, so here I'm thinking ok this ending was just too predictable but leave up to Patterson he's going to come up with something I can't see ....... WRONG...the book ended and left over 12% was a sample of his next novel !

OK plot + OK characters + confusing at points + short book with sample of next new book = skip it until the price is substantially lower
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on August 19, 2013
I know this because at the same time I was reading James Patterson's and Howard Roughan's Second Honeymoon I was re-re-reading Melville's Moby Dick.
James Patterson loves water and boats and the ocean and his innovative ideas have earned him a mansion by the ocean in Palm Beach Florida with every possible window looking oceanward...
During his lifetime.... or their lifetimes, none of the greats of the American Renaissance did so well.... the only way Melville could go to sea was to sign on to a whaler.
Patterson has never aspired to being a great American writer. He did advertising first and won some awards for ads that became famous in American pop culture. He has the slumped over posture of one who has spent a lot of time curled up reading or watching television. In Palm Beach, he's famous not for parties but for frequenting a fave hamburger restaurant and slipping across the bridge to hide out in a nearby movie theatre.
And why not? To his credit...Patterson wrote novels having discovered the secret of twitter before Jack and Ev and Biz did!
Short chapters. Punchy lines. And a memory that seems never to have forgotten anything he ever saw another writer do that he liked. From high culture to the ad culture that makes a stand in so much of popular culture.... James Patterson seems to have remembered it all... if it appealed to him, or attracted him for some reason. AND HE USES IT!

Second Honeymoon shows Patterson as a kid watching Saturday afternoon old movies tv & the adventures of Nick and Nora Charles. There's no dog but all the other elements are there. John O'Hara we've met before but introducing FBI agent Sara
Brubaker makes this a fun novel to read and there's no shortage of the usual twists turns surprises...

it's all farfetched.... as farfetched as solving two serial killer cases... and ending up on a gorgeous boat in the Carribean "just like Bogie and Bacall"... or on South Ocean Blvd in Palm Beach where the ocean greets you at every turn.

Writing bestsellers is not writing a great work of fiction...and reading for pure entertainment is not something any of the masters of the American Renaissance had in mind for their readers...nor Emily D either... all were a little too oblique for bestsellerdom.

Some resent Patterson's atelier system and some of his co-writers are better than others. You have to pick and choose... and since Amazon offers excellent samples for all of his books this is fairly easy to do.

The all time greatest character will always be Alex Cross... and that was totally written by James Patterson.But he also likes art and the masters of the Italian Renaissance... often used a system where they planned a work and painted some of it but then talented disciples(DaVinci and Michelangelo among them) filled in the dots. When you have more ideas than you know what to do with and a career in advertising that has taught you that words used rightly can equal money money money...
an atelier system is a good solution. Patterson probably writes the best 80pp highly detailed outlines in modern fiction.

So... Second Honeymoon... read Moby Dick when you want to... you'll find something profound and deep and come back to it again just as one does a great opera... or hate it forever as the case may be...
but for a fun romp...
when he's at his best solo or in atelier mode... James Patterson is hard to out think out guess out maneuver.

I love what he did in this with Sara and John. Both serial killer characters are interesting and they rarely are in true crime and real life. Both protags are empowered... with courage and cunning and moxie and HUMOR... and we all have a little bit more of that along with forgiveness when we emerge from the Epilogue.

Nothing wrong with that... read the Amazon samples downloaded on your Kindle before purchase when dealing with any Patterson adventure as he likes to of them will draw you in. That's the one to purchase. I've probably read 50% of total books published with his name on the cover and all of what he has done totally on his own.

I still think Alex Cross is one of the top ten protagonists in American crime fiction.
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on February 26, 2013
I have been an Alex Cross fan since James Patterson introduced him. I really really liked this latest adventure too but it is so different from Merry Christmas Alex Cross in the way it reads. Some of these books feel and read like they were written by someone else. In one book we have a lot of references to his family and in others they are barely mentioned. The continuity seems random at times. I read Merry Christmas before Run and except for the names of the characters I am not sure I'd believe they were written by the same person. This does not however take away from the fact both are great reads.

The problem with the lack of familiarity I feel with Run is that I am continually waiting for SOMETHING to fall into place to make it seem more like an Alex Cross adventure. I am reading and enjoying and yet something is tickling my mind about things just not quite being right.

But as you can see I still give it 5 stars. It really is a great book with the same disturbing low life criminals and that secondary 'problem' you keep waiting to pop into the foreground.
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on August 4, 2013
When I read the reviews and the story summary, I thought: Great. Sounds interesting. I'll give this one a try. I'd never read any of James Patterson's books, but aware that he seemed to be a popular author, I surmised it must be a good read.

I'm about one-third through the book and although I'm enjoying the story's plot, I really DO NOT like Patterson's writing style, and I won't be buying any more of his books. I find his editorializing distracting and unnecessary, breaking the rhythm of the story's flow and energy. At times it's simply annoying. I keep wondering as I'm reading, determined to get through the book:

1) Can I ignore the cheesey narrative comments and make it to the end? Or do I need to go ahead and give up now?
2) How is it that Patterson is so popular? SERIOUSLY?

If I make it to the end of the book and at that time arrive at a different opinion, I'll update my review.

SEPTEMBER 13 2013 - I gave up a few days following that review. Waste of time and money. Goes to show: You can't just assume that good reviews means a well-written book.
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on October 30, 2015
The Alex Cross series of books is not to my liking. I read several. I love a good mystery or detective novel, but these criminals are what I call horrific criminals. The descriptive writing was just too much for me. I like the Alex Cross person and his story but not the crimes. James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series are the only books of his what I have enjoyed. I guess that is why he writes a variety of books and is so popular. He has something for everybody.
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on March 11, 2013
We’re getting closer. In Alex Cross, Run, the famous detective is back in good form. The story is reminiscent of earlier Cross epics and I, for one, say it’s about time. With no co-writers on board, it’s evident the Patterson’s forte really is the Detective procedural. With suitable disgusting bad guys and gruesome enough murders, the book gets back to the basics which made Patterson a household name in the first place. The plot is a little thin but then police procedurals don’t require a lot of plot. The family subplot is wound into the story sufficiently well, though it seems that Patterson was backing off a bit by having this particular family member die. It’s devastating but doesn’t change the dynamic much. I hope the Cross series is back on track and that the next entry will have even more developed antagonists for Cross to match wits with.
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on May 1, 2014
The moment I see a new James Patterson book available for pre-order I am on it and never disappointed. I purchase all of his books in audio as I am an audio book junkie!!! I listen to 4 different ones at a time - car, work, kitchen and sewing room - it is so great to have some read to you who can bring the characters, emotions and places to life. I love to read, but I don't have time and I sure do not create the colorful dialog and pictures in my head when I am reading just text off a page. I listen to the Women's Murder Club Series, LOVE the PRIVATE series he created, the Michael Bennett stories, NYPD RED and RED2. Always a twisting turning thriller that keeps my mind guessing the outcomes. Keep 'em coming James and your varied co-authors!!!
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