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on November 22, 2015
I was given this item for testing and evaluation and promise that my review is unbiased and fair.

Okay so let’s start with how this product feels in the hand. It feels solid as a rock, it has a metal body and is pretty heavy depending on how you hold it. Because of this, it feels like a premium product. It also looks just as great too. It has 3 USB ports, I’m assuming only one of them is qualcomm quick charge enabled, whereas all 3 are IQ enabled. It also has one micro USB port to charge the battery pack itself. Overall, the item is extremely solid, no creaks or anything when you hold it and has a very nice battery meter that is more accurate than a 4 led meter that most others have.

Usage of the product is a breeze as well. You could simply unbox it and take it out the box and proceed to use it, simply as that. The moment you plug something in, it will detect it and begin to charge. My unit for example, came with about 80% of a charge in it and I’ve already charged my phone (LG G4) once with it from 10-100% and it still has at least 70% of a charge left in it! I’ve also found that the quick charge port will charge my phone about 20% faster than the IQ ports. So in reality, Anker’s IQ/Voltage Boost technology is almost as good as qualcomms’. I was also able to disassemble the battery bank to take a look inside. It uses 8 18650 lithium cells that are rated around 3350mah (they are actually 3400mah according to my research, so real capacity is actually around 27200mah! Anker underrating their products, which is something very few companies do nowadays). They are Panasonic cells which are arguably one of the most reliable and high performance cells out there. The solder connections to the PCB are also very clean and well done, showing no signs of failure anytime soon as you would with cheaper chargers. Everything is placed in a way that supports the batteries and circuit board inside, so that if you were to drop it, it would be able to cushion itself from damage. I believe this is one of my favorite thing about Anker, is that they will accurately advertise their battery capacity and when you look at their batteries inside, they actually add up to what they say it is. Other companies tend to round up that figure, therefore giving you an overrated rating.

Anyway, this product is perfect for users that travel a lot and/or students. It has enough capacity to fully charge a phone with a 3000mah battery once a day for basically the whole week! Also, having the quick charge feature is nice as well. Say, you need to go to a meeting/class in 15 minutes, well the quick charge feature for phones that support it will charge your device at least 20% faster than the regular IQ ports! And the IQ/Voltage boost technology is already extremely fast. Also perfect for people who go camping or places where there are not a lot of sources for electricity. If you live in a place where it floods a lot or places where natural disasters strike once a year, this thing can be a life safer. Accompany this with Anker’s solar powered charger and you will never need to use a wall outlet again. Just charge this battery bank with the solar charger during the day and use it battery bank at night, and you essentially have unlimited powered for your portable gadgets.

In comparison to other products, Anker simply wins with design, reliability, and performance. Also their 18 month warranty is hard to beat too. Yes, there are other portable chargers out there that claim to charge at so and so rate and have so and so capacity. But, how many of them actually advertise to show you the insides of their chargers? Basically none. I took mines apart so that I could share online what is inside and then found out that Anker actually shows you what’s inside on their product link already. This goes to show that they want you to know that they use nothing but the highest quality of components. I’ve taken other battery chargers apart in the past and often found that the solder joints were not clean and/or was done in a manner that showed concern for the longevity of the device. Not once did I see anything like that with this charger.

Overall, this battery charger is a monster. It is massive and yet, pulls it off elegantly. There is simply no other battery bank of this caliper right now that is at the same quality. For the price it is also very reasonable. Considering that 2 of the battery cells are at least $20, you have 8 of them so that’s $80 alone in batteries, plus their circuit board/components, the casing, and R&D that went into this product. You are actually getting this charger at a steal of a price. Plus, they also throw in a qualcomm quick charge wall adapter with another Anker USB cable.


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on December 6, 2014
It works! I purchased a new monitor and wanted a duel monitor set-up. My computer didn't have the another DVI connector. So my old monitor (HP 2009m) uses the original DVI connector. While my new monitor (AOC e2050Swd 20-Inch Class Screen LED-Lit Monitor) uses the HDMI port with the DVI connector in the back of the monitor.
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on February 15, 2016
I had a previous version (Anker Astro E7 Ultra-High Capacity 26800mAh) that stopped working due to abuse (the micro usb port got loose from the board, likely from having the cord plugged in and being dropped. I don't know for sure. but i have six kids, and clumsy employees, so it likely was abused). But after i ordered the newest version (which is the version I'm reviewing), i called Anker, and they warrantied the old one and sent me a replacement for the broken older model. Great customer service.

