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on January 5, 2018
The book details various sightings, ufo flaps and phenomena. It then delves into investigators’ views on UFO phenomena. Also included is the government secrecy and compartmentalizations when dealing with the UFO topic along with making the reader aware of top secret clearances, red herrings/fake info. and disinformation campaigns. Glad the authors and their assistants took the time to assess, review and explain through a biblical lens the UFO and alien deception. While I believe some are experimental military craft, most are inter-dimension craft with demonic beings behind them. The invisible battle between good and evil continues on earth and sadly must people are unaware of it. In my opinion, it’s the days of Noah all over again (DNA / gene pool manipulation) just as is stated in this book with information on nephilim and Elohim from my research and evaluations. I’m glad it asks questions about things that don’t make sense and helps the readers who may be unable to see the fallacy with the sethite view (with mention of problems with it and additional information on it at the end of the book.) I hope some readers, just like the new ager turned believer who wrote the foreword, also become wiser after reading the book and become watchmen who look to the holy bible for truth instead of promoting the alien deception with other new age cohorts touting “let’s raise the earth vibration and become our own gods” lies. I almost fell for this lie and I hope nobody else does. Praying the book saves some souls in these last days and people come to read the holy bible, worship the most high God and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.
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on February 26, 2012
Chuck Missler, a former member of the Air force, Missile Defence System, and Black Organizations (top secret organizations with an unlimited budget) sheds light on the Alien Phenomenon to everyone, especially the close minded Christian. I am Christian and I can say that this book was a revelation. I knew before hand that there was evidence of some kind of alien existence from the mass sightings from ancient times to modern times, abductions, stories pass down through time of "Gods" having amazing powers and being the leaders of some nations, etc. But Chuck Missler brings the evidence all in one book. He talks about the history of Aliens or "Nephilim" or better known as Fallen Angels. He talks about how Aliens could very well be fallen angels as depicted in the book of Genesis who were cast down out from heaven led by the deceiver of all, Satan. Deceiver is the word to remember when reading this book. Missler address how deception is the key to the Alien Phenomena. He provides ample evidence they exist but questions their history, motives, and future endeavours. Are they malevolent or benevolent? Big difference. If they exist will they bring peace and understanding as the New Age Movement hopes, or will they bring deception and utter destruction which the Book of Revelation discusses as being led by Anti-Christ?

Imagine if you saw a massive alien sighting of some kind? Would your religion instantly change? Would you think that God never existed and Aliens were the answer to everything? Remember that the End Times will bring the most deception ever seen by man and Missler addresses how this could easily be the case with the Alien Phenomenon.

Missler deserves an A+. He addresses the topic from every type of scholar and researcher and then gives the Christian view and how the Christian should address this problem.

Fantastic book.
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on September 27, 2016
His use of scripture makes his observations more believable. However, I felt he spent too much of the book talking about all of these encounters. Nevertheless, that was the title of the book so maybe I'm wrong with my criticism. It was a very thought provoking and interesting to read. It fits right in with what we see happening in the world today. Especially with the move away from traditional Christianity here in the U.S.
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on December 16, 2005
This book postulates that UFO's are an alien phenomenon, but are piloted by "spiritual" aliens, descendants of the fallen angels mentioned in the Nephilim account of Genesis. I have read this theory before in shorter articles, but this book takes the reader step-by-step through the logic and thought process behind the evidences. It is very interesting reading, and presents a completely different theory on UFO's, who is operating them, and what their purpose is in coming to earth. Rather than spoil the book for any potential readers, I will say that the authors present an astounding yet viable explanation for the existance of UFO's, their special physical properties, and the beings that are within the walls of the craft.

Interestingly, the authors provide solid evidence for the existance of UFO's from various sources, including eye-witness accounts from astronauts and jet pilots who have chased UFO's. Once they establish the basis for the existance of UFO's, they begin to reveal their theory. I believe readers will find the evidence presented for the existance of UFO sightings rational and logical. Since the authors then present an alien theory that is unlike any other, the reader may have doubts about their premise, however, it is certainly a feasible explanation for the UFO phenomenon, an explanation that accounts for all the quirks and strangeness associated with UFO's.

I do recommend this book to anyone with an open mind on UFO's. Many of us have preconceived notions on UFO's, and the explanation presented here is so astounding and different that many readers will initially balk at the authors conclusions. As a student of the Bible for many years, I found their conclusions enlightening and certainly feasible, and best of all thoroughly intriging.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig
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on March 25, 2017
Puts the UFO issue in clear focus as to the origin. There is another dimension that bleeds into this one. Creations from that dimension visit us and with not the best of motives.
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on September 17, 2014
Chuck is a very smart man and can really get a point across. While i really enjoyed the book, I had trouble with staying focused through some of the more tedious parts. He gives a lot of detail, which on one hand, it extremely important to me but on the other hand, I haven't the patience for. So, I'm giving this brilliant man 4 stars for this book instead of 5 because I think some editing in the beginning would have make it a 5 star book.
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on December 26, 2017
An eye-opening account written with much scientific backup and emotional balance. Very much appreciated. If i could change one thing, i would add more international examples, the research felt very Americano-centric, i suppose probably because of the accessibility of info in the US.
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on September 29, 2016
Older book by Chuck Missler. Excellent discussion of the various elements of this phenomenon, and the Biblical basis for viewing events. Not for the faint of heart, or the closed minded, but Chuck's credentials are impeccable, his case based on documented scripture, and his conclusions immutable. Be advised; this is not a subject matter for the immature, nor to be taken lightly in these Times! Highly recommend.
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on March 24, 2014
After reading several books on extraterrestrials, Alien Encounters is the most informative on the subject.
Written by brilliant minds, but the average reader can understand - NO running to a dictionary to decipher big words.
If you are looking for reasons where other researchers give you hype, this book will answer your questions.
Searching for truth about ET? Settle in to this page turner and prepare to stay up all night!
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on June 6, 2010
You never know what you are going to get when purchasing a book in this genre of conspiracy theories and 'obscure' religious ideas. But this book is a gem. It starts with a problem,(UFOs, who are they and what do they want?) and then logically and briskly moves through modern and historical evidence to a logical end. If anything, the author could have filled in even more evidence, but he supplies enough to make his point and then move on. He takes the reader on a wild ride, and many in Christendom and the New Age religions will be appalled at his conclusions. But from my own 10 years of research into this very subject, Mr Missler's conclusions are the only logical explanation of all the evidence. Be prepared to be wowed, open your mind, release your biases, and you will come away with a greater understanding of the coming war, the groundwork of which is already being laid! AND, dig further into the evidence, because there is a whole lot more out there that Mr Missler had to skip to keep the book a readable length. I have studied this subject for 10 years, and have come to the same conclusions Mr Missler has. This book (and others like it) pack as much controversy as the Da Vinci Code, but this one actually uses evidence based in reality! ;-)
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