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on October 21, 2011
First, let's not turn this into a debate about the price. Haven't we had enough of that nonsense with the book reviews? Below, is a detailed review of the PRODUCT itself, with just a minor comment on the price/value.

This is Amazon's best designed cover to date. The kindle easily and securely snaps in place - there are no hinges or annoying elastic corner bands and all buttons and the power port are fully accessible. In addition, they removed all types of straps and cords. These were a problem on previous models for a number of reasons: they broke or snapped after regular use, they made the cover uncomfortable to hold, they added extra weight/bulk, and they were very unattractive. The front cover is weighted to stay closed when the kindle lies flat (it won't pop up). To be clear, there is no strap, clasp or magnet to secure it in place (just like the front flap of a hardcover book). Kindle users like myself were looking for two things: sleekness/thin fit and a case that was aesthetically pleasing that didn't scream "kindle nerd," and they delivered. This case is slim, tight, and ultra sleek. After all, the main attribute of this new kindle is its small size and weight. No one wants a cover that will negate that.

The cover is made of good quality leather and has a nice feel. The inside of the front cover (the part that touches the screen when closed) is a microfiber material designed to protect the screen and avoid scratches. The section that holds the kindle in place around the perimeter is hard rubber and grips it very well. This is not "cheap" or poorly made at all. I feel like I got my money's worth.

It's extremely comfortable to hold, whether with one hand (the cover easily flips back and was designed to do so) or with two hands like a physical book. It easily fits in a coat pocket, briefcase, or purse. Again, people were fed up with all the straps and such so the fact that they got rid of them adds to the comfort factor. As for protection, it's good enough to prevent scratches and dings, but if it takes a big fall it probably won't help. Don't buy this case if you're looking for hardcore protection.

Just a brief comment that's not affecting the # of stars: Yes, this costs 50% of the device itself, but until Amazon decides to price the accessories as aggresively as the kindle, we're going to have to deal with it. Besides, if you're going to use it regularly you'll get your money's worth. I will say that at $59.99, the lighted cover is quite costly and you need to weigh the cost against how much you'll use it. I can't read in bed as I'll fall asleep in 5 minutes, so it's not an issue for me.

An excellent, extremely thin and form-fitting case that addresses all the problems with previous versions. Highly recommended.
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on October 31, 2011
I love the way the Kindle snaps into this case and fits perfectly--it is truly "Made for Kindle." I love that it adds so little weight, that my Verso clip-on light can clip right over it, that it opens fully so it can be held with the front folded fully back, that all the controls are flush with the edges of the cover.

But I do wish it had some sort of closure. I sewed some 1/8" elastic that I will use when I need it to positively stay shut. One star off for no closure (I'd remove only half a star if that were an option).

Now we come to the colors... Was some designer in the middle of a depression when the colors were chosen? Color taste is subjective, I know, but black, dead maroon, or jarring yellowish olive green? Not a cheerful tone in the bunch! How about a deep royal blue, forest green, or teal? Or even a rosy red? C'mon, Amazon!
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on October 29, 2011
I'm not going to go into a detailed description of the product as this was well done by other reviewers. I wanted to take the time to leave a very positive review for this product because the quality of this cover really impressed me. I was reluctant to spend $40 for a cover, too, but I took my chances and I'm so glad I did. The device fits perfectly in the hard rubber interior of the cover and won't move at all (in addition to being protected all around the edges, with openings for the USB/Power button and the page forward/back buttons on both sides of the device). The leather and stitches are beautifully finished and this cover really has a classy look and a secure feel. I am happy to say that I got what I paid for, in a good way! The cover doesn't add much weight to the device and can easily be held open for reading with one hand. I recommend spending a few extra bucks for this really nice accessory. I got the green version, which is actually a bit darker than on the official product picture. The leather is olive green, not apple green. Finally, here is my original contribution: the cover closed WITH the device inside (Kindle 4, Wi-Fi, 6") and securely fitted weighs exactly 275 grams or 9.70 ounces, just in case you were wondering.
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on November 17, 2011
I bought this cover for my K4 ($79 Kindle with SO). I chose it over others because it looked like it would not add too much bulk to the already 'minimalist' design of the K4. Indeed it is about as small a 'hard' cover as I think you could design. So if you prefer the protection of a hard cover and want to keep the overall size as compact as possible this is the one for you.

It does add a bit more weight than I expected but I expect that was due to my becoming used to holding the featherweight 'naked' Kindle. Since adding the case I think the weight actually is beneficial inasmuch as it seems to add substance the K4.

Unlike others I perceive the leather to be just as Amazon says... 'premium' and as the cover is essentially one piece front to back means the hinge is also leather. I cannot see it wearing out over time. Mine hasn't scratched yet but I'm not throwing it in the bottom of a purse, etc. either. And if/when it does get scratched up/stained I just think it adds character. I cannot comment on the other colors. I opted for a safe 'saddle tan' color and it looks just like I expected.

I also do not miss having an elastic strap to keep it closed as some others have noted. Personally I prefer it NOT to have any closure as I think it would just get in the way when opening fully, folding the cover all the way back and holding it in one hand. I guess for those times I need to ensure the cover remains closed I could simply use a rubber band or something.

