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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
AmazonBasics 11.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve
Size: 11.6 Inch|Style: 1-Pack|Color: Black|Change
Price:$7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 12, 2014
Recently, I spent my hard earned money on a 13.3" Macbook Pro Mid 2012. I like to take care of my personal belongings, and this $1000 piece of machinery was no exception. So this began my search for a laptop sleeve. Wandering my local general stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc.) I noticed a cheap laptop sleeve (as in cheap quality) was nearly $16! I was like HECK NO! So I jumped on Amazon (btw amazon is the best shoutout to all the hard workers running this website and service) and searched a laptop sleeve. After approximately 9.24 seconds of searching I came across this gem. COULD IT BE?!?? An affordable, durable, and classy laptop sleeve for under $10. Being the educated consumer I started to read reviews. I came across a few that said: Laptop Didn't Fit. This was it, this was the end, I built it all up to let myself down. But being the poor High-School student I am, I pocketed some of my parents lunch money and ordered it. When it got here I opened the package. You know the scene in Star Wars when Darth Vader removed his mask? That's what it was like, shocking, but beautiful. I unboxed it and immediately took my laptop out of my backpack (which was stored in a nice soft tee-shirt previous to this sleeve purchase) and tried to slip it in the case. Wow. The sleeve fit like a glove.

If you have a 13.3" Macbook Pro Mid 2012, I highly recommend this product. It protects your laptop very well and snug. No other sleeve is as affordable, fashionable, and durable as this one.
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on July 31, 2015
This sleeve is awesome for the price. I was looking for a sleeve to fit my new XPS 13 9343 and was having trouble because it has a 13.3 inch screen but is only a 12 inch in size due to the infinity display. It seemed that most 13 inch laptop sleeves would have an extra inch length wise and I didn't want the laptop to be loose inside the sleeve.

A few reviews mentioned that the XPS 13 did fit for them but there were no pictures for me too look at. I took a chance by purchasing the 11.6 inch sleeve for it and put the laptop in for the first time just now and it fits like a glove! It fits perfectly inside the sleeve with no room to move around, which is what I like.

The case itself has decent soft padding with a sleek black look, with "Amazon basics" labeled on one side. I love Amazon so I don't like showing off their products :)

The only thing is that when you zip up the sleeve with the XPS 13 inside, you have to be careful zipping around the corners because they stick out a little bit, but once you have it zipped up, the laptop sleeve fits it perfectly and the laptop sits nice and snug.
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on November 30, 2016
The 14-inch sleeve is a perfect fit for the new MacBook Pro 15 w/Touchbar (Late 2016). I was looking for a neoprene sleeve that would fit snug around the now smaller in size 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is the solution. Fits like it was made for it, no slop side-to-side or top-to-bottom. It is a good quality case with a well constructed body, decent padding on the sides and a excellent zipper.
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on February 28, 2018
Not sure how I feel about this sleeve. On one hand it does everything it needs to but on the other, the zipper scratches both top and bottom my Dell XPS 15 9560. This happens on both sides of my laptop so its not just the zipper head but the zipper teeth as well. Now, the scratching is limited to only the area that is around the left and right corners of the zipper and yes, I did have the cloth overhang (underneath the zipper teeth) pulled on top of the laptop before I zippered it shut.

The images that I uploaded are taken on my Samsung S7 so I apologize in advance that the quality might make it difficult to make out the scratches.

On another note, the sleeve seems to have a few strands of thread loose from the first day I got it. They haven't spread in the 2 weeks I've own the product but something to note for a brand new sleeve.

Also, cut out the plastic tags within the sleeve as that causes wear on your laptop (though minimally) and makes it easier for the threads holding the tags on to tear and pull more thread from the sleeve with it.

Some modifications I made to the sleeve is that I put a small piece of tennis over grip over the underside of the zipper head to prevent it from further roughing up my expensive laptop. (I will upload images of this) How I got the tennis over grip to stick was by attaching it with double sided phone repair tape that I bought off eBay. I bought the kind that was black and not clear; I find that the clear double sided tape has very weak adhesive that does not bond well to multiple things as I use my double sided tape for various applications other than repairing phones.

