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on October 18, 2016
Alien Quadrilogy 4 DISC blu-ray, verified purchaser. First, I am a huge fan ever since I saw Alien the first night it hit the theaters in '79 and will leave the actual movie details to others. This Alien Quadrilogy is the 4 Alien movies, each with the theatrical and extended editions only, No extra disks, the only extras would be what was included in the single blu ray releases. This presentation is in a thin line snap case, not a cardboard box. Now that I got that out of the way, here are my 2 complaints: First, since Amazon, for years completely incapable of separating the reviews of all the different Alien releases (as so with with ALL other releases).the reviews below are mixed with ALL the different releases of the franchise and who, except for the most knowledgeable of this franchise, can tell the difference? Maybe we, as reviewers should identify what it is we are actually reviewing, to help others. Hence, the 1 star ding. Second, specifically to this QUADRILOGY, the product details correctly identify this as 4 disks, which is correct, however, the Editorial review claims 2 disks of over 50 hours of extras which is WRONG. Those extra disks are in the blu ray release of the Alien ANTHOLOGY, NOT this Quadrilogy. The transfers of the films themselves are the same as ALL other blu ray releases, no matter what the release is called (30th anniversary, Anth, Quad, single release, etc, all the SAME) and I have no issue with that. I believe this is as good as it will ever get, even some future possible 4K cant undo the limitations inherent in the technology used in the original filming. As I said, big fan here, but be aware that you are likely reading reviews for a future purchase that is not what you will be buying. Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon will never over come this massive inability, so life goes on. If all you want is the extended cuts of the 4 movies and are not interested in all the extras, for $15, This is easily the best deal you're going to get. Just FYI.....
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on November 19, 2011
I noticed that there were two different Alien Anthology Blu-ray sets for sale on Amazon. They appeared to be identical, except this set has small markings on the front of the box (both say "18", which is "Fit for viewing by persons aged 18 years or more" according to the back of the box) which apparently is from the Irish Film Classification Office. This set, I believe, is some kind of import. With that being said, I have not had any problems with play back. I can't compare the exact content, as I only own this set. But, this set gives you a TON!!!!! You get all four movies on four discs (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection) and two discs of special features. The cover sticker claimed 60 hours of additional content. Here's some info from the back of the box:

Alien: Original Version (116 minutes)
Alien: Director's Cut (110 minutes)
Letterbox Version 16:9 (Presented in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)

Aliens: Original Version (131 minutes)
Aliens: Special Edition (148 minutes)
Widescreen Version 16:9 (Presented in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio)

Alien3: Original Version (109 minutes)
Alien3: Special Edition (138 minutes)
Widescreen Version 16:9 (Presented in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)

Alien Resurrection: Original Version (104 minutes)
Alien Resurrection: Special Edition (111 minutes)
Widescreen Version 16:9 (Presented in 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)

The first thing I did was try each disc in my player and every single one of them loaded without a hitch. I'm not sure if I'm able to quote prices in my review, but I will say that this set was over 50% cheaper than the other region 1 U.S. version. If you are having any doubts, read the reviews on this product. I am reviewing ASIN: B003AQBYUG, and not ASIN: B001AQO3QA. I recently purchased my blu-ray player from Amazon, a Panasonic DMP-BDT310. It was manufactured in Sept 2011 so I can confirm that this newer player definitely reads the discs. This set is not specifically for region 1/U.S., but rather all regions. The back of the box says A/B/C. If you use Amazon's help to learn more about regions, you'll see that A, B and C pretty much covers everywhere. If you're looking to add this set to your collection, I highly recommend it. As the title of my review says, it was an absolute steal! Order with confidence and enjoy :)
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on November 26, 2016
These movies are among the best sci-Fi and horror movies of all time. The re-mastered versions offered on this blu-ray release provide so much extra detail it's like watching them oagain for the first time! With subsequent viewings, I constantly notice tiny little details I had never seen before. There is so much extra content included that you could spend days watching all of it. The packaging is gorgeous and sturdy enough to feel very substantial and premium. Even at full price, this set is a bargain, but if you can catch it on sale it is a no-brained. All sci-Fi fans should have these movies in his/her collection!
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on May 6, 2006
The Alien series never broke out the way that Star Trek and Star Wars did--you don't see the presence of an Alien-worshipping subculture, the way you do with Roddenberry's and Lucas's franchises. However, the series has been far more inventive and varied than those two franchises. Explore the Alien movies (minus the abomination known as Alien vs. Predator) on this 9-disc set. Even though they are very different films which have little commonality, aside from the presence of those vicious monsters and the lovely Sigourney Weaver, they complement each other well, and collectors would be wise to pick up this boxed set instead of buying the movies piecemeal. Far from being simple horror films, the Alien movies are attempts to put into film the anxieties of the modern age, from the biological to the corporate, and the series is at its best when it exploits these anxieties.

