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on September 15, 2015
The sound quality of this set is incredibly good! Far better, in fact, than the original LPs from which it was taken. (Remember LPs?) Each song in this collection has multiple layers that are as wide as they are deep. The set contains nearly all of M & Ps hits as well as a few of their songs that SHOULD have been hits. An altogether excellent set that is definitely worth the few extra bucks. Don't even consider some of the other cheaply-made rip-offs that include some of the same hits. THIS is the one to buy.
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on April 3, 2016
I am slowly replicating my CD collection into the MP3 format. Love the music of this time period.
No auto-tuned pre-fabricated stuff like today. Love that Amazon lets you pick the song you want from
the album which makes it SO easy to get what you want.

The Amazon Music Player is far easier to use than most apps out there.
Thanks Amazon.
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on February 19, 2014
For those of you, like me previously, who have an album or two and a few singles, this collection pretty well covers their recording career...and the price per song ain't bad either.
Interesting is the album cover used for this collection. The cover (For the group's second album "The Mamas and the Papas") features Jill Gibson, not Michelle Phillips. If I remember correctly from a TV documentary, when John, Denny, and Cass fired Michelle in the midst of recording this album and then replaced her with Jill, instead of creating a new cover for the album, they simply super-imposed Jill's smile atop Michelle's body.
L Boyd
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on September 7, 2009
First off, I do highly recommend this four-album compilation. If nothing else, it is a rare treat, indeed, to have all four Mamas & Papas albums on CD. When I popped the first disk in, I was in heaven. As others have stated in their reviews, someone took the time remix these tracks beautifully. The incredibly soaring vocals of the Mamas & Papas are crystal clear, perfectly balanced, and ROCKIN! This, sadly, has not always been the case - even on the original vinyl - where often John's and/or Michelle's voices were mixed into oblivion. Here, I literally shouted out loud, "YES!" when "Strange Young Girls" (from "Mamas & Papas" LP) came on! The vocals are amped up and every note comes through. The LP version had the vocals in such heavy reverb, the blend was muddy and lyrics virtually inaudible. The same with "String Man" from the "Deliver" LP - finally being able to HEAR Michelle's lead vocal was a real treat. So, after being ecstatic listening to the first three albums, the fourth landed with a THUD. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to improve the original miserable sound quality of "Papas & Mamas." The vocals have so much reverb, Michelle's and Cass's harmonies sound positively screechy, the purity of Denny's voice is washed-out, and John is completely inaudible (including his unintelligible lead on "Meditation Mama"). My heart sank. After so much obvious attention to vocal quality on the first three remixes, it seems they just gave up on the fourth. Such a shame, as there are a few truly great songs - just extremely poor production. STILL, as big a let-down as the fourth album is, I would purchase this CD compilation again. No price is too high to hear the first three albums in all their vocal glory. It is, and always will be, those soaring, intricate, perfect vocals that makes The Mamas and Papas a stand-out in a crowded field of great groups of the 60s.
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on April 19, 2012
I considered all of the Mammas and Pappas CDs available. To me this is the best buy because you get their complete first four CDs with nothing left out in one jewel case with with 2 CDs inside. Plus there are a few bonus tracks on CD #2. I only bought their first record album in 1965 and didn't buy any more than that back then. So this was a real treat to hear three more albums with all their hits I kept hearing on the radio plus many more great tunes that I had never heard before. It is amazing the quantity and quality they were able to record in just 2.5 short years as a group. I'd also recommend the new Wilson Phillips CD called Dedicated. For anyone reading this not familiar with Wilson Phillips, Chynna Phillips' Mamma and Pappa are John and Michelle Phillips
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on February 3, 2004
The problem with many "Greatest Hits" collections of any performer is that execs will pick and define the best songs of an artist, regardless of whether the songs are their best or most interesting work.
There is little beef to pick here, since all four Mamas & Papas collective efforts are entirely presented here. Not to mention an impeccable remastering. Refreshingly non-tinity in contrast to other masters.
After listening to this compilation, I see that some of their best songs have been disregarded from many previous collections. These " lesser known" stand-outs include: Meditation Mama, Did You Ever Want To Cry, I Can't Wait, Midnight Voyage, That Kind of Girl, Sing for Your Supper, Free Advice, Once Was a Time, Boys & Girls & more.
It's good to hear other Mamas & Papas songs than the standard "safe upbeat pop hits." This becomes most obvious on their final "real" studio album: Papas & Mamas, their most adventurous, dark, psychedelic & experimental recording. It's easy to se how their sound influenced some later alternative acts (Stone Roses in the 90's, even portions of Lou Reed's "Transformer", etc.)
If there's only one gripe (albeit a minor one), it's that the Deliver album is broken up over the 2 CD's. Highly recomended, definitely worth an extra $10 (from the standard Greatest Hits), as it provides a more comprehensive view of what the Mamas & Papas were all about. Turn up the bass. Groovy stoney retro sound for many moods.
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on March 12, 2011
When i saw an e-mail telling me that this album was available again i feel a tremendus excitment, so i decided to get it before it goes out of print again, two days later i found out that ít's a CD-R!, the i felt a great deception, but now that i recived it and listen to it i can say that is very well done, the booklet is identical to the original artwork, and the two CDs are printed as it were the original pressings (but the're not!). I should say that amazes me the good work that Amazon has done, but Universal could have done a special edition of the original pressing just for Amazon, why not?

The sound is very good!, the voices sound with more presence, clearer & louder. I recomend this only for fans.


Thank you Donald Barger!
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on June 28, 2016
The remaster of this album is fantastic.
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on October 28, 2006
I've loved The Mamas & The Papas music for nearly 40 years and never got tired of hearing their songs on the radio or putting an a greatest hits compilation and just chilling out to the wonderful melodies and harmonies. A couple of years ago I heard this compilation. The first track I played was my favorite, 'Safe in My Garden' followed by 'Look Through My Window'. I couldn't believe what I was hearing; it was like I was hearing these wonderful songs for the first time. I am no audiophile and what I know about the technicalities of remastering you could write on the back of a postage stamp, in a font size of 72; all I know is that this collection makes every other M&TPs release seem like the music is being filtered through a bunch of dirty old socks. Yes, the remastering may not have removed every single audio artifact but it just sounds.....fantastic! if you love the music of The Mamas & The Papas but have not heard this collection, do yourself a favor and try and track down a copy, you won't regret it.
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on December 10, 2005
James Dewitt's review is perfect so there is not much more to say - but since I have a big mouth I have to say something.

These four individuals came together and created that sound - I think they called it "Herman" - the "creation" when they all sang together. It's THERE and HERE on this remastered masterpiece. There have been great vocal groups - none compare to the quality and sharpness of these four artists.

Their final album of their 60's recordings, "The Papas And The Mamas" is one of the most underrated records of all time. Even Mamas and Papas fans slag it off - which makes me think they need a good carton of Q-tips. Especially on this edition - you can hear how intrinsically John was producing the sound in his studio. Even high as hell they were geniuses. This recording is as important as IF YOU CAN BELIEVE YOUR EYES AND EARS - if not even more so.

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