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Initial post: Aug 29, 2008, 4:49:14 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Oct 25, 2009, 8:10:46 AM PDT]

Posted on Jul 14, 2009, 4:18:53 PM PDT
Kimberly says:
Yes, I had an account as a seller with Amazon for over a year, and they just cancelled it without giving any reason. They won't even consider letting me open another account. My account NEVER received one bad feedback, I didn't have people with excessive returns, hardly any actually, and never even got a warning from Amazon! Because of my high volume of sales they would hold the money for over a month at a time too, then finally release it. I can understand if it happens once or twice, but not all of the time with no explanation.

I'm a single Mom, and selling there was my only source of income. The least Amazon could do is give some sort of explanation!

I did however find a new site and was able to set up a store on For anyone else that has had nothing but problems with Amazon, I'd recommend giving CWEB a try. At least you don't get a bunch of rediculous fees... on top of a hassle! BTW, CWEB also offers cash back on all of your purchases.

Good Luck to All!

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 24, 2009, 8:45:56 AM PDT
Marcas says:
I was selling on amazon also for about 10 months. making over $2000.00 in profit each month. I was selling exactly the same items sells and even shifts directly. Yet they claim I MAY have been selling weapons. I had no weapons. I was selling pocket and hunting knives, again the same stuff amazon sells as well as other sellers were selling on Amazon, but they kicked me off, without even telling me what items they considered weapons, you cant talk to a human, then banned me forever.

Amazon sucks. yes it is their site, blah blah, but they do not even follow their own rules.

Posted on Nov 29, 2009, 1:00:31 AM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Jul 29, 2011, 11:21:12 AM PDT]

Posted on May 7, 2010, 1:29:26 PM PDT
lmnj says:
I just had my seller account blocked. They said they had evidence that I was linked to another account that had previously violated their policy. I have never had any other account with Amazon. All my feedback was good, no returns, good shipping. I was shocked. They will not even present the evidence they have that I was linked to this other account. It's pure crap!

Posted on May 20, 2010, 10:28:19 AM PDT
I just got banned, too, with the same verbage Laura states above. That I was linked to a banned account. I've been a buyer on Amazon for 11 years and a seller in only the last 4-5 months. I had 98% positive feedback (one neutral knocked it to 98) and lots of repeat customers. Someone in the know told me that Amazon's other power sellers may have griped that we undercut their prices most of the time. We were selling and shipping about 10-15 orders a day. Not huge but not bad. Supposedly, Amazon also employs people in different categories of items to sell on their behalf. I sold beauty products, and collectibles (action figures, Hot Wheels, etc.) mainly. And they will not divulge the "significant" evidence they supposedly have that my account is linked to some previously banned account. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Posted on May 31, 2010, 10:24:06 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 1, 2010, 6:31:05 AM PDT
I've just received an email from Amazon also stating the exact same letter, that I was linked to a banned account like Laura and Wendy. I've been buying books and selling books on my account for at least 5yrs and never been late or a bad review. I finally realized what happen, I remember my friend was checking his Amazon account at my place and found out his account was banned, so I logged him out inorder to login to my Amazon account. It appears Amazon are tracking customers IP addresses regardless if the user login name and credit info are two different people it doesn't matter. They just assume it's the same person and what really pisses me off is that I have just started back using the account to sell on after 2yrs and just recently sold 2 books total $50 and I knew that my credit card info need to be update b/c Amazon have been sending me emails from Market Place to update account. This really sad on Amazon part I'll just take my business to or anywhere else but not Amazon if they are going to treat their customers like this.

Posted on Feb 15, 2011, 11:23:57 AM PST
Amazon cancel

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 15, 2011, 11:27:19 AM PST
I was also cancelled by Amazon. For selling Internationl editions of books.
I advertise the fact they are International Editions and I make sure before I mail the books the parties know and accept those Editions.
There are many people selling International editions but Amazon only follows its rules when it suits them.

Posted on Aug 10, 2011, 10:42:34 PM PDT
J. Collins says:
Guys not only am I banned from Amazon for unknown reasons but ebay and Paypal say im associated with someone I have no idea who this person is. I sent ebay and paypal all kinds of info and they insist I am "With" this person, too boot this person was never suspended from ebay and hasn't sold in 2 years before this suspension. My business and life were crushed by the loss of Amazon last year and its probably because they say Im linked to someone from fantasy land. Ill tell you this, I had so many bogus negatives and only 1 of 16 negatives were even close to legit. I had a worker making labels who made some labels the night or day before they shipped to prepare the packages and I can only assume this was the only possible real thing so avoid that, or bogus negatives or probably like everyone else here association with a person you dont know that Amazons super computers say you know but you don't. There are even loop holes were customers got refunds without ever returning product, happened 3 times in 2 years. Anyways Amazon was a big part of my business and were not a small but big small business. We were found guilty with no evidence presented. I have tried every appeal known to man, and Amazon dosn't care. I wish you all well. Im not dirty, or fraudulent or a bad person I follow the rules in life but Amazon dosn't care. The shame is we have the second largest inventory in our industry to offer while allowing fradulent items to be sold by companies with insane names, amazon has lost, its customers lost, and most of all with their dominance of the on line sales industry they have ruined my hard working dreams. What else can I do, Amazon is robots, if one robot tells the other your guilty, thats it. Its Over. If your done with Amazon your done. Im done venting cause it means nothing.