This is what the first entry in the series, Alien, does best. Directed by Ridley Scott, whose other work includes Blade Runner and Gladiator, this 1979 film pits a group of commercial astronauts against a foe which cannot be killed and will not be placated. With a cast that includes Weaver, Tom Skeritt, Yaphet Kotto, John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton and Ian Holm, this is probably the most impressively-acted of the bunch, and Scott has style to spare. Unlike most terror films, this movie derives its thrills not from continual pop-ups at the screen, but from building a sustained mood of dread--the alien could pop up at any moment. When it does come, it doesn't stay around for long. Perhaps the movie's greatest attribute is its allegorical simplicity--one is bound to reflect on what the alien represents? Perhaps it's a Rorshach Ink Blot to some extent, however, this movie is the perfect counterpoint to such movies as Independence Day--instead of taking off and kicking ass, in Alien, nothing we can do can protect us from the Alien. In our post-Iraq, post-9/11 nation, perhaps this film will have gained some resonance in its treatment of the subject matter.

Aliens might be decried by some as a pure action film, but it is a bit more than that. James Cameron logically extends the concepts in the first film, and while it lacks the atmosphere and creepy suspense of the first movie, it is an extremely exciting and emotionally satisfying film. In this film, Ellen Ripley returns to the beast's planet with a squad of marines, which includes such personalities as the humane Cpl. Hicks (Michael Biehn), the freaked-out Pvt. Hudson (Bill Paxton) and the macho Pvt. Vasquez (Janette Goldstein). Also in the mix are Paul Reiser as the personification of corporate malfeasance, and Lance Henriksen as a sinister-seeming android. Trivia note: Henriksen would be the only actor (aside from Weaver) to appear in more than one Alien film. Ultimately, this is a movie where the thrills come from stuff popping out at you, but if you are willing to suspend disbelief a little and come along for the ride, it is actually quite good for a genre picture, and became the benchmark against which the later pictures were compared.

Alien3 is a film which never got a fair chance. Consider: a script which underwent more than a few major revisions, several changes in directors which actually produced the perfect man for the job (future Fight Club auteur David Fincher), a meddling studio and fan expectations which could not possibly have been sated. It was, in retrospect, a recipe for disaster, so one should not complain about how flawed it is, but rather realize just how good it is. Fincher manages to create a wholly convincing atmosphere of dread in a prison planet populated by monk-like inmates. It takes up the allegorical mantle again, but rather than the open-ended allegory of the first, this installment has overt religious parallels that anyone even remotely familiar with Western Civilization should be able to pick up on (even though some of the imagery is subtle). This set notably includes the Assembly Cut, billed euphamistically here as a "Special Edition", which is far closer to the movie Fincher intended to make. While there are any number of legitimate complaints against the film--the most sympathetic character dies halfway through, many of the inmates never really stick out, the final action sequence is too disorienting, high on gore but low on scares, etc.--it is actually a rather compelling film in its unedited form. Not perfect, but in terms of the plotting, main characters, and its insight into the mindset of the religious isolationist mindset, it is more than adequate. In terms of visuals and mood, no installment of the Alien series has been better. In my book, it's a good film with flaws rather than a flawed film with some good parts. The beginning and ending are contentious--watch the film and you will see why--but both serve the story, and the ending in Fincher's version is a surprisingly powerful one, as opposed to the theatrical version, which might have some Biblical undertones (the story of Jacob, specifically) but it feels more hollow. Overall, with this restored version, hopefully the movie will see an end to the backlash that has been pervasive since its release in 1992.

Alien Resurrection is the final film in this group, and while it is less polarizing than Alien3 among fans, it is also less memorable. If the original film was about a post-Vietnam set of anxieties, then this film is about a post-Berlin Wall set of ironies, and it cannot be displaced from the culture from whence it came--a culture which prided itself on being so "over" everything. Yet another director, this time Jean-Pierre Jeaunet of Amelie, brings a different twist to the franchise. Armed with a screenplay by TV wunderkind Joss Whedon, and game performances from Weaver, Winona Ryder, Ron Perlman, et al. The fundamental problem is that the viewer never really connects with the characters, and thus isn't invested in their fates. This being the case, the movie then becomes a series of action setpieces which don't quite add up to anything. The visual style is surprisingly lacking here as well: I once heard Amelie described as a David Fincher take on a Meg Ryan film, so I expected memorable visuals. I instead discovered that Roger Ebert was right when he said there was not a single shot to inspire the imagination. While the production values are high, the grotesque violence, fast-paced editing, camerawork and lighting all come together to make one feel as though in a video game, and while that might work for fourteen year-old boys, it's a far cry from the film's heritage. On the other hand, the satirical aspects of the film are enjoyable, and it somehow was much more beloved in Europe--maybe I'm missing something. Ultimately, the film is either a standard-issue thriller or a savvy satirical deconstruction of a standard-issue thriller--I'm not entirely certain.

