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on October 5, 2016
This is a REALLY nice bag--I was pleasantly surprised. I have a Lowen for my other SLR, but it is simple. This is big enough to house my Canon 80d WITH the battery grip (adds about 2" to the width), plus an extra hand grip (ads an extra 1/2"), plus an 18-135mm lens WITH the 2" plastic lens protector left on (so I don't have to remove it and flip it). I gently wrap the camera strap around the lens. It is "snug" with all of this, but still fits great. It is as compact as I can get a case that fits everything. I am ready to remove the camera and shoot.

It has two side pockets, plus a large front pocket (that also has two special slots for extra memory cards (although I run with a 128gb so I don't run out of space)). The plastic bottom "cup" allows it to stand upright. VERY nice looking, well build, heavy duty strap (as nice as my video camera bag strap). It even has padded mesh (like a backpack) on the side that bounces on your hip--they thought of everything. The quality is superb and I HIGHLY recommend it.
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on February 19, 2013
I have seen other bags in this price range and this is the best one yet. This is bigger than it looks. I posted an image next to a 20 oz soda and this bag is slightly bigger. I carry my Canon Rebel XSI with the 18-55mm lens, a SealLine Storm Sack 10-Liter Dry Bag, a couple of filters, an extra battery, an extra memory card, and soon a macro lens. This bag doesn't feel over weight. It is made of sturdy feeling material, the straps and zippers feel strong, and feels like it will last a long time. I plan on updating this after 6 months and a few trips. Currently I am in a photo class and my larger bag is much to much to carry around.
review image
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on May 9, 2013
The plastic clip on one end of the shoulder strap broke at the swivel joint less a minute after I carried the case on my shoulder. The case fell on the hardwood floor with my Canon 6D w/ a 24-10mm zoom lens in it. Fortunately the case was zipped up otherwise it would totally ruin my day. I owned many backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags... but never had one failed like that. I hate to return things besides I would like to use the case for my trip this weekend. Thus, I replaced the broken strap with one from on of my old camera bags so that I can use it for the weekend. Then I found out this case is awkward to carry. First of all, the plastic loops on the case are too wide so the clips on the strap constantly shifting back and fore as I walked. Secondly, the placement of loops on the case is perfect for an empty case. However, after I put my DSLR camera in it the cg of the loaded case shifted closer to the back of the case. The loaded cased then tilted with the nose of the case constantly rubbing against my hip and the top of the case tilt away from my body. With the shifting of the clips, it makes the case feel larger then it is and awkward to carry.

After looking closely at the product my assessment is that the case itself is well made but the plastic pieces are a different story. I examined the failed surface of the plastic clip. Almost half of the fractured surface was covered with pores (air pockets or dirts). With today's plastic injection molding technique so common and well developed, those plastic parts must come from a factory with very poor quality control of the material handling and molding processes. Although I replaced the strap with one that I can trust, what about the plastic loops on the case. Next time I might not be so lucky if one of them fails on me. My $2,000 camera equipment could be ended up in the bottom of an ocean or a canyon. So I decided to return it for a refund. I brought hundred of items from Amazon over the years and I have never returned one because I didn't like it until now. The irony is that this case is made by Amazon itself so I am disappointed.

No. I would not recommend this product to anyone unless Amazon improve the quality of the plastic parts and reposition and redesign the loops on the case.
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on August 24, 2015
In this review I'll be comparing the AmazonBasics case to the Case Logic SLRC-201 SLR Zoom Holster (Black) which is identical in design but a few bucks more.

Ways in which the Amazon is better:
It fits my camera, Canon 6D with 24-105mm f4L lens, better than the Case Logic. The amazon has a bigger (length and width) opening, so there is still room above the camera to tuck the camera strap in. In the case logic the opening is very tight making it hard to tuck the strap in anywhere but on top of the LCD. The amazon also holds the camera better with the velcro internal straps. You can move the straps around to fit your camera just right. With my camera in the Case Logic, it didn't fit in the "suspension" system, so I had to use the case without the suspension which I didn't like because it puts the force on the front of the lens when the case is in a downward (normal) position. The extra space on the Amazon is also important because it makes it easier to quickly take out the camera without much fuss. The case logic takes more effort because the camera is really snugly in the case.

SD card pockets that close. This makes me feel safer knowing my cards are in individually sized velcro-closed pockets, inside a bigger zippered pocket. On the case logic, the spot for a card is in a small mesh pocket that doesn't secure it as well.

