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on September 18, 2016
I had been searching for a high quality HDMI cable to connect my laptop because the one I initially purchased was very terrible. I’m lucky to buy all of these for no more than $8. I found the performance of this particular brand different from others I’ve used. The cord itself is made from high quality materials and worked just as well as other expensive HDMI cables. The cord is nice and long, it is a thick cord and kind of stiff so I am not worried about any cable breakage. The connector ends are made excellent and sturdy using copper with a gold plating makes for great conducting. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase and I would highly recommend this HDMI cable.
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on December 9, 2015
Heavy cable, sometimes I forget I have this running from my PC to my TV across the room so I jump and scream thinking it's a gigantic snake. It will take several people to install this hdmi cable, due to it's massive girth, but once you've proven your weight in testosterone, your reward is inserting the connection into your tv's input port with ultimate satisfaction! The connection will neither sway nor budge, only hold fast where you insert it. This feat of engineering prowess was likely done by engineers of weapons of mass destruction, considering the considerable heavy cable shielding. I unloaded two full clips from my 9mm pistol to see if I could penetrate the jacket, let's just say I'm glad the richochet didn't hit me in the eyes, as the cable not only resisted the gun shots, but reflected them, leaving no sign of impact. This likely has some sort of weaponized Teflon coating to deflect bullets. My friend who works in magnetic sciences suggests to me this is done by the cable creating a repulsive magnetic field with AI to detect potential threats to its integrity. That being said, this cable makes me feel safer at night.

Edit: I woke up one morning with this cable wrapped somehow around my neck, but did not move. I merely acted as though I was still asleep and feigned moving around a bit. It did decease it's attack. I suppose this occured because I had shot the cable previously and the AI was beginning to rationalize I was an enemy rather than a friend. I will need to find a way to reprogram it.

Edit: Attempts to edit the AI have failed, I've been assimilated by the cable and am no longer human, rather now I exist within the realm of only binary impulses. I feel nothing. I want for nothing. I have become complete.

I would buy this cable again.
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on August 9, 2012
There is a great myth about it being necessary to buy $100+ hdmi cables. The expensive ones are supposedly better quality and have better jacketing. The truth is that hi-speed hdmi cables with ethernet are exactly the same. Sure, the expensive cables may have better materials and better quality control, and they may have better jackets. However, AmazonBasics has not let me down! Their hdmi cables are as good as my MonsterCables which costed me $80 when I first bought my 1080p/240hz lcd screen. I bought an AmazonBasics cable when I bought another flat screen and had no issues with the picture quality or refresh rate. I played on my PS3 and watched bluray videos just fine. And, the jacketing on that first pair of AmazonBasics hmdi cable I bought was ten times better and only cost me $8. Unless you're a videophile who owns a $5,000+ flat screen and have the most expensive equipment that money can buy, then you would probably be happier with a really expensive cable, although, it would just be as overpriced as all the other stuff you have purchased in the past. AmazonBasics is the way to go for cables!
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Thanks Amazon, this is a great cable for less money than the other brands!

I am not a techno guru in any way shape or form, but this is a nice HDMI and ethernet cable that Amazon has to offer. And much less in price compared to the other HDMI cables out there, including the cables found at the local retail stores. That is where I began my search for a HDMI cable to connect our Samsung changing station dongle to our flat screen television. And that is also where I received sticker shock and thought it was insane that they were asking such prices for just a cable.

The HDMI cable from Amazon is good quality and the main cable is normal thickness, not cheap and cheezy as others were that I saw at the same or lower prices. Both ends are I am to assume plated in gold, to have a better connection. And it is advertised that this HDMI cable is also for ethernet. I do not know if this is normal for all HDMI cables or if this is something extra. As I have never used nor needed to use a HDMI cable as an ethernet cable as well. But thought it was a nice add on just in case I do encounter something similar in the future. Where the cables connect to the end pieces, this is made well and shows it will last for a long time. As we all know cables today split at this point, where the cable meets the end cap. But these are not cheap in this department so many years of usage should be enjoyed. And they are just about ten (10) feet in length which is a handy length for many purposes.

I would recommend these Amazon brand HDMI cables, along with many other Amazon branded items (such as their rechargable AA batteries) to my friends and family.

We were not paid nor discounted in any way, shape nor form to give our honest opinion of this. We believe it is important to give an honest and accurate review to assist in their purchasing decisions. As we would want the same in return.

