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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE: I've used this case for just over 3 years now and it is holding up perfectly. I really like this case since it is minimalistic and has proven to be very durable. It is just as good today in every way as it was 3 years ago when I first acquired it.


This is a very nicely made case for your DSLR. I'm completely happy with the quality of construction and padded protection this provides my Nikon D300. It's the perfect size when I want to grab my DSLR and not be burdened with extra lenses and all the other stuff that I normally would have with me using a larger camera bag.

The depth of the case is 7.5" enabling me to fit my D300, and attached battery pack with my 17-55 f2.8 lens. It's a tad tight closing the top zippered lid, but it does fit and that's very nice. If I were to remove the battery pack, it would fit very comfortably with a little wiggle room.

The case has an extremely durable bottom piece that is about 1 inch tall and is a solid plastic base. This cushions and protects the DSLR case from water infiltration if you were to set your case on the ground.

There are 3 outside pockets. The left and right zippered pockets are marginally useful. They do not expand at all and have little volume but are suitable for lens cleaning cloths, lens filters or something thin. The front pocket is way more useful and has enough room to put in several smaller items. It has a elasticized back nylon mesh panel that you could throw a couple memory cards into as well as two dedicated memory card (SD) pockets with velcro closure on the front inside panel.

A comfortably padded and suitably wide shoulder strap is included.

What a great case this is. Very functional, comfortable to carry and just the right amount of space to easily carry a DSLR, decent sized lens plus a few odds and ends.

It's a great price and seems to be of the highest quality. I expect this will provide years of good service.

If you're looking for something that will hold more gear but is still very easy to carry check out the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories-Black that I have reviewed here
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on June 5, 2016
This bag is about half the cost of the Tamrac (my favourite) or Lowepro equivalent. It's roomy enough to fit my beloved-but-ancient D200 with a kit lens (Nikkor 18~70mm) even when I have the lens hood on - pretty much all the time. The pockets are shallow, can't fit my datebook, but they will easily hold a spare battery and CF memory cards. The strap, as one reviewer mentioned, is the weakest point. It's cheap (plastic fittings unlike Tamrac's steel fittings) and I probably will replace it. Also, unlike the more expensive holsters there are no rear straps so this cannot be worn on a belt. All said and done - it's $20. For that price it's hard to complain. It's not a Tamrac but I like it. One nice feature is the plastic bottom. The case stands upright thanks to the base.
review image
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on October 5, 2016
This is a REALLY nice bag--I was pleasantly surprised. I have a Lowen for my other SLR, but it is simple. This is big enough to house my Canon 80d WITH the battery grip (adds about 2" to the width), plus an extra hand grip (ads an extra 1/2"), plus an 18-135mm lens WITH the 2" plastic lens protector left on (so I don't have to remove it and flip it). I gently wrap the camera strap around the lens. It is "snug" with all of this, but still fits great. It is as compact as I can get a case that fits everything. I am ready to remove the camera and shoot.

It has two side pockets, plus a large front pocket (that also has two special slots for extra memory cards (although I run with a 128gb so I don't run out of space)). The plastic bottom "cup" allows it to stand upright. VERY nice looking, well build, heavy duty strap (as nice as my video camera bag strap). It even has padded mesh (like a backpack) on the side that bounces on your hip--they thought of everything. The quality is superb and I HIGHLY recommend it.
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on August 29, 2017
Just recently bought a Canon camera and needed a bag, but didn't want to get a super expensive one. This is actually a really nice camera bag - I was surprised with the quality for the price. There is definitely enough room for the camera itself with the lens still attached. I gently wrap the camera strap around the lens for extra protection because I am weird like that!. It's "snug" in the compartment, but still fits great. It is as compact as I can get a case that fits everything. Plus, the strap on this bag is super nice to through over your shoulder for walking or even across your body for hiking. It is easily accessed - just unzip, pull out the camera, aim, and shoot!

It has two side pockets, plus a large front pocket. These extra pockets can be used for anything! Sometime I put money, chapstick, extra battery, extra memory cards, etc. The plastic bottom "cup" of the bag allows it to stand upright. The back part of this bag that is closest to your body has padded mesh, like a backpack. The quality is superb and I HIGHLY recommend it.
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on December 6, 2017
A bit bigger than expected from the photo of the model wearing it. Will fit camera no problem, but I was hoping for something smaller and snugger. Minus one star.

