Customer Reviews: Amazon Fire Game Controller
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Despite its tad high of a price, i decided to grab one along with the firetv. and now im pretty sure i'll pick up another so my wife and i can have at it to settle arguments.

I was always partial to the xbox styled controllers, never liked the playstation design. So this was perfectly natural to use.

-Feels quality
-takes AA batteries(i have tons of rechargables, some people may not like this)
-Sleeps to conserve energy, wakes up with a press.
-no wires(kinda implied for any game system in 2013+
-Pairs damn quick and easily

-it should be $5 cheaper. I know, 5 bucks isn't big, but i think many of those who see it as overpriced would have not thought so with a number like $35 instead of 40
-Has dead zone, see below

overall, if you're of those who hope amazon does make this into a half decent gaming machine, it's a no brainer. I don't think anyone should have the expectation that this will replace an xbox or PS, but it looks to be just what i want, a media box which also does a pretty good job at gaming

Vs Xbox/playstation
Something to think about: This system with 1 remote costs $140. A new xbox 360 4gb E costs only $40 more and is a more serious gaming machine that also has streaming abilities... But then again you'll need the $60ish xbox live service to get full functionality... but then again amazon prime is $99 to add some functionality to the firetv. I wonder now if that prime membership includes the use of online multiplayer games or if that's free...

OK, here's hoping amazon improves this, but the controller has a significant analog stick dead zone. What that means is that moving the analog stick a little bit doesn't do anything, you have to move it a lot. this means accurate and minute adjustments to aiming/movement are a lot trickier. taking off a star for this.

So, it seems you can use the xbox controller with the pc usb adapter, i just ordered one and am going to try it out. I am having a decent enough time with the amazon controller, but no matter what sensitivity settings i try, i can't get a pleasant aiming/movement experience out of it. If the Xbox controller works as faultlessly as others are reporting, i'm going to send back the amazon one and keep the xbox controller. it was only $45 for the controller plus usb adapter, and xbox controllers can be had for $35 each, so the price is pretty much the same but with the xbox controller you're getting something that's been refined.

The standard xbox wireless controller with PC usb adapter works perfectly. You can buy it as a kit for only a few dollars more than the amazon controller and still add up to 4 xbox controllers which each cost less than the amaazon one. It still doesn't feel quite as accurate as i'm used to, but that must either come down to how the games are made/processed, or i'm just that rusty. Either way, the amazon controller while very OK, i'd say grab the Xbox controllers
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VINE VOICEon June 7, 2014
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A lot has been written about the Fire TV, with most of it emphasizing the media aspects. I gave it a 5 star review the first week I had it, and would still give it the same.

I also bought a controller at the same time, thinking it would be great to play games that were engaging but not expensive, fun but not so immersive they take over your life.

Amazon provided a controller for review purposes as well, meaning I now have 2. What I like about it is it really does provided added enjoyment to the Fire TV. If you are at all interested in the gaming side of it, then getting a controller is a very worthwhile step. That being said, there's nothing about this particular controller that stands out and indeed the price is a bit high for the features.

If you have any experience with game consoles over the last decade, or more, this controller will feel very familiar. It's a bit larger and more angular than the XBox 360 controller, but the button setup is almost exactly the same. I find that after playing a while my hand starts falling asleep, no doubt because it is less rounded and so puts more pressure on the hand.

Bluetooth controlled, and very responsive, so it definitely works well. But no added features or capabilities. No rumbling or headphone/microphone inputs (which would be good for potential headsets for multiplayer games). I don't care much about those but I would have really liked motion detection of some kind, which is standard in tablets and smartphones, and as such used by some android games. That would have justified the higher price.

As far as games, the library of really good games is small. Sev Zero is indeed pretty fun, and when I bought the controller I got that and 1000 amazon credits as a "free" bonus. The hope, and expectation, is that the game library will grow not only in size (there really are a lot of games) and in depth, with high quality games making the controller even more necessary.
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This controller looks suspiciously similar to the similar offering from OnLive, but is a great accessory for the Amazon Fire HD nonetheless. It feels very much like an Xbox 360 controller yet has a much more functional d-pad. The price of the controller is slightly offset by the $10 in Amazon coins you'll receive with purchase.

Pairing with the Fire TV was quick and easy and there is no configuration necessary with the supported games. I tested this with the Fire TV version of Sonic CD and it worked well for retro gaming with fast response and a comfortable feel.

One thing to note, however, is that the Fire TV also works with other standard Bluetooth controllers. So this isn't a necessary purchase if you already have a bluetooth controller that works with other android devices. I tried pairing it up with my Mac and it took over mouse control, making the computer unusable until I removed the batteries from the controller (it was continually moving the mouse pointer to the lower corner of the screen).

If you have a Fire TV and want to play games this will provide the best experience. But there are other less expensive controllers that will perform adequately enough to make this one an optional purchase.
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on April 3, 2014
I am impressed with this controller. I almost didn't get it because I thought the price of $40 was too much for the amount of game playing I would be doing with the Fire TV, but I guess that is the cost of turning the Fire TV into a video game system. In retrospect, I am happy that I did get the controller, as I have enjoyed playing many games on my TV with it.

To connect it to your Fire TV, after you insert the included batteries, go to the "Settings" menu on the Fire TV, then select remotes, and click on the Add a Game Controller option. The TV then prompts you to press a button on the controller, and mine connected within a couple seconds.

