Customer Reviews: All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice Of Gregg Allman [2 CD/DVD Combo]
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on May 6, 2014
We are so very lucky to have this show. The fact that Gregg Allman himself is alive, and makes an appearance makes it extra special. I was at the show, and was lucky enough to obtain an early copy of it. While there, the audience was so loud, so enthusiastic that you could barely hear the artists. Thankfully, this sympathetically done combo set changes that.

The show opened with Warran Haynes talking about Gregg before he launched into "Come and Go Blues". That bit of talking is lost. The CD version has almost none of the chatter that the artists made during the show. Fotunately, they put it it for the DVD. You get to see Gregg embrace the other artists, the very interesting comments Trace Adkins makes before and after his set, Robert Randolph and Taj Mahal exhort the audience to cheer. It's exciting to watch. While watching the DVD, you can't help but notice the smiles and winks and nods the artists give to each other. They are all so DAMN happy to be there, bringing Gregg's wonderful music to life in a new way. Even the normally stoic members of the Allman Brothers show some enthusiasm between songs, and especially during Whipping Post.

Now - onto the music. There is so much good music here, you'll almost be crying. The backing band is superb, with Chuck Leavell and Jack Pearson in particular offering jaw dropping solos during many of the songs. The set confirms my recollections of what were the best songs of the evening:" Can't lose what you never Had "and "Win Lose or Draw". Eric Church is literally jumping out of his skin, as he reinvents a forgotten ABB song. Watching the DVD you can see his energy as he brings the song to an aching close. On the DVD you can see him making eyes with the Gramercy sisters as they chant "Win Lose or Draw" over and over. He's almost out of breath when he's done. "Can't Lose What you Never Had" features Jimmy Hall, Devon Allman, and Robert Randolph. It's funky, bluesy, and loose. A superb version of the song. There are many great performances, I'm sure your's may differ, but I highlighted those two.

What will be noticed, is that the jam oriented side of the Allmans is missing from the individual performances. Even Widespread Panic playing "Wasted Words", with Derek Trucks guesting, doesn't really get off into space. We have to wait until the Allman Brothers themselves present themselves. They perform two songs that are 45 years old now, and still sounding fresh. Gregg delivers his deep salty growl driven vocals on both "Dreams" and "Whipping Post". They are not long versions o, but Warrens solo in particular on "Whipping Post" reaches higher and wider than I thought possible. It's the closing solo before the encore, and a statement of the power of Gregg's musical legacy.

This is a tremendously enjoyable concert and CD package. But do note, in true Gregg Allman fashion, it's spare. There are no extras on the DVD, just concert the footage, and chapters. The CD has a booklet with a picture of pretty much every performer, and that is it. There are no lengthy interviews, no behind the scenes footage, no outtakes, and no pretentious essays on Gregg. Both the CD and the DVD are documents of the amazing show, and thats all.
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on May 16, 2014
I've been listening to this for several days on my hour ride to and from work and I am just blown away.
I haven't felt like this about an "album" since I was young. It used to be that each year some of your favorite bands would drop an album in your lap, usually in the spring and you'd eagerly run out and grab it and listen to it nonstop for several days. It would change your entire outlook and each year the summer would have a new soundtrack. I mark the years of my youth this way.

There is nothing here that we haven't heard before but the occasion is filled with such a heartfelt appreciation for the songs that everything is elevated. If "Whipping Post" and "Sweet Melissa" are the metrics that Allman Brother's show are measured by then this is the best Allman Brothers show I've heard (and I've been to many). The Allman's have always been masters of epic guitar solos that evolve to magnificent crescendo's and their mastery has never been more in evidence than on this amazing double CD. The solos on Whipping Post literally make all the little hairs on my arms stand up and when each winds down and drops in your lap you can hear the crowd reaction. I find my self cheering likewise alone in my car. I mean it.

The guest performances do run the range from OK to transformative but there are no stinkers. It rare that even on a single CD there isn't something that I hit the next button on. Not here. I'm not typically a fan of mainstream country music but Vince Gil and Martina McBride do a great job here. Dr John is fabulous as always. The list goes on and on. Heck I don't even mind the Trace Atkins tracks.

