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on September 7, 2016
Cord cutter here. We had been wanting to dump cable for some time but were scared to leave our comfort zone. Since we are Prime members, we finally decided to give Amazon Fire TV a shot. We've been using Fire TV for two weeks now and we'll never go back to cable!


Ridiculously easy to set up and small form factor which takes up very little space.

Simple remote (and a free app so you can turn your cell or tablet into a remote).

No buffering issues have yet come up (although that may be because I have a very strong internet connection).

Seamless interaction with our Prime Video account and Amazon Music, across all devices. For example, if I download a movie from Prime on my tablet, watch some of it during my commute - when I get home and turn on Fire TV, I can pick up right where I left off from my tablet...seamlessly without having to manually sync.

Comes with thousands of channels/apps loaded including all of the the major services we use.

Can be used for games (we haven't tried any games yet)

The voice command feature is outstanding. Speak the name of a show or movie and be taken instantly to it, with multiple options for buying, renting or just viewing for free if available. I've never been a big voice command user with other devices but this one works so well that using it has already become a habit.

Using the Amazon Photos app you can instantly upload all of your digital photos from your phone or tablet to your Fire TV for large screen viewing of your photos.

CONS: No way to customize the home screen layout (at least no way that I've been able to figure out).

OVERALL: I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Since we use Prime and Amazon Music, its a no-brainer for us to use the Fire TV. Everything syncs automatically and transfers from device to device seamlessly.

Edited to add the following section after reading some of the 1 and 2 star reviews:

If you are a first-time cord-cutter, considering cord-cutting or new to streaming TV services, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Make sure you really take the time to do research and due-diligence on cord-cutting. Just google "cord cutting" to get started with several good articles. I'm seeing a lot of 1 and 2 star reviewers who seemed surprised that they actually have to pay for things like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Fire TV (and all of the other streaming services like Roku, Apple TV, etc.) do not just give you free access to all content. They allow you to pick and choose what you want to watch and pay for as opposed to making you pay a big fee for a huge amount of channels you will never watch. If you do it right, you'll have access to the content you want for a substantial savings over what you were paying with cable.

2) Make sure you have a strong (and fast) internet connection. This is very important. We dumped our cable company in its entirety (including internet service) and upgraded to a faster dedicated line internet service with another company. We have up to six devices simultaneously streaming at any given time in our house and our internet service can handle all of that as well as the streaming Fire TV. So make sure yours can as well. If you're not sure, call your internet service provider, tell them you are planning to switch to streaming television and ask them about your current speeds.

3) Some apps require a cable subscription. You can purchase a streaming service like Sling which will bundle several of the channels you likely want but you may find yourself unable to access certain apps. For now password sharing with one of your friends may solve that problem but I suspect its only a matter of time before that loophole gets closed. So do your research and make sure you can access the channels you want.

4) Give yourself time to adjust to the new interface. It took some getting used to when I lost my ability to surf the cable channel guide. But the fact is, I'm no longer wasting large chunks of time mindlessly surfing the guide. Rather than surf, I'm turning to specific apps to watch specific programs. Its liberating in a way that I didn't expect. Besides, I can now surf all of the Amazon Prime content by simply using the voice command on the remote.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 2, 2016
This review is more of a guide for cablecutters, which we have found fire TV a great way to accomplish this. There's plenty of reviews explaining how to use the fire, so this is more for people like us who don't want to pay full cable prices but are ok with paying for access to apps to still watch all our cable shows, at a significant savings to cable, and are used to using a dvr (we used tivo) and don't want to watch commercials. We've had this box for a couple weeks now, and while it has taken some getting used to, since you have to access your shows through individual apps instead of them all being on one big list, we have found it worthwhile to make the switch.

