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on November 27, 2016
I purchased a gift card for almost $700 to redeem for a large purchase and several other smaller items. I went in to redeem my gift card and the balance is now $0. Essentially, Amazon is informing me that gift cards are not secure and that they have no liability and are not required to refund the monies. My account has clearly been compromised and Amazon is aware of this and still refuses to do anything. I have contacted my bank to dispute the charge per the Amazon representative. So disappointed!
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on January 21, 2015
Great video gift card - very funny. Sent this to my 15 year old niece, who loved the animation. I have no criticism with the video card itself only that when I initially sent to my niece's email, it never went through. I tried re-sending it to her at another email address and again it never went through. I called Amazon customer service, and the agent tried to resend it again to my niece's 2 email addresses - same results. Finally, the agent sent it to MY email address, and success! I then had to forward it to my niece, who got it 1 week after the Christmas Eve date I had originally scheduled it to be delivered to her.

Also, I never got an email confirming that the card had been sent or that it was viewed by my intended recipient. I only got an email a few days prior to my desired delivery date stating "This is a confirmation of your scheduled gift card order. The gift card(s) below will be delivered on Dec 24, 2014" - the date I chose to have it delivered.

On the same day I ordered this gift card from Amazon, I also ordered my niece a Starbucks email gift card, and likewise scheduled it to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Starbucks sent me emails confirming that the e-gift card had been delivered and also that it had been viewed by her - aahh...peace of mind. With the Amazon e-gift card, I had to check my account and even when I did, the status only said that it was sent. Had I not asked my niece if she the gift card was in her inbox, I wouldn't have known that it never got to her.

