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on September 10, 2014
I am currently the partner in charge of a business incubator in the New England area. Having read and practiced the principles espoused by Steve Blank, Eric Ries and so on, combined with my over two decades senior I-banking and M&A experience, I knew cold how to evaluate any venture: new, growing or matured.

Being an Amazon Prime Member, I received a Kindle promotion for All In Startup without any idea who Diana Kander was. Upon a cursory review, I Knew A.I.S (as we now call All In Startup in my office) is something of a rare gem. Since reading it, I am confident it will be an entrepreneurial classic! It is now a must read for every member of my team:

The story in the book is your story. It is mine. It is every entrepreneur's story. Diana is not just a successful entrepreneur, she is also an amazing writer who had captured the essence of the Entrepreneurial process no matter how it is lived, where it is being pursued or by whom.

The Customer Pain Discovery Process, Proving Demand by Finding The Shortest Path to the Ultimate Customer Action, & How Not to Commit All-In until You Prove That Customers Want Your Product and There is a Business Model To Support It, among the amazing insights contained in the book will change the way startup is done for ever. In fact it will also impact the venture financing process: You may not need to WASTE as much money as is being preached before the arrival of A.I.S in turning your idea into a thriving startup!!!

Since reading the book, I've scurried the internet to get every presentation and writeups Diana has written. I will suggest you do yourself and startup vision a favor: Get this book now and a copy for every member of your team. I guarantee it, it may be the greatest protection and insurance policy you will ever take against your startup failure. You don't have to wait till everything is on the line to get it right. You can engineer success into your startup DNA from the word go by buying and using this book now!

I promise you: You will be glad you read it!!!
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on March 22, 2017
Defintely a must read for any person who wants to start a business. I had to read this for an entrepreneurship class but was pleasantly surprised with it. It reads like a novel but has some great information in it!
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on March 5, 2017
Too much storytelling for my taste; I'm not into novels. Way too many words to sort through to get the rationale behind the business points. The WSOP aspect of the story is just a distraction.
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on January 24, 2015
All In Start up provides some solid advice on the virtues of the Customer Development approach to starting a new business (as championed by its pioneer Steve Blank and popularized by Eric Ries of Lean Startup fame.) Moreover, providing the key concepts in a fictional tale of business and romance in a Vegas poker tournament, may make the read more palatable to some. The reason for the two stars is that neither the advice nor the tale is worthy of full length book status. Most of Kander's insights (again, gleaned from masters such as Bland and Ries) could be summarized in in just a few bullet points. And the story of business and passion set in the World Series of Poker in Vegas (beside being a trite analogy) would have made a quaint magazine article or an airport novella. In all, a nice Amazon Single or some such... But, at 300 pages and nearly $10, you are paying for a lot of fluff. And that is not very lean at all. Oh, and one more thing, it strikes me as odd that this lightweight tome was rated nearly 80 5-star ratings and not a detractor in the bunch. Not even masters like Blank or Ries or mavericks such as Branson or Thiel get that kind of customer feedback. Methinks I see the triumph of PR over value. And I'm not buying it.
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on March 4, 2017
Easy reading with real world examples.
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on January 6, 2016
When I manage to get people I work with in the "regular world" excited about startups, this is the book I give them. There are lots of great books from Brad Feld and Eric Ries and others that everybody should to get to eventually, but I give them All In Startup because I know they'll actually read it. We learn best through narratives, and Diana packages the lessons of early stage startups in a genuinely compelling story ("Come for the sexual tension! Stay for the explanation of customer discovery!"). When I check back in to talk with people about All In Startup, there are no awkward pauses about not having finished the book or "only skimmed it" - they've read it, they've absorbed it, and we get to have a great conversation about how they can apply the lessons of startups to whatever they're working on currently.
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on December 14, 2015
This book is ver entertaining and has a creative way of transmitting the ideas of the author in terms of how to startup a business. However, the author could have been distilled the major points in a much more succinct manner: talk to your customer, if you build it, they may not come," don't invest large sums of money upfront, and test your product with your customer in the early stages of product development. This book was highly recommended by an instructor of a seminar on angel investing. If you know nothing about startups this is a place to start. There are better books out there. I highly recommend The Lean Startup and Scaling Up Excellence.
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on October 8, 2014
I cannot say how much I loved this book, when I found this book I was looking to "reinvent" my business to increase the revenue. This book came along at the right time. I would suggest anyone looking to start a business or is stuck in their business to read this book. I think this is a more relevant book than say the eMyth (which I love) because I think it is starting to get dated. The way a business is started is very different NOW than it was when the eMyth is written and I made the mistake of thinking people will buy my services because someone else did.

If you are starting a business then read this book and remember that to not get the message of the book means you will be Owen.

A lot of the concepts "I have heard a 100 times" and thought I knew what had to be done or found it too hard because most book tell you what to do but don't make it clear WHY or even give an example of HOW. I had heard "find a pain point" but a Migraine is a much better analogy.

I also love the novella style of the book. I think we tend to internalise the messages more than a normally dry business book.

This is easily one of my favourite books.
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on September 19, 2014
The core concept in the book is one every aspiring entrepreneur needs to understand.

I often get asked by aspiring entrepreneurs what books they should read. Without question, this is a "must read" for anyone interested in starting their own business.

There are many great books out there that can help provide valuable insight into starting a business such as The Lean Startup, The E-Myth Revisited, The Innovator's Dilemma, and more, as well as other sources of great ideas such as YCombinator’s “Startup Library”. However, I recommend reading this book first, because what it will likely do, if successful, is to get you to start talking to customers and taking action. And I believe that if you actually take action and follow the lessons that can be learned from this book it can increase your chances for achieving success.

Success is never guaranteed and is almost always extremely difficult. So when an aspiring entrepreneur has the opportunity to help increase their chance for success (even if just a little bit), they should seize it. I believe this book is one of those opportunities.
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on November 29, 2014
In the style of The One Minute Manager, All In Startup presents a story about an entrepreneur who started his business in the "classical" way (get an idea, do research, write a business plan, get funding, launch) only to discover the fatal flaw in that approach – nobody ever talks with CUSTOMERS so they end up spending years and boatloads of money building something nobody wants.

Fortunately for him, he encounters an enlightened spirit in the form of an individual who is able to show him the error of his ways and teaches him the Lean Startup approach. It's actually pretty cool in the way it introduces these revolutionary ideas (Steve Blank's Customer Discovery approach) in a user-friendly and non-technical way.

I think I'll require this book for my Introduction to Entrepreneurship course this Spring. Perhaps it will help speed the learning of rather sophisticated business ideas.
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