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on July 9, 2011
First of all I would like to say I was set on buying the beats by dre. Beatbox. Fortunately I didn't because I've found that the Altec Lansing iMT810 to be a far better purchase. I'm not saying the Beatbox is bad, it's just that the Altec Lansing speaker offers so much more. The sound is absolutely amazing. Bass is exactly how it should be, booming but not overpowering. The highs are very crisp and mids are very defined. If any aspect of the sound doesn't seem to please, there are EQ settings with these speakers, allowing you to set a perfect preset for your music. So all in all, sound is not an issue at all. It is quite phenomenal. The included display is also very useful, allowing you to see what is playing. The volume on these speakers can be set pretty high. It is rather ear shattering at max, but I'm one of those paranoid users who think it might blow the speakers. There are also buttons on the speakers themselves that will come in handy including source, EQ, and forward, and repeat. The altec lansing's source buttons allow multiple mp3 or any music device to be connected to it allowing multiple devices to played instead of having to swap devices. Finally, the Altec Lansing offers the option of running off an AC adapter or batteries which is all the options you need. Take it on the go with batteries or have it stationary. So far compared to the Beatbox, the Altec Lansing offer so much more including the display, multiple source options, buttons on the speakers, and options to run off batteries. Also! the Altec Lansing is priced lower than the Beatbox so I wouldn't see much of a reason to go with the Beatbox. Overall, the Altec Lansing is very pleasing. The quality of the speaker is amazing including the remote that it comes with which is made of a very high quality plastic material. I can't explain it but it feels great and seems like it will last forever. I love this speaker, it does everything that I want in a speaker. Oh yeah it also has a great FM radio. Really great quality seriously and its another thing the Beatbox doesn't have. I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone for it is probably the best one out there considering its lower pricing compared to other popular ipod docks.
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on April 13, 2016
Known issue: poor quality solder joints between AC feed copper wire to PCB 'goldfingers' causes intermittent electrical 'opens' and ultimately 100% loss of power (usually just after 1 year warranty expires). Battery source power not adversely affected. Other than that issue, it provides outstanding LOUD and clear sound with ample bass without distortion.
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on January 23, 2013
I bought this stereo and while it worked it was nice but after a few months of owning it the power adapter on the back of the stereo stopped working. It works with batteries but buying batteries or a nice set of rechargeable batteries is expensive and inconvenient. I contacted Altec to inquire about the warranty which was one of the selling points of the product for me as i am hearing impaired and was worried about speakers blowing out. After weeks of waiting for Altec to get back to me they responded saying that their warranty does not apply to re-sellers which includes amazon which is messed up because amazon should not advertise a warranty that they don't even support and altec shouldn't skip out on support for sub par products by qualifying their warranties in such a fashion. THE WARRANTY IS A FALSE ADVERTISEMENT AND A LIE> DO NOT RELY ON ANY SUPPORT AT ALL AND FOR A STEREO YOU CANT USE WITHOUT BATTARIES!.. I am more than a little agitated about this whole scenario. Its bad business adding Altec to my do not buy from list and i am also disappointing with amazon miss leading buyers with a inaccurate product description.
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on July 8, 2012
This could be an excellent product... but it gets two stars for a glitch Altec Lansing hasn't fixed yet. I loved the sound and the advertised capabilities of this unit, but it just doesn't perform as a "portable" unit. I had two units, both new from Amazon, that demonstrated the following:

When operating only on battery power, each unit would shut off on its own (about every two minutes) with a "Battery Low" message flash. I tried two different sets of brand new batteries, and the battery status monitor showed "100% Excellent" when I held down the source button. It did this in all source modes (including the built-in FM tuner), and with several different iPods (with any different app). The unit showed no other signs of malfunction, and operated as advertised when plugged into the wall. It appeared to be some sort of heat issue, as the problems started to occur faster and more often when outside/in the sun opposed to inside in the air conditioning. Maybe this was just a bad batch of product, but irritating nonetheless.

Altec Lansing customer service offered the following:

"There is no repair service available; the design of our speaker systems does not allow the product to be serviced. Servicing our products would require breaking the air seal on the product, as it is ultrasonically welded together which would cause leaking and eventually destroy the products drivers. Nevertheless all of our speakers are covered under a 1 year warranty. As long as your unit is still under warranty, we can replace your defective unit for you. Our return and replacement process consists of a few steps.

STEP 1 : attach your receipt from an authorized dealer; including your shipping address to this ticket
STEP 2: We provide you a return authorization number and our return address via email
STEP 3: You return the defective unit to us, referencing the RMA#.
STEP 4: Upon receipt of the defective unit, we will ship a replacement unit.