It seems like the controller "goes to sleep" after a couple minutes of inactivity. To wake it up, you just press a button, and it connects again within a few seconds.

It feels good in my hands, and the buttons feel of decent quality. It is also nice that there are extra buttons on the controller that can be used to control the Fire TV for watching movies/shows. I now wish I had got 2 (or more) so I could play with others, and I will probably add another one soon.

The game that came with the purchase of my Fire TV and remote is a shooter game (Sev Zero)Sev Zero like a Halo-style game. It is pretty good (in my opinion, though I am not a video game aficionado, I definitely enjoyed it). The graphics were pretty good and the game and controller were very responsive. I will likely continue playing it for a while, though I can't say that I am addicted to it yet.

I then installed Asphalt Airborne 8, a racing game that was free at the time I installed it. Unfortunately, the game then advised me that it needed an additional 1,110MB ( 1 GB!!!) of data to play. So I clicked "Ok" and it began to download. It took a long time to download, but it is a good game with good graphics (at least, considering that this is a streaming TV box).

I was a little concerned about the advertised 55 hour battery life of the controller, but it has not been a problem as the batteries have lasted a long time. (It would have been nice to have the option to plug the controllers in via a USB plug of some sort for occasions where you run out of batteries in the middle of a game, now I will just need to make sure that I always have extra batteries around).


Overall, I am happy that I bought this controller with the Fire TV. I rarely buy things the day they come out, but I am glad I did for this. I have enjoyed using it so far, and I can tell that it is something that will be getting a lot of use!
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on May 13, 2014
First off I absolutely love my Fire TV . I can stream all my Prime shows without the hassle of hooking my Kindle to the TV. My grandkids can play their games on a big screen easily and the controller makes gaming easy . It also acts as a 2nd controller switching thru games and apps easily!!!! Thumbs up Amazon you've done it again!
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on February 3, 2015
This controller doesn't last very long. One button goes out (the A button) and you have to buy a new one? Not Good. Improvements via the manufacturer needed. This is my second one since the holidays. Is there a better, decent priced one?
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Prior to receiving this game controller I'd ordered and cancelled it. Why? The wait was too long to receive it, and I wasn't sure it would be worth the forty bucks. When I noticed Amazon was finally able to ship it within a week of ordering, I decided to give it another go and return it if it wasn't to my liking.

When I received the controller the boxing was very much like that of the Fire TV Stick. Instructions for setup were clear, and the controller itself felt solid - good in the hands - and came with (2) AA batteries to let me get started using it right away. I kept the box... just in case.

To pair the controller with the Fire TV Stick was super easy, and took literally 2 minutes. I was playing Beach Buggy in no time... until my daughter found out I had the controller and then it was all her fun for the next hour. We both agreed the controller was intuitive, easy to use and just like a PS or Xbox controller in terms of feel and function.

Today is trash day and I've put the Amazon Fire Game Controller box in the trash. I'm keeping it, and will consider buying a second one. It has definitely added to the fun of the Fire TV Stick and surprisingly, the price seems on par with its performance.
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on December 21, 2014
Syncing works great, device is recognized quickly. One large issue. With the purchase of this controller by it's own page description there would seem to be 415 apps & games available- not correct as of this morning. You will not be able to access all of this material if you have the fire stick and buy this as an accessory item. Although the page gives a different impression and the customer service rep has agreed with me in a reply email by stating: "I'm sorry for the misleading information on our Fire Game Controller detail page."

To read the description you would believe that with this game controller all 415 items would be available to you; many will not be compatible.
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on April 9, 2014
This is a very well designed controller. Well balanced, responsive, and feels comfortable in my hands. Some are complaining that it is too big. I don't think so. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360, and it feels very similar. This along with the Fire TV makes for a very reasonably priced "mini game console". While the combo won't take any real customer base away from the two big guns, it is a great setup for a casual gamer. My only concern is that there is not enough games available at this point, but adopt early and hope Amazon supports this well in the future. I really like the controller and the Fire TV. I'm buying another of each for my daughter's room. This is much less expensive for her to play on than a dedicated game console. Kudos to Amazon for having the nuts to give this a go. Don't let the negative reviews keep you from buying this. It is a quality piece of equipment that is well worth the price.
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on April 25, 2014
For those of you wondering if, or to what degree, this works for using as a controller for your Kindle Fire then the answer is yes, but to a certain degree.

Setup itself is easy via the use of the Bluetooth linking the controller and Kindle Fire together. Once connected you are able to use the controller to scroll through the apps that you may have on your device, as well as all the above tabs with ease. Netflix was easy to navigate through as well with easy selection.

As for games - It depends of course if the game has controller support, as well as the game itself. Just note that not all games come with controller support, I found a few games such as Ravensword 2 had controller support, however, when trying to access the game using the controller it would freeze up. Terraria didn't work, neither did a few other games, but no surprise there. Now Grand Theft Auto: Vice City worked beautifully. Love the game, played a good chunk of it without a controller but it's just not the same so I am excited to use the controller to play it now.

Few other minor details for the few of you wondering about using it for your Kindle Fire - Buttons are per-designated, connection varies by game, and I would not recommend that you buy this controller unless you know a game has controller support and that it's worth spending 40+ to play it. Now I must decide whether or not I shall get Fire TV.

Hope this helped!
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