Posted on Oct 14, 2011, 7:03:37 PM PDT
Jaffy890 says:
Amazon cancelled my account too except I'm just a buyer not a seller.

How do I get my account back?
All my money, orders....gone.
Scared, nervous and sad.

Posted on Feb 9, 2012, 11:26:27 AM PST
Diva Girl says:
Amazon cancelled my account claiming I was selling recopied media...really!! I don't even sell media!! Now I am out my money (which is over 500+ and a job) I have been selling with them for over 3+ yrs and have never done anything wrong!! They closed my account permanently...nothing I can do and no one will talk to you. This was my source of income!!! Amazon SUCKS!!! I wish there was something we could do....

Posted on Jun 5, 2012, 12:23:47 PM PDT
The "linked to" thing is bogus.

Two years ago I was banned as a seller on Amazon because 5-10% of my sales orders registered negative feedback. I sold 40-something used books after an office move. Even though I didn't make a ton of money, the whole thing was kind of fun. I made sure to get orders out quickly, etc. But at the end of the day I had 3 or 4 complaints about inaccurate condition descriptions -- "good" vs. "very good," for example. It sucks to be banned from selling, but I admit I could have been more careful about the condition descriptions.

I had NO IDEA of the severity of the whole thing. If I had KNOWN that my family and friends could be "banned for life" because of my actions, I never would have sold books on Amazon in the first place. Now my 65-year-old parents who live in another state are moving and they can't sell their books on Amazon because they are "linked" to me. They appealed and were denied. I guess they are "banned for life" too. I feel terrible! Maybe it was in the fine print somewhere, but at the time, it simply was not clear.

I don't get how this system benefits Amazon, but like I said -- it's bogus.

Posted on Jun 27, 2012, 10:36:18 AM PDT
After shopping on Amazon for years, I decided to start my own seller account. After about a week I had added 20 items. Then they canceled my account without reason. I didn't have any orders so I'm assuming a negative performance is not the issue since there was nothing to base it on. I can't even get an answer as to why it was closed or what I can do to resolve the issue. I though amazon was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but now I have serious doubts. Reading the previous posts, I guess I should be thankful this happened when it did, not a year down the road.

Posted on Aug 7, 2012, 2:52:46 AM PDT
Aryano says:
I was recently banned by amazon. I am totally mystified as to why too. They said it was due to my customer performance (not being high enough). But, I had above average scores on all of them. I had 100 percent positive feedback. I got orders out ahead of time, very low returns, etc. All my numbers were above average. So, on my appeal I didn't follow their guidelines, because I thought for sure it must be a mistake that I was banned in the first place. So, I pointed out my high customer performance numbers, and the fact that I thought I was banned in error. And, I expected them to reply to this. Instead they just banned me permanently! So, I did nothing wrong! And, I am now banned permanently! I counted on this small, but steady income, and it was important to me too. I cannot believe amazon bans people for no reason what so ever! It's total bull!!!!

Posted on Sep 5, 2012, 4:42:01 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Sep 5, 2012, 4:44:01 PM PDT
Jason Brown says:
I was banned as well. They said I was linked to another account that has been previously closed. I have only had one account so this is impossible. They are holding almost five thousand dollars of our companies money and we have just lost our electricity at home because of this. Here in Phoenix it is 120 degrees outiside. I have no answers from them as to why, no evidence of wrong doing, nothing except for the fact that we had a large increase in sales (because we paid to create our own listings of original items)

The only logical explanation is that someone else was in our store and used our IP address to access their Amazon account, either that or a competitor staged something to destroy us. It worked...

We are now bankrupt, our children are 10 days from homeless and it is very, very hot outside.




Posted on Sep 9, 2012, 7:18:07 AM PDT
Jim Banwarth says:
I had my account permanently closed by Amazon and have never even sold 1 item on their site, this is looking like a common problem with the Amazon site, the are able to close peoples accounts, hold onto an money in their accounts (which amounts to an interest free loan), and do all this with out ever giving the account owners an explanation of what they have done that is a violation of their policies. Now I understand possibly banning certain items from being sold, but to outright ban certain people just seems like a discriminatory business practice, and last time I checked it was against the law to discriminate against people in this country (USA).

