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on May 14, 2015
Upon receiving this bag I discovering some very shoddy stitching on the handle. After pulling the camera bag out of the box and grabbing the bag by the upper handle as it was intended the stitching on the handle actually pulled out. Other than this the bag appears to be of good quality. I obviously returned this bag and was sent another one in its place.

Pull out the 2nd camera bag and wouldnt you know it same thing happened again. Grab it by the handle and the stitching pulls out very very easily. Its quite disappointing to see Amazon put their company name on something of such poor quality. I might just deal with it and not return it either way its unfortunate.
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on February 1, 2015
I received the backpack yesterday and went on a walk with several lens and some other accessories in the backpack. When I arrived home I lifted it by the top handle and it ripped out and I almost dropped $3000+ of lens on the floor. NOT happy.
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on July 25, 2010
 UPDATE AS OF June 2015:
Nearly FIVE YEARS later, I am glad to report that this bag has held up tremendously over the years. Besides a few rips and tears in the fabric (due to rough handling on vacations and excursions), the bag is still protecting my gear! I've since traded out some of my equipment and adopted new camera lenses. This bag still handles anything thrown at it. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite Amazon purchases to date. I hope everyone continues to find my review helpful (man this was shot when I was still in high school!).


UPDATE AS OF 1/9/11:
This bag is still doing wonderful, but I thought I should update you guys on the gear it is holding. Currently, it is holding my Canon Rebel XTi (w/ battery grip), Canon EF 70-300mm USM, Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, Canon EF 28-80mm, and Canon EF-S 18-55mm. As well, it is holding my Canon ZR930 MiniDV camcorder, Canon Rebel 2000 film SLR, filters, pouch of accesories such as chargers, memory card reader, etc, and a few little items. This bag seems to hold whatever you throw at it! Still a 5 star bag!


I added a video to this review to show the amounts of gear able to be stored in this bag.

I have been looking to purchase a camera backpack for my SLRs, lenses, and other accessories, and I had narrowed it down to the Canon 200EG backpack. I loved the compact size to the bag, but the large area inside for about two bodies (a must) as well as excess room for lenses. I tried the bag out at Best Buy, and I was about ready to purchase it on Amazon, until this bag came up as a recommended choice. It looks identical to the Canon, but without the giant 'steal me' Canon logo. Reviews for this bag backed up my choice, so I figured I would try this baby out, and if I din't like it, just return it for the Canon.

Little did I know, this bag exceeded my expectations with features much better than the 200EG. For one, the extra padding on the shoulder straps. You also get a belt strap to support your back with heavy gear. I'm about 5'3" and the bag fits snug and comfortably.

The exterior is made of a durable material, which should hold up against rain. The interior is padded very nicely to secure your gear in the bumpiest of my bike rides, which is nice. The zippers are sturdy, although I wish they were easier to put a lock onto. Lets talk about what this bad boy can hold. I am able to fit my DSLR Canon Rebel XTi (w/ battery grip) in the main slot, my film Rebel 2000 infront of the XTi, my PowerShot P&S, my MiniDV camcorder, 75-300mm telephoto lens, 28-80mm walk-around lens, and 18-55mm kit lens, with room to spare! In the meantime, I keep my chargers, minidv tapes, and remotes in the open spot. That is until I invest in a flash unit. If you pack everything right, you can easily pack three SLR bodies, three lenses, a P&S, and other gear in the bag. The top mounted pockets is home to my filters, memory cards, cables, and cloths. The side of the bag can hold a tripod safe and securely. You can also find spots for a phone, or even fit a small notebook pc (more likely a netbook) in the main pocket. Which is nice considering there is no laptop slot.

All in all, this bag is highly recommended in my opinion. Keep it in mind in your searches, and don't click away because it is Amazon branded. It's higher quality than my old Lowepro!
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on June 10, 2017
Use this to keep my camera gear. It is well padded and has lots of small zippered pockets. Hence the reason for the 4 star rating. I know this will sound strange but I get annoyed at all the zippers and trying to find that certain item that is always in the last pocket I look in. Maybe I carry too much and I probably do. Really, the bag is very well made and I do have a lot of stuff inside. The main compartment has movable dividers that can be adjusted for what ever you need. Lightweight but sturdy. A good purchase. But the zippers.......
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on July 22, 2017
I love this backpack. It is perfect for my camera with extra room for my wallet, keys and phone. The bag has great padding to protect my camera and is easy to organize. I really like that it has a strap you can snap around the front so you don't need to hold on to your bag all day. Especially if you are hiking. There is a front strap on both the top and bottom. Sometimes I snap the bottom strap behind me because us girls don't always want our clothes wrinkled on certain occasions.
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on May 1, 2015
This is a very nice bag, a heck lot better than I expected for being an Amazon branded product.

There are plenty of pockets on the outside of the bag, each pocket zippers closed, along with bungee straps on the front, and adjustable straps on the side to hold your tripod.

Two small velcro closure pockets on each side easily hold spare batteries.

The wide shoulder straps are well-padded, and come with a chest securement strap for added protection.

It securely fits all my photo equipment with plenty of room to spare.

There are several moveable inserts inside to customize the size of the pocket, along with small straps to hold items securely.

It is just what you need to hold all of your various sized camera and photo accessories.

This bag could easily hold a small video camera with no worries.

