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on March 15, 2013
It's a USB power adapter, and it works exactly as intended. Huzzah. But I've been bamboozled (awesome word) out of my money in the excitement of buying my Paperwhite and wanting to make sure I could charge it. I didn't even think about the cost of this at the time. 20 dollars? Holy crap.

Let's compare, shall we?
Here's one:Universial Travel AC Wall Adapter USB Charger. This adapter manages to work in other countries, has LEDs, and is available for the paltry sum of three dollars. All while still managing a four star rating. Man that amazon logo must be REALLY flippen' expensive to put on these chargers.

Well hey, that's only ONE example! It's not like there are any oth-..
Oh wait. There totally are. The PowerLine 2Amp Four Port USB AC Power Adapter. This thing will not only charge your kindle, but also three OTHER USB devices. It's four times more efficient and it's still half the price of the official kindle USB power adapter! I can seriously find whole pages of these things. What on earth was I thinking?

DO NOT BUY THIS! Save your money. If you don't like the examples I gave, you can always walk into your local electronic store and buy one for a few bucks. Learn from my mistake.
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on December 26, 2012
Why wasn't this included in my purchase of a Kindle???? Gotta squeeze a few extra $$ out of your pocket. What can I add other than it was a mandatory purchase if I wanted my daughter to be able to use her new Kindle on Christmas.
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on December 5, 2012
This does exactly what it is supposed to do, so I'll give it five stars. I had some confusion however when I purchased this item. I initially bought the Kindle ($69) as a gift and it says the power adapter is not included. I took this to mean that if I didn't also purchase this that the person would have no way to charge their new Kindle. I was even more confused when I received the item and there was no USB to Kindle cord. It was then that I realized that the Kindle does come with the cord, but just the cord. So the person is able to hook the Kindle up to a computer. If you want to be able to plug it into the wall, that is what this is for and it is just the plug end that is pictured here.

Others have said and I do agree that you could probably get a cheaper version of this, or you may already have one with all the devices these days that use USB to charge (ipod, iphone etc). However, giving it as a gift I thought it looked nice to have the official charger to go with it, buying at the same time as Kindle I got this for $9.99.
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on April 26, 2013
. . .but if you have a Kindle you really need it. Maybe I could buy another brand of replacement plug someplace, but it would take getting into my car and driving to various brick and mortar stores to be told by the clerk that, "Yeah, we carry them usually, but we are out right now."

Maybe if I search the internet electronic stores I could find a similar-looking plug and order it and then find out when I got it that the voltage wasn't quite right. I could get my money back and by the time I had finished messing around with it I would have spent as much and wasted more time.

I don't "love" it. It does the job it was designed for without bother. I guess in this day of products that come with built in defects that is something to love, so maybe I do love it. It does what it is supposed to do, charge your Kindle and it is easy to buy from Amazon and it is cheap enough. Does it sell for way more than it cost to manufacture? Probably. But on the other hand, Amazon isn't a non-profit organization. They have to pay all those Chinese companies and although China may be a socialist country, that is only a passing fad. They have been merchants for centuries and it is hard to break a centuries-old custom. The Chinese understand profit and love it. So if you need to charge your Kindle you need this. If you have figured out how to charge it without buying this, let us all know.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 29, 2012
Maybe Amazon should have included this with the Kindle Paperwhite, but then again, this is my 3rd Kindle so they probably thought I already had one.

So, why did I buy one specifically for my Kindle? First reason is, having the name on the plug makes my life easier. We have so many white adapters for our Apple products that I like things simple, and having a name on my equipment, works for me. I know you can get a cheaper one, or use your apple adapter, but that adapter is already busy with an ipad and 2 iphones, so I wanted another one. Plus, those chords are $30, so $20 sounded fine to me.

Second reason, is that yes, I can charge my Kindle on my computer, but when I travel, I don't take my computer, so that wouldn't work. Sure I'd have my iphone and adapter, but not being on top of things, I forget to plug things in, and the phone comes first.

