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Andrew, the founder of Elago, saw what was available to protect his exciting new iPhone and couldn’t find anything that suited his personality. Accessories are not just what your electronics wear, but an expression of your personality. When we look at the different accessories available today for our tech, there is an influx of products that are just too gaudy. Andrew didn’t want the flashy or cute accessories; he wanted something simple and clean – something that showed a little bit of himself.

“With the 8th generation of iPhone coming out, I took a step back to see how much Elago has grown over the years. Thinking back to our first line of products and seeing the evolution in design has shown me how elago has gotten much bigger than just me. Every product goes through several stages during its creation; the stage that takes the most time is our Design Improvement stage – the ‘what would make this better’ stage. My team and I spend countless hours – even days – to ensure we create a product that would be the most useful to you. We work very hard to create something that you would find joy in using in a way that helps personalize your gadgets. With the help of Amazon Exclusives, I hope to help you put your fingerprint on your tech." –Andrew Lee, Founder and Head Designer

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The BIG TALK Question Card Game Game helps you skip small talk to make more meaningful life connections instead. It is inspired from a viral YouTube video by Kalina Silverman where she filmed herself approaching strangers and skipping small talk to ask them the deeper question: “What do you want to do before you die?” Their answers were surprising and revealed many truths about life, love, family, friendship, time, and what make us most human. The conversations she started and the stories she heard, proved how people are willing to open up about their lives, if only asked. Today, Kalina is still friends with many of the people she "made BIG TALK" with. Her TEDx talk "How to Skip the small talk and connect with anyone" has over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

With the help of Amazon Exclusives, BIG TALK has sparked new connections all over the world! One customer said "The BIG TALK Question Card Game is one of the most valuable things I've ever bought! I love talking to strangers and making new friends. These cards have so many substantial questions that make people think and open up. I've been having meaningful conversations with the mailman, the lady at See's Candy, the homeless guy, my coworkers, and everywhere I go! I Love these cards!" –Kalina, Founder

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At Luuup, we’re committed to bringing fresh and forward-thinking pet products to life.With a deep focus on design combined with an uncompromising stance on the quality of construction, we’re created a litter box that you’d actually want to have in your home. Cleaning your litter box takes seconds. With no unnecessary extras, scoops, liners,or parts that break, we’ve done our best to make the lives of cats, and their owners better. Cleaning the litter box has never been easier.

“Our first design challenge was creating a litter box that was both functional and stylish. We took a necessary, important, but boring pet product, and made it more usefull, elegant and ultimately coveted for all of those things.Joining the Amazon Exclusives program was next logical step to meet the rapid growth and massive demand for our product. The support provided by the Exclusives team has been essential to our success on Amazon." –Nick, Founder

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Welcome to Amazon Exclusives. Amazon Exclusives showcases sellers who have chosen to sell their products only on the Amazon Marketplace and through their own websites and physical stores. We have a collection of exciting new technologies and innovative brands to suit any customer, from Shoes to Sports & Outdoors to Electronics. All products in the Amazon Exclusives Store are fulfilled by Amazon, giving more benefits for Prime customers. Prime-eligible items can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. We will continue to add popular and up-and-coming brands in the store, so be sure to bookmark this page for new and exciting products.