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on October 28, 2010
Thanks to my Dad and his huge record collection, I've been an Alice Cooper fan since birth. I saw him live once back in 2001 and one of my father's friends even managed to dive over a seat and snag a whip Alice threw into the crowd from some poor little kid. Other than KISS (who even claim to have stolen the over-the-top stage theatrics idea from Alice), nobody puts on a live show like him. There are 26 songs on both the Blu-ray and CD that were recorded in December 2009. The DVD runs for a little over 90 minutes and the CD is about 80 minutes long, but no songs are cut. The 10 missing minutes from the CD is the time he spends on stage doing his typical crazy stuff that we all love.

The picture and sound quality are top notch. Alice Cooper still sounds very good live and the band hits all the right notes. I also liked the all over the place song selection. You still get most of the classics, but we get a song here and there from the more recent albums too. This stage show blows away the one I saw some 9 Halloweens ago. Alice dies multiple times and we get all kinds of creatures and masked men running around on the stage.

If you're a fan this is a must buy of course. I've seen his other live DVD releases and this is my favorite by far. I can't wait to watch it again. Maybe I'll blast it Halloween night and scare all the kids away. More candy for me. Thanks Alice.
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on May 16, 2015
Alice Cooper must have performed most of these songs HUNDREDS of times in his career, so I found it amazing how much energy and excitement he puts into this performance. The backing band is one of the best he's had since the classic Love it to Death, Killer, School's Out, Billion Dollar Babies era. Don't expect a nostalgia act or some watered down run through of the catalog, this is FULL ON Alice & band rocking you like the first time you heard "I'm Eighteen" on the radio. And for those of you who wonder about such things, he looks and moves like a man much younger than his approx. 65 years. As a long time fan I would have liked a few more obscure but that would have just been more icing since I wouldn't have eliminated a single song from this setlist
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on September 4, 2011
There's smoke. There's brutality. There's stuff flying all around the stage. People with knives. Drums pounding and guitars screaming and, well, there's Alice, right in the middle of it all.

Some 40 years after Alice first showed us the way to blend visual entertainment with music, the entire show still works and still holds a few surprises, even for the long time fans like myself. The Blu-Ray disc brings the show to life in ways that will make you appreciate your HDTV and the bonus audio disc allows you to take this wonderful concert on the road with you.

You know the songs, you've lived the anthems, you love the characters and you're just a few clicks of the mouse away from having the nice man at the post office deliver a copy of this wonderfully filmed and brilliantly performed show to your doorstep.

What on earth could you possibly be waiting for?
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on October 15, 2010
My expectations were not that high for this latest AC concert DVD, but damn, I was wrong. I love the new and different arrangements of these songs compared to the highly polished versions offered up on Live at Montreux from 2005. That was a great band, half of them are back, and guitarist Keri Kelli and long-time/part-time Alice drummer Jimmy DeGrasso and the others make it interesting even if you've seen his more recent shows or concert DVDs. Thanks to Alice for including Wicked Young Man (my personal favorite) from the great Brutal Planet CD, From the Inside, Nurse Rozetta, and Cold Ethyl. Dirty Diamonds is another standout; Alice taunts the audience repeatedly with those cheap necklaces and it's just a great live tune. There are lots of crowd shots which work well; Alice's interaction with the crowd and their reaction is always a big part of any AC show.

Other than Alice, how many classic rock stars' recent material can stand up with their classics - NO ONE else. His voice has held up amazingly well and the man truly enjoys what he does and it shows. As long as he can get musicians this talented and put on shows like this, I hope he goes forever.
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on November 26, 2010
I did really enjoy this concert, I'm not sure that the blue-ray format was necessary, I have the "Live at Montreoux" regular DVD, that was shot in HD and that seemed just as clear. there seemed to be an audio feedback or something at the start of "no more mr. nice guy"...noticeable volume and pitch change /feedback? I was listening in Dolby Digital 5.1.
I have been a big Alice Cooper fan for 40yrs. and to be honest, I could not follow the "story" of the serial killer spider who falls in love with his last victim..... just a great fast moving show with even better theatrics, the guillotine scene looked more realistic than ever before! and the contraption the put Alice in , with all the pointed shafts.. looked cool, I'm still trying to figure out, how they did that!
One more note, I saw this same show on 9-28-09 in CT. except for one thing, It was raining and the theater roof started leaking after a few songs in, the show was stopped for a few minutes ...and Alice came out looking at the ceiling, and kind of pissed,said something like what the f...k luckily the water was dried up and the show continued!
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on October 30, 2010
I have been waiting on this DVD from Alice ever since I heard the rumours that the Theatre of Death show would be on film, and the DVD, CD ,plus ( and I have not seen this advertised) a mini poster from the cover which I presume they put on the high street stores to sell this show, with Alice's Music as the soundtrack; check the credits, Alice, Shep and a few other guys wrote the show, and if you follow the music, it tells a story.
With 4 executions, some great, no, SUPERB sound, this is a brilliant piece of Alice Theatre Rock. The ever changing master of this medium never does the show the same way, so it always hits someone who likes this or that version. For example, if you don't like this set, then try BRUTAL PLANET, another brilliant piece. But the variation in this work is in such things as having the Schools out reprise done in the Mirror ourfit.
I actually first heard the concert on the CD and it was great in the car sound system. But in 5.1 this is brilliant.
Rock on Alice, the man still has the chops.
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on July 2, 2011
This is an excellent show. Alice is on top of his game in this show.

