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All That Echoes
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$13.01+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 22, 2016
A little history will help you understand how I feel about this CD. My first hearing of a Josh Groban song was in a bathroom of a movie theater in 2003. It was "Broken Vow". I thought to myself who sounds like this? I became a big fan buying his first two albums. I didn't particularly like Awake. Maybe I was just a little burned out on JG by that time. I was blown away by the Christmas album but afterwards had again lost interest in JG. So I bought this album a couple of years ago. I think it popped up somehow and I got a deal on shipping so I bought it and it sat for close to two years. Then I noticed it one day and read a couple of reviews and started to listen to it. At first I was a little bit shocked because the sound was so different from the early years with David Foster. So I didn't like it at first and I put it away. Then I was in a Doctor's office and heard a song playing which I was certain came from this album and I liked what I was hearing. When I got to my car I put on the CD and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It sounded incredible. I loved the style and vocal quality. I liked the use of falsetto. I found the music moving. The first 3 songs on the album just grabbed me. I bought the version that had the bonus tracks and I liked them as much as the original songs. In fact, Satellite is probably my favorite song. Play Me is an amazing cover of Neil Diamond's original. I agree with other reviews that say this is his best work post David Foster. I'm going to say something that some may not agree or think is a little corny. I believe that Josh Groban in on this earth to bring light during a time that for many is difficult and dark.
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on February 3, 2014
I'm a HUGE fan of Josh Groban, so when I heard this new album was coming out, I just had to buy it. Wow, what a masterpiece! Every song on this album is amazing. It's also quite an assortment of musical genres. (Pop, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Opera, etc.) Here's a description of the songs on this album:

1) Brave: This song definitely takes the starring role of this album. It's a Pop-Rock song with phenomenal instruments and lyrics. The meaning of the song is very inspiring, To stand up and be brave, no mater what you face. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs Josh ever wrote.

2) False Alarms: Another beautiful song! I'm always fascinated by the instruments in this song every time I play it. It starts out with a gentle harp, and then transitions into an echoed piano with a deep, slow drum beat in the background.

3) Falling Slowly: A semi-slow, mellow song. The more the song progresses, the higher Josh's voice gets! It's a little repetitive and would be a great song for a slow dance.

4) She Moved Through The Fair: I love this song!! "She Moved Through The Fair" is actually a very old, traditional Irish song that Josh wanted to have on this album. The Irish theme is highlighted with bagpipes that play throughout the song. A very beautiful, mellow ballad.

5) Below The Line: What a catchy tune! It sounds very tropical or beach-like.

6) E Ti Promettero: A duet that's in Italian. It's very pretty, Josh and Laura Pausini sing very well together. (In English, the song title means "I Will Promise You")

7) The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: This song is one of the most beautiful melodies that Josh has ever done, in my opinion. His voice is so beautiful in this song. And the instruments are very simple, just a soft piano and strings. This song will make you melt!

8) Un Alma Mas: A very nice song, sung in Spanish. I love the instruments in this one.

9) Happy In My Heartache: It's a very upbeat post breakup song. It's got a very smooth, jazzy tune to it, which is very nice!

10) Hollow Talk: This song has a very unique, almost haunting melody. The background instruments remind me of a ticking clock. The song eventually bursts into a loud symphonic arrangement.

11) Sincera: A Classical-Opera song in Italian. It's a very powerful song with an orchestra in the background. It's similar to Josh's classical songs from his first CD. (In English, the song title means "Sincere")

12) I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever): This song was originally sung by Stevie Wonder. Josh does a great job at remaking it! It starts off slow and mellow and eventually gets stronger and stronger. A chorus joins in near the end. This was a great choice for the finale of the CD!

I highly recommend this CD to any fan of Josh Groban, or just anyone who wants a fantastic assortment of songs that the whole family will enjoy! Buy this CD, it's worth every penny. :)
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on January 12, 2014
I knew of Josh Groban years ago. But it was not until a friend of mine who suggested I listen to a few songs. Such as Awake, You lift me up, and Broken Vow where This mans voice is just something you never hear and will never hear again in this lifetime. I saw him in concert, and I am not a big concert person, but i went with my sister and my mother, yes quite the ladies man I am, and it was a gift from my sister. Seeing him is almost like a religious experience. For woman I imagine it is much different. I never understood why people loose their minds at concerts. It confused me. I saw Lisa Marie Presley and I just fell in love with her music, and to fall in love with her, well, you only need a moment to gaze upon her and you cant move. Josh Groban must have one of the best voices, the most fun voices, of any generation to date. He is someone you must see just as everyone should have gone to see Luciano Pavarotti as he will never be repeated as long as the earth is still around. I also put Celine Dion in this category as well. She has the most powerful voices of any woman singer today and her voice like Josh, is just magic. When I listen to Josh Groban sing, I can honestly say, what ever I was thinking about before hand, It all leaves my mind, and just the magic in his music, voice, and words in his songs are all worth giving this CD a listen, and if you ever get a chance to see him in person, even in the nose bleed seats, he is a must see for everyone who loves music of any kind. I am a man, and I am telling you, I got goose bumps when I heard him sing. You also get things in person you don't get on the CD but either way, the CD will introduce you to him and you will see why he can sell out anywhere in the world. This is a seriously gifted man, and a once in a lifetime, maybe many lifetimes of a chance to see music elevated to its highest beauty. You just cant go wrong for trying.....And a great personalty in concert, and interacts with the audience and has a wonderful sense of humor. This CD has some of his best work on it. Treat yourself. You wont be sorry.
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on February 5, 2013
I was surprised a couple years ago when I went to see what I liked so much playing on my Pandora and it was Josh Groban. His voice reminded me of a powerful Billy Joel with a gigantic range. Songs like "Awake," "Weeping," and "You Rise me Up," just seemed to resonate in my head. So I admit I like the David Foster days more than anything and the last album was a little bit of a let-down. None-the-less his voice has always remained strong and magnificent, so it's not like I thought "Illuminations" was total trash or anything.

