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on December 2, 2013
This game just screams "rushed." The ideas and gameplay talked/shown at press conferences never made it into the game although they did look amazing. That right there tells me that the ideas were there but whether through time constraints or budget constraints it just never made it into the game. It's not often I'll rate a product so low but this is a rare exception. The game is bad and the nostalgia factor only allows you to look past a couple problems. When the problems start taking away from your love of the movies and comics then you know something is just wrong. The sad fact is that most people will look at this game and see "Gearbox" on the cover and immediately think it's good because of their work with Borderlands. Please don't be one of those people. This is a bad game that should be avoided.
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While I'll give the creators of the game kudos for half trying to give gamers a realistic style of being in the movie it hardly felt like it as more you were just trying to finish the game and see if there was anything that would makeup for the lackluster gameplay.

The A.I. for alien and human enemies as well as allies was almost beyond pathetic during some fight levels,case in point you're fighting two enemy marines and with them being less then ten feet apart from each other you can flame throw one and the other apparently doesn't notice what's happening to his partner Really!!?!

Your teammate's A.I. intuition is hardly any better as they are more a hindrance then help and you're left wondering if you can just leave their sorry butts behind. the saddest A.I. is the aliens where you can pretty much just pick them off with easy shots in most levels when you keep your distance as they seem to lose sight of you when you put more then ten feet distance between the two of you.
I'm trying not to be too harsh with the game thus the three star rating but truthfully it falls below even the one star rating for gamers though for fans you might still get a kick out of it as it does bring some levels from the second movie to move around.

If you can get the game for $15 or less then go for it as it's a time passing FPS just keep any real expectations of the game to a very low minimum.
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on March 2, 2017
This game got a lot of criticism when it came out, and for good reason. But overall, it is a decent, fun game. It has some glitches and the alien AI and NPC AI is pretty bad and the graphics are not as good as other games of its time. The story is decent and the voice acting is pretty good.

As a fan of the Aliens movies and AVP games, I was disappointed until I just played it for the fun of it. If you can ignore huge plot holes, glitches, and poor AI, its a decent game.
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on March 25, 2013
Seeing as how so many people all over the internet have said what is bad about this game, and why it has failed, I will review it from a different perspective, from that of my own eyes as a gamer and a consumer.

I love the Aliens franchise, love the movies, love the games, love the AvP spinoffs, love it all, so I end up giving these games a little bit of leeway even when they tend to gravitate towards the sucky side (looking at you AvP 2010), so, I of course bought this game, (at launch, unfortunately), and thought it was weird there was a review embargo, but didn't think much of it. So me and my friend get this game, and we start playing it, the MP isn't half bad when you first play it, however, it is unbalanced, feels unfinished, the progression system is very short, I mean, after you hit level 60, have everything unlocked, completed your challenges (which are stupid and useless anyways), then what is there to do? I heard GB spent a lot of their time on the multi player, and they might have, but they didn't think at all towards the future, I mean, the new DLC for ACM is supposed to be out sometime soon (if it isn't already), but, the majority of the player base is gone, or soon to be, because there is nothing keeping them playing this game, I played the heck out of the MP, to get my money worth out of it, and after I hit level 45 or so, I just got bored, stopped playing it, it's just sad because even the MP could have been great, if they had a properly fleshed out progression system, and shipped with more maps, it would have been a fun way to waste some time.

And don't get me started on the single player campaign, so let me keep it short: Horrible narrative story, it does not make sense, it feels like some crappy B-movie script, the graphics are horrible, the engine is a piece of crap with horrible AI, the clipping annoys me to no end, there is no dynamic lighting, pretty sure the engine is running on DX9 still, and, it just reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever, and just leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

If someone gave you this game, along with 10 dollars, you still paid too much, this game deserves to be buried next to the Atari E.T. games.
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on April 22, 2015
aliens colonial marines is what i would not consider as your first experiance for the alien franchise. this game does have some good and bad.

story: this games plot is basically after the events of alien 3 and before alien resurection involving colonial marines and weyland utani forces going to war with each other both above and on LV426 with the hostile xenomorphs some of who survived the explosion of the proscessing plant in Aliens along side major hicks.

gameplay: the controls for this game are okay most of the time other times it feels like call of duty.

music and sound are really good for an alien game. multiplayer and the weapon customization are the highlights of this game.

this game does have beautiful atmosphere but the game has glitch problems along with lagging issues even dlc cant save this game in long run. if you want a true alien experiance play alien isolation a much better game overall.
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on April 23, 2013
First of all, I am a fan of the Alien franchise which is a big part of the reason I had been looking forward to this game's release for a few years. I was caught up in a few great games (Dead Space 3 and others) so I didn't end up pre-ordering this game (boy did I luck out). I did head to the internet though right after Colonial Marines was released as I was curious what everyone was thinking. The reviews were almost laughably bad. I was thinking that maybe people were judging it a little harsh because of their disappointment and that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't quite that bad. I did see a few people give it higher (mediocre) reviews. Well, I had an Amazon gift card and was done playing the other games and the price had already dipped down to about half of what it was when it was first released. Like everyone said, the graphics are dated, the gameplay stinks, the atmosphere is barely there, the AI sucks, and the difficulty is all over the place. I did read though that they had made it more difficult (maybe too much so) in order to try and make up for the shoddy AI. Well, that didn't work. Stay away from this game, there are so many better games out there!
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on May 13, 2013
The only good that can come from this game is the multiplayer & the customization. That's it. The rest is just a poor attempt to make a game. The "Aliens: INFESTATION" for the DS is better than this game by a mile and it has lesser graphics/is a side scroller lol. They shoulda got Ubisoft to work on the were they thinking getting SEGA for? lol
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on July 23, 2013
What a terrible disappointment... and waste of $60.00 (yep, I was stupid enough to pre-order). I see it is now selling for less than $30, and that is still too much.

The game is very formulaic, requiring you to do specific, detailed steps in the right order. No freedom of movement, lots of trigger points to make the next action commence, and HORRIBLE LAG (during conflict) between what I am doing with my controller and when my character/weapon actually respond.

Other reviewers that say it's not so bad have very low standards for gameplay. With other maintream FPS games setting such a high bar for story, graphics, gameplay, etc., this is just a complete waste of time.

This is the last nail in the Alien franchise coffin, I'm sad to say.
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on September 6, 2016
the graphics aren't the greatest kind of cartoony but it's cool how it goes along with the story after Aliens & the weapons are upgradeable & there are aliens & humans to fight
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on February 24, 2013
I will have to agree with all the other reviewers. This game sucks. How in the world can people go to work every day, draw a paycheck and put a game like this out on the market? I had hoped for a little pride in a persons work. Maybe a little consideration for a person who is paying $60 plus tax for a game. If those people at Gearbox had any character, they would refund everyones money and say they were sorry. R. Lee, Rochester, NY
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