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on January 17, 2015
I "was" loving this bag.. until it started to fall apart in different areas. I've been using it everyday for about 2 months. I typically walk about 2 miles everyday to work and back home - maybe that was too much stress.. It does a great job of fitting my 15" mac book, camera, lenses and some other odds and ends - again, i was loving it. It holds everything well and its pretty comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the stitching just started to come apart along the top and also along the shoulder straps - I imagine it will continue to unravel which looks shoddy, ultimately its going to fall apart and be useless. I'm not sure what else I can do but write this review - its an Amazon product so maybe they will remedy? I ordered it on Nov 11 2014, its mid January 2015 now. I had hoped this bag would last longer than a couple months.
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on February 7, 2015
I traveled through Europe this summer with all my camera equipment stuffed into a standard backpack. Changing lenses, batteries or filters required setting the backpack on the ground and digging through, which made photography a hassle and made my subjects (spouse and kids) extremely impatient. After we returned, I decided that I needed a more professional solution.

I read tons of camera backpack reviews and watched a few dozen videos before setting on this one, and I couldn't be happier. Here's what I see as the key features that make this product stand out from other alternatives:

- NONDESCRIPT APPEARANCE: Most camera backpacks scream, "I'm a camera backpack," making you an easy target in crowded venues. I have thousands of dollars of gear and place a premium on the security offered by this anonymity.

- VERY COMFORTABLE: With adjustable wide padded shoulder straps on chest and waist, it took me seconds to find just the right comfort setting, and I can wear the backpack comfortably for hours.

- SPACIOUS: Easily fits my camera body, 4 lenses, flash and accessories, several filters and hoods, external mic, tripod, batteries and battery chargers, memory cards, laptop and tablet - with room to spare.

- SMART, SOLID BUILD: Padding is thick. Dividers are plentiful and easily shifted with Velcro attachments. The camera body (with just about any lens attached) easily fits in the center compartment, for quick removal and storage. The zippers move well.

- RAIN COVER: The pack comes with a specially fitted rain cover that easily slides over the backpack and helps keep everything dry. Based on my research, only the "higher-end" camera bags come with one of these.

- EXCELLENT PRICE: This backpack is a tremendous value. I couldn't find anything else that was close to this price for this feature set, size, and quality.

AmazonBasics is a misnomer for this product - it's anything but basic. I look forward to getting many years of use out of this well-designed, well-made backpack.
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on August 31, 2013
I have been using a smaller camera bag, but it was getting to hard to fit everything in it. Also, I wanted something that looked a little more discreet and didn't scream out "Come steal my camera" so loud. So, after checking out the many bags here, I chose this new one. It didn't have any reviews yet, so I took a chance, but it has worked out well. Here is why:

- Great storage options, including movable velcro compartments that you can adapt to fit each lens snugly. The main compartment for the camera (I have a Canon T5i) allow you to keep a longer lens on it, including a telephoto lens (I keep a 300 on the camera body). There is even a velcro strap to go over the camera part for extra protection. I currently have 3 more lens and an external flash stored with it, and there is still room for a few other items in the main compartment if I need it.

- Plenty of room for your other gear, such as memory cards, spare batteries, etc... I keep my memory cards, lens cleaner, and spare batteries in one of the zippered compartments for easy access without taking a chance on it rattling around or falling out.

- looks like a normal backpack, so it doesn't scream out (Come steal my expensive camera) if you happen to set it down for a minute.

- It has a place on the outside that you could tie on a tripod, although I have not tried it yet.

Overall, I have been very happy with this bag, and it is a big improvement over my smaller camera bag that was just getting to full. If you need a upgrade your camera bag, this backpack type bag is a good choice.
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on February 22, 2015
This bag fits SO MANY THINGS.

This is what i fit in it so far:
Dell 17r 17"laptop
Dell powercord
Logitech wireless mouse
Sony Action Cam
Samsung NX2000 with huge metal flash arm on it
Sony HDR camera
Olympus stylus tough cam
Olympus older gun style cam
2 spring clamp mounts
3 sticky mounts
1 head mount for action cam
1 3 ft long cam mount.
NVIDIA Shield 5" unit
3 chargers and cables
one 57" foldup tripod
one 80" folding monopod
and all my mem cards
WITH WAY WAY WAY more space... BUT it gets very heavy with the laptop... i suggest only depending on this with the laptop for a quick in and out to your car or for the airport or something but not for a long trip unless you have a really light laptop.

