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on August 11, 2015
Jess Franco went from France to Italy to Spain to Brasil, leaving a trail of classic low-budget art along the way. This film takes advantage of his skills as a movie producer and his access to hot Brasilian girls. If you're a fan of Women-In-Prison films, you'll want this one in your library. Franco is a warden of sorts who runs a private prison in the Brasilian jungle. Girls are sent in and used as sex slaves for paying guests. Eventually his business operation unfolds when authorities get too close to the truth. This film has the usual elements with a jungle twist - a giant bamboo cage that doubles as prisoner barracks, a plantation house that serves as the warden's admin building and residence, numerous hot European and Brasilian girls that serve as sweaty prisoners and sex slaves, and an escape attempt where the girls lose their clothing in the jungle. The only thing really missing is the big over-the-top torture scene that these sorts of films require in order to become classics. Unfortunately, this film comes up short in that respect. But what it lacks in quality of bondage-style punishment, it makes up for in quantity of beautiful girls.

Watch this film first with the sound on, then watch it again with the sound turned off so that you don't have to listen to the bad lip-synched dubbing. It's like watching two different movies.
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on June 7, 2006
The only reason I bought this flick was due to "Bare Behind Bars", for my money the best women in prison movie ever, tainted only slightly by leaning too hard on the lezzing and not enough on the abuse. But still, it was a five star sleaze spectacular. The first problem that crops up on this turkey is, unlike BBB, the bad guys here are mostly dudes, particularly this one long-hair sweaty fat dude who looks kind of like David Crosby on coke and booze at 40, and that cuts back on the NTRL factor (nudity to total running length) obviously - less chicks, less nudity.

Of course, strictly speaking this may not classify as women in prison, more like women in corral, but that's the general idea, though the shower is way too small, and there's no doctor for cavity searches. After a lot of nudity, mostly partying with the dudes, there's an escape and a nude girl gets shot up and dies pretty good, but the absence of bullet holes and blood really spoils it. Then there's some plot that goes on way too long, another escape and finally some brief hard R lezzing including carpet washing, though Fidel Castro eating a london broil comes to mind (I stole that from Opie & Anthony). There's some more lying around topless in the jungle stuff, and then a good catfight that threatens to turn bloody, before the girl on top gets an arrow in the back from stage left, only in close up we see the arrow hit her through the top she's wearing, and . . . she's not wearing a top at that point! Slight continuity problem. Then there's more plot and a little dancing around nude at some mining camp and then . . . it ends. I didn't have the sound up, so I'm not sure what was going on, who cares.

Well, a fair amount of nudity, but the two death scenes were rotten, there was only a brief uni-shower scene (some stream bathing, but not fully nude with all kinds of soapy bodies), zero whipping, limited lez . . . after BBB, a major let down. All I can find for it is two sleaze stars for nudity, I'm hard pressed to award it more. Pity, the director had such potential.
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on February 14, 2016
phooey, just alot of junk
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on June 11, 2016
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on April 22, 2016
Its ok
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on June 30, 2006
I bought this DVD based on the review of it on the DVD Drive in web site. Either the person who reviewed it has never seen an exploitation movie before, or was not old enough to view one in the first place. He made it sound like the most graphic and disturbing prison movie ever. You would have thought it compared to the 'Ilsa' movies the way this guy went on about it. I'm not sure what movie he saw, but it wasn't this one. When the most extreme scene in the movie involves a person being shot at falling over bloodlessly like an old western, you have to wonder why exactly it merited an "unrated" version.

I guess it's worth it if you want to see naked women dancing around in a circle, but it you want to see a gritty violent movie, buy something else.
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on December 26, 2015
This is a great film ... great for the whole family.
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on January 11, 2016
Steamy Movie, Good enjoyed it.
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on March 12, 2016
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on January 29, 2015
After watching Amazon Jail, I definitely want to get a job at Amazon.
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