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on October 26, 2013
I received my case before receiving my HDX, but I was immediately impressed with the color, quality, and brilliance of the whole magnet system. It does not feel cheap to me in any way. I have since received my HDX and have had several days to try it out with the Origami case. On the first day, I did have issues with it putting my device to sleep when I would fold the cover all the way back, so I can see how this would be a severe problem. However, I had read in one of the earliest reviews that the reviewer had eliminated this issue by setting the timeout feature (where it causes your lock screen to come on if no activity is detected within a certain amount of time) to NEVER. I realize that this would not be acceptable to those of you who want the screen to lock after a certain amount of inactivity, but in my case, I always close the cover if I am not going to use it for a bit anyway, so it doesn't matter to me personally. After doing this, I did not have that issue occur again, even though I used my HDX frequently over several days with the cover folded back. I also read that some were experiencing floppiness with their covers. I have not experienced that particular issue yet. I have used the cover as a stand in both landscape and portrait modes and it was quite sturdy, even when I used the touch screen. I can only say that I have been very happy with my Origami case and would highly recommend it. I have noticed there are some other cases out there that are cheaper, but they either can't be used as a stand, or in portrait mode, or their reviews don't instill me with a desire to try them.
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on December 2, 2014
The size of the product wasn't correct although it said that the product was for Kindle HDX 7". Amazon were not willing to reimburse for all the inconvenience faced and the scratches on my kindle due to wrong size.
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on October 20, 2013
I'm now on my 3rd kindle - my second fire. I've had a case for each of them and each of them has features that I love and hate. I decided to give the origami case a chance, even though I felt that it might end up being a bit too "gimmicky" for my taste. I actually really love it, though! I like that you can take it in and out of the case very easily (because sometimes I like to use the tablet "naked"). I like that it feels like a natural extension of the tablet and not just something making it clunky and heavy. I like the color (I picked purple and it is very true to what is in the product photos). I like that the sound is fine even though the speakers are on the back (there is a "gap" that allows the sound to come out and it actually seems to redirect it toward you). The way the origami stand works takes a little getting used to (you will do it wrong the first few times, but you quickly figure it out), but the magnetic panels are strong and it stands up perfectly just like it should. I like how to wakes it up and puts it to sleep when you open and close it.

I'm very pleased with this cover and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a cover for their HDX.
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on February 18, 2014
This case is heavy. However it stands up great (if you remember to put the two plastic sides of the wings together rather than the soft sides). Also, nothing is upside down, unlike the other cases in which the kindle home screen initially comes on upside down until it reorients itself...which does not effect using your kindle but is a bit annoying.

I have no trouble with the case turning off the kindle while having the front folded back, as some reviewers described. The Kindle is secure, for the most part, but when I accidentally knocked it off the arm of the couch, the kindle did end up out of the case. When I hold the case, in a closed position, so that the cover is facing the floor, the front flap will flap open by itself, turning on the device. However, the Kindle will not drop out of the case.

Someone mentioned a concern about the magnets harming credit cards. My understanding is the magnets on these cases are covered so as not to hurt the device inside, so it should not be bad for credit cards either. I will say, the magnet in front cover is strong enough to hold my stylus on it without needing a loop to hold it.

All in all, I am glad I bought it. It is made for the kindle and it is a perfect stand for watching movies an reading while eating. All the buttons and openings are easily accessible.

However, if my sole purpose had been reading and I would be holding the kindle more often than not, I would have preferred a lighter case.
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on December 28, 2013
So, as the headline says, I love the concept of the Origami case. It works very well supporting the HDX in landscape mode, and the wake / sleep functionality is fantastic.

The two primary concerns I have are:

1.) The case doesn't really "attach" to the Kindle Fire HDX so much as it "adheres" to the back of the Kindle, using magnets, I believe. As such, you don't get that "locked in" feeling that prior kindle cases have afforded. At least not to my mind, anyhow.

2.) The edges of the Kindle are only partially protected by the case. While the case does overlap the edges of the kindle, it only overlaps a little more than half of the exposed edge, so I can see some potential in the edges of the kindle getting damaged should it happen to fall just right. Granted, this is a minor concern, as you obviously wouldn't drop the kindle in the first place, but -- there it is.

