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on May 23, 2014
This tool works okay. I wish that I could say that it easily makes a perfect bun, but it doesn't for my hair type (long, thick, straight but silky/slippery hair). I found that it worked best for me if I make a ponytail, fastened it with a hair binder, and then put another hair binder at the end of the ponytail (a couple inches from the bottom of the ponytail so that it would hold the ends together--otherwise they would come out and stick out everywhere). Then, using this tool, I could keep the hair together to roll it up and hook ends together to form a bun. However, I found that my hair (being silky and therefore slippery) would still slowly slide out of the holder, especially when you pull the hair around to cover the bun tool where it hooks together--otherwise the bun is lopsided and you can see the hooks sticking out. Being that my hair is so thick and long, I found that the bun tool also eventually would unclip and I'd have to redo my hair. Perhaps this work work better for someone whose hair isn't quite as thick and long and that doesn't slide out of barrettes easily. I can use it for a decent bun, but it doesn't last for me for more than 1 hour unfortunately.

Update: With more frequent use, the plastic stays bent and has even less hold than it originally did. I caved and bought a more expensive foam version that works much better for my hair type.
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on October 12, 2013
There are videos on the web that show how to use this product. The instructions included are not in English. I found there were two problems. The piece is bent nearly in half when received, (not straight like the picture shows)and resists straightening. The easy fix: hold it under hot water and reshape it into a straighter, more pliable form. The 2nd problem: the looped ends would not hold together. They kept slipping open. The looped ends are too smooth. So,I very carefully roughened up the inside surfaces of the loops using a pair of scissors. I did not snip at it; I cut shallow gouges into the surface, like serrations, so the looped ends wouldn't just slide open. Then I set about practicing pulling my ponytail through the center of the bun hair tool as shown in the instructional video I found on the web; I pulled the tool nearly to the end of the ponytail, then rolled it upward, like a huge curler. You loop the ends together when you reach your head. The tool stays together forming a circle; you move your hair around to cover the exposed parts of the tool--no big problem there. I have very heavy, thick, wavy / curly hair, so I wet my hair before using the tool to make the bun. Just practice. Don't give up--for the money it's a wonderful thing. When searching for the video, just use the name of the product as your search words.
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on April 2, 2014
The major complication here is that you have to be able to FIT all your hair in the center, then manage to roll the darned thing up and snap it shut. If you can. And good luck with that.

I was truly excited when I got mine - 2 weeks later than what they initially said, but hey, it's coming from China, I'm not going to fuss - and got it out of the package. The first thing I thought was, "WOW, this thing is small." But I'll give anything a chance once, so I brushed my hair out and got all the tangles out, then worked to lace my hair through the central hole.

Here is where I met my first challenge. First, the darned hair wouldn't stay in the piece - likely my problem. It's finicky. I have thick, long, deeply wavy/curly hair (curly when it's freshly washed and left to air dry) and it's a monster. I've had it thinned, which is really the only was to tame my beast. So I fought it and fought it, kept having to fight, then finally gave up for a while.

Long and short of it (no pun intended), this thing doesn't work for me.
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on July 1, 2013
I have thick, unruly hair and I love to wear it up or in a bun. I bought this for around a buck and was willing to give it a try. For my hair the result was less than stellar. I couldn't do it myself, so had to give an instant tutorial to my Mom who did finally manage to wrangle my hair into a bun-like shape using this device. However, it promptly fell down. So I gave up and did my bun the old fashioned way by myself and called it a day and a dollar lost. A few days passed though and a friend came to me wanting help with her hair for a job interview. I pulled her hair up and hooked it first try. It was super cute! We added a little shine spray and a fine mist of hair spray and her hair still looked good enough that she wore it out that night. I gave her the device. It would never have held my hair. It is a bit stiff when you get it. I placed it in a bowl of hot water before both uses and she continues to do so also. That made it a bit more malleable. She uses it on a routine basis and it hasn't broken, cracked, lost teeth or let her down. It arrived at around the estimated time and wasn't damaged in transit. I would buy these again as a gift for anyone with thin hair. Thick hair requires more skill or another device. I leave that up to you to decide.
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on December 16, 2013
You really can't beat this for the price, There is a video reveiw of this on youtube with some lady who thinks her hair is too thick for it, and can't get it to work. I can't imagine that is the case, I have REALLY thick hair, my ponytail is two inches in diameter, and it worked like a charm, I actually think the tension might be what makes it work. Plus, when I have this in there seems to be less pressure on my head than if I twist my hair into a bun, plus the bun is bigger and prettier. My hair is shoulder length, I think it would work better with longer hair. I am not sure if it would work on all hair types and textures, but I think it would, I have straight and wavy hair. you kind of have to twist the end of your ponytail to get it threaded, but after that it's ridiculously easy. Mine was prime, so i got it in two days, no idea how it would be coming from hong kong.