Our warranty policy is that the customer is responsible for shipping their product back to us and Altec then covers the cost of shipping the replacement."

For the record, Amazon was quick and prompt in shipping both units, and did all that they could to rectify the problem. After returning the second unit, I no longer had the effort to put into trying a third. I would consider purchasing this unit again if Altec Lansing could guarantee that it would work as advertised.
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on August 15, 2011
I spent a lot of time researching ideas for outdoor speakers, wireless music solutions, etc. The shortcomings of most other products are that:
1. They are not in stereo (one speaker or perhaps one small woofer and tweeter)
2. The remote is limited to either the speaker volume, or to the signal's source (not both)
3. They are only portable within range of their transmitter
4. C'mon, where's the power? The majority of other solutions range from 5-20 watts rms. Why not just pass out headphones to everybody?

Altec's Digital Boombox solved all of these problems for me. It's in stereo, the remote controls the volume, tracks on your iPhone, etc. AND it has a great range. Because this stereo syncs to an iPhone and plays anything with an audio aux jack it can be brought/moved anywhere (I mostly use it with Pandora and my Smartphone). Most importantly, the sound is quite impressive. I was skeptical about other peoples' reviews as they sounded fairly exaggerated. Needless to say I don't think that anymore. The highs are clean and crisp, the bass is very strong, and there's enough power to fill any backyard or open space. Altec truly created a highly diverse piece of machinery with this product and I'd recommend it to anyone.
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on November 21, 2014
This is the second unit that I have had. When it works it works well. The sound is good and it looks nice too.The problems arise with the construction of the unit. The unit has a tendency to overheat at times and shut off on its own during use. Also there is something faulty about the power. One day all of a sudden the unit would only work on battery. I even ordered a new power supply for it and contacted the company. The company plays stupid like they have no clue that their units do this but they are fully aware of it. I haven't really had time to work on a fix for it (I'm an engineer) but I do know the company basically said that they cannot repair the units because of how they are made. There are several forums that detail these problems even more than I have so take a look at them before you buy.
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on March 25, 2013
As an audio engineer, sound quality is most important when purchasing any audio device. I purchased an iMT810 about a year ago and have been very pleased with it. The sound quality is excellent with massive low end response, and the 7-band EQ allows for more fine audio tweaking than many other similar products. Also, the unit is very powerful for its relatively small size.

It's great that it was designed to have multiple inputs, and the handles on each end make it easy to pick up and carry -- not to mention excellent for attaching small laser boxes via clamps! 8-)

Also, the fact that its wired power port is 12VDC allows one to easily use an auto or marine battery power source. I often camp on a lake so I use my Port-A-Bote's trolling motor battery, as I don't enjoy purchasing "D" batteries.

The only major design flaw is with regard to the iPod/iPhone dock. It should have been designed to account for protective cases, like the popular Otter Box. Even with my narrow iPhone 4s, I must take my Otter Box off in order to utilize the dock. This could have been prevented by a perfected docking design. Then again, the new iPhone 5 entirely changes things, but a perfected design might have allowed for even adaptors to be used as iPhone -- or even Android -- designs change.

That said, it's certainly a "boom box" which delivers a fantastic value, especially for the price of $200 which I found on Amazon!

I look forward to seeing how Altec Lansing might improve upon the iMT810 in its next incarnation.
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on December 17, 2011
I had previously owned the Altec Lansing iMT800 earlier this year and, for the most part, loved it. I found myself not using it that much though, so I decided to sell it and use the money for something I could use more. Well, wouldn't you know it, I MISSED HAVING IT! Lucky for me I work for Fed-Ex and with all this overtime I'm putting in for the Christmas season, it also means a lot more money in my pocket. After bills and X-mas gifts for family, I had enough to get the iMT810. However, I must say that I researched and considered other speaker docks before I finally decided to go with the AL iMT800 series again.

I had 3 main requirements that the ipod speaker dock I would want needed to fill (listed in order of importance):

1. IT HAS TO HAVE GREAT SOUND! I'm not really interested in the dock doing a whole lot more than that. I don't care about it having an alarm clock or bluetooth or a bunch of other bells and whistles like that. To this end, I wanted a dock that had independent drivers (speakers) for the lows, mids & highs (i.e. 3 sets of speakers).
2. It had to be under $300. I'm not rich, I'm on a budget. If money were no object; I know there are more expensive, better sounding speakers out there like the GenevaSound All-in-One Stereo for CD, iPod, iPhone, Radio, Line-in (Large-Black), but I don't have that kind of scratch to spend.
3. It has to have some kind of battery option for portability. I wish AL would have put a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack in this new model, but they just stuck with the 8 D cells. They probably did it to cut down on weight and cost and really I don't plan on taking it many places that won't have an AC outlet close by, but still it would have been nice to have. I guess I can get rechargeables at some point. I even contacted AL about using rechargeable D cells since they put out less voltage than regular alkalines and they said the iMT800 should still work fine with them.