Next, I like to have my plug in on my night stand so I can plug my Kindle in during the day. I read into the week hours, especially since I traded my Kindle Fire for the Paperwhite. So much easier on the eyes.

I could have gone to Radio Shack and purchased an adapter, but ordering from the warmth of my home from Amazon is sooo much easier. Also, this Amazon adapter is sleek and nice looking. And it won't be stolen for other uses by anyone else in the house.
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on January 11, 2014
This is a very good charger that is made well and works exactly as it should. I'm not sure why so many people are whining so much about the price. Sure, you can find a cheaper generic but "caveat emptor" - you generally get what you pay for. I personally would rather not risk damaging a valuable electronic device with a faulty generic just to save a couple of dollars. Before attacking amazon about overpricing one should note the (UL) Underwriters Laboratories certification. This in not an insignificant logo. It means Amazon has put this device through some fairly rigid, high quality standards testing. I doubt you'll find a UL certification on many chargers priced under 15 dollars. Go ahead and look! good luck!

Of course the charger is not necessarily required, Amazon never claimed this is. Any Apple product charger or other USB port in the 1-2 amp range would probably work fine. This is just an optional charger you might what for convenience. I personally don't think the price is outrageous given the quality, although it might be nice if they considered throwing in an extra cable.
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on February 1, 2014
I ordered it at the same time I ordered my Kindle and it has been the second best investment I have made this year (buying my Kindle being the first best investment). It is SO Much more convenient to be able to plug my Kindle into the wall to recharge it instead of having to take up a USB port and plug it into my computer. It can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet in the USA. My only complaint is that it does not come with a USB cable. Granted, I got one with my Kindle, but what I am to do if that cable breaks? When I order a new charger for my phone I expect it to come with the cable to plug into it when I get the charger. I think Amazon needs to start selling it with the USB cable so the buyer doesn't have to go searching Wal-Mart or Radio Shack to purchase one.

Still I really like my charger so far. I would recommend anyone who has a Kindle to buy one.
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on June 22, 2013
They're USB-plug adapters, and for some reason many of these types of items seem to die fairly regularly with no warning. This gives me a small enough plug-to-outlet ratio so I'm not overusing additional space yet allows me to plug in ANY USB cable for all my items that need a charge. Including my Kindle. So, I have more than one or two of these in my house, and keep one or two in my luggage for when I'm traveling just in case I need to plug stuff in and there isn't enough space or the plugs are difficult to access. A really handy item, I don't know if anyone else uses them like this, but they're a heckofa-lot more reliable than some other USB-plug adapters. They don't wear out easily, have a small footprint on outlets so you can get more usage from a power strip if using one (many plugs these days are so large they overlap two outlets, rendering one useless - this doesn't do that), and are friendly to a host of gadgets other than just Kindles. But my Kindles (plural) like these a lot too.
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on January 2, 2012
I thought it was annoying to hook my kindle touch up to my laptop to have it charge, so I bought this so I could have a charger in the bedroom. The usb cable (included with the kindle) easily hooks in the back end of the adapter. Seems to charge the kindle quickly, and even though I thought it was a bit expensive I figured it would be safest to go with the approved adapter. I recommend ordering this at the time of your kindle order because it seems like you can get a discount that way.
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on January 24, 2014
This is a standard 5W USB charger. I purchased it to use with my Kindle e-Reader, but also use it with my cell phone. It is recommended for use with the Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard and Kindle DX and charges those devices in 4 hours or less. It can also be used with other android and iOS devices, hence my Galaxy S4 cell phone. It should NOT be used with any of the Kindle Fire devices. It works great and has a nice sleek look to it (ladies you know WE care about how things look, even our chargers. LOL) I purchased this charger when Amazon had it on sale for $4.99. It's a great quality charger, but I'm not sure about the $14.99 price tag. This is a standard charger, not one of those high powered ones that provides accelerated charging like the Powerfast charger. Nevertheless, I like it. It works great and looks good. I really like the Amazon logo emblazoned on the side.
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