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on December 19, 2013
There are tons of reviews for this zip sleeve. And if you're like me, the way they disagree with not going too much in the way of details makes things kind of confusing.

First off, those that are complaining about the product smelling either like to stick their noses where they don't belong (pardon the pun) or they have a far more sensitive sense of smell than most people. If you have a regular sense of smell like most people, unless you stick your nose right into this thing, you're not hardly going to smell a thing. Pretty much every product you buy new is going to smell to some degree and this one doesn't smell anymore than pretty much any other product I've bought.

Secondly, those complaining about this sleeve not providing protection against drops are right. The cushioning on it is not thick enough to provide proper cushioning to protect your Kindle against drops. You're barely going to get anymore protection than you would if you dropped the Kindle without the case other than preventing scratches. HOWEVER, that could be said of basically nearly EVERY sleeve or cover on the market. The way a product is protected by cushioning is by extending the force of the impact over a longer period of time by the product deflecting the cushioning. The thinner the cushion is, the more chance there is that the cushion will bottom out and the higher the impact force will likely be. You really need at least a half inch to inch or more of cushioning minimum to do much good. I should know because I'm a packaging engineer. And basically every sleeve or cover out there doesn't offer that. And if it did, people would be complaining about it being super bulky. So which do you want: ease of carrying around or super bulky but protective? It's either going to be one or the other.

Now to the main point I wanted to make about the sleeve. Beware of the description. Amazon really needs to reword that description. This sleeve does not fit the Kindle Fire HD. It might fit the Kindle Fire HDX if the Kindle Fire HDX is smaller than the Kindle Fire HD I have. As far as I know, there is no new Kindle Fire HD that is newer than the one I have other than the HDX. The sleeve will however fit my old Kindle Fire which is NOT an HD version of the Kindle Fire. For everyone's info, both of those screens measure 7" diagonally. The difference is that the Kindle Fire HD has a wider border around it likely due to the camera on it. So for those wondering, "How do I tell for sure if mine will fit?" Here's what I think is the best way to tell. Get a tape measure out and measure the outside diagonal dimension of the product from corner to corner. The old Kindle Fire measures 8 1/2" diagonally and it fits. The Kindle Fire HD measures 8 7/8" or slightly under 9" diagonally. It will not fit in the sleeve. So if your Kindle measures more than 8 1/2" diagonally then it likely won't fit.

I also have a similar sleeve for my Kindle PaperWhite. I liked that sleeve so much that I bought this one. The main protection that sleeves give a Kindle is protection from scratching. I've had the book style covers. The reason why I like these type of sleeves so much is because they are so easy and comfortable to carry using the handle. When you have a regular cover, carrying a Kindle is similar to carrying a book. And honestly, when you compare carrying a Kindle in book fashion vs. sleeve handle, the sleeve handle is far more ergonomically comfortable. When I carry it, I like to position the sleeve to me like it is shown in the picture with the handle facing me and the zipper to the right. I place my left hand in it with my palm facing me and it is very comfortable. Although it might be a little more comfortable for me since I'm a left handed person. For a right handed person they might want to make a design with the handle on the right and the L-shaped opening on the left unless people like to use their dominant hand to open the zipper instead of holding the sleeve.

Anyway, I think that about covers it. The sleeve I have for my PaperWhite has held up really well. The handle appears to be pleather, but I haven't had any problems with any cracks or flaking of material from the handle. That sleeve pretty much still looks like brand new and I've had it for basically a full year or since the PaperWhite first came out. So I think this one will likely hold up pretty well also.
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Zip sleeves like these offer good, essential protection to your Kindle Fire HDX. This is a no-frills solution for those looking for a basic cover that fits easily into a briefcase or messenger bag.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7" Zip Sleeve, Graphite (fits the all new Kindle Fire HD and HDX 7") is a simple case that is single zippered, allowing for fast access when needed. It not only fits the Kindle Fire HDX 7" but also my older, 1st generation Kindle Fire, offering decent protection to either tablet.