Keep in mind you have to be able to plug an hdmi cord into your tv. We actually had to buy a new tv to be able to use this box but tvs are so cheap nowadays that it was still cheaper to buy a new one than to keep up with our cable bill. The savings in just the first several of months covered the cost of the tv. The interface on the fire tv is really easy to use and navigate through all the apps you wish to use and everything is kept nice and organized. We got the box instead of the stick because we wanted to have a more reliable, faster wired connection to our internet. At first I was sad to read on other reviews that the voice control doesn't work on any of the apps, but honestly I've never even used it once since getting it and once you sign into everything, there's not much need of typing to find your shows on other apps so I really don't miss it at all. If you just want this to watch prime tv included in your amazon subscription then you can stop here, the rest is about what apps we use (and pay for) to watch our shows. I will list what apps we have found useful and what we found we could do without.

I did the math before purchasing this, and even after paying the monthly subscriptions for ALL the apps we'd need to watch our favorite shows, we'd still be saving around $1000 per year! And now after using this for a couple weeks, it will be even more of a savings than I thought because we don't need to pay for Sling tv. The channels we'd mostly watch from sling have their own apps (A&E and History) where you can watch their shows for free with little to no commercials at all. On the Sling tv app you are forced to watch commercials, it has no fast forwarding or recording. We tried watching one show and there was 12 commercials in one of 4 or 5 commercial breaks. After using tivo for so many years, we couldn't handle it. So now, here are the apps we DO pay for and find useful:
1. Playstation vue. (note: you do *not* need a playstation to sign up for this. I do not own one. I made my account from my computer on their website) This one is by far the most expensive monthly fee, but for us it is totally worth it for the amount of channels, content and recording capability. has a lot of our favorite channels. AMC, discovery, fox, tlc, spike, fx, nbc, bravo, the food network, just to name a few! This is by far our most used app, and you cannot get it on other devices, like a roku, which is one of the reasons why we went with the fireTV. And it was certainly the right decision for us. Once you get it set up and add your "favorite" shows, it will act as it's own dvr and records and saves your shows for 30 days after they air. Most channels you can fast forward through commercials, except for a few. Like abc, and fox. If you want to watch such channels without commercials you can do as we did and also subscribe to:
2. Hulu. Commercial free plan is great, though some shows will still have 1 commercial at the beginning and the end, but I find that acceptable. Lots of cable show selections as well as some original shows. You can get a 30 day free trial, which can also include your 30 day trial of:
3. Showtime. As stated, we signed up to this through hulu so you access it through the hulu app.
4. HBO Now. Watch your favorite hbo shows at the same time as they would air on cable.
5 & 6 History and A&E apps, both free, both work great and allow us to not have to pay for Sling. I'm sure there are other channels that have such free app offerings, but these are the ones we have personally used and found to work very well.

And of course you have access to all that amazon has to offer, and netflix if you choose to subscribe to that too! We've had no trouble with any of the listed apps or the amazon box itself, setup was easy and once you choose all the apps you want to install/subscribe to, keeping up with your favorite shows is quite easy too. Hope this helps anyone else out there looking for a lower-cost cable option!

Update: I have been informed that playstation vue is now available on roku as well. I haven't personally used it on any device besides the fire TV though so I can't speak as to how the interface and ease of using the app compares on different devices, but it's definitely still our favorite TV recording & viewing app on the fireTV. Good news for roku owners though!
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on May 29, 2017
Recently we decided to "cut the cord" and cancel our cable subscription. We already had a Fire Stick and were happy with it, but we needed another so we'd have one in our bedroom and one in the living room. I was about to order another Stick, but after talking to a co-worker, he convinced me that since this would now be our main source of entertainment, it'd probably be worth spending a little more to get a better set up. Excellent advice!

I loved our old Fire Stick, but it would regularly lag and take a few seconds to respond when we'd scroll over or click on something. I could be wrong, but I think it was a 2nd generation one. It did everything we needed, but it's very annoying to hit a button and not see anything happen for a few seconds. Half the time I would hit the button again and when the system would respond, I'd of scrolled past what I wanted.

Anyway, when this baby arrived, I set it up with an Ethernet connection (also a big plus over the Stick) and had it going within a minute or two. Set us is wonderfully simple. Right away I started downloading all the apps I wanted and it was at this time that I knew we were right to spend the extra money. There is virtually no lag time when you're using this system. Sometimes we have to wait on the internet connection, but those delays are not because of the Fire TV. The system itself is fast!
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on October 6, 2015
Hey Alexa, Hey Alexa - Night and day it's Hey Alexa. Make the fire, fix the breakfast, Wash the dishes, do the mopping!