Had it not been for the delivery issue, I would give this 5 stars.
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on February 17, 2015
If it were possible to give this zero stars, I would. As great a company as Amazon strives to be and that I always believed they were - they have truly lost all my respect. I received an email from them to rate my experience on "my" Amazon Gift Card - Email purchase. What they don't realize or evidently care about is that to find out if "I" liked my experience, they'd need to contact the despicable, loathsome, contemptible, reprehensible individual(s) that hacked my Amazon account and stole my debit card information in order to purchase themselves two $100 gift cards. They then went on to attempt to purchase a $500 gift card as well but then Amazon finally got wise and realized that my account had been hacked so they shut down that purchase and alerted me - which I thought was fantastic and was happy to see that they were "on it". But I was sadly mistaken. When I called to talk to them about it and to let them know that I had the $200 come out of my bank account, I was read a scripted response from the customer service person I spoke with. I was told that they'd look into and that my money would be refunded. However, I didn't hear anything for a couple of days. So I called back and had to ONCE AGAIN, relay my story. I was then read the same scripted response. This happened multiple days in a row so I finally had had it and demanded to speak with someone in authority. I was then patched through to a supervisor who then read me the same scripted responses. When I demanded to speak with the "investigative team" that he kept referencing, he informed me that he didn't have the ability to connect me to them but that someone would call me back ASAP. I never heard from anyone. I was finally so angry and frustrated that I finally called and had my bank (Chase) reverse the charges and look into it. In the meantime, I've not heard one word back from Amazon. NOTHING. Until I got an email asking them to rate my gift card. So here you have it Amazon - here's my "rating": I'll never use Amazon again. I'm sure that doesn't affect you all in the least and that you don't consider it to be a loss to lose just one person, but in the meantime, this consumer will continue to share my experience with everyone I talk to so that they see how poorly Amazon runs their business when it comes to customer service and even more importantly - theft and fraud of their customers.
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on March 30, 2017
This animated e-card is just perfect, when you finally get it. The problem I had was that I chose to text this gift card to my niece (Sprint). This text NEVER went through despite repeated efforts, and therefore she did NOT get her birthday gift card anywhere near her birthday. I had no other options once I chose "text message" as delivery method. Of course, there was no customer service to help me with this either. Eventually I had to text it to someone else's mobile who had a different carrier (AT&T) who then forwarded her the text. I will not be choosing to text message Amazon gift cards any more - WAY TOO MUCH HASSLE, and a very belated gift in the end. :(
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on October 9, 2015
I basically love Amazon, but this one sucks,, i have no idea if the giftee received the gift.. andon top of that,, Amazon makes it impossible to contact them about a problem,, The Concept is great , but i would send a gift card by MAIL next time..Now i have to embarrass my self AND my friend to ask him if he got the card...
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on January 20, 2017
This is an absolute have!!!!!!! . You buy a gift card for a Christmas gift and as an Australian customer it can't be used for purchases here in Australia. We can not use for the US website either. This was for my son and an absolute embarrassment. There was nothing at all to indicate we could NOT use it in this part of the world. I am an elderly lady and frequently buy books for my kindle, so it's no use for me either. Very very Disappointing. NOT IMPRESSED WITH AMAZON. BAD BAD marketing. You've got my $25 Australian and I cannot use it. Hope you enjoy it. NOT A good way to do business. Colleen Mahaffie
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on December 21, 2016
it didn't work. it was supposed to be texted to my daughter but it never showed. talked to 2 reps (from India of course) who were no help.
I asked for a supervisor and after 10 minutes i was told there was no supervisor available. don't purchase this.
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on December 31, 2016
We purchased a $100 gift card and sent it via text,
The recipient never received it, apparently his cell phone does not accept text messages, so we resent the text to ourselves (only option available is "resend"). That didn't work either, we also did not receive the gift card. We've spent a week trying to figure out how to "cancel, edit, Change from text to email", or how to contact someone at Amazon so we can change/correct our mistake. Amazon, you must really hire several agents to handle gift card inquiries by your customers, and you should also publish the contact information so we don't spend enormous amounts of time being angry and frustrated! I just finished reading some of the Gift Cards Reviews, and it puzzles me why your company would continue to sell gift cards without making improvements to your website!
You can manage to purchase mini vans to make deliveries, but you can't hire a technician to update your gift card website, all you need is to have someone enter a customer relations contact number for gift cards, And also, the technician needs to make it easier for customers to change and/or edit the original order. I am sure there are other suggestions I could make but it's New Years Eve 2016, and I had not planned on spending it on a complaint!
Amazon, you do not deserve even one Star, but I wasn't allowed to post this comment without a "Rating".
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on June 11, 2013
I ordered and paid for this card two days before Mother's Dad for my daughter in law who is celebrating her first Mother's Day and lives out of town. I specified I wanted it delivered on Mother's Day. I was very clear and the site gave me an option to choose the date of delivery. I heard nothing from my daughter in law for a week after Mother's Dad but assumed that the demands of a new baby were a good deal more important... after ANOTHER week.. I asked my son if she had received it.. She had not! I called Amazon. They confirmed that it was to be delivered on Mother's day and that it was NOT.. in fact it had NOT been delivered at all. They looked up the email address I gave them and confirmed that my daughter in law was the intended recipient and had an account with Amazon.. They applied the amount of the gift card directly to here account. This was nearly 3 weeks after the day it should have been delivered.. I am FURIOUS. My daughter in law has a Master's Degree in Cyber Forensics so I can assure you she "checked her spam file". Amazon has gotten increasingly sloppy. I am an attorney and my office manager orders items from Amazon frequently. She recently had a similar experience..

Amazon has been a lifesaver for Christmas every year..I buy virtually all of my gifts there ... NOT THIS YEAR! I no longer trust them to "deliver as promised" .. The very thing that made them so popular.. their reliability promptness just not holding up any more.
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on January 10, 2017
I just ht another issue with the gift cards. I guess in an attempt to thwart some of the fraud, Amazon now seems to require every recipient to have an Amazon account to even open/receive the card. Three of my five teenage nieces and nephews do not have Amazon accounts , credit cards etc. I wish Amazon had posted a disclaimer as I wouldn't have purchased a gift card had I known they had to have accounts with Amazon to receive a gift card.
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