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Despite its tad high of a price, i decided to grab one along with the firetv. and now im pretty sure i'll pick up another so my wife and i can have at it to settle arguments.

I was always partial to the xbox styled controllers, never liked the playstation design. So this was perfectly natural to use.

-Feels quality
-takes AA batteries(i have tons of rechargables, some people may not like this)
-Sleeps to conserve energy, wakes up with a press.
-no wires(kinda implied for any game system in 2013+
-Pairs damn quick and easily

-it should be $5 cheaper. I know, 5 bucks isn't big, but i think many of those who see it as overpriced would have not thought so with a number like $35 instead of 40
-Has dead zone, see below

overall, if you're of those who hope amazon does make this into a half decent gaming machine, it's a no brainer. I don't think anyone should have the expectation that this will replace an xbox or PS, but it looks to be just what i want, a media box which also does a pretty good job at gaming

Vs Xbox/playstation
Something to think about: This system with 1 remote costs $140. A new xbox 360 4gb E costs only $40 more and is a more serious gaming machine that also has streaming abilities... But then again you'll need the $60ish xbox live service to get full functionality... but then again amazon prime is $99 to add some functionality to the firetv. I wonder now if that prime membership includes the use of online multiplayer games or if that's free...

OK, here's hoping amazon improves this, but the controller has a significant analog stick dead zone. What that means is that moving the analog stick a little bit doesn't do anything, you have to move it a lot. this means accurate and minute adjustments to aiming/movement are a lot trickier. taking off a star for this.

So, it seems you can use the xbox controller with the pc usb adapter, i just ordered one and am going to try it out. I am having a decent enough time with the amazon controller, but no matter what sensitivity settings i try, i can't get a pleasant aiming/movement experience out of it. If the Xbox controller works as faultlessly as others are reporting, i'm going to send back the amazon one and keep the xbox controller. it was only $45 for the controller plus usb adapter, and xbox controllers can be had for $35 each, so the price is pretty much the same but with the xbox controller you're getting something that's been refined.

The standard xbox wireless controller with PC usb adapter works perfectly. You can buy it as a kit for only a few dollars more than the amazon controller and still add up to 4 xbox controllers which each cost less than the amaazon one. It still doesn't feel quite as accurate as i'm used to, but that must either come down to how the games are made/processed, or i'm just that rusty. Either way, the amazon controller while very OK, i'd say grab the Xbox controllers
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on August 23, 2015
been using this controller for a few months and its right side joystick sticks causing a constant downward movement almost all the time unless you put slight pressure on it. makes it very hard to scroll through the menus or play games on amazon fire tv. this is the second controller ive bought through amazon (dog ate first one). but first one did it as well. There is no option to calibrate the joystick at all either. After reviewing others comments on this it seems like it was a common issue with the controllers that were sent out around that time. I buy alot of stuff on amazon and alot of amazon brand things and usually pretty good. I reduce my rating to one star after amazon sent me a message to try and troubleshoot my controller... while not just offering to a replacment (considering many controllers of that time frame were sent out and experience the same problem).
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on January 28, 2017
The first Amazon Fire Game Controller, released in 2014, is a Bluetooth controller for the Amazon Fire ecosystem. It is an adequate controller much of the time, with an Xbox style layout, but the analog sticks and the D Pad leave something to be desired. The upside is that it works with nearly the entire Fire ecosystem, only missing early Kindle Fires (2011 and 2012) that didn't support Bluetooth.

The controller uses 2 AA batteries instead of having an internal battery. The upside is that you can easily swap out batteries when they are low (we all have a million rechargeable AA's, right?) and the controller doesn't have to go to a special place to charge. The downside is that usually controllers with an internal battery have a Lithium Ion battery, are more compact, and have longer times between charges.

It has been replaced by the 2016 Amazon Fire TV Game Controller with Alexa (2nd Gen), which uses WiFi Direct instead of Bluetooth, meaning it's really just a Fire TV controller.
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on December 20, 2014
This controller works as expected. I fully tested it with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Easy to pair with Fire TV.
Has all the functions the Fire TV remote has (Except Voice Search).
Similar to game console controllers.

Fire TV does not have enough usable space to support multiple game downloads. Fire TV comes with 8Gb of space, but only about 5Gb is usable. Most games require 1.5Gb of space. Fire TV does not currently support external thumb/hard drives.

UPDATE: Fire TV box (Not Stick) now supports external thumb drives. However it does not allow you to install apps on the usb drive. The native app and app updates get installed on the local drive. The USB drive is for saving additional data like in game achievements. This means that Fire TV still only has 5Gb of usable space for games and other apps. I just have Netflix, Hulu, iHeartRadio, Plex and GTA San Andreas installed and Fire TV says that I'm low on space and to uninstall some apps.
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on May 1, 2014
It is a nice controller, and not being locked to just Amazon devices makes it a better deal @ $40.

Aesthetically it is what it is. I can't really deduct any stars on looks because I saw it before I bought it. not that it's bad, just plain. Ergonomically it is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller. The weight feels about the same. The plastic doesn't feel cheap and it is easy to hold on to. The button and stick configuration is the same as the 360 controller ant the footprint of the controls is the standard size like the 360 or PS3 controllers. It is only slightly wider then the 360 to add the media buttons.