Overall, "All that Echoes" is a charming, more layered and complex album than "Illuminations" and it's a welcome addition to the other five CD's he has released. I expect other fans will feel as I do, which is that this is the best Groban has been in a while, and certainly since the David Foster days that many people originally fell in love with.

First off, the songwriting on "All That Echoes" is some of Josh's best. This is completely apparent in the first few tracks, as they are as great as they are varied:

"Brave" and "False Alarms" both use interweaving plucked strings throughout with piano support. The songs build and show Josh growing in his songwriting and entering new territory that is definitely welcome. The sound is new and I find it exciting and it lets his voice go to places that weren't so often heard before. "Falling Slowly" is a throwback to the Groban of old. And it's fantastic. The song has one of his best chorus' and easily may be my favorite song on the album. A few other gems include:

"Happy in my Heartache," A medium paced songs that is incredibly uplifting for a break-up song. The lyrics are quite sappy, and make me laugh a little in their ridiculousness, but that's part of what you get with Groban, love it or hate it, it's still catchy as hell.

"Below the Line," A similar pace and tone to "Happy..." as above. I really have to hand it to Rob Cavallo, as he's done an excellent job producing this album. The instrumentation is spot on all the way through. This song is the best showcase of that with Paul Simon like guitar vamping and galloping drums.

"She Moved Through the Fair," A little bit of a surprise here in instrumentation and tone. Includes a semi dark tone if you can believe it (well dark for Groban) and utilizes bag-pipes throughout. Has a hypnotic feel and I love the Cliff Martinez like meditative electronic back-drop. Really great feel throughout.

In the end, this is a must buy album in my opinion. The album is listenable all the way through. If you're like me and listen to the music around the house, while trying to get work done, or when you're out walking the dog, then you want a versatile album. This is by far his most varied, and takes his music in a welcome new direction. Highly recommended.
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on December 20, 2013
I heard one song on You Tube, The Dream rehearsal Josh did with Celine Dion some years ago and I was hooked and then had to buy every album. I have been so impressed with the quality of each album and the different personalities of each album. This latest offering is probably his most sophisticated. I read that this album was done with a new producer and that there may have been some controversy about that change. Well, I listened to every album in sequence and could not hear a discernible reduction in quality of music and quality of the delivery. Each album has been a joy to listen to and I look forward to hearing his next album, hopefully in 2014.
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I don't think there is one album that I do not like by Josh. I got to see him in concert in 2011 and it was just awesome so I rushed and purchased this as soon as I saw it was coming out. I've spun it several hundred times already and still not tired of it. I like that it is a mixture of sounds but all the songs are Josh and his voice and lyrics carry through as they have on all the previous albums. I do wish that the bonus tracks on the Target Stores version was on iTunes or Amazon MP3. I hate not hearing every single song from artist that I love. Feel cheated but can't go buy it a 3rd time ;) haha Hope this helps!
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on November 1, 2014
Maybe I haven't given it a chance, but I also haven't listened even half way through...does that tell you anything? I either love his songs (Raise Me, Alejate, Solo Por Ti, Remember When it Rained, Don't Give Up, Thankful) or I can't listen to it at all...not much in between and he's really the only artist I'm like that with...amazingly talented vocalist...just not my favorite album at all.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 23, 2014
Josh Groban's sixth album should please his fans, with a string of soulful songs carried by his excellent voice and very decent instrumental support. Some songs are well-done covers, such as "I believe when I fall in love it will be forever". Others are traditional airs, such as "She moved through the fair." A few are movie themes ("Falling Slowly"). It is an enjoyable mix, and recommended to his fans.
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on February 23, 2013
Purchased this in advance of its debut, thrilled to have it 2 days after release with free shipping.
A new CD for Josh Groban is always enjoyed, however, found myself disenfranchised from this particular ensemble with fewer heartfelt and memorable melodies. "Brave" is my favorite on this CD, and I thought "When I fall in Love" was a remake of Nat King Cole, however, it is not. Still a nice song, just not the tune I knew. Not a fan of his duet with Laura Pausini as she is whiney, grating, and detracts from Josh.
3 Stars because I was unaware that a limited release of same CD with 4 bonus tracks, Changing Colors;Satellite; (nice remake of Dave Matthews Band version), Grazie; and my very favorite of this release Josh's version of Neil Diamond's "Play Me," was available only at Target, whose website, unlike, does not list the tracks on the CD or allow you to preview them. As a Grobanite, I rushed to Target and purchased the extended version and very glad I did.
If you are a Grobanite, or buying this as a gift for someone who is Josh-crazy, you should know that the more Josh the better, as is the case with the extended version and more melodic and enjoyable. Get the one with the bonus tracks, some of the strongest songs of this release.
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on June 15, 2013
The answer is "no." I have loved Josh's singing since he first appeared on Ali McBeal. I have all his albums, and I have seen him in concert. This album is much like his others. There are some songs I love better than others, but I appreciate everything he brings to the table. And, I also love that he is as wonderful a man as he is an artist. I will continue to buy whatever he records. Of course, that is my personal opinion, but with his record sales all over the world, I know many others feel the same way I do.
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