Ok, so I haven't figured out how to make Alexa clean my house like Cinderella...yet. But I'm working on it. In the meantime, I have figured out that she is much more than a glorified alarm clock or DJ. Although, you should know that alarms are "not currently supported on this device," like they are on the Echo. This is a more basic version of Alexa. It doesn't have her full functionality.

I'm not sure what the target demographic for this product is, but I am a professional female in my early thirties, who is in a committed relationship. That is a nice way of saying that my partying days are behind me and my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time binge watching stuff on the sofa. Yes. We are suburban couch potatoes. No shame here. Also, I am an Amazon Prime member, but do not have a 4k TV.

I used to have a Roku that I used for Netflix and Hulu. However, I was more interested in free shipping, so I moved to Prime and got a Fire TV Stick when it was offered for $19.99. For me the stick is a glorified HDMl cable. You could get the same benefits by connecting your laptop to your TV. It's less cumbersome, but that's about it. I wanted it because it said it could mirror your device's screen onto your TV. It didn't explain clearly enough that the only "device" it could do that with was a Kindle (although this has since changed and can now be done). That is why I didn't order the Echo when it came out. It sounded cool but I couldn't figure out what it actually did. Since then, my father got one for my mother, who had a stroke, and it is awesome. The Echo is very cool, but it is also an incredibly useful tool, particularly for those with a physical disability or technology aversion.

So now having experienced the fire stick and the program for the Echo (which is called Alexa), I was actually excited to see a device that combined the two.

As for the device itself, it is 10 oz, 4.5" wide, 4.5" long, and 5/8" thick. The remote is 6" long, 1.5" wide, 1/2" thick and weighs 2.5 oz. It connects via HDMI cable (not included) and plugs into a wall power outlet. It comes with its own special cord; it doesn't use a universal microUSB like the Fire Stick does. So, the Fire TV isn't big, but it isn't as portable as the stick, and you better not lose the cord. However, it beats out the stick in every other category, and it is plug and play, so you can take it anywhere you want.

It connects quickly and easily to your Prime account because Amazon sends it to you already setup with the information. So, if you are buying it as a gift, you need to specify that while you are checking out. However, during the set up process it does give you the option to change the account associated with the device. The problem is that your account is preloaded (if you don't specify it is a gift) and it doesn't require a password during set up. You can set up Amazon FreeTime on it, though, so you don't have to worry about your kids making unauthorized purchases or overusing it.

As for HD quality, it does provide a slightly better picture on my 5 year old Panasonic plasma than the stick does. I suspect it would improve more with newer TVs. Also, it does process tasks faster than my Fire Stick, both of which are connected to Verizon Fios via Wifi. The surround sound (Dolby) is great with anything Prime, but Netflix and other apps don't support surround sound.

However, the best part is definitely Alexa and the voice activated remote. You can say things like, "Alexa, show me comedic movies." It will take you to a list of comedies. You can access anything on the box, such as games and apps, but it is also a virtual search engine. You can ask, "What is the overnight weather forecast for San Diego, CA?" It will both tell you and show you on the screen. It hasn't figured out how to open my Watchlist yet. It processes the command properly, but takes me to the wrong place.

It is fast, it is responsive, and best of all it is accurate. Accuracy is an issue with most of these voice operated items. There is a learning curve, but Alexa rarely gets mixed up or confused once she figures you out. There is definitely a period of time when it's almost like talking to an elderly patient who didn't bring their hearing aid to the hospital with them (I'm a nurse). "You think I'm too hairy?!" "No. I said to play Katy Perry!" That kind of thing. But, Alexa is a quick learner.

Once the initial awkward dating period is over and you get to know each other better, Alexa is great with Prime Music. Say, "Alexa, play Walk like an Egyptian,'' and she will. Prime music has no commercials, and you can listen to specific songs or even entire albums with a quick verbal command. Sometimes, Alexa is smarter than you are. I said, "Alexa, play the pop radio station." She responded with, "Playing the Top Pop Prime Station," and put it on. And maybe she knows that secretly you really don't like Katy Perry that much. Prime music also scrolls the words on the screen as the song plays.

