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on February 21, 2011
So really, how does a cable like this only sometimes work?? Well I have no idea and it seems that some others have experienced it as well.

Nevertheless, this cable only works part of the time. When it does work, it displays an amazing image. I use it to connect my bluray player to my older HDTV that has a DVI input and without this cable I wouldn't be able to upscale my older DVD's to 1080i. When it 'stops' working the screen goes to white noise and it requires that I have to disconnect the HDMI side and reconnect it to get the picture back (dvi side doesn't seem to be affected). The HDMI side is a new SONY blu ray player and I doubt it is the one defective (especially given some of the experiences others have with this cable).

I don't grudge this cable the manadatory first star because it does work beutifully when it does....

UPDATE: I can confirm that it is this cable that does not work properly and not any of my devices. I purchased this other cable from a different manufacturer here at amazon http://www.amazon.com/15ft-Premium-HDMI-DVI-Cable/dp/B000HDJY7K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1298475107&sr=8-1 and it has worked perfectly over the last 24 hrs, whereas this one could only last about an hour or so at a time. So I highly recommend checking the other one out, it is a much thicker shielded cable as well. I wish I had purchased it to begin with.
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on December 4, 2017
These cable minders are great. The build quality is solid and I absolutely love the way that they keep the back of my TV and entertainment center organized.

- Excellent quality construction made of neoprene and a hefty zipper system to close it all up. The neoprene stretches just enough to adjust to whatever you need.
- The zipper is great, it means that you can just wrap it around your cables and zip, no need to fuss with trying to feed cables through
- I included a picture of the clip system that comes with it, this allows you to clip two of these together if you want to extend the run of the sleeve.
- The best part is the fact that it has those holes all around the sleeve which allows the cables to come out at different places of the sleeve.
- Tremendous value

I guess if I'm being nitpicky, I would maybe like the sleeves to be a little longer, again not really a problem when you can clip them together. Really hard to find something not to like here.

I only bought one set of these for my entertainment center in my man cave. I didn't need one downstairs because there isn't much going on down there. If I ever needed to set this up again, I would definitely buy these again.
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on October 24, 2015
My before and after pics are worth a few hundred words - check them out! Massive declutter of home office. These are very similar to another brand of neoprene cable managers I've tested, but superior due to the slots you can use to insert or remove cables at various points. The concept is simple: zip them around a bunch of cables, and hold them all together while reducing visual clutter. Again, see pics.

I did try to use the clips on the end at one point, and the stitching immediately failed. The zippers are a little hard to align at first. Because of those two issues, I'd prefer to rate them 4.5 stars, but that not being possible, and them being so basically awesome, I'm still giving them five stars.

As a product tester I received this free or virtually so for evaluation and review. This does NOT mean this is a fake review. I was not paid for my review, or given any incentive or reward for a positive review. If you don't believe me, click my profile and scroll down to see the poor reviews I've given bad products. My job is to give an honest opinion, not help the manufacturer. My remarks are sincere and my own.
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on July 28, 2017
I ordered this and only used it probably 3-4 times before it failed completely. The last time I successfully used it, one of the bolts that screw into the video card to secure it, broke off in the video card and had to be removed.

The next time I tried to use it, the side that the bolt had broken on had began coming unglued from the plastic housing, exposing some internal wires. I decided to attempt to use it again and couldn't get a video signal. It was then that I saw both sides had become unglued and the connector was only holding on to the plug housing by the delicate internal wires, 2 of which I could see had become dislodged from their solder joints making this useless.

Now I have to find a replacement but I doubt I will use another Amazon basics cord after this epic fail! It's caused me alot of problems now and I am losing work time because of it. They should send me a new one for free!
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on June 21, 2016
This cable management system is well thought out and well made. It's very good at hiding bundles of wires & keeping them contained. What it's not as great at is detangling the rat's nest behind my TV. It's a many-many network back there, and these tubes work best for many-1, like all the things going into a computer. With TV, A/V reciever, 3 STBs and a game concole, and an ethernet switch all plugging into each other, this isn't the right solution. Maybe if I had these sleeves handy when setting up my entertainment system I could have designed it in such a way as to make it all work. In a retrofit, it helps in some ways, but isn't going to justify the effort.

There are definetly some features that make this set rise above the competition. I love the pre-cut holes; others make you cut your own. While it's not exactly hard to cut a slit in neoprene, this is a big time saver during installation. You don't have to measure and cut, just install. The clips at the ends to connect two sleeves into a larger one are also a time saver over zip-together or velcro models.

The zippers to close these into a tube are a little hard to get started and lined up. Again, if I were starting from scratch with things unplugged, it might not bother me at all. But I was all sorts of contorted in the small space behind the TV. (Definetly get these before you set up your TV or PC!) However, the zippers are still a much better option than some sets that have used velcro.

If you're getting these for a many-1 situation, you might consider the cord wrangling kits that have a sealed tube that you thread cords through. They're fine if you're installing the wrangling system at the same time you're installing the cords. But the zip-up tube works great after the fact. Not as aesthetically pleasing since they bulge based on the cords in them, though.

