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on February 11, 2016
I recently traded in my much-used Kindle Keyboard for a Paperwhite. The upgrade has been an exceptional improvement. This case, however, I'm ambivalent about.

I owned the official Amazon case for the Kindle Keyboard, which was significantly less expensive and higher quality. This case, for the price, has left me a little wanting.

First, the positives. I love the color options. I ended up purchasing an Ink Blue cover. The photo makes the blue look a lot more rich and 'blue' than it really is. It is absolutely a flat, dark navy color. It has a nice hand-feel and the front and back are upholstered in the textured leather, with a brushed silver "Kindle" magnet along the clasp side. The inside has a soft felt material that looks nice and the hinge is very sturdy: I have no fear of ripping when wrapping it behind the Kindle while reading. The Kindle Paperwhite fits perfectly inside and the rubber top and bottom portion that hold it secure it snugly. I love the fact that it turns the Kindle on and off just by opening and closing the cover. It does add a decent amount of heft to the Kindle while on...some may find that a positive, others a negative.

Now the negatives. The lack of a band to secure the cover shut means that the front of the cover wobbles and shifts while I'm holding it or carrying it. The magnet isn't terribly strong, and even the slightest shifting of the front of the leather case causes the Kindle to turn on briefly underneath. That design wasn't very well-executed. For the money paid, I expect the front cover to stay perfectly secure while closed (like my old case did for less). Lastly, the sides are rubber (think of a bumper for an iPhone around the edge). I think this looks a little cheap, personally. The center-edge magnet also means the flaps at the top and bottom don't sit very flush when shut.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice enough and I'm nitpicking a bit, but at this price point, I believe nitpicking is justifiable when there are other options out there for way less. The bottom line is, this is a nice case...I just don't think it's any better than some of the third-party options that cost literally 75% less.
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This is a very nice and lightweight cover that goes above and beyond what previous versions of Amazon-branded e-Ink Kindle covers have done: it is super-compact, lightweight, and holds the Paperwhite about as snug and secure as you can imagine - they have made this cover so that the Kindle fits into a recessed pocket in the cover for a snug fit that you won't have any fear of falling out (like the Kindle 1), the hinge wearing out over time and your Kindle dangling or falling out (like the Kindle 3 / Kindle Keyboard), or some type of fabric wearing out from use (like the Kindle Fire and the Kindle DX).

What is really neat is there is a sensor in the Paperwhite and the cover that allow the Kindle to know when the cover is closed and automatically puts it into sleep mode to conserve battery power - upon opening the flap to read, the Paperwhite automatically wakes up. I'll bet some of you have tried cocking your head at an angle and put your eye up to it to see when the Kindle hits sleep mode and / or wakes up as you close and open the cover (I did!).

I have used this for a little over a week now and it has been able to withstand the rigors of back and forth in my briefcase, numerous sessions of starting and stopping reading, and, unfortunately dropping it on its side twice - and it protected the Kindle like a champ.

It feels good in your hands and compliments the reading experience with your new Paperwhite. The outer cover is a basic leather that feels good and you can get it in a variety of styles - I got the regular black as my other Kindle readers have different colors and I wanted to be able to recognize it quickly from across the room as "mine" vs. another family members' Kindle.

Please note this holder only fits the Kindle Paperwhite and does not fit any other e-Ink Kindle as the dimensions are different.

As I type this review, the price of this cover in black is $39.99 which is a pretty good deal when you compare it to the pricing of the covers for other models of Kindle. I would highly recommend this one in the color of your choosing - you want to protect your investment, and my two drops already in one week show this was a good protection of that investment.

November 8, 2013 Update: I've been using this for over a year now and it is still holding up, and protecting my Paperwhite despite numerous airports, back and forth in my man bag, and several drops onto concrete.

October 2015 Update: After almost three years of consistent use, it is still in good shape. I did, however, upgrade to the new Paperwhite a month or so ago and got a new cover for it in a different color (different color in order to differentiate it from the previous model). I'd recommend this one still.
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on October 1, 2012
I am not an Amazon promoter - my Kindle Fire review was a 3 stars - but I've always preferred Amazon's official Kindle covers to 'third parties' when it came to Kindle readers because of their hard to match quality and the way they integrated with the Kindle they were tasked to cover and protect.

This Paperwhite cover is no exception. It's not as technologically sophisticated as the cover for the Kindle 3 (Keyboard) which seamlessly incorporated a pull-out reading light within the cover's body while drawing power from the Kindle itself but the quality is exquisite and it almost literally fits the Paperwhite like a glove.

There's not a lot to say about a 'cover' but here are some of its more notable features, starting with the positives.

- Magnet keeps it closed.
- Some built-in sensor will turn the Kindle on whenever you open the cover (neat).
- Textured surface guarantees a good grip when holding it.
- Flip cover design allows front cover to fold back for one-hand reading (nice).
- Light as a feather. Yes, it does add a little weight to the Paperwhite but only a little.
- With the cover on, the Kindle is significantly smaller, thinner than a paperback and lighter than most.
- Some of the better quality leather I've seen in a 'cover'.

And then, of course, it's the price - not exactly pocket change. Amazon's Kindle covers tend to be expensive but I always felt that it was money well spent for the protection, the added functionality and the stylish design.

And, one more thing. Once your Paperwhite sinks into its cover the two become practically one body which is what this design was intended to accomplish. It is certainly possible to separate them again but it's not quick or easy. This design fits my Kindle-using habits - I never removed the covers off the other Kindles except once on 'day one' just to see that it is possible to do so. If you believe that you are going to take your Kindle in and out of its cover than you should not consider this one.
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on February 29, 2016
Sure, everyone has heard about the good fit and appearance of the cover.
I'll just add two recent incidents due to my clumsiness trying to hold a lot of things..

