Customer Reviews: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Uncut)
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on January 16, 2008
not nearly as good as it could have been either as this entry into both franchises returns a bit more to its roots in look and feel and to a strong R rating for violence.

This sequel to the previous AVP film picks up right where the last one left off and that is with a mutant alien/predator bursting out of the chest of the dead predator on his ship from the previous film. As I've been doing lately, I will dispense with the plot summary as this is no epic or great quality film that requires any real in-depth analysis even though it is fun entertainment. It's simply a satisfying sci-fi/horror flick with non-stop action as these two different aliens battle for supremacy in and underneath a small hick town south of nowhere.

As you may have read from many of the mixed reviews on here, this film has its hits and misses which resulted in so-so reviews and a rather lukewarm reception from fans of these two aliens.

The Hits:

(1) Great action sequences.
(2) Very good special effects and make-up.
(3) A cast of B actors that are both believable and rather likable.
(4) The return to R violence (kind of a necessity with this genre).
(5) The mutant alien is a great idea and played out nicely here.
(6) Numerous memorable and effective moments (you'll never forget the maternity ward scene!).
(7) The dark cinematography and rainy sequences is something of a return to the earlier Alien flicks (although a bit overdone here - see #1 below). It does create tension and it's a nice salute to the prior Alien films, but it also has its limitations.

The Misses:

(1) Okay, there is dark and then there "I can't see a darn thing" dark. While it's nice to see some homage paid to the earlier Alien films which were all dark and a bit wet (which can create an incredibly tense atmosphere), this film does go a bit too far (in an effort to save money?). I don't think it's as bad as some on here have claimed, but it is definitely a bit too dark.
(2) Those involved with this film have claimed to "research" both franchises so that this film could be more accurate than the previous AVP film; however, there are numerous errors within this one too (i.e. the chestbursting sequences happen too soon after infection in contrast to ALL the previous Alien films --mutant alien notwithstanding).
(3) A predictable and somewhat flat ending.

For some the negatives overwhelm the positives and for others vice versa. I'm one of the "others." Heck, it's mindless entertainment for those who enjoyed the previous flicks, but are not obsessed with them. I had a generally good time with this film as I didn't expect much from it and, therefore, I got more than I expected.

To each his own. :o)
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on April 21, 2008
Top 10 Reasons This Movie Sucks

1. Characters are bad, their performances are bad and at every opportunity they make bad choices. Especially the sheriff that guy was retarded or something.

2. What was the predator's motivation? At first I thought it was here to cover up / kill the escaped aliens when it was hiding bodies but then it started randomly killing people and leaving them skinned and hanging in trees.

3. I thought the National Guard troops were going to make the movie interesting. I was really hoping for some aliens/space marines style action. But they were all killed in like a minute by the aliens. "Game over man."

4. Alien acid blood flying everywhere and no one getting burned.

5. The blond girl getting killed.

6. Her borderline retarded boyfriend living.

7. Predator taking off all his weapons to fight the boss alien. Guess he wanted to keep it fare.

8. Aliens no longer need to lay eggs they now simply spit half a dozen embryos down people's throats. And all half dozen of them come popping out of their chest two and one half minutes later. Good for them that was a real weakness.

9. Fights are so dark you can't tell the Alien from the predator when they are rolling around. But with the amount of alien acid blood flying around he should have been a puddle.

10. The paratroopers should have mowed the survivors down as they exited the crashed helicopter. They just nuked the town for Christ sake they would want to cover that up. And the government deciding to nuke a town based on a 2 second clip of a alien.

It's like this movie was written by a couple of stupid drunken frat boys. I hear their next movie will be called "Ninjas VS Pirates".

Hope this review helps.

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on March 24, 2008
Let me begin this review by explaining to those who may not know, that there are a series of very well written AVP books. The central figure is a woman named Machiko Noguchi, who works for Weyland-Yutani Corporation. The series starts off on a colony world, and long story short, much like the original AVP movie, Machiko is blooded as a Predator warrior. But where the first AVP movie made an uninspiring choice, in the AVP books, Machiko joins the predators on their hunts across the galaxy, which makes for a gripping story with her internal conflicts between her loyalty to the predators, her hatred of the aliens, and her heritage as a human. They're really well done, and I highly recommend them:

1. Prey (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 1)
2. Hunter's Planet (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 2)
3. War (Aliens Vs. Predator, Book 3)

So, given this context, I found the first AVP movie to be by far the most closely aligned with this vision of AVP, although disappointing that it stopped short of carrying through with the theme described in the novels. Not surprisingly, I found the second AVP movie (requiem), to not only be an unfaithful extension of that theme and a complete deviation from previously understood Alien canon, but also an utter mess of a movie in general.