If you're the owner of a Dell XPS 15, I don't recommend this product if you wish to keep your machine in 100% like new condition.
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on December 29, 2014
I was concerned that my Dell Latitude (E6430) measuring 18.875" x 9.5" x 1.3125" would not fit in this sleeve. I was only concerned about the height of my laptop based on the advertised dimension of the sleeve. So, I submitted a question about that and received several helpful comments that it should work without a problem. Great guidance, thanks for the responses on this, very helpful.

So, my laptop fits in the sleeve, the sleeve fits in my messenger bag and provides the necessary protection that I was looking for. In fact it fits so well in my SERBAGS Military Style Messenger bag that it looks it is part of the bag (see photo). I can even leave the sleeve unzipped for quick extraction/insertion of the laptop.

I'm happy with the quality and functionality of this product.
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on March 20, 2016
This will protect your laptop from the inside of your other bag, but not from being dropped. When you drop your laptop, it will probably land on a corner, whether you carry it in a sleeve alone or inside another bag. Unfortunately, this sleeve doesn't really protect the corners. It's padded enough on the "faces", and the corners covered by the zipper have this grosgrain hem (between the neoprene and the zipper) which affords a little cushioning. The story is not as good for corners opposite the zipper: if your laptop pokes between the two inner hems around the edge, then you only have a thin, unpadded layer of fabric at those two corners. When I push into these with my hand, I feel the sharp corner of my laptop. An edge wrap of high-density foam would fix this and deliver much better drop protection.

Fit is OK for a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, though not "perfect" as other reviewers claim, it's a little loose in the "up/down" direction (looking at the main product picture). Nobody seems to make a sleeve specifically for modern Thinkpads, but the T450s has similar dimensions to a 13" Macbook, so I may try out a Macbook sleeve.

Finally, why don't more laptop sleeves zip open at the narrow side of the laptop? Most backpacks accept a laptop in the "portrait" orientation, so a narrow-side zipper would let you retrieve and stow your computer without removing the sleeve from your backpack.
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on October 24, 2017
I realized I needed a case after I kept accidentally knocking my laptop against objects, including placing it down on the table surface too roughly. With this case, I can now place my laptop on top of the case on the table (like a cushion) and not have to worry about that.

This laptop case/sleeve actually exceeded my expectations, because I like it better than the one I had gotten from Dell (which I forgot to bring with me when I traveled). The material feels very soft but also thick enough to provide enough protection. I have a pretty old Dell laptop that is thicker than some newer laptops, especially compared to Macbooks, but this case fits it perfectly fine. It even has a little space left over, which I was surprised with. I would've preferred it to fit a bit more snug, but it's fine as is too. The zipper also seems to be of pretty good quality and durable. I've used it for a few weeks now since I got it in the mail, and it's been doing a great job so far. No complaints (except maybe for the Amazon logo on the front, which isn't a big deal).
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on December 3, 2016
  I could've just as easily gone with 5 stars but there's nothing special about it. I like it, I don't love it. There's a Targus one that's $4 less and has a zipper pouch on the outside where you can keep a charger and maybe even a mouse (or whatever). So, this is just kinda the bare minimum. But it's still a good product.
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on January 3, 2018
Immediately upon receiving the case I opened the zipper and lots of dark purple coloring stained my hands. It transferred directly from the zipper pull even with a light touch. I rubbed it vigorously with a napkin to try and get it all off. I don't have time to fuss with sending it back or a replacement. There is also a blemish on the zipper pull making me wonder if the remaining color will rub off and it will be gray underneath. Glad I noticed because I simultaneously received a spendy backpack that was a lighter color and I would have been VERY upset had the stain transferred to it. Over all case looks sturdy and plush enough to cushion my tablet.
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on March 6, 2018
Can't really ask for more for the price. Nice, budget-friendly sleeve for my XPS 13 9350. It fits nicely with my XPS 13 9350. It isn't a snug fit, but given the material that it is made out of, the fit is expected. It is soft/stretchy material so the fit isn't going to be snug like if it were a leather sleeve or a sleeve that was made specifically or the XPS 13. Nice quality, great price, overall great product! AmazonBasics has done it again!
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