Finally, for those complaining they cannot get the Kindle out of the cover there were instructions included with the cover of how to do so. Simply 'bend' the bottom right corner slightly away from the Kindle, insert a finger under the Kindle and snap it out. Easy.

While I do like the case, the fit absolutely perfect and get a feel of quality I also think at $40 it is overpriced. Otherwise I would give it a solid 5 stars
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on April 3, 2014
It ONLY fit the "Kindle" Kindles. So make sure you are buying the actual one to fit whatever kind of Kindle you do have/bought.

The design is okay. I don't like how it doesn't have anything to hold it closed or open while reading. You have to always have a hand on it to keep it from closing or opening. They should have added something like a magnet, button or band.

The outside does dent/scratch up easily. You will need to be extra gently it not marrying it with keys, fingernails or anything else that could scratch/dent it. Unless, you don't mind. It gets ugly after so many mares and will be less efficient if torn. (Has more of a chance of padding falling out or whatever is underneath the leather.)

My Kindle hasn't fallen out of this. I've dropped it more than a few times and it went flying spread eagle into the air and landed open face to the Kindle and didn't pop out. My Kindle was also safe, save for minor nicks from the fallout(s.) So it does hold up very well. It protects it like its supposed too. When I first got it I was skeptical but all of the Kindle covers I'd found were made this way. I wanted something that slid into place and flaps that Velcro it into place, to protect it from slipping out. Or when the it lands open face on the Kindle itself. But so far so good.

I've also opened it and read for a few hours straight with the front pulled behind the Kindle, and it hasn't weekend the binder so far. Its worn their like old leather but it hasn't become dysfunctional. In time, it probably will but that is to be expected when I use it daily and constantly pull it back like that.

So, would I recommend this? Yes. Its a bit pricey and not as thick as I'd like it to be. The design is left to be desired but it does do what its supposed to do.
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on November 8, 2016
This is an excellent piece of design. The Kindle is perfectly secure in the well-fitted cover, and there's unrestricted access to the ports and controls. It's also very durable; I use it a lot, and there's no sign of wear on the hinge. It feels good in the hand, too.

I took off a star because if the cover's shut and you're carrying it to another room, any squeeeze on the bottom of the cover will push one of the controls, with unknown consequeces - nothing serious, just annoying. Molding a little spacer into the cover would have eliminated the problem.
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on January 12, 2014
This case is a nice accessory for the Kindle eReader. The outside of the cover is a hard plastic all around with a synthetic leather feel at the binding. The inside of the cover is a leather material that feels smooth and should definitely provide a nice protection to the device.

The set up is easy. Simply snap the kindle right into the case around the corners. The fit is pretty snug, and it shouldn't fall out when you drop it accidentally. You will have access to the page-turning buttons on the side on both sides.

One thing to note is that the cover itself is just a flap that flips over. So there is nothing that holds the cover in place and it can swing open. Not a big deal, but something to consider.

The case is marked up to be around $40, which I think is way overpriced (a new Kindle is $69, and a case should never cost as much as the item itself). Aim to buy this during one of those lightning deals or an used item to save money on this.
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on February 15, 2015
The case itself is beautiful. But it does not fit what is currently called the Amazon "Kindle". I don't know which Kindle this is supposed to fit, but when I ordered it, along with the current, most basic Kindle, I figured it was the right one. It wasn't. Note how the cover is advertised even right now: "Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Saddle Tan (does not fit Kindle Paperwhite, Touch, or Keyboard)". So, since I didn't buy the Paperwhite, Touch, or Keyboard, I thought this would fit. Except I apparently DID buy the Touch, but without knowing it. I bought the Kindle with the following headline: "Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touch Free Display, Wi-Fi," which, to me, given the comma after the word Kindle in the headline, meant I bought something called the Kindle, one that has a glare free touch free display etc., which two of the more expensive Kindles also possess. I sent Amazon a note with my simple confusion when I returned it, but apparently it still makes sense to Amazon, but not to me even today. It's still confusing to an initial purchaser, I think, and besides, when a new Kindle and a cover are ordered together, you might think that the system would perhaps ring a bell if they weren't compatible. Anyway, I like the Kindle, and I liked the cover a lot, but just couldn't use it. Wish it were available for what I now know is apparently called the Kindle Touch.
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on August 30, 2015
There's not a lot of cases available for this particular Kindle. I bought a nice one, arms it was for the Paperwhite. Then I went to Wal-Mart and there were none that fit my device. I called Target and Best Buy. Nothing. So I went on Amazon, and this case said it was compatible! They have this beautiful slim version, and one with a light (which I now regret not buying). So if you're looking for a beautiful slim leather case that also protects your device, Amazon knows how to make a case. And they made this one just right.
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on November 18, 2011
Aside from a few things that could be better, I am satisfied with this cover. Like previous reviewers pointed out, this does scratch very easily. I have babied it, never tossed it into my bag and have a special spot for it in my house... yet it has several scratches from my fingernails brushing up against it while reading. It has a slim fit, doesn't add a lot of weight and is easy to hold. I feel like the color is true to the picture as well. It stays closed when sitting flat. I love how it slides in instead of having elastic bands holding it into place.

Only things I would change:
more durable, scratch/wear less easy
have some sort of magnetic closure to keep it closed and secure enough to toss in my bag.. instead I still carry it in my hand everywhere I go
less expensive
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