In the pictures is my son who is atm about 5'5" it is very adjustable for all sizes i am 6' but very heavy and i can still put it on my back adjusted no problem but looks kinda goofy on a fat guy lol
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on August 11, 2016
I am a pro photographer and I travel all the time both for work and play. Like most of you reading this I usually bring way too much gear with me. I have used the smaller $30 version of this bag for the past several years. I wanted a bag that was bigger - fit more lenses, etc. I bought another brand of pro bag from Amazon for 5X the cost of this bag and I sent it back (it wasn't any bigger than the Amazon bag I had). Then I saw this one - super glad I bought it. I have attached an example of what this bag will hold (this is just the main pocket - I can fit other stuff in the bag too). In the photo is a D4, 200-500, 70-200, 50mm and a 16-20 ultrawide (bigger then the Nikon 14-24) a D7000 body and a teleconverter as well. I probably wouldn't carry all of this at once but I wanted to see if it would all fit. Love the bag and I'll buy another just to have two. Can't beat the price either!
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on October 28, 2016
I REALLY wanted to give this bag a 5 star review. I like what Amazon is doing and having their own products designed and making them affordable. Camera bags are insanely expensive for the real good ones. More often than not, they are worth every penny.

The biggest selling point for me with this bag was the ability to fit my 17" laptop in there with the rest of my gear. Unfortunately, it is a very tight fit for THIN 17" laptops. Not for beastly editing machines like my Cyberpower Fangbook which I admit is big and heavy. It would not close or zip closed.

Another gripe I have about this bag is that "accessories" compartment (none inside the main bag compartment either) is a little tight. It would have been better to design it so it could stretch outward more so that chargers, batteries, etc could fit easier. Right now I have to use a space inside the main bag to store extra charger, batteries, microphone, and portable hard drive.

Those things being said, this bag was under $50 and worth every penny. It does have strong stitching in my opinion. The padded inserts are nice and durable. The bag material is a little thin but you are obviously not going to get high end materials for a low end price either. For most people's uses this will be a great bag. For someone that wants to carry a lot of gear, their laptop, and a few other odds and ends it may end up being a little too tight.
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on March 24, 2016
Because I am unable to find a travel case/bag for the Wii U ANYWHERE, (one that is ACTUALLY for the WII U), I decided to try this out, knowing that camera bags are generally pretty nicely compartmented and so far amazonbasics products have been good value.
Good value it was! as the separators for the large compartment are modular with hook and loop "velcro" fasteners, allowing for very specific and custom layouts for equipment, allowing for very space efficient packing. I was able to fit into this, The Wii U System, sensor bar, Wii U gamepad/tablet, Wii U Gamepad stand AND charger station, Power bricks for the gamepad and the Wii U, All needed cables, 4 Gamecube controllers and an adapter for the Wii U, 4 Wii Remotes and 4 nunchuks, Wii U Pro Pad, 8 AA batteries and an Amazonbasics Battery charger, A DS, 3DS, their respective chargers, 20 DS/3DS games, Small CD Binder, and 2 Smash Bros Amiibos. HOLY CRAP. It was heavy, but not too bulky, and very easy to carry. The neatness of the modular separators meant that loading and unloading wasn't too bad either.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon February 11, 2016
1.) all of the dividers are completely removable.
2.) It customizes nicely to hold my, (1) CANON EOS 6D (1) GOSSEN LUNA-STAR F light meter (1) BATTERY GRIP (4) EXTRA BATTERIES (1) SPEEDLIGHT 430EX11 and MY 5 FAVORITE FILTERS. this leaves enough room at the top (2 spaces 3"x4") for extra flash batteries, a small lens or a very small snack.
This a great bag for the money comparing it to a $79.00 bag that didn't have a place for my laptop.
This bag IS NOT deep enough to safely hold a Cannon EOS 6D with a battery grip attached (I wish it was, but I think that I will adapt rather than try to find another bag at this time. The case will shut, but the camera with the grip attached will stick up about 1.25 inch. It will however fit if the lens is removed.
3.) When loaded is sets about 8.5" off my back and is about 18" tall. The loops on the side will hold a tripod, mine is about 16-17" collapsed and designed for travel. There is a lot of room in this bag.
4.) This bag shoulders well, the adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable and have a "D" ring (looks like composite nylon) on each side.. It has a padded waist belt and a chest (sternum) strap.
5.) There is ample room in the back for a 15.5 x 10.25 inch Laptop it has (2) side pockets that are large enough to hold a wireless mouse or a couple bags of skittles. Attached to the side are (2) buckle straps for securing a tripod and as pictured in the very front there is a nice compartment that has smaller pockets to hold other essential things chargers, cords, filters.
My primary use for this bag will be to carry on while traveling so the above issue of depth is not a concern. I would recommend this product to anyone who was looking similar purpose bag.
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This bag says it's made for a 17" laptop and DSLR cameras, however my 17" laptop doesn't fit. It's not even close and the zippers can't get past the top corners! My 15" laptop barely fits. When I zip it up the zippers they rub the corners of my 15" laptop and will scratch/wear the black anodized aluminum finish if I keep doing it more than the 1 try I did before re-packaging this and returning it to Amazon. The DSLR dividers have Velcro that doesn't "stick" very well and may come loose if the bag is jarred or dropped so don't count on them to hold any heavy lenses and camera in place unless you're careful with this bag. They should hold lighter kit lenses fine though. It does seem to be made well with a significant amount of stitching and reinforcement around the top carry handle and all the straps which contradicts many previous reviews. Maybe the manufacturer upgraded their design since those reviews because I'd be happy with this bag if I only had a small 15" laptop and DSLR kit lenses rather than my 17" laptop which doesn't fit and DSLR with heavy lenses which make the Velcro dividers come loose just by their own weight.
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on March 9, 2017
I rarely post product reviews....but I promised myself that if this pack held up on my trip then I would have to post about it. So here I am. Just purchased and used this pack for a one-month trip to Australia/NZ in Feb. I was definitely skeptical of the durability because the price was so great....but now that I'm back from my trip I can confidently state that this is an incredible value and I can easily give this a 5-star rating!!