I would rank the Alien movies as follows:

1. Aliens (*****)
2. Alien (*****)
3. AVP 1 (***)
4. Alien 3 (**)
5. Alien Resurrection (**)
6. AVP Requiem (*)

To provide additional insight about my view of this movie, I own all previously released Alien movies, but have no intention of wasting my money on this one. Furthermore, after I'd finished viewing this movie at the theatre, I was actually incensed as I told myself that I'd just lost 101 minutes of my life that I could never get back.

Do yourself a favor - spend some quality time with a friend or family member, go out to a nice restaurant, or read a good book (such as those I've listed above), but DO NOT waste some of your precious time on this Earth watching this stinker.
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on February 22, 2008
This movie was so bad that I can't even begin to explain how bad. the director of photgraphy should be shot for not knowing how to use a light meter. I really wonder what the heads of 20th century fox were thinking when they were looking at the dailies. I want to get a descent glimpse of the monsters, not just a sea of black with a few shiny highlights. And no it's not better than the first AVP. At least that one gave me some back story and cool moments of aliens running amuck. this movie was so bad that I was laughing. It made no sense, and I actually feel that as a fan I was raped both intellectually and emotionally. And then to leave it with a cheesy cliffhanger. Actually it would have just been better if they would have handed me a pistol on the way out of the theatre to blow my brains out, just to erase the memory of seeing this god awful piece of trash.
Thank you 20th Century Fox, and the Brothers Strause, for taking away and hour and a half of my life.
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on May 20, 2008
There's bad cinema, and there's really bad cinema. And then there's AvP Requiem. I do sympathize with the cast and crew, however, having a budget of only $40 million. With today's high-tech blue screens, CGI and special effects computers, $40 million ain't much. But it should still be possible to make a fair film from that meager amount.

Regardless of budgetary constraints (Pitch Black cost only $23 million to make), one would hope for at least some cool camera shots, great action sequences, and good gadgets. Not so. The filming is dark. Too dark. In fact, it was so dark I couldn't tell who was doing what to whom. "Are they having sex? Or is that blood spurting from someone's eye?"

Next problem: main character. Who was it?! I have no idea. If someone out there in FilmLand knows, please advise. At first I thought it might be Dallas Howard (Steven Pasquale), a down-on-his-luck excon trying to find his way after his release from jail. But no, we quickly move away from him and on to ...a mother named Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth, Mr. Brooks) who's just returned from military service and is trying to reconnect with her young daughter Molly (Ariel Gade, Dark Water). But no, we then move on to Dallas' brother Ricky (Johnny Lewis, a pizza delivery boy whose crush on a local hottie has him in hotter water with some local bullies. But no, then we move on (fleetingly) to Colonel Stevens (Robert Joy) who somehow, someway, knows that there's a serious threat to national security in this small town and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to eliminate it. Perhaps the main character was the Predator/Alien hybrid? Or the Predator that comes from Predatoria (my made up name for their homeworld) to kick some serious hybrid booty? Or maybe ...I don't know!

When you have two such major weaknesses in a film (poor lighting and no main character to follow), you've pretty much set yourself up for disaster. Fans of the graphic novels might have fun sitting through it, but for regular ol' scifi buffs, this one's a no-go.

(P.S. There's the possibility of a sequel thanks to the impregnating of a pregnant woman with ...OH WHO CARES! Grrr!)
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on May 4, 2008
I think it's safe to say that the AvP crossover is not Hollywood's thing. This movie sucked. it had decent action scenes, but it was too dark to ever get a good sense of what was going on. Acting and storyline were sub=par at best. The deal with the hybrid impregnating pregnant women was distasteful and offensive. I guess the Strause Brothers and their mom didn't get along too well.
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on May 11, 2008
By definition, a movie is "a motion picture." How can there be any motion when the entire screen is black? Even with all the lights out, and your equipment adjusted to enhance, the action you are able to see in this flick is confusing at best. Most of the time will be spent wondering what you are supposed to be looking at. The rest of the time will be spent wondering why the heck you should care - in addition to being pi**ed off because you spent good money on this mud. AVPR would be a great case study for future film students. This is what happens when artistic self-indulgence gets in the way of the story. You can't RELATE to the story on the screen if you can't SEE the story on the screen (like writing that story on white paper using white ink). Subjecting film students to mandatory viewing of this "movie" should drive the point home quite neatly. There are failures on all other levels, too. Due to the lack of comprehensive visuals, this could almost be repackaged as an audio book - if it wasn't for the shoddy writing and the sub-zero acting. "On earth everyone can hear you scream." They are screaming REFUND!
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on April 28, 2008
My wife and I both loved AVP. It began with an archeological dig, which we love, paying homage to The Thing. AVP 2, as we'll call this, was a disaster.
There was a lot of action. That's true. If we'd been able to see any of it, it would have been good. This movie made us stop and increase brightness for our picture to where it distorted every other channel/movie. Just so we could try to watch AVP 2.
The aliens were given dreadlocks (I think--hard to really see), so it was almost impossible to tell if it was an alien or the Predator.
The day in this Colorado town was odd: 23 hours plus of night each day. We'd get about 10 minutes of daytime action, then it would be night again. And impossible to see what was happening. What a sorry disappointment.
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on April 21, 2008
When AVP went into production fans of both the Alien and Predator movies were very excited, but a little hope was lost when it was announced Paul WS Anderson was the writer/director; but what really got fans going crazy was when the rating was PG-13. While one cannot deny there were flaws with AVP it had more to do with the writing than anything else. Anderson's scripts often feel like an early draft rather than final shooting script. All the Alien and Predator movies were R-rated and no doubt AVP should have as well, but when all was said and done the PG-13 rating isn't what hurt AVP. Yes it could have used more gore and action, but the problems again were with the writing.

