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on May 27, 2015
Its a good movie, nothing great but for the series its better then some. Outside of alien, aliens, Predator, Requiem is just behind Predator 2. I'd probably give Requiem four stars but I figured people would read the three stars first. Its way better imo to that of Alien3 and AVP and everything is better then that god awful Alien Resurrection which has got to be the dumbest of the genera. As for the movie Predators made a few years after this one well maybe they are about the same. At first I wasn't too thrilled with Predators but it has kind of grown on me and is a so, so movie.

As for Requiem it is set right after AvP and in its own way sets up all the other films. The acting I can't complain too much about a few of the actors I recognize, but most of them I do not. As for the main characters I guess you could say there are two of them (human side anyway). not too much of a spoiler but, one of the characters they try to fashion from the Alien(s) movies. The Aliens weren't too badly done I liked the Predator in this movie it was made into a pretty badass. I like this storyline a lot better then AvP I wasn't the greatest fan of AvP and couldn't stand the aliens in that one. Personally for myself the best Alien(s) representation was in Alien and Aliens the cgi stuff is just crap and looks fake in my honest opinion. Personally for myself I'd love to see an AvP movie with the colonial marines representation from movie Aliens.
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on February 4, 2015
This is only not getting 5 stars from me because of the humans. I wish they would just remove all human dialogue & their poorly acted, inconsequential storylines from movies like this. It's cookie-cutter filler and it rips screen time from the clutches of what I'm actually there to see. It tells me you either don't think I'm intelligent enough to comprehend a storyline that relies solely on the interaction of the monsters, or that you don't care enough to craft some sort of an actual plot with the humans that might be well-written and riveting. In either case, I take that personally.

Since this and the first movie have established that the producers seem to feel we (the audience) can't wrap our tiny brains around a movie with substance & depth via the device of on-screen human interaction, then my only use for a humans in a movie like this is to be menu items.
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on October 2, 2009
This movie has enough action and special effects to hold your attention, but watching movies like this gives me hope that I could someday be a Hollywood screenwriter, because apparently the ability to write is not a factor. Apparently, this film was constructed through somekind of pre-fab generic movie building blocks software program, and they forgot to add anything unique.

I will have to say though, that the most hilarious scene is when the Predator is hanging out on the homeworld, apparently relaxing on his couch, when he receives a SOS from his hunting buddies and, after a Rambo-like scene of arming himself, zips off into space. I don't know why, but the idea of the Predator just chilling on his couch cracked me up.

There are some really odd parts to this movie. For instance, apparently the military lets Soldiers take home military night vision devices to give to their kids... some kind of a post-deployment parting gift? My biggest question is why has a species that has mastered intergalatic flight not able to develop a weapon sighting/tracking system that can actually hit a creature that is moving? And why do projectiles from an energy weapon move so slow?

Watch it for the violence and gore... don't watch it because you want a story or character development!
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on August 15, 2015
The delivery and condition of the movie was great. No problems there. The movie itself is trash. If you like the first AVP then don't let this one ruin it. There was more focus on boring humans and you never get good looks at the predator alien. The action is boring and hard to see. Bad purchase I wish I just enjoyed the first movie
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on March 17, 2015
Couldn't really see the movie, the plot was all over the place and with no real concrete structure. Even in the 1st AVP movie, a Predator allowed himself to teamed up with the a human at some point!! This Predator seemingly wanted to senselessly kill EVERYTHING, humans and an army of mindless Aliens ALL by himself!! Lol
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on April 17, 2008
Alien vs Predator (AVP)-Requiem was a two star film which had five star special effects. I agree with the previous comment that the action scenes were a bit dark and hard to see, although this was true of the first Alien and did not ruin that film.

A few firsts were scored which I think crossed the line for explicit gore and screen violence. The AVP series targets die-hard fans of the Alien vs Predator magazine. It is hard to say AVPR "crossed the line" when the original Alien was so explicit, but seldom do we see violence done to children, and as a parent it really bothered me.