The only other thing I'll say is that I do think the price-point for this case is a bit pricey at $49.99. The quality of the construction and the fit and finish are good, but in my opinion, this product should have a price point at least $10 lower. Because of the price, we decided to try one of the other aftermarket cases from another vendor for our second HDX.
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on April 17, 2014
I was really leery about buying this case for my kindle fire hdx after reading all the negative reviews about it. But, I decided this is somthing I just need to check out for myself. So I took the plunge and I am so much happier with this case then with either of the other 2 I had bought for it. It doesn't appear to be cheaply made, the purple is a really nice darkish color. The folding stand part was a bit to get figured out but I got it. The cover opens the right direction which no other does that I'm aware of. Does it add weight, yes, but so does every other case out there. I am just really so impressed I wish I had bought it first before any other covers. Thank you Amazon for a great product for me!
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on February 17, 2014
I was really excited about this product when I bought it. The color and ease of magnetick attachment, along with the automatic on/off function were big selling features. Ok now for the not so great, almost immediately after attaching the cover I began to have a problem with my Kindle shutting off. I would be in the middle of reading a page and the screen would just go black. I was quite concerned and quickly contacted customer service wanting to ensure there was not a problem with my less then 2 week old kindle fire. After going back and forth with the Mayday team for about a week, and continuing to experience the problem, we determined that the position of the power button on the cover and the lightest touch would result in turning to devise off. Needless to say I was quite relieved that all was well with my kindle, however, the cover had to go. In addition to that I was a little difficult to hold on to if you were just reading, it needs some sort of hand hold. Over all not my favorite accessory.
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on March 2, 2015
I love this kindle cover. It took a minute to figure out how to get the kindle to stand up when I wanted to watch videos, but once I figured it out, I was good. It's super clever and very cool. I like that it's thin and lightweight, and has external "buttons" for the power and volume on the kindle fire. Compared to my first generation fire and the protective case I use for it, it's so much sleeker, thinner, easier to travel with. I also love that it's a smart cover so it puts my kindle to sleep when I close the cover instead of me having to do that manually. The improvement in the technology over the first generation fire and the cases that were available with it blows my mind. I'm very happy with this cover.
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on March 15, 2015
I bought a purple case for me and a black case for my DH for his birthday. Both of us LOVE our cases.
They both perform as expected. When the case cover is folded all the way to the back the kindle does NOT turn off prematurely. When the cover is folded in the stand position it holds the Kindle in the landscape or portrait positions beautifully. We were careful to make sure that we placed our Kindles into the case properly with the bottom corners of the Kindle fitting right into the bottom corners of the case. With the Kindle and the case properly lined up the on/off and volume buttons work perfectly. I also LOVE the on/off feature when lifting or lowering the cover of the case. It is sooo much easier than the on/off process that I have to go through with my netbook. So quick and easy.
I also bought two Evecases (7"- 8" size) with handles in purple and in black with red trim and zipper to carry our Kindles in. The cases are roomy without being too large and I think that you might even be able to fit a Kindle Voyage in there with the Kindle Fire but don't have a Voyage to be able to try it out. The Evecases have a zippered front pocket to carry your Kindle accessories in. ( stylus, microfiber cloth, spare power cord, auto plug, spare wall plug and ear buds) This gives you instant portability without having to search around for all those separate pieces when you're going somewhere.

NOTE: It is true that if you drop your Kindle/case combo on the ground just right that your Kindle CAN pop out of its' origami case. Since this was concerning to me I decided to buy some double sided scotch tape and put 4 pieces on the back (one on each side) of my Kindle before re-inserting my Kindle into the origami origami case. Since then I have dropped my Kindle occasionally and the case has stayed in place with no problem. Despite this one little issue that I feel that I have solved we are both very happy with our Kindle Origami Cases!!!!
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on February 2, 2015
This is how a folding case SHOULD be. I bought the origami case that rhymes with Boo for fifteen bucks and it was horrible. Terrible color that looked like it had been sitting in dirt for a month, the cover didn't lay flat, and the ports for the power and volume were too big. Also, I had it folded for about 20 minutes and it left hideous creases.

This case is awesome and worth the money. It fits great, feels great in your hand, folds cleanly, lays flat, and feels secure. My only issue is the hinge. It is a bit too big and kind of awkward. When I close the lid of the case, it takes a few tries to get it down.
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