I probably looked at about a dozen different units, but here are the speaker docks I SERIOUSLY looked into and why I rejected them (keeping in mind I was comparing these with my previous experience with the iMT800):

Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone: I'm familiar with Logitech speakers as I've had the Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System for my desktop for the past 6 years now and they put out great sound for media and gaming still today. For the S715i; I liked the price, the reviews, it has independent drivers for the lows, mids and highs and it has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery built-in. However there were 3 things that made me reject this one:
1. I read reviews that stated when running the speakers off battery power, the woofer power for bass (lows) lowered drastically, changing the sound and making for a poorer listening
experience. I want the fullness of the sound to stay the same, regardless of the power source.
2. The docking port itself was VERY narrow. I have a protective case on my iTouch 3Gen, but it's not one of those thick, heavy duty cases. It's only like .5mm thick (if that). I went to
BB to look at this one and I couldn't even plug my iTouch into the thing with my case on and I don't want to have to bother to take my case off/on every time I want to listen to it through
my speaker dock!
3. The sound was alright, but still didn't compare to the fullness of the iMT800.
Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox iPod Dock High Performance iPod Dock: Now this has more power! It's advertised as 200 watts of power, while the iMT810 (which was hard to find this info about, but 1 source states it) has 40 watts. It's power is the only thing I initially liked about the Beatbox, everything else I didn't particularly care for: $400 price tag, no battery power (at 200 watts I could understand why) and only 2 sets of speakers. The Beatbox has great bass drivers (which is primarily what this unit was designed for), but it doesn't have independent drivers for the mids and highs, just 1 set of drivers that do both. I also listened to this one at BB and although it had excellent bass, with drivers that have to handle both mids and highs, the highs get somewhat drowned out by the bass power. This makes for a poor listening experience if you do not listen to music that is predominantly on the low-end of the music spectrum. (Which I don't!)
Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System for iPod (Black) and Bose SoundDock 10 Digital Music System: After becoming somewhat familiar with Bose, I can't help but come away with one inescapable conclusion; and that is Bose speakers are over-hyped and over-priced for what they deliver. That's not to say that these Bose systems don't put out some great sounds, but there are cheaper options out there that sound just as good, if not better (the iMT800/810 being an example). BB had both of these units so I checked them out. Right off the bat I dismissed the SoundDock 10 because of the price. It met my other requirements and had superb sound, even better than the iMT800, but only marginally. Would paying more than twice the price for that marginal increase in sound quality be worth it? Maybe to some, but not to me. The Series 2 is cheaper (same $ as the iMT810) and smaller than the SoundDock 10 and looked like it couldn't put out the same kind of sound richness that the iMT800/810 could. I gave it a listen anyway and was surprised at the sound it produced for its size, so I decided to go home and do some more research. I wanted to see if anyone did some comparisons between the Bose Series 2 and the AL iMT810. I found a comparison posted on Youtube where they took various musicians, recording artists and sound engineers and did a blind sound comparison where they listened to various songs of different genres on both players. EVERY SINGLE PERSON chose the iMT810 as the better sounding system! That was all I needed to make up my mind!