There is nothing fancy about this zip sleeve. It's made from nylon fabric, has a well padded interior, and weighs about 2½ ounces. What it does is offer good, basic protection at a reasonable price.

JW 12/30/2013
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on January 11, 2014
List price is $29.99 but Amazon has had it on sale for $9.99 for multiple weeks now. I also had a $5.00 promo to use on a Kindle Accessory too for purchasing an HDX...I think that's why I got it...Lol or maybe it was just a Special Offers' Ad on my Kindle- can't remember!! But, hey! Free money, right? (and people think Special Offers are a pain...haha) Anyways, so I only ended up paying $4 something for this case! What a steal! I got the Graphite because I think the lime green on the inside is pretty cool and modern. The case itself is really nice. I almost thought about getting one of those Origami cases but I didn't need anything that fancy (or expensive) I just needed something to protect my Kindle. And now I feel a lot safer about putting my Kindle in my purse when I take it with me to work or wherever. Also, my sister has a Kindle Fire 1st Gen...or 2nd Gen...I know it's not an HD! Anyways, and she really liked my case and when she came over last night she wanted to see if her Kindle would fit and it totally does! So it's meant for the Kindle Fire HDX but IT WORKS WITH THE KINDLE FIRE TOO!!! So she bought the one in Coral last night. Anyways, the way I look at it, I already spent $200+ on this device, and as far as cases go I just needed something to protect it without spending a fortune on it. It's an Amazon certified kindle accessory at a great price. Most definitely recommend. I might buy the Charcoal too while it's still on sale! XD
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on July 22, 2015
The sleeve itself looks amazing. Nicely padded on the inside, with a sleek design on the outside.

The only reason this isn't getting 5 stars, is because I had to return it. The product description says it fits a Kindle Fire HD 7", but it didn't fit mine. the Kindle protruded just enough that I couldn't even zip the sleeve.

It's too bad, because I really liked the look of the sleeve!
review image review image review image
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I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablet, being fortunate enough to catch the last batch when they were offered on sale here on Amazon back in early December, and decided to try this enclosure / case in order to provide protection to the device when I'm not using it.

I'm completely satisfied. I've had Amazon cases for my Kindle Paperwhite (first generation) and Kindle Voyage e-readers and have been happy with the quality, while accepting that they are somewhat more expensive than other cases that are available. This case is also very well made, with very high quality stitching and materials. It also is now being sold at a mark-down price, probably to clear out remaining stock just as they've been doing for the device itself, which removes the price issue and makes it a very attractive choice in my opinion. The biggest disadvantage at the moment is that only two colors remain available, the graphite (which I have), and the lime. Anyone thinking about getting one should probably not hesitate very long.

The case interior is nicely padded and overall I think it will provide a very good basic level of protection for the device when not in use. The interior color of the graphite color sleeve is similar to the lime color shown as one of the exterior color choices (this interior color can just barely be seen in the illustration of the graphite color sleeve at the top of the page). The zipper closes to provide a secure and fairly snug fit to the device, a perfect fit. The zipper runs the full length of the top and side so that, when opened, the Kindle can be very easily slipped in or out. Interior tag identifies materials as "90 % PES, 10 % PU", which I believe indicates Polyethersulfone, a flame retardant synthetic material, and PU (natural leather that is covered with a layer of polyurethane) for the strap, which also has 'kindle' in raised letters embossed on it.

As the HDX is a bit 'slippery' to hold, with smooth front and back surfaces, I much prefer keeping it in this case when not in use. The vertical leather band on the front of the cover also serves as a strap which is stitched to the cover at the top and bottom leaving sufficient room left so that you can put the palm of your hand through the strap in order to hold it securely - nice. My cover had no objectionable odor even when brand new.