Another cool thing is that it can connect to bluetooth items. So, let's say that you like to have peace and quiet when you sleep, but your boyfriend likes to fall asleep with the TV on. He can put on a pair of bluetooth ear buds and let you sleep. You can also project sound to bluetooth speakers, if you wanted to.

Lastly, you can finally share items from devices other than a Kindle. By saving your media to your Amazon cloud account, you can easily transfer and view them on your TV. It can supposedly mirror other devices as well, like an LG phone. But I haven't gotten it to work with my Samsung Note Edge yet. Still working on it. And I doubt it will ever work with any Apple products, but you never know.

At this time, the gaming remote is $49.99 and isn't being released until October 22. It can be used with the new Fire stick also and you can use more than one gaming remote with each Fire TV (so kids can play multi-player games). However, if you want to play games it is a better deal to buy the Fire TV gaming version, Which is $139.99 and includes the game controller. It is at this link. Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition Also, if you want to game, you can put up to 128gb of expandable memory in it.

The only reason I didn't buy that version (which includes a couple of free games) is because it doesn't also come with a regular remote. I don't want to always have to use a giant game controller, even with Alexa doing most of the work. Although, you can use your mobile phone as a remote for the Fire TV, using the Alexa App that Amazon offers.

Please note that while Alexa works for everything offered by Amazon, and the voice commands work to take you to certain apps such as Hulu, I couldn't get it to take me to Netflix and the apps do not yet offer voice commands once you open them.

Also please note, it does NOT come with its own HDMI cable. And although you can play games with the remote that is provided, there is an additional gaming remote that is more tailored to that purpose.

There is one thing I wish Alexa could do, but doesn't. I wish she had the ability to make VOIP emergency calls. There are all sorts of apps now that can make phone calls. I noticed that when the Echo came out, it was a huge hit with disabled people, like my mother who had a stroke and never learned how to use electronics. It would be really nice if you could say, "Alexa, call 911" or "Alexa, call my emergency contact." It would only have to store 911 and maybe 1-2 emergency numbers. And it could be a life saver, literally. Amazon already sends texts to your verified phone number regarding delivery. You could set the device to show your verified number as the caller ID number. You could prevent pranks or accidents by setting a code word. "Alexa, call 911, codeword: ambulance." I think that would be amazing, but that's just me.

If you need this mostly for Prime content, you will be very happy. You will have to wait for the updates to see if Amazon fixes the issues with the other apps. It looks like they hope to fix the surround sound issue with Netflix no later than Oct 22.

Sorry my review is practically a novel. If you were able to get through it, I hope it was useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. I always do my best to answer/respond.
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on October 14, 2015
Better than I thought… From a techie guy...

I'm a big geek… I have tons of boxes and electronic toys… I even have several Google TVs which are now outdated. I'm pretty blown away by this box, and the amount of "content apps" available. For instance the unknown "Pluto TV" app has over 100 HD streaming stations. Some of them obviously aren't great, but it's definitely enough to keep you busy. For hours on end. Some of the channels have an hour or two of programming and just loop over and over again, but there's enough content on other channels to keep you busy for days.

If you're looking for the end all answer to cut your cable TV service, FireTv does not have things like live CNN, AMC and other cable stations (yet), but you could purchase a subscription for Sling TV (Google it) which has ala-carte live TV services. Something Apple is promising to deliver. If you have a current cable subscription, you can get things like HBO and Netflix streamed to your box if you are already paying for it in your home cable subscription. Your provider "passes through" the HBO, Netflix, etc programming through to this box. So for instants if you had an outdoor TV, TV in an attic or basement, you don't need to add another cable box to watch movies. .