This unit is great. Heavy, but solid. I got 8 full charges out of my HTC One M9. I ran the phone down each time until it shut down, and charged it while off to minimize draw while connected to the ANKER. The phone is rated for 2840 mAh on the battery. So rough numbers came out to 22720 mAh delivered from the ANKER.

Super happy with the performance. The only problem i encountered was when using the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port. It charges quickly (especially from lower levels of phone battery). But with my phone (HTC One M9, T-mobile), when it reached full (with the phone off), the ANKER would shut off, and my phone would discharge rather quickly for being in the off state (roughly 10% an hour). This did not happen when in the other 2 ports (IQ ports). They would shut off and on the charge cycle intermittently, keeping the battery topped off. But the QC port never turned back on while connected. And my phone would seemingly leak power back into the battery. No proof of this, but no other explanation. Anker customer support responded to my inquiry, but that troubleshooting is still ongoing.

I'm perfectly happy to use the QC port for quick charging, when i know i'll be pulling it off before completion. And I'll use the regular ports for unattended/overnight charging. I'm completely happy with this unit and the fact that it has the capacity that it claims (other units from other companies have fallen short in my experience) And the customer service has been fantastic the few times I've needed to contact them.

If you have any similar experience with the QC port (HTC or otherwise), I'd love to have you comment on this review.

Definitely recommend this unit!
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on April 3, 2016
I absolutely love this battery back.

- Maximum size (100Wh) to get through US airport security, including international flights. I have taken it through at least 4 times with no trouble at all.
- Very quick charging on every device that I've thrown at it. I consistently get ~10W or more on iPhone 6, Moto X, 2015 Macbook.
- Much smaller than similar capacity batteries I've used from 1-2 years ago.

My only complaint is that it does not permit pass-through charging (ie charging the battery while using the battery to charge devices)
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on February 21, 2017
As soon as I got it I plugged it into the wall with the wall adaptor that came with it and hooked it up with the usb cord that also came with it.

It took about 8hrs to fully charge. I tested it with the new cable cords that I got the powerline+ and the android and the ios timed just about the same on with android going up in percent every 2mins:22secs where as ios came in at 2mins:40secs.

I tried the ios(my ipad) on all of the ports on this thing and it timed all the same so you can use the 3.0 port and it will charge just fine.

I tried the android(samsung s6 plus) and just like the ipad, it charged just about the same coming in at 2mins:33secs on the normal ports and coming in at 2mins with the 3.0 port.(Which isn't really that much faster really lol)

At first when I got this I said that it couldn't charge while I was playing on the devices but I now know it was due to my cord I was using because I can now play at full brightness while charging and it will take the phone 5mins to go up percent but that's fine and good, I mean it isn't going down like it was before, so I'd advice you to get a really good cord such as the Anker Powerline+ which is what I did and all is working great now!!

My only con which is ok if you have a phone on you but not ok if not, is that this powerbank does not have a flashlight.

I really enjoy the slick design and to me it isn't that heavy I was able to keep it in my back/front/side pockets without it being too annoying.(My main thing I might do is get a clipboard and place this battery in it so I can charge my phone inside that.)

Oh and anker was nice enough to send me a 3ft powerline cord(Not the plus but still was very nice of them) even though I ordered a cable already but it came fast and it was free so I'm thankful for that and now I believe that this powerbank deserves a 4 star!
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on July 28, 2016
The unit I received was obviously used. The case had a nick in the anodization suggesting the previous customer had been rough with the unit. The end plate (with the compliance information) had much of the lettering worn off, and there was evidence of significant rub/wear on the end plate finish. Either the previous owner was very rough with the unit, or had used it quite awhile before returning in it. Alternatively the unit might have been remanufactured. Since the unit has "new" on the insert sales invoice I'm concerned.

First photo is end plate from a new unit posted by another Amazon customer. Second photo is end plate of my unit. Third photo shows damage to case of my unit (as shipped). Fourth photo is cropped view of damage in shipped unit.
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on January 13, 2017
First impressions... Very excited about this product. Been watching Anker over a few years trying to decide what emercency power bank to buy, and then what solar panels to match it with. I have watched many, many vids and reviews. By what I see, Anker seems to be one of the best, if not the best, and has listened closely to it's reviewers and the public over time. This newest model of the battery can't be better. Arrived on time, quick delivery. My guy and I each got one on a lightening deal from Amazon after Christmas which was sweet!
It seems to be made extremely well. Hard metal case, sleek look and feel. Almost like a mat finish as one reviewer said on You Tube, it does not get all marked up.