The included shoulder strap has a terrible pad: I can't tell which end is meant to be used with the shoulder and which exposed to the air. The strap pad is not flexible at all and looks weird and feels weird to wear. The bulkiness of the case combined with the strap's flaws and short length make it hard to use cross-body. I want to use it cross body because I do not trust the strap pad to keep the case secure hanging on my shoulder. Minus one star.

The interior of the case is protective with flexible velcro to give camera and lens support against jostling and up/down motion. Feels like it will be water resistant in case of inclement weather. Fabric and case are of good quality and strong construction. Understated black coloration with only a small amazon logo. Utilitarian design that is neither unattractive or flashy. Three stars.
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on January 26, 2018
I could fit my Nikon D5200, a couple rain bags, lens puffer thing, wireless remote, 2 extra batteries, 4 SD cards, lens cleaning wipes, and a long lens in this bag. It is sturdy & definitely well made. I took it on a 2 week backpacking wilderness trip and it worked great! I like that the bottom is solid molded plastic so I didnt have to worry about moisture getting in the bag when I set it down, and that it sits upright nicely without falling over. It’s well padded, and after 2 weeks of being in and out of my backpack it protected my gear perfectly.
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I like this case but there are some issues that you may need to work around.
As it shows in the top reviewed video being crammed full with a battery grip installed - NOT WITH A CANON EOS 6D AND BATTERY GRIP it just will not zip shut + kind of defeats the purpose of a padded case when you compress all the padding. as for size my Pentax ME Super with a 105mm and battery grip does fit very well.
Work Arounds for me are:
1.) in the product picture the shoulder strap has a "Padded" area on it, mine came with a different style that was so hard and uncomfortable I removed it. - no biggie.
2.) depending on the diameter of your lens you may have to cross the adjustable supports rather than putting them one on each side to acuminate the lens. when installed on the sides like pictured there is only 2.25-3.0" I installed mine at 90deg with one going along the front of the bag.
OVER ALL this bag will work for what I need it to do at the price worked into my budget for a bag that I will only use on occasion. I would recommend this bag to my friends or anyone who needs a small bag to take with you when you are not setting up to do a major shoot, ie. family get together.
review image
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Time will tell, but my impression is this is a rugged, well padded case for our new Nikon DSLR. It is much larger than the CaseLogic case we had for our old D40. With just our 35mm prime lens on, the camera disappears into the depths of the case.. But at least we have the option of storing with our 55-200 zoom lens on. The firm, waterproof rubber base lets you set the bag down almost anywhere. The front pocket is a bit small but enough to stow the charger and a USB card reader. The price is competitive with the anonymous Chinese cases on eBay, and the quality of the Amazon bag is overall excellent. I had the pleasure of using it this weekend and I'm glad I got it.
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on February 19, 2013
I have seen other bags in this price range and this is the best one yet. This is bigger than it looks. I posted an image next to a 20 oz soda and this bag is slightly bigger. I carry my Canon Rebel XSI with the 18-55mm lens, a SealLine Storm Sack 10-Liter Dry Bag, a couple of filters, an extra battery, an extra memory card, and soon a macro lens. This bag doesn't feel over weight. It is made of sturdy feeling material, the straps and zippers feel strong, and feels like it will last a long time. I plan on updating this after 6 months and a few trips. Currently I am in a photo class and my larger bag is much to much to carry around.
review image
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on April 15, 2014
I bought this for a Canon T5i DSLR with an 18-135 lens on it

The bag is alright, but it definitely feels cheap. I also really wish the top snapped close instead of zippered close.
With a snap on the front, you can put your camera in the holster, leave the straps out and the camera straps become the strap for the bag. With this one, you can't do that so it means if you want to use a strap, you have to tuck the strap of the camera into the bag along with the camera which is a tight fit.

Not much space in the front pocket at all. More like a tiny pouch really . The side pouches are about the same. Not terribly impressed. If you need a quick, cheap holster bag, it'll do, but if you're looking for something with bigger pockets or a snapping top...keep looking.
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