The bonus features are interesting--commentaries on all the four films, featuring directors, cast members, and production staff. I guess that, given the amount of commentary tracks punctuated by uncomfortable silences, the folks over at Fox decided to cut to different conversations at different points during the films. There is a constant stream of information, some interesting and enlightening, other parts are funny (Bill Paxton's contributions especially), but the only one that is tough to sit through is Alien3's, which is unbalanced in favor of the technical side of the production and only has about 15 minutes of Henriksen and another actor. The documentaries go into great detail about all the films, essentially from the germination of the story all the way through to critical reception. Overall, it's a good collection of special features.

Overall, as far as franchises go, the Alien films are one of the better bets out there. As a receptacle for millenial anxieties, a proving ground for new and talented directors, and just plain scares, this is a series which should appeal to most and I highly recommend this set.
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on February 25, 2017
I LOVE this anthology! The best part is the ability to select either the theatrical version, or the special and Director's editions of ALL of these movies! Having the director's say a few words about their special releases was also a nice inclusion to this anthology. Speaking of 'special editions', Alien 3 was like watching an entirely different movie, as many scenes were completely different than what was shown at the theaters (SPOILER: the one that surprised me the most was when the Alien was first 'born': in the theater version it was 'born' from a dog, a Rottweiler; in the special edition, another animal was used). This was well put together, and the two special features disks are loaded with hours of content which would keep you busy pouring through it all for months.

Very pleased with this purchase, and would highly recommend.
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on January 19, 2017
If you'll ask me about the blu ray discs its an excellent choice if you are just after the films. But if you are looking for the special features, then buy them individually. This quadrilogy is a space saver. Now I can get rid of the DVDs. Word of warning the casing of this set is too soft so please handle it with care.
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on September 28, 2012
I can see where Star Wars got the idea for their packaging for the Blu-Ray release of their series, it was a copy of the design of the Alien Anthology which has a far more impressing design. I was really impressed with the packaging of this series, the slip case is shiny and holographic in its color while the book inside the slip case that houses the actual Blu-Ray discs, has a matte finish that is sharp and clean looking. It's probably the best designed Blu-Ray packaging I've seen to date, although I do really like the Lord of the Rings extended edition packaging. The discs are a little hard to get out of this anthology set, but it's not a big deal. As far as the movies themselves, they have retained the actual film grain, they look stellar on Blu-Ray and are really sharp and the detail looks great. Some of the best transfers I've seen. And the supplemental features, man there is a lot of those. There are just a mass amount of features for each movie and this really should be a lesson for comparison for all other companies putting out boxed sets. This is an exceptional presentation in packaging, the films themselves as well as the special features. For this price, anyone who is a fan of these movies should own them.
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on November 16, 2012
The four Alien movies comprise what is indisputably one of Hollywood's best series, and this incredible Blu-ray treatment does it justice. I can remember seeing Alien as a kid and being blown away and terrified. This was the film that started my love for science fiction. As a teenage girl seeing Aliens, how could I not be amazed by Sigourney Weaver in full-on action hero mode? I'm sure most people will agree that the third and fourth movies did not meet the impossibly high bar set by the first two, but this anthology is well worth it for the wonderful extras (60 hours' worth) and the massive improvement in picture quality. The packaging is great - it's in booklet form, with thick, cardboard-like pages, containing beautiful photographs and artwork.
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on October 25, 2014
Weyland-Yutani Corporation: "Building Better Bluray Collections" : )

This is the best movie collection I own. I've never put a photo in a review before (they're crappy camera shots, sorry), but I was so happy with this one I just had to.
-The movies are great first of all. Each one comes with the option to watch the original - OR - an updated version/directors cut. Each disc gives you the standard blu-ray menu you'd expect; such as 'play' 'options' etc etc.

- Presentation is amazing. I love that we get a book inside of an outer case. Within the book there's artwork. This is really high quality, the "pages" are extremely thick and the outside of the "book" has the feel of a hardcover novel. There is holographic art on both the outer shell and the book itself.

- Formatting and questions about region lock (seen in other reviews). I am a US user and watch this on a playstation 4. I specify this as your bluray player may be different. All of the discs play and when I look on the bottom of the box I see FBI warnings and markings traditionally seen in the USA. HOWEVER, there also appear to be european ratings listed as well. Seems to be formatted for multiple regions, but for more techincal answers on this you should seek advice from other reviewers. I'm not too savvy with that. The movies play for me.

++ Attached photos. Again, sorry for the quality but I wanted you to see it anyway. One of the photos shows the outside shell and the other shows an example of a "page" within and how the disc is stored. I only show one 'page' here as to not spoil the surprise of the full appearance.

If i lost this or it was damaged I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
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Enthusiast: Star Warson January 5, 2017
Alien and Aliens are classics, and both look great.

Alien had odd sound issues, in that I had to turn up the volume as far as the TV would go. Didn't see that with Aliens.

Two really good movies, that are different. One Horror, One action movie. Great change of pace.

Skipped 3 and 4.

Ripley is still the best female character in movies.
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