Not a lot of the new stuff on here, mainly old classics so most fans will be pretty pleased with the song selection. Personally the show is fantastic where Alice gets taken out at least 4 times - like Jason you really cannot take him out. Alice is especially vicious in this one - personally taking out a few of the cast himself ;)

Does a few select songs from Welcome to my nightmare, as well as From the inside. But all of the songs are great on this DVD.

Also has a bonus CD of the show (one for house - one for the car). It's not Alice in his heyday. And personally I think the shows are much better these days then they were 30 years again - they're very focused and not as hap hazard as when he was on the drink. He's also a lot more vicious these days too! A must have.
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on November 8, 2010
Alice Cooper is, simply put, the man who created performance rock. His music has stood the test of time and his concerts are the stuff of legend. There would be no KISS, Manson, Slipknot, GWAR, Rob Zombie, etc. etc. if Alice hadn't done it first. I saw the "Welcome to my Nightmare" tour back in the 70s and was blown away; apparently, so was Alice but I was too young and too in awe of the sounds and stage to notice. THIS concert is, for a number of reasons, even better, as Alice mixes old favorites with newer material, all done with a precision and intensity fitting for a man that has come to embrace both his sobriety and his place in the rock pantheon. Buy it, watch it, and understand why this man is the one other rock musicians defer to as the king.
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on October 7, 2010
vintage coop.

what he does differently on this dvd as opposed to others is bring back some of the old favorites never done before on past releases.a totally redone atypical stage set,that is amazingly fresh.absolutely worth the price of admission!!!

alice is a bit like ozzy in that he has an incredible sense of talent.this backing band is replete with a set of no name musicians who perform better than even "brutally live" personnel,who included eric singer,ryan roxie,and greg smith.

at one point he performs in a wheel chair,dressed in asylum issued clothing and doing songs about his stint in rehab off of "FROM THE INSIDE".his dark sense of humor is everywhere on this dvd.a man who has exorcised his demons,and can laugh at himself,while entertaining us.this man has jettisoned the belief that rock careers are generally short lived.he has masterfully thrilled us for over 40 years,and there is no end in sight.

this killer vid starts with power,and moves along seamlessly,on a pace that has no gaps.he is the ultimate showman,who never fails to satisfy.opening with "SCHOOLS OUT",he firmly grasps control,and you know and feel it."DEPARTMENT OF YOUTH",the anthem for rebellious youth screams next,followed by one of the finest live versions of "I'M EIGHTEEN" that i've ever heard.all the greatest COOP hits are here.

the second disc is an anthology of live performances with all his bands,including the first band, GLEN BUXTON,MIKE BRUCE,DENNIS DUNAWAY,AND NEIL SMITH.this is in cd form,but is just a killer collection of all the best.all the fabulous musicians are here.....DICK WAGNER,STEVE HUNTER,ERIC SINGER,RYAN ROXIE,STEF BURNS,DEREK SHERINIAN,AND SO MANY OTHERS.

it is a well produced vid,very clean with many angle shots,so you miss nothing.a true 5.1 surround recording that fills the absolute gas,from start to finish.a must have vid,for any collection,but especially ALICE COOPER lovers.
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on November 28, 2010
This DVD is a MUST BUY for any Alice Cooper fan or any Rock and Roll fan for that matter. Alice puts on a fantastic show, filled with all his greatest hits. The stage show is a lot of fun. He pulls out all the stops here. Highly Recommended viewing!
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