It has all the standard bells and whistles like Netflix, Hulu, and those sort of services . The box is fast, does what it's advertised. I have a Ultra HDTV. Although ultra high definition content is scarce these days, this box probably has the most ultra high definition content of any other unit. Granted a lot of those ultra high definition videos are of "Flyovers of nature" type videos. if you have Amazon prime, then you can stream several of their in-house shows in ultra high definition. They do have a large range of very popular movie theater type movies in ultra high definition, but there is no rental availability. And I doubt I'm going to spend $35 to watch Spiderman and ultra high definition. Just not worth it.

If you're looking at this to be your end all box, it's pretty close. I'm curious to see what the AppleTV will have to offer, since I have multiple televisions in my household, I plan on having both systems right now . If your TV has a "smart hub feature" that contains all these built in apps, you may be doubling up on some of those popular ones like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

I read the reviews on the Live Sling TV service, and they said they're still having a lot of problems with successful streaming, that it still there's quite a bit of buffering and videos just stopping for no reason. But sling TV does offer many stations live like cable for about $25 a month. If this is to be used with a second TV, like bedroom or living room, it's a nice supplement to have for your cable TV box, which you could probably drop down to basic service.

Remember… This is all in its infancy. And it will take several years to shake out who the leader is. This is definitely "THE" top-of-the-line box right now. The price is cheap, and you will definitely spend hours, and hours sifting through many obscure and fun channels.

UHD TV Note: If you have an ultra high definition television set and want to see content in 4K video, make sure that you check your TV manual or google your sets model number for info online. I have two Samsung 8500 TVs. It drove me crazy during set up, because I did not realize that only one of the four poorly marked inputs on my Samsungs could handle ultra high definition, 4K content thru HDMI. It's quite possible that your set will not handle any 4K content through HDMI, and that your tv only plays 4K content through its internal hub system or a special breakout box. Make sure you check that out first, if 4K is a critical feature for you !

You will also need a high-speed HDMI cable, that can carry the band width of 4K content. Your TV set will search for that band with to know that it's there. If you use a standard HDMI cable, even though you're running 4K content, your TV will not switch that feature on.

One last critical thing… It would be best to run an ethernet cable from the back of that box, to your router. And then an HDMI 4K cable to the back of your television. If you're streaming bandwidth is not fast enough, or has lots of interference, your set or the box will downshift to standard high definition to deliver you smooth video. This box DOES deliver 4K video. It's up to you to make sure you have the bandwith, the inputs, and a television set that can handle this type of stream of data. The high definition picture on this is quite crisp and clear. And quite honestly, a lot of the 4K video, you probably won't notice much of a difference, and less you're a super geek LOL.

Great box, definitely gworth the money. I forgot to mention, it has Amazon's "Alexa" built in… That is Amazon's version of Apple's Siri. Pick up the remote, ask it a question, the weather, pretty much anything, and chances are it will find it for you. I did ask it to find certain kinds of things and it had difficulty. It's a very simple system, pick up the remote, ask it a question, the weather, sports, news, pretty much anything, and chances are it will find it for you. I did ask it to find certain kinds of movies and it had difficult with it, but it did respond that it "wasn't available at this time" which seems to me that they are working to make it an even deeper search engine.

