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on February 19, 2013
This unit requires user mechanical and electrical skills to place it in an acceptable operating condition. It should not used 'as is' out of the box to provide power or charge batteries. The unit could damage connected AC devices and batteries due to poor or non existent quality control and assembly by the manufacturer. If you are looking for a 'start and go' generator then avoid this unit. If you don't mind some cleaning, adjustment, improving, modification, disassembly and reassembly then you can consider this unit worthy of your skills for a decent sale price. I inspected the unit for obvious mechanical problems and noted the 'room for improvement' issues before starting it. I used a break-in oil to gas mixture of 30:1 for the 2 stroke engine. The engine started easily on the third pull but was running rough and erratically after 15 minutes of operation. Disassembly of the carburetor revealed manufacturing debris and metal particles inside the passages, carburetor cleaner and compressed air solved those issues. Spark plug inspection showed fouling already, cleaned the plug and tested several more times, each time the plug fouled after running for 20 minutes or more. Replaced the plug with a Champion RN9YC (couldn't find a non-resistor plug) and the fouling issue stopped. So, cheap quality factory spark plug no good! Engine starts on the first pull now (after the choke pull) and runs smoothly. There is no screw adjustment on the carburetor for fuel/air mixture, an issue for rich air/fuel mixture fouling and piston carbonization if you live at high altitude (as I do). Put that on the to-do list to install a metering screw on the carburetor. Note: that spring loaded screw at the side and bottom of the carburetor is a bowl drain (grin :-p ). I tested the generator voltage outputs after getting the engine to run well and found 150 volts AC/ 30 volts DC, bad news for connected devices and batteries. The governor adjustment was set at 'good enough' allowing the engine to overspeed resulting in higher generator head voltage output. Hmmm, a test of patience at this point so far with this unit. I had to try different springs at various locations with the factory set holes on the governor arm to get good voltage output and engine RPM. The factory wiring routing and bundling for the generator head, spark plug, magneto, switches and voltage outlets was a joke, I dont think the wiring would have lasted for too long before shorting to the metallic parts from vibration and causing a disastrous problem. I installed grommets at the generator head case wiring hole (don't know or understand what the thinking was here, just a matter of time before the wires short to the case) and magneto wiring case hole, bundled and secured all the wires in a flexible sheath to prevent abrasion. The carburetor cover and air cleaner assembly is also noteworthy for having no screw stops to prevent overtightening and cracking the plastic, so I installed special oval head type inverted washers to prevent overtightening and provide plastic stress relief around the cover screw holes. The muffler was installed off center on the exhaust port due to bad welding positioning of the attachment bracket, fixed all that and stopped an intermittent exhaust leak and oil drip. Oh yes, I think a heat shield between the muffler and the gas tank would be good also (To-do list). Enough you say? Fortunately I have lots of patience and enjoy this type of work making a piece of equipment operate better than it came from the factory. The only thing I really dislike about this unit is having to remove and reinstall the gas tank constantly to get to anything underneath that needs servicing. I hope this review gives you some good insight about this unit.
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on September 11, 2013
I did my first run and made a few discoveries. I filled the tank with TruFuel 40 to 1. I opened the fuel valve, closed the choke and turned on the switch. Two pulls and it started and fuel started leaking out at the fuel cap. I shut it down and dipped out about half a quart of fuel, put the cap back on and one pull and off it went. I left it warm up and it was surging. I plugged in a 1000 watt hot plate and turned it on. The generator started purring like a kitten. I put on the frying pan and cooked a steak to perfection. When the thermostat on the hot plate would turn off, the generator would go into a surge mode again and as soon as the hot plate kicked in, it would purr like a kitten. So don't put more then 3 quarts of gas in the first time. The second time I ran it, it started on the second pull and purred like a kitten under a load but surged when no load like a typical two cycle engine. Worked like advertised but would not want to use in on delicate electronic.For the price, it worked great.
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on October 18, 2012
We used it for camping. Plugged in our 27' trailer and it ran everything. The only downside, noisy. Good value for the price.
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on August 10, 2012
Received this item fine, the All Power America APG3004D 1,200 watt 2 stroke gas powered generator. I could not start this, husband had a lot of trouble getting it to start. Once it started it ran very rough, we let it run for a time and tried to turn on a simple fan - would not start. Husband is very good with mechanics and turned it off, looked it over and gave it another try. Fan still would not run. Called the company All-Power and they said I could return it no problem. I had to send an email with proof of purchase. First email I sent was not good enough, the proof had to be an attachment not a copy. Resent email and got confirmation it was ok that I would get a return authorization within 8-10 business days. Day eight I called and the rep was rude and told me that since I didn't purchase directly through them (bought at Amazon) that it would take however long it took, she repeated 8-10 business days. On day 10 I still had not received an email and called, all I was able to get was the company's main voicemail and left a message. Day 11, still no response and called, again I had to leave a message - 3 days later and I still have not received ANY communications from AP. I have turned this over to the BBB and Amazon to help. Amazon is accepting my return for refund - THANK YOU AMAZON!!! I will highly recommend that you NOT purchase anything from All-Power, check out the BBB before you do - I did not and would not have if I had read the past problems others have had. Hope this helps you make a better informed decision.
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on September 24, 2012
It worked just as promised. Kept us going for hours at a time. I have no complaints about the generator.
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on January 4, 2013
Not as well built as I hoped but great for dmall jobs such as a drill 1/2 mile out on the trail fixing a fence.
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on November 13, 2015
Excellent ! Good service; Thank you.
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on December 23, 2013
This review is a bit premature since it was bought as a present. Have not seen it in operation but so far all aspects of this purchase have been excellent.
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on May 24, 2013
Started first pull, very quiet, quieter than my lawn mower, uses very little fuel. I liked the measuring cup under the gas cap, very convenient.
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on August 28, 2013
Just what I wanted. Small, light weight and idea for carrying around. Can,t wait to take it camping or late night fishing.
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