EDIT: A couple of weeks of use and the plastic is starting to give... It may be because I have a lot of hair, but it also could just be that the plastic gives after repeated use.... I ordered another and still like the product... but since we're giving up goods made in China, it will probably be my last one :)
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on November 4, 2011
First of all, this thing is made of really hard plastic so when I took it out of the package I thought, "Oh no, this was a total waste of money. How am I going to work this thing?!" It turns out that the stiffness holds your hair much better than the soft fabric kind and adds volume to your bun so it looks bigger. By the way, I have medium length hair.

For those of you who have not worked with this design, you pull your pony tail through the middle and turn the tool twice. Then you pull it through your hair almost to the end of your pony tail and roll it torwards your scalp (up, down, left or right depending on where you want the tail or french twist). When you have rolled your hair to your scalp, you pull the ends together and hook it the tool to itself and you have yourself a nice sturdy bun.
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on September 6, 2013
This hair product is ok.. I have loose curly hair. The length of my hair goes to about my mid back.
I put my hair in a pony tail about in the middle of my head using an elastic band.
I then put my pony tail though the slot of this clip.
And then pull the clip toward the ends of my hair
Then start rolling the clip toward the base of my pony tail.
Clipping the two ends together.
Sometimes the clip doesn't catch or it pops open.. I have to use a couple of bobby pins to move some of my hair (curls) to cover the plastic clip ends so they don't show.

All in all this is an ok product.. It took 17 days from ordering to receiving (China to Illinois) and cost me .94 cents with no shipping cost... so for under a dollar you really cant go wrong... just wish the hooks on the ends wouldn't slip or pop open. Maybe if they had a hook and eye at the ends and not two hooks it would hold better.
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on December 20, 2012
Past reviews regarding this item are correct in the fact that it is made from hard plastic. I anticipated this when I attempted to use it for the first time and thought to myself ' this is going to break in two'! The product held up, and I had my bun. I have thin, fine hair, fairly long; so once I secured my hair in a pony tail, I sprayed it with hair spray and gently teased it...this gave my hair texture so when I rolled it, it was not so slippery and gave me a bigger bun. I could see how this would not work for long, thick hair as it is not flexible. Do I see this product lasting my lifetime? Will it eventually break due to the inflexibility? Perhaps. But for the price point, I felt it was worth a try and yes, I can have a bun. It takes a little practice, a few bobby pins if you have layers and some hair spray and you will be good to go...
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on March 4, 2016
Bought these three years ago and had NO idea how to use it. Just sat there in my make up drawer. Got online today, determined to find out what it's for. I LOVE it. I have thick wavy hair and it holds so well and without causing a headache! I highly recommend this hair tool, because it's an affordable price and it works so well!
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on May 3, 2015
I have very long hair that is "normal" thick so I was taking a chance on purchasing these and I was not disappointed. I rarely wear my hair in a bun but wanted an accessory that would that and this one does the job. I do not recommend it for extreme long hair like what I have because it's hard to roll up but if you have no other way make a bun it will work. I liked the product and its price so much I ordered three more so I could have extra ones around.
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