The 810 is a mid-range unit; in size, sound and cost. There is hardly any difference from the 800 to the 810. The only things that are different are the color schemes and the 810 is officially certified for the iPhone 4 (but people say the iPhone 4 works just fine on the 800 too). I do prefer the silver accents and blue display/buttons to the gold accents and amber display/buttons of the 800, but aesthetics aside, lets talk about the sound! If I haven't made it apparent by now, yes this thing has great sound! Again, the independent drivers for the low, mids and highs definitely help in this department. I mainly listen to electronica, techno, alternative, industrial and ambient, so nothing too bass intensive but rather music that plays in all 3 music spectra. As I write this I'm listening to my iTouch through the 810, listening to different genres such as the TRON: Legacy soundtrack (AWESOME album, electronica and orchestral) and some of my personal mixes, one comprised of techno, another of rock and yet another of ambient. All of these are in lossless which does help give more clear and vibrant sounds, especially when playing it through something such as the 810's detailed sound output. I can hear every: cymbal hit, bell chime, piano key, high-end soft electronica sound and female vocals resonate in the harmonic high end; the electric guitar rock, pluck of strings, deeper scratching of techno and lower male vocals of the mids; and finally the booming bass of drums and electronica in the lows. The bass in the 800 is also why I decided to go with the 810. For the price and the size, you (or rather I) can't find anything better. Any of the smaller units can't put out deeper, booming bass in the low-end like the 800/810 can. Anything else that can put out the same or more bass is either bigger or costs more. Besides the sound, there are other features that I like. The different grab handles both on the top and especially the sides make for easy carrying. The 2 auxiliary inputs are great for people who want to play from something other than an iPod or don't have one at all (but since this unit is first and foremost designed for the iPod, I'd assume most people buying/considering the 810 have one). Custom 7-band EQ and bass/treble level settings; which you have to use to get the proper sound levels you find most appealing for your music, otherwise your music may sound flat to your ears.

That's not to say there isn't room for improvement which is why I don't give a full 5 stars. (I'm kinda a harsh reviewer and rarely give anything 5 stars...something has to be perfect to warrant such a high rating, which is VERY rare!) As mentioned before, a lithium-ion battery pack would at least be a very handy option if not included. The display is what I was really disappointed that they didn't change on this new model (other than its color). Like the 800, the 810 only displays 2 lines of text information; the sound source (iPod) on the top line and then alternates between the song, then artist, then album scrolling on the bottom line. I would like to see a bigger, full color display that shows all 3 (song, artist, album) all at once, each on its own line along with other info; such as track X of XX, track time (both elapsed and remaining like on the ipod), icons showing if the different repeat or shuffle modes are engaged and maybe even album art. I realize some of it isn't necessarily necessary, but if you have your iPod's autolock feature set to come on or are a fair distance from the 810, then it kinda is. A slight redesign of the docking port area itself would have been good to allow for docking of the iPad (even though I don't have one). Also, a removable carry strap would be a good addition if you plan to carry this around with you a lot. AL does have a carry case you can buy for the 800/810 on their website, but it costs $50. The remote control is also lacking compared to other speaker docks out there. You have control of the play, volume, etc., but NO navigation controls. Again, from a distance it would be a bit tough to navigate on your iPod unless you have eyes like a hawk, but it's still a feature that should be included.

I'll be the first to admit that this review is based on opinion more than fact. It's what YOU hear that matters much more than what technical studies and comparisons and other such "facts" will tell you. In the end what I heard was that this unit put out the best sound in comparison to the others I looked at. Is this the best speaker dock out there? No. Is this the best speaker dock out there for the sound-to-price ratio? In my opinion, HELL YES! And since opinions aren't right or wrong, where as facts have to be one or the other, I can't be proven wrong in my opinion. And since I can't be proven wrong, that makes my review right! (At least in my opinion.)
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on July 25, 2011
This is a great sounding unit at all volume levels. Solid bass, midrange and trebble right out of the box and you can customize the sound with simple bass, mid, trebble adjustments or get that perfect mix using the 7 band EQ. It may be a little pricey but it's the only unit out there that will handle just about any smart phone/iphone device. It even played nice with my BB and if that's not enough it also has a great sounding FM radio. The remote works very well too. I was able to use all functions from about 20 to 25 feet away.

This is medium sized boombox, not a little shelf unit however, it's not too large either. If you're looking for something for the bedside or small office, then this unit probably is not what you're looking for. However, if you want something for the backyard deck or pool area then you won't be disappointed. It's not a 1000 watt stereo but it does have plenty of power and sound to accomodate the listening needs of most small parties. It would also work well as a livingroom stereo.

I have not tested this unit under battery power so I'm not sure how well it would perform or for how long running on batteries. I would definitely recommend this unit. Altec Lansing designed a great product in the iMT810.
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on February 17, 2016
I have to say, even a few years after my original purchase I'm still VERY HAPPY with this purchase. Altec Lansing hit a home run with this soundbox and fortunately with the various adapters available the unit has been future proof to this point. I consider myself a moderate audiophile and this baby gives my parents' similar (but of course much more expensive) Bose unit a run for it's money, and may just sound better to be quite honest!
I now use my iPhone 6s and older iPad on the system and it still sounds just as good as it did the first day I received the item and had all the settings changed to my sound liking.
If this unit is still available, TAKE MY WORD and buy this thing immediately! Well, Well worth every dollar paid and sound performance is, in my personal opinion, on par if not better than some of the higher end brands/models available today.
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