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I have previously tested the AmazonBasics AA Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries (in white wrappers), and concluded that they are just rebranded Sanyo eneloop AA Batteries. When I first heard about the new AmazonBasics High-Capacity Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, my immediate suspicion is that those are rebranded Sanyo eneloop XX batteries. That's why I purchased this product for testing, just to satisfy my own curiosity.

I measured a set of those AmazonBasics 'high-capacity' AA batteries, using my La Crosse BC1000 Battery Charger/Analyzer. Here are my findings:

- Right out of the box, the average remaining charge was 1204mAh, or 48% of the rated 2500mAh capacity. Date code on them says '2014-02', but just like other eneloop batteries, they were not fully charged when then left factory.

- After just one recharge/discharge cycle, the average capacity jumped to 2547mAh.

- After another two more recharge/discharge cycles, the average capacity settled at 2555mAh. The spread is very tight between 2510 and 2610mAh, which indicates good quality control.

The above behavior is nearly identical to that of the Sanyo XX cell, which I have previously tested in 2011.

Mechanically, the AmazonBasics high-capacity cells appear identical to the Sanyo XX. Refer to the photo I uploaded to the 'Customer Images' section, and you will see that they have exactly the same shape for positive terminals, same texture on their wrappers, even down to the same 'vent hole' design.

I should note that the Duracell 'Ion Core' AA Rechargeable Batteries also have identical electrical and mechanical characteristic as the Sanyo XX and AmazonBasics High-Capacity batteries. The Duracell batteries are marketed as just 2400mAh, even though they were tested to be over 2500mAh in capacity. I believe this is done for price differentiation purpose.

Bottom Line:
As of this writing, you can get an 8-pack of Amazon High-Capacity AA batteries for less cost than a 4-pack of eneloop XX batteries. So obviously the AmazonBasics version is a great bargain. My advice is to grab them - before Amazon gets greedy and jacks up the price.

One important note:
The AmazonBasic High-Capacity AA (or Sanyo XX, or Duracell Ion Core) is fatter than a normal-capacity NiMH AA cell, which itself is fatter than a typical alkaline AA cell. So it may not fit if your appliance has extremely tight battery compartment.

[Update on Dec 10, 2014]
Long-term self-discharge data: Tested one pair of AmazonBasics AA high-capacity batteries after 5 months in storage. The average remaining charge is 2175mAh, or 85% of the original capacity. This is even better than my previous 5-month test result for Sanyo XX batteries which showed 2040mAh, or 78% of original capacity.
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on May 31, 2015
They work well? I preformed comparative mAh test (using a Lacrosse battery charger) with four AmazonBasics AAA H.C. batteries versus four Eneloop AAA (first gen) batteries. The data is as follows (in mAh) - AmazonBasics AAA H.C.: 866; 892; 910; 912 & Eneloop (first gen): 818; 821; 828; 830.
The min mAh rating printed on the batteries for the Amazon Basics H.C.and Eneloop (first gen) is 800 and 750, respectively. I have no 'in the field' performance review since I just purchased these batteries. However, I have been using Eneloops for two and a half years and they are performing great. I have high hopes for AmazonBasics AAA H.C. batteries. I came here to answer some questions I had had before making this purchase....and hopefully this helped.
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on November 19, 2016
I consider my self a novice photographer. I shoot with a D5100 (Nikon) attached to a SB-900 Flash. I specializing in event photography, which in my opinion is a slight notch under wedding photography. Most events have between 50-200 people, and it's important to capture details of the event. With that being said, I am thoroughly pleased with the life expectancy and performance of the Amazon Basics AA batteries. I purchased these batteries in November of 2014. I was not going to complete my review until I began noticing any degradation of the batteries performance. These batteries have continuously performed well in all conditions (indoor/outdoor). My indoor events average about 100-200 photos, and the outdoor may go as high as 400 images. The batteries almost always last throughout the sessions with no issues. After 2 years, I finally have a (1) battery with a bad cell, that will no longer charge. That's an impressive life span considering the amount I paid for them.
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on September 20, 2017
This is my same review for the charger, I feel it applies here too.

