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on September 3, 2013
If you're a fan of Duane Allman and the Allman Brothers, "Song Of The South"is a revelation for several reasons-for years we've been listening to Duane's recordings, and we get to hear from the people who actually recorded him. We're also treated to plenty of never before seen photos and parts of a 1970 interview from the man himself.

This film covers Duane's career from he and his brother Gregg's band the Escorts, and particular attention is paid to his studio work before and during his time with the Allman Brothers Band. Muscle Shoals guitarist Jimmy Johnson is given ample face time, recalling Duane's lead guitar work on Wilson Pickett's version of "Hey, Jude". This was the recording that caught the attention of so many industry heavyweights, securing his stock early in his career. Musicians Paul Hornsby and Pete Carr, respected musicians themselves discuss Duane's growth during this time, and they're still in awe over forty years later.

Narrator Thomas Arnold points out that right around the time rock was feeling the influence of country and R&B, the Allman Brothers appear with their blend of Blues, Rock, R&B and progressive country, due mainly to fellow guitarist Dickie Betts. The meeting of Duane and Eric Clapton is the high point in the film. Footage of Albert King playing "As The Years Go Passing By" shows how his melody influenced the seven note intro to "Layla".

Two authors contribute to the film: Randy Poe ("Skydog") and Scott Freeman ("Midnight Riders") are both astute writers who discuss how Duane led the Brothers onstage counting on musicianship alone to move the audience-no "shaking of asses" or worrying about fashion. Freeman makes the point that the Brothers' third album, the live "Fillmore East" was the real breakthrough for the band. Most groups would not release a DOUBLE live album for only their third offering, but the Allmans' reputation for superior musicianship earned them their first gold record.

Some very rare archival footage shows the band in concert; especially intriguing is watching the band in full flight during Duane's solo toward the end of "Mountain Jam". You have to wonder: just how much video has been stored over the years, and will any of it ever be available to the public?

The most interesting stories were told by recording engineers the Albert brothers, Ron and Howard. Ron tells how the production team would often sit with the band after a take, and with the tape rolling, catch those impromptu moments when the band, not knowing they were being recorded would often put down some gold.

Extras on the DVD include recording history for some of the landmark albums as told by the Alberts. There is also a list of the contributors to this film including Willie Perkins, Carr, Hornsby and many others.These are the people who played, recorded or traveled with Duane and some are still active today. Perkins has written a memoir about his time with the Brothers "No Saints, No Saviors".

Written and directed by Tom O'Dell, "Song Of The South" is a perfect companion piece to the "Skydog Retrospective", or if you're new to Duane, this DVD is a good place to start. Next spring, Galadrielle Allman will release a book about the father who passed when she was only two. All of these projects keep Duane's spirit alive-and that makes them all worth wile.
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on March 18, 2017
This is a must have for ANYONE who appreciates the great music of South and the birth of it via the Allman Brothers. This is an incredibly well done documentary..... It's Excellent.

So..... I finally got a chance to see "Song Of The South". A wonderful testimonial and archival footage of the early days from the Daytona Beach days to the world wide stage.

Curiously very few bandmates and no family were included. However, I learned a great deal more than I knew before. Like "Little Martha" was not only posthumously released with "Eat A Peach" (1972) but it was the only song written by Duane. He was also an avid reader and evidently loved suspense novels like Sherlock Holmes, admired and respected Eric Clapton and vice versa!

You know all we have are these testimonials, footage, interviews and OMG The Music. It's the closest thing we'll have to know, remember and honor his legendary life.

Thank heavens there are folks who keep the memory and honor of Duane alive for those of us who can appreciate Duane's greatness as we get to know him better..... and the whole band and entourage intact in their stories and in their personal memories and above all those who took the time to share them.

Hearing the radio interviews with Duane was sweet as I listened for a heavy Southern Drawl.... there was none to really speak of. But his thought processes and inflection and command of the language was a nice window to who he was.

Duane was not only brilliant but was quite charismatic.....
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on October 11, 2013
I've been a huge Duane Allman fan since I first heard the Fillmore album forty years ago. Continued to buy most of their recordings even after Duane passed and I love the current lineup with Derek and Warren. Still, the best period for me was when Duane was alive and I would give anything to get some complete concert footage from that era. Please email me at if you can assist.

I was extremely excited when this DVD popped up on my radar, hoping for new information, significant live footage and in-depth interviews. The live footage is minimal and the information is largely available in Poe and Freeman's books. The interviews are OK, including bandmates from early bands and their road manager at the time of Duane's passing. The majority of the documentary is supported by still photos that are mostly available elsewhere. Would I still buy it after having seen it ? Probably, just for the fact that there is nothing else out there on Duane.