Recently I got a new laptop and didn't carry it properly with a bag, so I was carrying laptop and kindle and other stuff in my hands.
The first incident was, the kindle was in my sweatshirt pocket and it fell out.
It dropped and bounced on the rough asphalt.
Result? Badly scraped cover and a tiny nick on my Kindle. Without cover, it'd certainly be destroyed.

The second incident was.. today. Again, the kindle slipped off my hands when I was holding my laptop.
It bounced hard right at the corner on the asphalt, twice even, so two of the corners has really bad scrapes now.
The cover slightly flapped open but immediately closed again.
Result? Kindle not harmed a single bit.

Expensive for $40? Sure. It took me three years owning this cover and multiple kindles, but it served it purpose really well.
You can't appreciate some protection until the incident occurs.
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on September 29, 2017
This is a great cover for this Kindle, and after more than a year of use I haven't had any problems with it. The Kindle fits securely inside even a year later after repeated removals for various reasons. The magnet closure still works well. It fits well in my hand when I'm using it, and the device itself feels secure inside. I haven't dropped it while in the case (KNOCK ON WOOD) but I have had it in bags that have been tossed around while traveling, and the case has kept the Kindle safe every time. Unless you're super hard on your e-devices, this is definitely a case I would recommend for keeping your Kindle safe in day to day use.
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on September 13, 2013
I received mine last week but on the front cover there were some blacks dots,...right in the middle towards the top. Looked like dots from a pen or else the color didn't take when it was dyed. It would have bothered me forever seeing them,...once I saw them I just couldn't un-see them. And for $43 after taxes it was really annoying. So it went back and I received a replacement. This one is perfect, I love the fuchsia color! It is well made and looks as if it will last quite awhile and do a great job protecting my Kindle PW. The color is bright enough to make it easy to find on a dresser or coffee table (even a cluttered one). It feels nice in my hands and is light enough to not weigh my hands down while reading. I like the softness of the material they use on the inside flap, it will help protect my Kindle from scratches and it looks nice too. I had looked at a few other covers before I bought this one. I even had a couple in my cart but I just kept coming back to this one. I like it and think it will work out well. :)
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on June 1, 2017
I'm what you call a "book nerd" and have used this case everyday since I ordered in January 2015 and it has just started to pull away where my hand holds it on the right. In my opinion this is an amazing case that feels solid and will protect your Kindle from damage. I've dropped it numerous times and it still works great. I ordered a cheaper brand for my son's Kindle and quickly felt the difference. Only an Amazon case for my Kindle. :-) I do wish there were a few more colors but that's not really a big deal.
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on January 25, 2017
I question whether this item is leather. The frame is plastic, and it looks like embossed plastic to me. Cold weather will crack and split fake leather goods, so I'll know soon whether this stands up to regular wear or falls apart. It looks nice enough to try it out, but if I'd known, I would have looked for another case.
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I tried a lot of paperwhite covers. A lot of them were fine for a few weeks or so, but inevitably some flaw that was easy to overlook before became grating as time went on. This is the best one I've tried so far.

It adds weight to the paperwhite, sort of like adding a hardcover to a paperback, but I don't mind the weight. In fact, I prefer it. It feels very solid.

There's no protection in front, so the kindle is exposed. I was kinda paranoid about that at first because I tend to bump the front of my kindle a lot. My hand lotion was also a big source of irritation. It does a great job at moisturizing my skin and not leave a sticky residue, but it always leaves fingerprints on the unprotected front of the paperwhite, which bothered me to no end. Solution: a pretty decal that goes really well with the cover and no more fingerprints.

Expensive. It costs almost half the paperwhite itself and was the main reason why I wasn't too keen on getting it.

The jean-like texture cloth inside attracts all the dog hair. Sometimes, they're so lodged in the fibers that I have to use tweezers just to get them out.

There's no protection in front, so the kindle is exposed. It's both a con and a pro to me. Pro because without the extra layer in front, I don't have to forcefully tap the screen just to get results when I was using covers that had layers in front. The slightest pressure gets my point across now.

Auto sleep/wake function works perfectly and, knock on wood, so far hasn't failed me unlike a lot of the cheaper covers inevitably did.

It's thin. It doesn't add a lot of bulk to the paperwhite and still provides sturdy protection. I've dropped it a few times now -- on carpet, hardwood and sidewalk -- and it protected it just fine.

Folds all the way, allowing for super easy one-hand access.

UPDATE: December 13, 2013
Full disclosure: I rarely (if ever) get sweaty hands, and I use Nivea's Smooth Indulgence Hand Cream. After 4 months of using this cover, I noticed that the sides have a dark purple discoloration.

I still prefer this cover over all the Kindle covers I've used, but I'm pretty unhappy with the ugly staining.
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on April 13, 2016
I bought this case with a coupon and so got it for about $30.00, which eve with the discount is a lot of money for a case. That said, the case is very well made, and fits like a second skin on my Kindle. I love the textured feel to the leather, as well as the look that the tooling gives it. Apart from the price of the item, the only very small less positive thing I can say is about the metal tab adjacent to the magnet that holds the case closed. The edges of the tab are somewhat sharp. While that doesn't necessarily pose a danger of causing a cut, it is something that could be easily addressed by buffing the edges to round them off a bit. Regardless of the minor negative point, this is a very nice case for the Kindle Paperwhite. I will be buying another one for my other Paperwhite. A last comment, if you take your Kindle wherever you go, as do I, you'd be crazy not to have some kind of case to protect it against the inevitable falls that will happen no matter how careful you are. If you are looking for a high quality case, this is the one.
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