Disclaimer: I received this set for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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on February 14, 2016
I assumed it was something else it did not fit into my monitor
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on December 8, 2015
 + Convenient punch-outs for cable in/out, sleeves connect end-to-end, easy to zip up
- Only two of the four sleeves have plastic connectors on each end

Cable-Manager's cable management sleeves are a big help for those of us who have wires scattered all over the place behind our computers, TVs, or other electronic equipment. This package includes four neoprene sleeves, each about a foot and a half long. I haven't tried to see how man wires each of these could hold, but I'm sure they could handle at least ten standard computer power cords without stretching. Closing the sleeve is as easy as zipping it up. Along the length of each sleeve are holes where you can snake a cable in or out of the bundle, making it easy to run cables exactly where you need them. Each sleeve also has plastic connector buckles, allowing you to connect them end-to-end in case you're organizing a longer run of cables. Being made of neoprene, these sleeves will bend and turn whatever way you need them to, and the cut-outs provide the perfect place to secure them to furniture with zip ties.
I only ran into one issue with these sleeves. The manufacturer apparently decided to place buckles on both ends on only two of the sleeves. One sleeve only has a "male" buckle, and the other only has a "female" one. This means that two specific sleeves can only be placed at the end of runs. If they had placed two buckles on all four of the sleeves (making them interchangeable), it would have allowed a bit more flexibility, especially when purchasing multiple packs for long runs. Other than this, I found the sleeves to be very useful for keeping cables of various types and sizes organized, and the sleeves are very well made.

Please check out the attached video for a better look at Cable-Manager's fine product. I received a discount on this product, offering me the opportunity to test it, and share my honest opinion with you.
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on August 30, 2010
Many Windows based notebooks are now equipped with VGA & HDMI ports, but no DVI port. Many external monitors are equipped with VGA & DVI ports, but no HDMI port. While the analog VGA connection works, a digital connection works better. As it happens DVI is simply a subset of the HDMI standard.

This cable works great for making digital connections from a notebook with a HDMI port to an external monitor with a DVI port.
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on June 16, 2016
This Cable Management Sleeve System by ALSO Innovations has turned my shameful wire mess into a thing of order.

GREAT product & worth every penny!!

We have been having success with these goggles using them for our kids. They aren't swimming laps or anything, but they use them in a small pool, the tub, etc. & they have held up so far.

I LOVE the SUPER EASY adjustable strap!! That strap means multiple kids can use the same pair of Goggles if they would need to AND it doesn't take me 15 minutes of fumbling around trying to adjust the straps.

The CON is that the plastic adjuster on the strap is a thin, non-flexible clear plastic that doesn't seem as durable as it should be for goggles, & for regular wear & tear. I don't feel the plastic clip will last as long as it should. If the plastic clip was made of a more solid material & a bit flexible to allow for repeated use without damage (maybe like silicone or a silicone mix??), they would easily be 5 star goggles and well worth the current price of $9.98. With the less sturdy plastic I think they would rate more like a $3-5 pair of goggles that one would expect to maybe last a summer or two, if ONLY used carefully by ADULTS & the strap wasn't being adjusted much (since adjusting the strap causes wear & tear on the plastic clip).

I received a discount on this product for the purpose of my honest review.

Don't worry, I have integrity & do NOT lie in my reviews whether I paid full price or received a discount!

I USED TO think that people who received discounts on reviewed products were all dishonest just trying to get freebies or cheap products for writing fluff-filled reviews whether they actually liked the product or not, but I have since found out how things work and I mostly disagree with that now. I can't say that some people don't do that, but I can say that my experience has been a good one & the way I find products is I look for things I NEED & WANT, so I almost always have knowledge about them before ordering something. If it is the first time I've used a certain product I disclose that also in my review. That knowledge gives me some advantage in writing my reviews because I know what to look for in a product, how it may compare to others, etc. & then I can write a fair, honest, & hopefully helpful review!

I know that Amazon reviews are helpful & so many people look at them to decide if they should purchase a product. I also know seeing so many reviews from certain products that seem like they are all from discounts or freebies can be deeply discouraging. Take heart & know that my experience has been that many of the reviewers genuinely want to give you a fair & honest review. Again, there are some who use a product once or twice & then write a glowing review, but I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about those who take the time to THOROUGHLY test a product before writing a review. They don't write reviews after 3 days of receiving a product just because someone may want them to pound out a bunch of reviews in 72 hours.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I will do my best to follow up if you do.

If you found my review candid & helpful, please click on the YES button below.

Thank you!
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on July 5, 2016
What was I thinking...I'm referring to having 2 Rabbits as inside house pets. What was to be Easter Bunnies for my Grandson (whom lives in my home) turned into "Potty Trained Rabbits" living inside like a cat does.

There is just something about power cords that draw the Rabbits to them and before you know it, the cord is chewed up or chewed in half. I had to get something to conceal them from the Rabbits.

The "Cable Manager" is/was the perfect solution. The designer of this product not only produced a concealer but it is functional at the same time.

The Sleeves are approximately 20" long, 5 small port holes that are equipped with a zipper to conceal the wires/cords. They also have fasteners that allows the sleeves to be connected together for longer cords. The Flexible Neoprene in which it is constructed of is a nice feature as well.

So far so good. The "Cable Manager" has thus far deterred the Rabbits attention from the wires/cords. Good Buy. Well worth the money.

I purchased this product at a discounted price from the Seller in return for an honest review.
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