This box is tiny… Enjoy!
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on May 3, 2017
So I ordered this for my brother since he is moving into a new home within a week and he absolutely hates cable and the ridiculous prices they charge and slowly raise over the course of years. Just like myself. But for weeks he kept talking about just ordering the Amazon Fire TV stick and I would tell him for the extra money it would be more worth it to go with the 90 dollar Amazon Fire TV box that you set up near your TV. I still have my Roku 3 which I love a lot, but overall I am using Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, that is it. I can do that with my Xbox One S I just purchased and on my smart TV. But this morning when we were setting up the new Amazon Fire TV in my room to just mess with it and explore what is on it, I immediately liked the lay out of everything. Yes I do have more to look around at but I think I am going with trading my Roku 3 into Amazon for a gift card of 23 dollars and some change, then using that towards a purchase of a new Amazon Fire TV. Much more can be done with this device, especially after you learn about, well, I will not say the term here on this review lol. But I can suggest to go on YouTube and just search Amazon Fire TV and you will come across this odd term used in accordance to this device. You literally follow the YouTube video, the up loader who made the video, his steps to doing what I can not comment on here, and this will be the best 90 bucks you ever spent when it comes to home entertainment. So check it now on YouTube. Oh, the term rhymes with "Frail" and the other part of the term is like the "brakes" on your car, only another kind of BREAK! For many who don't know by now, well go to YouTube like I said twice before, just type in exactly like this..."amazon fire tv." Scroll to the 8th video shown, the up loaders name is "Franklin Ogbonna." He does this in 9 minutes and 28 seconds so just pause as he shows each step to keep up, SO WORTH IT. Amazon you people are the sly ones alright haha, great company.
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on December 30, 2015
After being a long time roku owner, I decided to jump ship and try the fire tv. I recently got a new 4k tv so I wanted a streaming device capable of 4k playback. I looked at the roku 4 but being $30 more expensive was a let down. I received the fire tv and set up was a breeze with my prime membership already preloaded onto the device, a very nice touch. The selection of apps and content rivals and I would say even surpasses that of other streaming devices. The device itself is very snappy and I experience no slowdown what so ever. I have read/seen reviews about people having issues with performance, 4k, etc. First of product lemons will happen, but the majority I would say is user error. If your tv is not HDCP compliant you will have issues using HDMI plain and simple. Also if you have a 4k tv, make sure it has a HDCP 2.2 hdmi port or you will not receive 4k content. If you have a crummy broadband connection, do not blame the device for content buffering or slowdown. I also recommend using a 5ghz band for any 4k streaming, and am adequate router. Now that I got that out, when the rest of your setup is up to par the device works wonderfully, 4k streaming is fast and flawless, and even 1080p with the new hvec codec looks noticably improved. The alexa and voice search feature work wonderfully and results are quick and effortless. In summary if your looking for a streaming device with top notch performance, features and 4k streaming look no further than the fire tv, you won't be disappointed.
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on April 27, 2016
Being a long time Amazon customer and Prime member, I was looking forward to using the Fire TV box. It was delivered quickly, and the actual set up was very easy. The box and remote made an initial connection, and the startup process included recognizing my wireless network with successful registration.Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends.

At the end of the startup tutorial, the power indicator light on the box went out. The power plug was removed, then inserted to boot up again. Ground Hog Day: the power went out again at the same point. The remote could not reestablish a connection given the various troubleshooting tips available on line.

The unit was then setup in a different room with the same issues. Needless to say, this was a tremendous dissappointment!

During the process of setting up a return, a replacement was offered. I accepted. The email instructions that arrived the next morning lead to more frustration. My payment account was current but I was asked to update it anyway. The link to contact FireTV support gave no clear indication of what link to click on next.

When I did find the link and made contact by the recommended approach of a phone call, the support person, while very polite and pleasant, didn't seem to know what information to provide to set up the replacement and shipping labels to return the defective unit. I thanked them, then immediately processed a return due to device not working order.

Looks like the next step is Apple TV.

Too bad.
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on May 14, 2017
I had a normal firestick for almost two years before the lag between the remote and system was too much to handle. I shopped around and ultimately decided on this more powerful firestick device instead. I bought this at the end of march and it has been nothing but trouble since. The remote will no longer connect, so thank goodness there is an app for your phone. It constantly overheats and I have to reset it once a week. I was really hoping by getting a more expensive product with more power, it wouldn't give me the same problems my old firestick did. Too bad. Might be time to return this one and invest in an Apple TV.
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on November 18, 2015
Bought it to run PLEX. A neat thing was it already came pre-loaded with my account information, no logging in required.

Works fine until you need to switch audio channels. Played around with every DTS, DTS+ settings, etc to no avail. My MKV files only have stereo tracks, so it's not an issue with 5.1 like a lot of people complain about. It has something to do with the FireTV not picking up those audio tracks once changed.

I bought a ROKU 3 and haven't had any issues, although the interface isn't as nice it at least works when switching audio channels within a movie.
The FireTV has more APPs and functionality, however, what good is it when it simply doesn't work?

(PIC attached of both of my units so you know I'm not just some hired product review plant)
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