This thing is awesome. I only use it for charging batteries that are used in a gamepad for my PC (Xbox One gamepad). I've recharged the same 4 batteries so many times already it's paid for itself. Build quality is fine, batteries charge pretty quick and last A LONG time. I swear I'm getting at least 30 hours per full charge and it probably takes ~45 mins to recharge. I'm also using Amazon brand rechargeable batteries, by the way.

If you are going through batteries, do yourself a favor and pick one of these up in whatever size/quantity you need and get some rechargeables to go with it. Before buying, I did my research and the report said Amazon and Kirkland were basically tied for the #1 spot with Duracell and Energizer not far behind when it came to battery life and shelf life. This goes for regular and rechargeable.

Kirkland = Amazon>>Duracell>Energizer ((That's how I understood it))
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on June 6, 2017
I've owned and have been using the AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable (2400mAH) batteries for over a year now, and rave about them every chance I get. These batteries will easily last me through using my flash units during a full 8 hour wedding. When working alongside other photographers and I see them using eneloops, I always take the opportunity to tell them about these to help them save while getting the same high quality benefits.

Before the 2400mAH versions came out, I was using the 2000mAH. While these work great for many things, the 2400 versions are made more for my needs as a professional photographer.
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on April 13, 2017
So far I'm impressed but only time will tell. Their write up claims a 70% charge after a year, I can say that when I got them there was some charge and when I charged them it took only 13/4 Hrs to fully charge all 8 batteries. The only date I saw was 3/2016 so I assume these batteries were laying around for over a year.

I have a set of 8 AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable batteries that aren't High Capacity and they've worked as well as my older set of Ever-ready Rechargeable batteries. SoI hope these live up to the hype.

The write up on these batteries is similar to enloops so I'm hoping to get similar results.
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on May 25, 2017
I have used Eneloop batteries for years, and these are based on the same design. The idea is to have powerful rechargeable batteries that retain their charge even when stored for long periods. No one likes to grab batteries that are supposedly charged and find out they lost their charge because they sat too long before being used. I haven't owned my batteries long enough to test their long term storage ability, but they arrived fully charged and I have had them in a camera flash unit for a few months that still flashes and reloads quickly. That's a good sign. Typical rechargeable batteries would have died by now.
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on September 9, 2017
I can now speak directly to the claim that these cells hold their charge for a LONG time. I bought 4 in July of 2016 for a portable radio scanner. In Sept of 2016 the scanner went missing. Today when I was using our Sheriff's mobile command center I dropped an item behind the driver's seat. When I reached for the item I also found the missing scanner. I turned the scanner on and the display said the batteries were full! I ran the scanner all day for about 8 hours. When I got home I put the cells in my fancy charger which reported they were at 50% charge! Amazing!
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on March 19, 2017
Great product, but I was confused on what model I was getting. Amazon advertised two different sets of AAA rechargeable, both made in Japan, at different price. The batteries on the web showed different colors, but the set I received was totally different color. I bought the more expensive one, and it looked more like the cheaper one in color (black). I am not sure they were any difference between the two. Performance-wise, these batteries were day and night in compare to those cheap ones I bought on eBay that was made in China and shipped from Hong Kong.
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on March 10, 2015
Living in Asia now, I am faced with stores stocking knock-off low quality batteries. I've had a couple electronics die because the fake batteries leaked inside them. I decided I wasn't buying anymore batteries except for rechargeable batteries, even if they only lasted one hour. Well I was sure blown away when I got these Amazon batteries. They last forever and recharge quickly (with my Ambient Weather BC-2000 charger anyway). I bought a 4 slot charger and almost got an 8 slot charger thinking I was going to be using it constantly. Nope. I only use it once or twice a week and that's only for my Walkie Talkie batteries. The previous rechargeable batteries (for the walkie talkies) only lasted 6 hours tops so I was amazed at how these lasted for days, even forgetting to turn them off over night. Now we'll see how long they last but they have already made their money back over buying the fake asian crap batteries.
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