With AVP-R announced without Paul Anderson being involved and the movie being made with an R-Rating fans were once again excited. And to be totally honest after watching AVP-R I think I'd much rather have Paul Anderson involved. AVP-R was a rather poor movie, while there was potential without Anderson I really think we would have been better off with him.

The biggest problem with AVP-R is the lighting. Daniel Pearl was the DP and from what I have seen from him I have liked. He did the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre so right there he gets my respect, but the lighting here was terrible. There was more gore than AVP, but we can't see it! I don't know if Daniel Pearl was to blame or if it was Colin & Greg Strause who are the directors are too blame. Since Pearl is the DP I have to blame him. Watching this movie at times is sort of like watching a movie with your eyes closed. That was the biggest problem here, but not the only problem.

The screenplay by Shane Salerno was terrible. There were far too many characters to keep track of and all were so poorly written and lack any depth at all. AVP-R is the type of movie that when all is said and done you'll be hard pressed to remember the names of any of the characters. The script was really poor. It's like Shane Salerno didn't even bother to try. We have the fan base for the Alien and Predator movies and well they'll see anything we spit out. Once again Hollywood treats us like idiots.

Directors Colin & Greg Strause fail at brining any suspense and tension and with the terrible lighting not much of a surprise their scenes lack any of that. The action scenes are decent, but again since we can barley see them they fail at brining any excitement. There were a couple of solid scenes, but not nearly enough to salvage this movie. Had I actually been able to see what was happening maybe AVP-R wouldn't have failed as much as it did; by no means would this be a great movie, but slightly better. The final act is the worst offender; the scenes in the hospital for the climax are so dark that if you have any interest left in the movie by this point you'll probably lose it.

AVP-R proved that the rating of AVP had nothing to do with its failure. Would an R-rating have made AVP better? Odds are yes very slightly better, but no way would it have been great. Like I said earlier the PG-13 rating didn't hurt AVP as much as the writing and this movie proved that. AVP-R was R-rated and wasn't as good as AVP, which was average at best. A lot has changed over the years, back in the 70s and 80s many movies were butchered by the MPAA and if released now most of these titles would clear and R-rating with ease and some would feature minor cuts and not be totally butchered. If AVP was released back in the 80s or mid 90s it would possibly get an R-rating.

Times have changed though and AVP pulled off the PG-13, but it is slightly more extreme than most PG-13 flicks. Paul Anderson is hated by legions of Horror/Sci-Fi fans and while I can't say I like the guys work I don't hate it. I can tolerate him, but barley. And honestly I never thought I would say to myself I wish Paul Anderson did this and while watching AVP-R I found myself wishing Anderson would have done it.

These cross over movies almost always seem to fail. Back in the 40s Universal did it with their monster movies and while some were fun none of them were as good as the monsters on their own. So when it came to AVP I wasn't expecting anything like the movies from either series. Besides being a Vs movie it's also a sequel to both Alien and Predator and honestly with some exceptions as a series goes on they don't get better they might stay enjoyable if lucky. With AVP-R I was simply expecting some mindless fun, and while it was very mindless the makers forgot about the fun part.

For the hardcore fans of the Alien and Predator movies are the only ones who should watch this, but I doubt this movie will live up to your expectations. This one doesn't correct the problems found in AVP it just creates its own and far worse problems. With better lighting AVP-R would have been better, but still not very good either.
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on April 24, 2008
Trust the legion squinting amazon reviewers...My God this movie is dark. Light level dark that is. It's like trying to watch a movie through a welding shield. The special effects were wasted because....YOU CAN'T SEE THEM! Daylight scenes in the movie are hard to make out but the indoor and night scenes were just too blasted dark to make out. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! The movie was also stupidly edited. Hard to see a plot. Heck, hard to see ANYTHING. Just don't waste your time or money. Let it pass.
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