The thing about the guest spots is that so many of the performances are delivered with the utmost passion for the material.
And when Jackson Brown duets with Gregg on "These Days" (a Jackson Brown song that Gregg covered years ago) the results are better than either of the individual versions. "Sweet Melissa" is great with both but it's always great and here (as on "Midnight Rider") the backup band shines elevating both beyond even a great all "Allman Brothers" performance.

The backing band is superb. Don Was bassist, drummer Kenny Aronoff, Chuck Leavell’s piano, Rami Jaffee’s B-3 organ, Jimmy Hall’s blues harp. The McCrary Sisters (Regina, Ann and Alfreda) backing vocals. Hornmen Jim Hoke (sax), Vinnie Ciecielski (trumpet), and trombonist John Hinchey. And former Allman Brothers guitarists Jack Pearson and Audley Freed.
These guys are the gold standard these days and many can be seen on the equally great "Love of Levon" performance.

If you're an Allman Brothers fan this is a must have. And if you've never "gotten" the Allman Brothers "thing" I defy you to walk away without being converted.

Buy this NOW!
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on May 6, 2014
I can’t even control myself to get to the detail of how great this lifetime package for any true Allman Brothers fan is… without immediately telling you to buy it! Buy it for you… buy it and save a copy for a XMAS gift… or a fellow fans birthday you know is coming up. This total package is an absolute steal at the current price. The audio CD’s are about 2 ½ hours as is the beautifully shot DVD. (Yes… the DVD is the full copy of the 2 audio CD’s!)

As a longtime Allman Brothers fan… I’m sure like all of you… I have many… many… CD’s that have numerous songs that overlap… and are repeated on different CD’s. With other artists that may start becoming a problem.. but as we AB fans know… the old saying regarding our boys is.. “they never play the same song… the same way… twice!” And that’s a given… but even so… when you start listening… and hearing our old favorites… that we may have on two or three different CD’s… and it is performed by innumerable famous artists… from every walk of musical life… (along with Gregg on a few)… the following sensations will overpower you… on a few… I actually laughed out loud… because it was like getting a new gift on each song… due to one song being sung by a famous country singer with a real deep voice… the next classic being sung… by a famous singer with a high-pitched voice… every one done exquisitely. Some songs were done so beautifully… my eyes actually misted up.

It would be unfair to single out one performer as being better than another… mainly because… as each new song came up… it seemed better than the previous one… but I actually started listening to the CD from the last disc… and then jumped to the DVD and started from the beginning… and I’m telling you from my heart that… the song that I thought was the best… was just topped!

One performance that I must point out… because it really tore up my emotions… was the eloquent performance by Sam Moore doing “Please Call Home”… he came out… looking like a little “older- guy” (no offense… I’m a little “older-guy” myself)… he was hunched over a little… dressed in a very nice looking blue suit jacket… and then he started to sing… and in 15 seconds… I said to myself… man… the Lord blesses different people… in different ways! The Good Lord… sure blessed Mr. Moore with his voice! As the song went on… his voice got even stronger… his voice rose… and dripped with emotion… Sam unbuttoned his jacket… the musicians on the stage… along with the sellout crowd… were lifted with each word and note… Wow!

The musicians were fantastic with some tremendous solos… the camera work on the DVD was perfect… to tell you the truth… I was amazed at how much entertainment is provided in this package… at this price… this entertainment extravaganza… is an exception to the ever growing rule… that the consumer will feel like he overpaid for what he bought.