Right out of the box it charged my Galaxy Note 4 on fast charge, and did as well as my fast charge wall plug does. VERY Impressive.
The Anker battery only came charged with about three percent power or three "dots" on the dial style indicator bottom, and to charge my phone from half battery left, it didn't seem to make a dent into what power was left on the Anker. Impressive.
Also, I got a little Olight SR1 flashlight from Santa, plugged that in too at the same time, and topped off the battery from about a week of use here and there, playing around with my new toy, charged in less then 10 minutes. Probably more like five, six, wished I timed it.

I just did it again, see pics, same deal, a few minutes to top off after using the Olight on turbo this week to see what she could do out in a field at night.Still charged crazy fast, while it charged my phone from 90 to full in those few minutes as well. Anker still reads fully charged, did not make a dent, again. Can not wait for spring to take camping!

Charging the Anker fully first time from that three percent took only like 4 1/2 hours, again, impressive. Left it for over a week before this review, Anker remains still fully charged.

Some details, the Anker wall plug is retractable, great for storage. I love that it has three charging ports, one fast charge for my phone. I love the illuminated power indicator right on the top of the battery segmented into 10 increments so you can get a very clear reading on what power remains in the battery. Just press that button anytime to check the status. Stays illumated while charging, great feature!
It came with a well crafted storage bag! Nice detail.

Side note: For those curious, from the pics you will see we bought the Travel Eva, Hermit Shell, hard protective case from Amazon, recommended for this battery and it fits like it was made for it, like a glove! Extremely well made for $12.99. Fit the plug, cord, and more cords if you want, I am so glad we got them.

This battery as many will say is a bit heavy for a pocket book. This goes in my EDC bag or back pack for the car. I won't be walking through the mall with it, or on a short day hike. I plan to get the smaller battery for that and already have an extra battery for my phone ready to go. This is something I would definitely bring, though, if I worked in an office in the city, and my car was far away, just in case, especially in these times...no question on trips, it fits the requirement to fly as told by Urban Prepper, please see his video, just under the limit. It's like carrying my 33 oz smart water bottle. But the main thing too is to pair with the Anker Solar panels, my next purchase for long term emergency preparedness, natural disasters, storms, here in New England we know the drill well, or if your car breaks down and your phone is dead, etc...and of course, off grid camping trips.

Will update this review as time goes on.
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on June 24, 2016
After reading so many reviews about this product I was greatly disappointed with its performance. The capacity does last for quite a long time, however my phone (galaxy note 5) does not charge fast at all, in fact if I try to use it while charging I can actually get my phone to drain faster than it will charge. I've had friends use it as I primarily take it with me out to music festivals and their phones charge remarkably slow as well. I don't know if the item I received is for some reason defective, or what the issue might be. But I purchased this back at the beginning of may and I kept using it trying to switch out cords etc just to see if the problem was with my phone or usb cords. After all this time I know it is in fact the product I received and now it's past amazon's return period and am going to try to contact the seller to see what can be done because the product does not perform the way it is supposed to.
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on March 13, 2017
I have been using this charger for nearly a year and it has not let me down. I use it with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, an iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Gear S2 Qi charger, my GF's personal vaporizers, and more; it is surprising how many charges you can get out of this power bank. I have had it last for full camping trips, and it keeps me happy and entertained on commercial flights, such that I no longer care about insisting on window seats (it keeps up with my S7 + Gear VR while I watch movies on long flights). I even use it on occasion to power my phone while driving, so I can avoid EFI while listening to music through my car's aux port (my Saab lacks Bluetooth so alternator + ignition noise while charging is otherwise inevitable). It is well worth it! I have never had this power bank drain below 20%.

I am thinking about buying a second power bank just to keep in the car.

On the down side, it is a bit heavy (so have a hefty purse!) and is a bit slow to recharge even on QC 3.0 chargers, but that's all the nature of the beast with just under 100wh capacity.
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on November 13, 2016
One of the other reviewers said it best that, if you add up the actual cost of the quality Panasonic and other components, it is higher than what Anker sold it at and what Amazon currently sells it at. Yes it is "only Quick Charge 2," but this bank actually charges devices faster than some QC 3 battery packs. Also, it does the very rare thing of allowing a Quick Charge charger to fast charge the batteries. There is only one other battery pack that I recommend that I just purchased, and is QC3 compliant, but has less cells, which is the Aukey AUKEY 30000mAh at this link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HRAG2KM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I have one lightnng, one micro USB and one USB cable, all available on Amazon, links here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NH138F8/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
User biscuitownz posted the best teardown video I have seen at this link and I have included his great pictures below showing the quality Panasonic NCR18650B MH12210 Lithium Ion cells used [...]
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