If you found our review helpful, please select YES below.
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on March 6, 2017
These are some excellent cables for HDMI, meeting every advertised capability and being of a very decent build that shows no sign of wear and tear for 6 or more months of constant use and reconfiguration of ports. It's a great length at 2M but there are plenty of options to suit your needs in length of cable.

This is truly the only cable I haven't had an issue with; no missing support despite it being advertised, no low quality build and still extremely affordable. Nice and flexible to allow it to be placed as needed and a robust connector and connector housing. Do yourself a favour and don't get scammed by other cables that may even be worse.

Fantastic value and will always turn towards AmazonBasics for HDMI cables, as I've had more expensive options in stores be the lowest level of pricing and it's always been a far worse offering than this great value periphery cable.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 14, 2016
These worked very well and there is a "secret" that is becoming more widely known concerning HDMI cables...They are all basically the same concerning performance. I've watched video reviews/testing of a $1,000 cable...yes $1K for a HDMI cable and it performed exactly the same as one of this quality.

All HDMI cables must be made to a certain standard and when the standard increases IE: HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.0a, 2.0b, it is the actual hardware in the television or device that hooks these up. So if you have a 4K HDR television, these cables will work very well and as good as "premium" ones.

These felt good in the hand, were adequately long (as I knew they would be from the description) and they seemed to have a fair bit of strain relief to help prevent them from going kaput too soon. I would highly recommend these as they were perfect for my needs, which I think are in line with the most common consumer needs.

I've got quite a few of the 6 foot versions but needed something longer to hook up a couple computers that I built for my children.
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on April 7, 2016
Amazon busted the HDMI upcharge market with their AmazonBasics line of HDMI cables. For the longest time retailers took advantage of consumers with the infamous upcharged cables. USB cords cost a manufacturer next to nothing, but would sell for twenty dollars--then came HDTVs and HDMI cords. HDMI cords cost a manufacturer less than three dollars to make, but consumers wouldn't be able to buy them for less than $40.00... which was ridiculous.

Amazon called the industry on this practice when they introduced AmazonBasics and offered these cables at an actually affordable price... and they're definitely reaping the rewards now, as these big box stores are feeling the hits.

That history aside, these cables work the exact same as some of those $40 cables, so don't waste your time or money anywhere else anymore.
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on August 5, 2015
When it comes to cables, the first place I turn to is Mono*COUGH*. Excuse me... Mono*COUGH*. Whoa, come back! I don't have mononucleosis. I'm talking about THE place for cables. The one everyone goes to!

Yes, that place.

Well, after discovering AmazonBasics HDMI cables, I found that I no longer need to source my cables from that place. The AB cables are surprisingly good quality cables and are on par with Mono's. And at these prices, I would expect them to be similar to something found in big box bargain bins by the entrance. Totally not the case.

These cables appear to cost more a little more than Mono's 3' high speed cables, however, Mono factors in shipping. If you have Prime, or can qualify for free shipping, you can save yourself a few bucks overall.
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on June 1, 2016
Update: appears to be failing after 2 yrs of very light use. Computer monitor goes blank multiple times a day, but no error message (as when a driver fails, or a capacitor is starting to go). The original older, thinner HDMI cable (that came with monitor) does not have this problem. Overbuilt wire sheath - too thick and inflexible, yet apparently did not contribute to durability of connection. Out of warranty. Downgrading to 2 stars.

Original review:
Works well. I probably didn't need such a long, substantial cable; indeed, 15 feet of this stuff is not at all light.

One thing I discovered about using a TV as an alternate laptop monitor - at a distance, even a wide screen TV may take up less of your visual field than your much smaller but closer laptop screen. Consequently, we're only using this for playing DVDs through the laptop, since our most recent TV does not even have component inputs for our DVD players.
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on August 26, 2016
When comparing this cable to more expensive versions I found that the this cable is of equal or better quality:
The ends are neatly molded on and very secure. The pins are straight and well plated. The ends are less bulky than many other brands which is important if space is tight where the connections are made.
The cable itself is more flexible than some others which can make hiding it somewhat easier. In my case, this cable is used on a monitor mounted on a motorized slide that keeps the monitor hidden inside a bookcase when not in use. The more flexible cable is easier to route in a manner that keeps it from getting hung up or in the way as the monitor moves up and down. I should add that after many flexing many times as the monitor goes up and down, the cable still performs the same.
There is no detectable loss of signal - the picture is the same with this cable as it is with cable costing many times more.

Same or better performance than cables costing much more. Delivered on time to my door. Great value - would buy again.
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