I also like having the case separate from the device, so that I can use the HDX without any added bulk from a case. The downside of course is that I have no added protection to the device when I remove it from the case and am actually using it, so for someone who might be prone to dropping the device or uses it in environments that would put it at more risk, a protective cover that stays attached to the device may be a better choice.

This case is only roomy enough to hold the bare device. If you also have an enclosure case of some sort attached to it, or anything that adds bulk to the HDX, that will make it too large to fit into this sleeve case.

Overall I like it very much and consider it a very good value, particularly at the current (discounted) price.
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on November 8, 2014
Just got this and have hardly used it, but I love it. Protective, low bulk and weight.

If I want true water-proofness, the 7" Kindle hdx fits nicely in a quart ziplock. Well, but this case won't fit in a quart ziplock, and I just tested and with a freezer ziplock it's a VERY tight fit to put the kindle in the ziplock and then put those inside this case. Overall fits fine that way, but rounding the corner with the zipper is really too tight, puts too much stress on the zipper I think.

The fact that the zipper just goes around on two of the four sides doesn't bother me, really it's just that much easier in a way.

Amazon: please make one of these for the 8.9" hdx model. I'll buy one. The "Amazon Basics" case is good too, but I like this better.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 20, 2011
Having owned both a Kindle 2 and a Kindle Keyboard 3g, I have learned that my preference when reading is to read it "naked". I don't want the added weight or bulk of a case to hold. That being said, I do want a case so I can throw them into a purse or bag and feel like the device is being protected. I have gone with a sleeve for both those devices and that is what I purchased for the Kindle Fire.

This case is made well, it's easy to get the Kindle Fire in and out, and the Kindle Fire fits snuggly into it. It meets all my expectations and I am pleased. I noticed other reviewers commented on the smell -- there was a faint odor when mine first arrived, but I left it out overnight to air and the odor was gone in the morning. Almost any case designed to hold electronics seems to have a smell and this one is mild compared to most. I also am not jumping up and down about the $30 cost but it's in the range of what I have paid previously and is consistent with most competitor's products. Wish it were less, but I don't see anything else that is equal but cheaper.

Overall, I am very pleased with the product and happy that my device is protected when it needs to be and easy to slide out when I want to use it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 13, 2013
This is a great alternative storage pouch for the 7" Kindle Fire HDX if you're turned off by the outrageous price of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Standing Leather Origami Case. I think the quality is exceptional and I love that the fit is firm and tight, without any wiggle room. While in the pouch, feel free to be as careless as you want with your Kindle Fire because I doubt any normal drop or tumble would be able to damage the screen. It's very nice quality.

I purchased the "lime" color because it was on discount - presumably because it is the least popular. I actually love the color though. It's a little darker in person and actually very stylish. Even if all the colors were the same price, I'd probably pick Lime anyway. Highly recommended.
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on April 30, 2014
After trying to put several protector screens on my HDX, I finally tried this zip sleeve. After using it, I realized I did not need a screen protector. It protects the HDX in several ways - does not allow screen to be scarred from dropping or other action, protects & cushions the HDX when dropped, keeps the screen clean while stored & allows the HDX to be charged. I read the HDX only in my bedroom. I read in the living room using a Kinkle app on ASUS tablet. So I do not move the HDX back & forth. If you plan to move the HDX to different rooms, it has a place to insert your belt or a small strap could be used in the belt loop to carry HDX & the zip sleeve would protect HDX from being dropped or screen being scarred. I recommend the sleeve for HDX.
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on January 15, 2015
This case is too small for the HD 7 for my liking at least. It does fit but is too snug, stressing the zipper and possibly leading to a scratched tablet. when I close the case it is so snug that the zipper rubs against the tablet. I'm worried this is gonna scratch the tablet. With the case closed and tablet inside the zipper is pushed out. that's a lot of pressure for a zipper.

That aside this case looks real good. I will be returning mine for a case that may not look as good but will protect the tablet a little bit better.
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