Very durable bag and very well made at a great price!
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on July 4, 2013
I have been looking for the perfect camera bag for what seems like an eternity. I was at a camera store and found a Canon Backback that was very similar to this one. I shoot with a Nikon... I didn't bother me that it was branded, as i figured I could always patch up the logo if I cared about branding. I didn't buy the bag at the store because I looked on Amazon and found the same bag for less money. When I returned home I looked at the Canon bag and then I saw this bag as a suggestion. This bag was MUCH less expensive than its Canon counterpart and seemed to have a little more room to grow. I purchased this bag and I have been so happy. I am a petit person and sometimes backpacks are made for larger backs, this one fits me perfectly. The straps and back are well padded.

You can put a ton of gear in this bag. I currently have a D90 with a 16-85 lens attached, a speed light, a Lensbaby, a 35mm lens, a 50mm lens, a 70-300mm lens, and a 60mm macro lens. I'm sure If I reconfigured the interior I could find a way to put more gear in the main compartment.

There is a pocket on one side for easy access to whatever readily accessible thing you might need. The main interior has two zippered pockets to store extra batteries, SD Cards or whatever else you can think of. The secondary section is roomy. I usually store my keys and cellphone in it as well as my iPad. The very front zipped pocket is also very handy for holding business cards or other small items.

The straps are easily adjusted, which I like. There is also a way to carry a tripod on one side of the bag. I do not use it for that, instead I use the loops to hold my Lensbaby bag of optics. It is a great bag. I wasn't all that fond of the "Amazon" labeled zipper pulls, but that is not a reason to not buy this bag. So far it feels very sturdy and it is much easier for me to carry than a traditional camera bag (of which I have four) since it is a backpack it allows even weight distribution so my back doesn't hurt from carrying heavy equipment on my shoulder. I highly recommend this bag.

It is 2017 and I am still using this bag! I have this bag and take it everywhere. I've upgraded my camera and my lenses, but not this bag. The stitching is still holding strong and it still protects all my gear. It really is a great bag.
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on February 27, 2017
Decent quality. I am afraid to use the zipper with anything more than very cautious and gentle force. The inside has plenty of room for beginner to intermediate photographers. Cannot beat the price. If you can sew, I would recommend reinforcing the sticking on the handle and shoulder straps. If you feel it's worth it, perhaps even swap the zipper and reinforce it as well. Odds are, you bought this for the cheap price and decent quality. Again, I would strongly recommend doing some self reinforcement work. I haven't used it in the field yet, but so far, I am happy with it.
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on October 11, 2015
This item almost fits just what I needed. As for the claim that you can fit two camera bodies in this bag and all of the lenses, is a bit of a stretch, but if you don't care, go a head. I have one camera body and several lenses and accessories. All fit nicely including my water bottle and a few snacks to eat while on the day out hiking to take pictures.

The side pockets are smaller than what I thought and are flush with little room to put anything into them. Was able to put my car keys in one, but my cell phone and wallet had to go on the inside of the bag, There is no place to put a water bottle on the outside of the bag, but there are thin bungee type cords on the top, what they are for in the configuration that they are in is beyond me. I have purchased some small bungee cords and will be using them to hold things like my light weight jacket to the outside.

There are two adjustable straps on one side that I used to fasten my tripod, but I had to run one of the straps under one of the legs to keep it from falling off the side, there is nothing to stop the tripod from just slipping out of the straps if you don't do that.

The zipper pulls are nice, they are made out of rubber and don't make noise when you walk, which is a plus, but the second time I zipped up the main pouch, one of the pulls came off. I was able to put it back on, but it will need some attention in the near future to push the holder on the zipper together to keep the pull from fall off.

The inside has a couple of nice size pockets for smaller and flatter items and the zippers are covered so they don't scratch your camera equipment. There are several compartments and each of the dividers has Velcro so you can adjust them to your needs.

The back is very padded and was easy to carry and 'soft' on my back. It does have a belly strap and a chest strap as well. I did use the belly strap a lot as I was hiking up and down steep canyon walls and they helped make the pack more secure on my back. I did use the chest strap a couple of times in very rough area that I was bending down a lot to get under bushes and trees, but after a few minutes, it became uncomfortable, so I didn't use it as much.

Over all, it is a good bag, lots of compartments on the inside, but the outside needs improvement so that hiking polls and water bottles can also be attached. I may modify it with the use of the small bungee cords I purchased to see if I can get the water bottle and polls to securely attach to the outside for a truly hands free hiking/picture taking experience.

If you are not hiking and just want a nice bag to protect your gear, this is just what it was designed for.
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on May 17, 2016
I am in love with this bag since I ordered. After I read the reviews that the upper handle is delicate and comes out easily torn off and things like that I was not sure to go for it. But we always have an option to return so I took the risk and ordered.

But this is really damn worth it than other branded bags. Obviously when you have such bulky lenses to carry you cannot rely on the small handle at the top. You would have to use the main 2 handles instead. And best part is you can adjust the internal divisions given as per your lens sizes and tools.

I could fit it my whole 5 lenses, speedlite, camera body and lens hood. Rest of accessories you have enough pockets to use it for. This has made my job easy to manage and arrange my tools well in compact manner for where ever I want to take it with me.

But, yes if you have 2 cameras with more than 4-5 lens you must probably go for a bigger size. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.
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