In closing… what a great tribute… to a Blues-Rock icon… sometimes these tributes are done with emotion… but done too late… after the star has passed on… but with Gregg Allman alive… present… and participating… this was done at the exact right time!
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on September 1, 2014
Admittedly, I have some hometown bias here, seeing as I call the ATL home. Tix for this show were outrageous to find and afford, so I sat it out. Now I am very glad to have this document of the show. For me, the DVD is where it's at. I want to see who is playing the guitar solos! I docked this one star for the unnecessary inclusion of a "country music" star or two. What does that have to do with Gregg Allman? I guess he wanted some of that style represented for some reason. Anyway, the sound, editing, lighting, camera work and playing are all top notch. If this is Gregg's last hurrah, it's a great one. He can rest easy on his porch, knowing that he done good.
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on August 19, 2014
I gave the package 4 out of 5 because I'm not sure why some of the new "country "guys are on the DVD but they do a good job and I'm sure they grew up listening to Greg's music. The all star band is awesome. No one sing those songs like Greg and there are moments when you wish Greg was singing but it is a tribute album. The obvious person missing is Dickey Bets. It would have so much better if Dickey
played. There is a lot of bad blood between the Allman camp and Dickey. They obviously couldn't work it out. That's a shame.
There are a couple of things that surprised me and enjoyed more than I thought I would. Pat Monihan's voice on Queen of Hearts was very good. His duet with Martina McBride was equally as good. How can two voices like McBride and Monihan be bad? And Vince Gill is always good. What an emotional voice. It's a great package for a good price and one everyone should have in their collection.
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on May 12, 2014
All the reviews so far have been stellar and honestly I was really looking forward to this release but after watching the DVD I was left with a feeling of "how great this event could have been" not how awesome it was. There were some awesome moments starting with the great house band Don Was put together that included Chuck Leavell, Jimmy Hall, Jack Pearson and Kenny Aronoff among many other superstars. My gripe is I felt the over abundance of country artist brought little to the show and were by far the low parts of the night. I'm a big Vince Gill fan but his version of Multi Colored Lady had no life and Eric Church just seemed to be trying too hard and did we really need 2 songs from him? I enjoyed Trace Atkins doing I’m No Angel but again I didn’t need to hear a second song. Martina McBride and Pat Mohanan both seemed to be going through the motions and Mohanan looked like he would have rather been somewhere else during Queen of Hearts. Even with all these shortcomings I still would rate this at 4 stars because when it’s good it’s really good.
Warren Haynes: Come and Go Blues
Sam Moore: Please Call Home
Taj Mahal & Gregg: Statesboro Blues (I would have liked to have seen more of Taj)
Jackson Browne & Gregg
Widespread Panic
Derek Trucks
Maybe the best highlight was the ABB doing Dreams and Whipping Post. I have many live recordings from this incarnation of the band and don’t think I have heard a better version of Dreams. It’s fantastic and Whipping Post is pretty close to perfection as well with Butch, Jamoe and Marc in perfect sync at the end.

One last thing, Where was John Hiatt during the final song? Did anyone else notice this or did I just miss him?
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on May 21, 2014
Gregg has that distinct growly voice with perfect tone and he’s still got it! The artists assembled are top notch and lent a great mix to accompany Gregg’s vocals! I enjoyed all the renditions each the artists performed and put their take on old Allman brother’s classics! You will really love this CD especially if you are a Allman Brothers fan like me.
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on May 27, 2014
I am a Gregg Allman fan first and an Allman Brothers fan second so, consider the source, but this collection of songs and the guests singing them are like a playlist from my life. It has been very moving listening to the songs, particularly the selections from the Laid Back album, which I believe is one of the best country blues albums ever recorded. Listening to this, having just finished the Galadrielle Allman memoir Please Be With Me: Song For My Father, was a religious experience. God bless the brothers that carried on the music in the face of death and it's sorrowful longing so beautifully lifted from the ashes.
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on September 16, 2015
This is an outstanding DVD with some great and not so good performances by "friends". I can tell you that the sound on this is absolutely amazing! I've never heard another live recording that sounds this good...even a non-musician commented on how great the drums sound. Everything sounds great on this....I only wish Gregg had sang on every song.
To me, the Jackson Browne / Gregg duet on "These Days" is worth the price of this alone...and then the two Allman Brothers songs "Dreams" and "Whipping Post" are the true highlights. I bet you've never heard them quite this way and they never sounded that good.
On "Dreams" I swear Greggs voice sounds better than it ever has...he has more growl and tone than ever...may be age...but it sounds incredible. The jam on Dreams and Whipping post are awesome too.
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on January 21, 2016
There's something and someone for everyone on this DVD / CD. Blues singers, Country performers, Hard rockers, all coming together to perform songs written by Greg Allman. Pat Moinihan and Eric Church shocked the heck out of me... they were unbelievable, singing Queen of Hearts and Ain't Wastin' Time. I've watched this DVD over a dozen times and it still moves me! CD is Great to blast on long drives. The back up band has some of the best Guitar players and other musicians I've ever heard! If you appreciate the Allman Bro's Band...don't delay...order this NOW!
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