Customer Reviews: Aluratek 12-Inch ADMPF512F High Resolution Digital Photo Frame with 4 GB Built in Memory
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on January 10, 2012
With all due respect to the previous commenter who had a special application, this is a horrible photo frame. It has (at least) two huge problems:

1) The picture quality is horrible. It does not look like a photo displayed on your laptop -- it has garish colors and highly visible contour lines in what should be smooth color gradations. It looks like an 8-bit image you might have seen in the 80's or 90's, and I would not be a bit surprised to find that the display only has 8 bits of color resolution.

(BTW, I do not fault the 800x600 pixel resolution, which is mediocre but adequate for a product of this class.)

2) Photo slide shows can only be displayed at three intervals: 3 sec, 5 sec, and 10 sec.

I have a nice Sony photo frame that I keep rotating family pictures with an interval of an hour. It's like a regular photo that happens to change now and again. A ten second slide show, on the other hand, is an active and intrusive piece of media that demands your attention and draws your eyes involuntarily towards it. Sure, there are uses for 10 second slide shows, but I do not want one in my living room. This seems to reflect a complete failure of imagination about how real people might want to use such a product.
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on December 29, 2011
We use this particular digital picture frame for a counter-top video display in all of our participating retailers. We've created a 2 minute company video that we load onto a 2GB SD card. Then all we have to do is purchase this frame, insert the SD Card and voila! a super cool video display that gets lots of attention.

We've tried several other brands and sizes but this one has been the best size and has stood the test of time. The stand is sturdy, the product is reliable, the video resolution is wonderful, the retailer can choose to have the audio playing or not and the SD card can start easily without a lot of menu surfing.

I highly recommend this product.
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on March 14, 2012
I bought the 12" as well, all I can say is I am not satisfied. For the price they are charging, you would figure that they could at the very least provide a proper desk stand. However the mechanism they have is precariously balanced and at the slightest jolt the whole thing falls over. They have given no thought as to how to make it stand up in portrait mode.

In other words they haven't even figured out how to make the thing stand up properly. As for the colors and resolution... my mobile phone performs better.

This review might sound a little harsh, all I can say is don't charge a 100 bucks for utter junk if you expect a good review.
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on August 20, 2013
I received one of these for Christmas as a gift to replace an older smaller digital picture frame that still works but has several burnt out pixels. This digital picture frame worked fine. I did not explore all the additional features of this picture frame over my old one. I just put the memory card from my old picture frame in and plugged it in and set it on my book case where the old picture frame had been. It worked for about 60 days and failed. The backlight failed. You could still see the pictures if you held it up to a bright light. I returned it to the manufacturer and was sent another one No Problem. The second one lasted about 3 months and it also failed. Something is really screwed up with this 2nd one. It is sparking and smoking! I don't know if Aluratek did not intend for the digital picture frame to be placed on a book shelf and operated 24 hours a day. There is nothing in the manual about only operating the picture frame a certain number of hours per day. I essentially used the digital picture frame as I would a regular picture frame. The old picture frame I took to my office and it is still working mostly fine except for the burnt out pixels. But that one is several years old.
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on May 29, 2015
This is a nice frame - love the size. The resolution isn't quite as wonderful as I was hoping it would be. But it's a very nice frame. I particularly enjoy the built in memory, no need to use a memory card. Just plug into the computer and load the photos onto it directly from the computer. I'd like to delete a couple but so far haven't figured out how to do that - I think if I plug it back into the computer I can probably do it that way. I'd buy it again.
PS - don't buy it from Walmart. I ordered it from them originally, and they sent a power surge protector instead....Twice! (it was quite a lengthy process-still not sure we're done with it, cause they sent an email saying they didn't get it back) I gave up and ordered it from Amazon.
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on February 27, 2014
The file types it says that works with it don't all work.
Then when I tried to return to amazon they said I had to go through manufacturer.
Manufacturer won't accept return until you talk to their product/tech team.
I work all day and couldn't get to calling them and when I finally did it was past the 30 day cut off.
Now I'm stuck with it.
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on October 6, 2015
Frame, for the price, is nice. Of course, I wish the photo quality was a bit more high end, but this is not a high end priced frame. Set up was easy and smooth. Be sure to have all of your photos turned 'landscape' on the memory card or they will not turn automatically in the frame.
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on September 5, 2014
I just got it for my Brother's 50th anniversary present. I immediately loaded photos onto the device's 4Gb internal memory card and started watching. I don't have the hang of all the controls on the frame and didn't want to open and use the remote since this is a gift, but I was able to get photo's displaying without understanding what I was doing. This is a great size. I have had a smaller device for over a year now and loved it but this display is even better. I liked it enough to turn around and order one for myself.
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on August 10, 2015
The digital photos look great. Initially I had a remote control that did not work. I notified Aluratek and they sent a replacement remote control right away and now it works great. Not a bad photo frame for the money. Looking forward to adding more recent vacation photos.
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on May 31, 2016
i am delighted! not an expert on picture quality, but they look great to me! maybe it is the bigger screen size, but my pics have really come alive! also it does a great job of automatically resizing to fit the screen. several of my pics wouldn't display properly on my old quantaray and they do fine on this one. some of the info here says 4GB, some says 2GB - it is 4GB. the stand gives me no problems. i am no techie and i thought it was easy to set up. the warranty is 1 year. and best of all - if you have a question you can call aluratek and quickly talk to a REAL PERSON who is courteous and helpful. YAY!!
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