I will not be ruining the film for anybody by writing that the setting of the story was a small town in Colorado where what happened was exactly what Ripley feared the most. The Alien manages to land on Earth and very quickly multiples. You can imagine what happens next.

I really never expected to see Ripley's nightmare on film, and suppose I should appreciate someone trying to bring it to the screen. In this film the Alien was (sort of) under the supervision of the Predator who attempted to eliminate it while having some good clean Predator fun.

The second AVP film tried to recapture the successful elements of Aliens, right down to stealing some of the lines outright, screeching sound effects of Aliens under fire, the presence of soldiers with massive firepower and plenty of face huggers to go around.

I enjoyed this movie but have to admit that after 25 years of the Alien legacy it is starting to grow thin. I would really like to see someone produce a serious film of the Ripley scenario and portray what happens in a sequel to Alien-Resurrection, in which only the Alien is permitted to contaminate the Earth.
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on April 9, 2008
We had mixed feelings for this latest movie. If you could mix and match both films, you could probably find a true Blockbuster hit film somewhere.

But, as is, both films failed in certain ways when it comes to acting and directing and screenplays. Hollywood just can't seem to find directors nowadays to take this franchise into the stratosphere monetarily as it could. What, is there no Ridley Scott's or James Cameron's out there?

But after reading the last two books of both franchise's - this movie started to look better. It actually has a bloody solid look to it, especially in terms of the twin alien creatures battling. It was the human cast of actors and horrible dialogue that truly threw this off the A-scale film it should have been.

At least it was R-rated as it should be. And it did show scenes of pretty coolness, along with something different in terms of mixed creature feature - an alien mixed with a Predator! And he was pretty damn cool!

Hopefully, someone in Hollywoodland, either a blooded director, or a young and intelligent director that knows what needs to be done, both in stronger screenplays and better actors, will come along and take this franchise where it truly belongs.

Brothers Strauss did a good job, but not greatness like the first two feature films. Are all the great directors gone...?
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on May 19, 2008
I'm an ALIENS fan, so I was somewhat obligated to purchase the Blu-ray version of this movie.

Unfortunately, I wasn't suprised that it really didn't show much improvement over DVD unless you sit really close. Since the TV is mounted above the mantle, sitting close isn't really an option. 46" Sony LCD at 1080p and I'm just not impressed. From this and a few other Blu-ray films, it seems only for the extremist of videophiles, and no one I showed even noticed that the resolution was better.

The movie itself is a step up in action and a step back in storyline in comparison to the original.
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on May 12, 2012
Reading all the negative reviews may have influenced me in my viewing pleasure. However it was a fair movie with fair acting. It was rather dark & I understand the producer's/director's intent of the thriller/suspense factor. Things are scarier & more suspenseful in the dark. I do feel that was over done a bit. Seems it would have been more so if they had shown, well, this can happen during daylight too. A lot seemed to be given that we would understand the story behind the hybrid, yet I don't get how that came about. Do the Aliens take on some genetic material from their host before hatching? I don't think so because seem they would have become more humanoid after using human hosts. I also don't follow the Predator's need for the human killing when they were running away from it and not actually threatening it with firearms (see the original when Arnie tells the very hot tamale chick "no" when she goes to pick up the gun.) It's an okay blend I guess if you're a fan of either monster. I absolutely don't get the last scene with the "General-in-plain-suit" delivers the Predator's shoulder weapon to the oriental chick. Was that answered in a subsequent movie? IMO
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on June 18, 2014
But uncut version fills in some holes. Some scenes like the father/son racing over the mountains and getting to the ship is still a farce. Overall character development was no where to be seen. The plot? Aliens crashland near a town and kills townfolk with a vengeance. And I mean everybody; kids, drunks, a whole bunch of babies, a whole bunch of pregnant women. Man they went to town on the town.
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