Alexa Together - Introducing a new service to help you care for the ones you love

Sign up early, and enjoy 6 months of service for free.

Limited time offer, $19.99 billed monthly or $199.00 annually after free trial.

Peace of mind for you. Independence for them.

Coming later this year – Alexa Together is a new way to provide support for your loved ones, keeping you together even when you're apart. All it takes to get started is an Alexa Together subscription and an Echo device.

Alexa Together is currently available only in the U.S.

Customized Alerts Icon

Customized Alerts Icon

Activity Feed Icon

Customized Alerts

Set up daily alerts for your loved one’s first Alexa use, or if it isn’t used by a certain time.

24/7 Urgent Response

24/7 hands-free access to trained agents who can help your loved one get assistance.

Activity Feed

See how things are with snapshots of your loved one's Alexa and smart home interactions.

Circle of Support Icon

Remote Assist Icon

Remote Assist Icon

Circle of Support

Additional family members 
can join you to support your 
loved one.

Remote Assist

Set reminders on a loved one’s Echo, manage shopping lists, link music services, and more.

Fall Detection Response

If a compatible device detects a fall, Alexa calls Urgent Response and notifies emergency contacts.

Frequently asked questions

Overview & Access

What is Alexa Together?

Alexa Together is a new subscription service launching later this year that is designed to give the entire family peace of mind, and help aging loved ones feel more comfortable and confident to live independently. The new service has many features including 24/7 hands-free access to professional Urgent Response agents that can get your loved one the assistance they need if they say “Alexa, call for help.” If a compatible third-party device detects a fall, Alexa can call Urgent Response and notify emergency contacts. Our opt-in Remote Assist feature allows you to manage device settings, remotely set reminders or connect a music service on your loved one’s devices. The activity feed shows a generalized view of your loved one’s interactions, so you know they are active around the house. You can also create alerts to know when your loved one first uses Alexa or if no activity is detected between a certain time. And, coming early next year, multiple people will be able to connect their accounts so more family members can stay in the loop and help provide support for your aging loved one.

Is there a cost to use Alexa Together?

When Alexa Together launches later this year, U.S. customers can sign up for a free limited-time, six-month trial. After the trial period ends, it will be available for $19.99/month or $199/year.

Who can purchase the Alexa Together subscription?

You only need one active subscription to use Alexa Together, and either the customer providing or receiving support can purchase it. You may cancel your free trial or subscription at any time by contacting Customer Service or managing your subscription through Your Memberships and Subscriptions.

Getting Started

What do I need to get started?

You will need to purchase one Alexa Together plan, either monthly or annual. Your loved one will need an Echo or Alexa-enabled device and wifi, while you only need the Alexa app downloaded to your phone. For a better experience, we do recommend that you also have an Echo device to use features like Alexa Calling or Drop In, or to enable video chat if you both have an Echo Show. For now, click on ‘Email me when released’ at the top of the page to be notified when Alexa Together is ready for you and your loved one to use.

How many Echo devices do I need to use Alexa Together?

Your loved one only needs one Echo or Alexa-enabled device in their home to use Alexa Together. However, for the best experience, we recommend placing devices in rooms throughout the house. For example, place an Echo Show where your loved one spends a lot of time during their day and an Echo Dot in other rooms. Then, Alexa will be available to help more throughout the day and be there if your loved one calls for help. Smart home devices like smart lights are useful in getting more signals about your loved one’s activity in their space as they go about their day.

How do I subscribe?

Alexa Together is not yet available for purchase. For now, click on ‘Email me when released’ at the top of the page to be notified when Alexa Together is ready for you and your loved one to use.

Can multiple people use Alexa Together to support a loved one together?

Yes, multiple people will be able to support a loved one using Alexa Together. This feature will be available early next year.

Can I use Alexa Together to provide support for multiple people?

At this time, you can only support one person through Alexa Together.

How can I help my loved one get set up with a new Alexa-enabled device?

To set up your loved one’s Echo device first, such as an Echo Show, send the device to yourself and choose the gift option at shipping to prevent your account from syncing with the device. Follow the instructions here for the overall device setup process. In addition, before sending the Echo device to your loved one, you can save their wifi network to the device to help remove a step for them later on.

Are Drop In, Alexa Calling, and Emergency Contact available on all Alexa-enabled devices?

These features are available on all in-home Alexa-enabled devices that support Alexa Calling, such as Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. At this time, on-the-go devices like Echo Frames and Echo Auto do not support the Emergency Contact feature.

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