Since Amazon has taken the path of not giving people an explanation for the action of closing and banning their account permanently I think that the best thing that could be done would be an all out effort to get people to boycott Amazon until they agree to at the very least give people a detailed explanation for closing their account and the chance to make the corrections necessary to meet their policies, I doubt that anyone sits down and reads every word of their policy before signing up for their account, therefore the only time you find out that there is a violation of their policy is when they ban your account.

amazon definitely needs to re-evaluate their policies, but they will not unless we as the users ban together and force some change, now I am the little guy in this scenario and would not ever think that alone I could affect any policy at Amazon, but if we as a group of consumers were to ban together, spread the word, and get enough people to see the injustice of how Amazon handles these situations and agree to just stop using their web site entirely until their agree to make some changes, maybe just maybe we could see some action. After all if you were running Amazon and started to see your company loosing millions of dollars every day because you don't apply your own policies fairly, and won't even give people an explanation for your actions against them, wouldn't you sit down and re-evaluate how your company is operated?

I my self have already taken all references to Amazon and any links to their site from all my web pages, I have quite buying from them, I would rather buy from someone that treats all their associates and sellers fairly, explains reasons for actions taken against them, and give them an opportunity to make changes before outright banning them (and anyone connected to them), I am willing to pay a little more if it means not supporting a discriminatory company such as Amazon has proven to be.

Please join me in this effort, spread the word and get as much support as you can muster, maybe we can make a change maybe we can't, maybe amazon just won't care because they are already making billions of dollars and any effort we put forth will be ignored by them, but if no-one does anything then nothing will change and if nothing changes then Amazon will be able to continue with these outright discriminatory practices, and continue to hold millions of dollars owed to people for 90 days at a time interest free.

Posted on Sep 9, 2012, 3:06:10 PM PDT
RandyMG says:
I can also add myself to the Amazon banned account list. I was on for a total of 16 days and sold 17 items. All my ratings were good with 100% feedback. No returns or complaints. The day they were to release my funds I get an email that I'm banned. I appealed the ban and within two hours I get a sorry you're banned for life email...and by the way, we won't tell you why. If I had done something wrong I wouldn't have an issue with them banning me, however, not to know why is just a poor practice on their part. The only thing I can and will do is to ban Amazon from my places to shop.

Posted on Sep 12, 2012, 3:05:01 AM PDT
Merchant says:
The best solution is: Class Action Lawsuit.

Posted on Sep 12, 2012, 3:14:14 AM PDT
Merchant says:
Imagine if a banned seller logs into his/her account from different places such as public & school libraries, internet cafes, WiFi hot spots, etc.. then everybody who uses the same places will be banned as well. As a result, the whole country will be banned and perhaps the whole world. So, Amazon is the real LOSER!!! Eventually, Amazon will close as a result of their unfair, unjust, unprofessional, unethical, and inhuman practices. We are looking forward for the day when Amazon go bankrupt.

Posted on Sep 30, 2012, 2:00:31 PM PDT
I hope you go bankrupt Amazon.

Posted on Oct 29, 2012, 1:44:09 PM PDT
Brenda Lewis says:
They canceled my account to for no reason. I've been a Amazon customer for 10 years
Very disappointed in you amazon I'm never ordering from you Again and I hope you go bankrupt for no reason. I'll shop on eBay from now on.

Posted on Nov 2, 2012, 10:41:16 PM PDT
amazon, screw u! after i sent all my items to your customers! you go and banned my account! how will i live now!?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 1, 2012, 1:27:59 PM PST
Peter L says:
i dont think you can go bankrupt for no reason

Posted on Sep 19, 2013, 10:59:17 AM PDT
ERIC says:
I guess here goes my gripe... Amazon banned my sellers account with out cause. I had a legal product (prepaid game cards) that I purchased whole sale from a local supplier. I listed and sold the items with full disclosure that the item was a prepaid game card and not an actual disc. I sold I think around 150 of these on amazon. After people started getting the deliveries there was a small amount of people that didnt realize what they had purchased (a game card). I understood and accepted returns as long as the redeem code wasnt scratched off. there was about 15-20 returns. Amazon froze my sellers account with out any discussion. I was told my account was being blocked for selling items not allowed on Amazon. Which I found funny because I was a selling on a listing that Amazon had listed and supplied the same product (sold & supplied by Amazon), so how could it not be allowed? Some people are just stupid enough not to read the information and when they find out they made a mistake, instead of admitting to it and accepting iy, they go and run to customer service and file complaints leaving sellers with out a chance to explain.

After dealing with the Amazon team in charge of monitoring accounts for 5 months and I did EVERYTHING they asked of me, they informed me my account was to be permanently blocked from selling. I went through appeal after appeal for the next 2 months they finally sent me an email telling me any future replies would go unanswered and after that I not got a single reply to any more inquiries.

It has now been 2 1/2 years and they still wont respond to a single message. The banning was unjustified and was a 1 sided argument. I dont know who they have reviewing the accounts, but I think they should do a better job and actually review the information instead of looking strictly at the numbers of returns.
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