SPACE: If you are like me, you want to know first and foremost what can it fit. Well, I packed this thing to the rim with all of my electronics including a Mavic Drone, 15" Mac Laptop, iPad Pro 12.9" in a case with a Apple Pencil, Nikon 360 Cam, Go Pro Hero 5, 2 iPhones, Drone Controller, 2 Drone Batteries, 2 Drone Chargers, 2 extra Go Pro Batteries & Charger, 2 extra 360 Cam Batteries and Charger, 4 Selfie Sticks, 1 Andoer Pistol Grip Cam Mount, several Go Pro accessories including chest mount, helmet mounts, dash mount, charging cables for ALL of the items listed above including my laptop adaptor, a 3" x 7" x 12" foam/zipper case to protect some of the small gear, some extra memory cards and finally a very solid, 6lb (24") Velbon W-Lift Tripod strapped to the outside.

TOTAL WEIGHT: I weighed this once before I left and I believe I was just under 30lbs.

PROTECTION: With a drone packed in here, I was definitely concerned about the pack holding up. Well, I can tell you the padded walls did their job. They are extremely sturdy and because they are velcro I was able to customize them to fit perfectly around the drone and other gear. Note: The pack was definitely squished with a lot of other gear. But I took care not to place it under 50lb+ suitcases. Again, I'm not a product tester and I wasn't looking to TEST the capability.

DURABILITY: Not one single rip, tear or even the sound of a tear occurred. And again, I was skeptical so I was definitely expecting something to give out. I did not baby this I was in rain (sometimes heavy), muddy jungle trails, sandy beaches, direct sun, you name it. It did get some mud on it...but wiped away once it dried and you'd never even know it had touched mud. I was worried about the high temps (85-95F + high humidy) especially in the direct sun, but...every time I opened this gear felt cool. So, an unexpected surprise. Note: I did NOT use the rain cover for this thing and water never leaked in.....however I would definitely utilize it if you know rain is coming. The rain surprised me a few times....and I stressed out when the heavy rains hit us....but I was pleasantly surprised that everything inside stayed dry when I got back to my car. Note: I did not have this in heavy rain for more than about 10-15 minutes at a time. Another side note: I carried this many different ways, I used the handle up top, I used one strap over my shoulder, and other times I used the full two straps and the buckle around my torso. So, all of the main components were definitely put to the test. Again, I'm still rather impressed that nothing ripped.

USAGE: I used this first and foremost as a carry-on. 6 total flights. I transported it to every single location, every single day and yes, I did small hikes with it as well. All told I was on this adventure for the entire month of Feb...and went to over 20+ different locations including remote, sandy Islands in GBR, picturesque trails and beaches in AU/NZ, river bungee jumping, mountain luging, light tropical jungle hikes (no major ascents), full day beach trips, farm stays, big city hikes....this thing never left my side.

COMFORT: I carried around all day and the only time it got uncomfortable was when I had it draped over one shoulder for long periods. The full weight of the pack on one shoulder I think was a bit too much. So, I simply put on both straps and it instantly fixed the comfort issue. Keep in mind, while I was constantly moving every single day, this was not used as a rough "hiking pack" for long, arduous, high-ascending hikes. It was used for everyday we moved from location to location. I carried water in the outside pockets a few times....and of course it did meet with rocks, mud, sand, etc......but I did NOT abuse it or throw it around for obvious reasons.

FINAL THOUGHTS: OK, for those wondering why I would pack so much expensive gear in such a cheap case...well, I was originally trying to purchase a more expensive Manfrotto pack from a guy on craigslist...but when too much time went by between communications, I purchased this as my backup in case the deal fell through. Once I received it and packed it up....I ended up deciding to just roll with it. I was already blowing so much money on other pieces of the, it felt nice to finally save a little money for a change. And for the money...I just don't see how you can beat it. It definitely exceeded my expectations. This was easily the best valued purchase I made. Hopefully you have a similar experience.
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