Paired up quickly to the Fire TV. The instructions that came with are simple enough for anyone to follow. I do suggest doing it in the order of the instructions. I you start the FTV scanning for devices then press and hold Home it can take longer fore the devices to pair.

The buttons are nice and firm, no slop. The joysticks so far have shown no lag. The side buttons are nice and snappy but the left and right triggers are a little weak. They work and respond fine, but with little resistance I tend to really bear down on them where controllers with firmer triggers I don't feel the need to pull so hard.

So far all the Fire TV games that are controller enabled work along with some I have sideloaded like GTA: San Andreas, On XDA there is a great list of compatible apps being compiled. Google Fire TV XDA to find the forum.

Best feature for me is the Game button. Pops you right to the game menu, nice idea.

It uses batteries. For me this is a plus. With internal rechargeable batteries if something goes wrong it's toast. could then tear it apart and replace the internal batteries so long as nothing proprietary has been done to it or it isn't hardware failure in the charging system.. Rechargeable AA batteries and chargers are cheap and if they go bad, just get more.

Over all a nice controller. I had originally planned on going with 4 stars. Amazon support said the FTV controller is not supported on other devices. I at first took it to mean it wouldn't work. The I realized they meant "they" don't support it on other devices so I tested it out. It works awesome on my Android TV sticks, my Dell Venue 8, and all my other tablets I have right now. Being more then a one trick pony put the extra star back,
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VINE VOICEon May 26, 2014
Format: Electronics|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
 We love the Amazon Fire Game Controller and use it frequently with our Amazon Fire TV. Particularly if you play a lot of games on the Fire TV, this controller works much better than the included remote does (especially for most racing and arcade games). It resembles the look and feel of an XBOX controller, so if you are familiar with that brand then you'll have no trouble using this controller.

The controller is not just for games though. There is a play/pause button and forward/back buttons near the bottom, making it easy to control video playback on Amazon Instant Video. The keypad and/or joystick allows for easy navigation around the menu screen as well as most apps (including Netflix).

I purchased this item when I originally got my Fire TV, but I also received a second controller for free through the Vine program. So both myself and several members of my family have been able to use this product, and we all agree that it is a worthy purchase that enhances the Fire TV user experience.

2 AA Batteries are required, and I'd recommend picking up some rechargeables if you're going to use the controller a lot.

** If you purchase by June 2, 2014 - Amazon gifts you 1,000 Coins to spend in their App Store ($10 value) as well as a complimentary game "Sev Zero" ($6.99 value).
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on December 27, 2015
I purchased a second remote for my son, so that he would be able to play 2-player games with Amazon Fire TV; however, there are not many games that have a 2-player option. Additionally, when we found out that Bomb Squad and Beach Buggy would allow us to play with 2 players, the games didn't seem to run right in this 2-player mode. With Beach Buggy, my sons seemed to lack control when playing in the split screen upgrade mode. Both Amazon Fire game remotes were synced, but my sons weren't able to control their man/buggy when they were playing in the 2-player mode. I will probably return the newly purchased remote.
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on April 22, 2014
I bought two of these pretty much straight off the bat.

The controllers are pretty sturdy, very similar to an Xbox 360 controller.
You'll never use the pause/play/etc video controls from here, since there's a 'real' remote too, but they're nice I guess.

The two batteries that came with it are Amazon Basics branded, and so far have lasted through a couple weeks.

The biggest complaints I have are:

1) There is no way to shut down the system or the controllers, other than to unplug it and/or remove the remote batteries. This isn't that big of a deal... the system is made to standby full time. But it could lead to power-leaking and even accidental purchases.

2) There's nothing to play! There are some decent 1 player games... and I actually quite like Sev Zero. It's very Halo. But there's NOTHING worth playing which uses 2 game controllers. I'm thinking about returning the second one to be honest. There's maybe one racing game in split-screen. I'm hoping this changes over time... but the app store 'multiplayer' games are deceiving and not really made for two people on the same system. So far I'm disappointed, but I'm hoping some of the new Amazon games that come out will fill this gap.
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on December 19, 2015
I originally bought this in 2014. Kids wondered why we hadn't used it the other day, so I fired it up with fresh batteries. Now I remember why we stopped using it. One or more of the buttons is broken, and the remote sends bad info to the user interface on the screen, and allows us to do nothing. Cursor jumps around uncontrollably, nothing can be accessed or controlled.
Researched online, saw that the latest update version for the controller was 66, settings shows we have. Thought update would help. Nope. Controller is seen by system, with the old system version, but system did not update automatically, as the troubleshooting instructions said.
Love my Fire TV, very disappointed with controller, which went belly up after very light usage.
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When I saw the controller I wondered how comfortable it would be to have the thumbsticks offset where one is higher and more outer and one is lower and more inner. Same with the AXYB buttons compared to the + section.
Once I got it my concerns were confirmed. It just feels like I'm holding the controller wrong or off center.
Also, the ends of the controller are squared off weird and not comfortable.
I'm an adult female, 5' 4 1/4" with um, I guess averaged size hands.
For $99 (Kindle Fire TV) + $40 (minus $17 in free games) for the controller, I guess overall it's not a bad value for an electronic frivolous/luxury (non-necessity) gadget, but I wouldn't diss or recommend the game controller. I think they could have done better, and it's definitely not ergonomic, and once the promotion goes away, I really don't think it's worth $40 by itself.
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