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on October 7, 2013
Getting to hear Duane & Gregg , together again, made goose bumps run all over me!!!! I was at the Atlanta POP Festival in 1970. That was when the ABB was coming together. I Lived in Nashville, TN when they played at "Teen Town" as the Allman Joys. I knew that they were going to rock the world with their music, someday! This "Un-Authorized" DVD is a "MUST-HAVE" for every ABB Fan! From the new young fan to the serious ABB fan, you're going to reminisce where you were when you first heard Duane play & when he died. I was in my car headed to Center Hill Lake, going fishing, when it came across WKDA, that Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident. It made me sick. On the DVD, you'll see & hear Duane talk, give opinions, and best of all, play that "Slide Guitar!" If he had lived longer, there's no telling where he would be. I still love & miss you brother, ~Bs Jones~
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on July 2, 2014
I became a Duane Allman fan at age thirteen... during the same year that he died. He had a huge influence on my guitar playing, as he did for many persons my age. I still listen to his recordings on a regular basis. I will always be indebted to him and I will always be saddened by the inherent unfairness of his death.

This is an outstanding documentary, produced to very high journalistic standards. It is not an emotional, "fanboy" type video. Instead, it is presented systematically and thoroughly like a PBS documentary.

Many of the people who lived or worked with Duane, including childhood friends, were interviewed. I was especially pleased with the extensive contributions of the Allman Brothers Band road manager and the engineers from Criteria Studios (who recorded Revival, Layla and Eat a Peach). I learned a huge amount about Layla (my all-time favorite album) and the synergy between Duane and Eric Clapton... perhaps the best pairing of guitarists in rock music history.

I do regret that no ABB members were interviewed. Although I do not know for sure, I'm guessing that somebody wanted money or other considerations that the producers would not (or could not) meet. I would have especially been interested in hearing the perspective of Dickey Betts, Linda Oakley and Duane's family members. However, the quality of the project does not suffer in their absence.

From a technical perspective, the camera work and audio quality are outstanding. There are no flashy special effects (other than a few psychedelic film clips from the 1960's) ... just 2+ hours of well-organized content.

If you are a music lover of any sort, you will be impressed by this video. If you're a southern rock guitarist like me, you will find this documentary to be indispensable. I give it my highest recommendation.
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on November 24, 2013
Duane Allman was a very gifted man. His brother Gregg is also a gifted singer. This DVD is produced by some journalists and not authorised by the band.
It is a well produced documentary however that does include some fragments of original Allman Brothers songs and some footage of the Allman Brothers in the 1970s, including a show at The Fillmore.
The use of effects on the images do annoy me, trying to look old and scratchy etc and using pops and scratches on Duane's voice from an interview is a bit silly.
However I did enjoy this DVD as a history of Duane and the interviews from people who knew him are very interesting.
This is worth getting if you want to know more about Duane Allman and Southern Rock in general.
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on December 14, 2013
This DVD has more interviews than I have seen before. Totally focuses on DA while I wish it would delve into the interaction between the other members of the band. Willie Perkins, who I met at Capricorn in 1974, is interviewed extensively. Read his book as well. Some of the other folks were close (Hornsby) while some were journalists (Freeman) who the ABB discredit.
In either case, there is not much out there and this was an interesting purchase. It is historical in nature and positive. DA was brilliant, no doubt. He brought out the best of those around him. He also clearly abused his body which this DVD glosses over. Too bad there was no Tom Dowd interviews (he may have passed and he has his own DVD on the ABB out).
It is worth the money for the true fans!
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on December 29, 2015
I was pretty excited for this movie. Unfortunately...not enough music in the is a background and that was never the background of Duane's life. Duane is without question one of the best guitar players that has ever lived. This movie tries to do it justice but it doesn't quite get there. Never the less...I gave it as a gift to many fans because you will learn a lot about Duane that you never knew....I just wish the format was better, the people doing interviews were more compelling, and that they had played a few songs from beginning to end instead of just meaningless tiny clips of songs.
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on February 14, 2014
As a long-time fan of the Allman Bros, and having the good fortune to see them about 20 times over the past 30 years, I was surprised to see how little I actually knew about Duane prior to watching this video. My regard for him as a musician and guitarist has only increased, and I thought the world of him before watching this. It does a very good job of painting a picture of him, as any well written biography would do. Most of the disc are interviews with members of the Allman's inner circle, starting with their high school days. Some of these folks have many accomplishments in their own right -- Muscle Shoals session players, for example. Hearing virtually everyone talk about what a musician and presence he was, in their own words, is very moving and very telling. Time and money well spent.
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on October 2, 2013
Let's go back,go back, go back way back when they started as teens in love with music and life.The growth and dedication seemed like it could go on forever. DVD does not dwell on the well known, drugs, disputes, boozing and all the other distractions. This DVD is both respectful and moving. Not the typical who did what to whom and so forth. Little heard tapes of the young Allmans and their bands. Perfect for the die-hard fan and also for the poor souls who are not familiar with the Brothers. Enlightened Rouges indeed. Bless 'em one and all.
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