Ways in which the Case Logic is better:
If you have a smaller dSLR, the case logic suspension system works well. It makes it easy to quickly take out the camera since the camera sits on top, and it keeps it safe, putting the force on the body of the camera and not the lens.

The side pockets are bigger. On the Case Logic I can fit my filter in its square case in the pocket. It is just a drop too big on the amazon.

The strap! The attachment loops on the Case Logic are made of sturdy fabric, I could see them taking lots of force. The amazon loops are made of cheap plastic! The strap itself is also flimsier on the amazon! The clip is pathetic! I am considering buying a separate replacement strap already.

Minor detail but the waterproof base is bigger and sturdier on the case logic. The amazon one doesn't feet as well structured.

Bottom line: the amazon one fits my camera better thanks to the velcro straps and keeps my sd cards safe, so I'm sticking with it. Have a small dSLR? get the Case Logic. Canon 5D or 6D? Get the amazon but be careful with the flimsy straps.
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on June 20, 2017
While it was a bit bigger than I expected, it still is exactly what I was looking for. It can hold my Nikon D3400 with the lense attached and appears to have enough padding on the inside to keep everything safe.

There's a lot I love about the case, but I'd like to just point out a few things I didn't like as much. For starters, the pockets on the sides/front were a little small/tight. I'm not so sure that storing anything other than short cables or a small memory card case for a long term is a good idea with this case. My battery charger will fit the pockets, but just barely. Another thing I mentioned earlier is that it's a bit bigger than I anticipated. Not a deal breaker for me, but you should note the size if you're looking to fit this in a tight suitcase for travel. Lastly, the feature I really wish this had is a belt loop on the backside so I could attach the case to my hip instead of letting it hang and swing all over the place via the shoulder strap. I still gave the case 5 stars because of the value, but I think there is still a little room for improvement.
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on May 19, 2016
If you're looking for a DLSR case to hold all of your stuff, this is definitely not for you. This is made for having a quick, accessible, and easy to carry around case for a camera and ONE lens attached... you can throw in a few batteries around it. The pockets on the front and sides fit a cleaning cloth, spare SD cards, and that's it. For what space there is, the quality of this holster is very good and it can definitely take a beating. It has a hard bottom to it so you you can put your camera with a lens on face down and not have to worry.

Amazon also makes a really nice "AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag" that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I have both bags to cover all my bases.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon February 17, 2016
I like this case but there are some issues that you may need to work around.
As it shows in the top reviewed video being crammed full with a battery grip installed - NOT WITH A CANON EOS 6D AND BATTERY GRIP it just will not zip shut + kind of defeats the purpose of a padded case when you compress all the padding. as for size my Pentax ME Super with a 105mm and battery grip does fit very well.
Work Arounds for me are:
1.) in the product picture the shoulder strap has a "Padded" area on it, mine came with a different style that was so hard and uncomfortable I removed it. - no biggie.
2.) depending on the diameter of your lens you may have to cross the adjustable supports rather than putting them one on each side to acuminate the lens. when installed on the sides like pictured there is only 2.25-3.0" I installed mine at 90deg with one going along the front of the bag.
OVER ALL this bag will work for what I need it to do at the price worked into my budget for a bag that I will only use on occasion. I would recommend this bag to my friends or anyone who needs a small bag to take with you when you are not setting up to do a major shoot, ie. family get together.
review image
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on May 14, 2017
I love love love AmazonBasics bags, and the quality isn't the question here - this is great quality and well worth the price! It's just the style...I don't like it AT.ALL. It's top heavy (which you can tell by looking at the picture) and just awkward. Every time I take it off and set it down it topples over, and it drives me crazy. if I reach to grab it and barely knock it, it topples over. It's just too annoying for me - I like the long, square camera bags better, which AmazonBasics does have. Go with that instead! :)
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on June 9, 2017
This is a good case for the price, but there are a few flaws and features that I wish it had.

The Velcro straps that are meant to support the camera on the inside are basically useless. They never stay on, I've just taken them out and printed custom supports because they are so frustrating. In addition, I never use the SD card pockets either. I would have preferred if they fit the cards a little tighter so that I wouldn't have to worry about them falling out when I'm fishing around for them. In my opinion, these pockets would be more suited to hold spare batteries, but they are slightly too small.

If I were to make a second version of this case, I'd change the SD card pockets to battery pockets, get stronger Velcro, and make the side pockets a bit bigger to be able to hold anything useful (like a lens filter + case in each).

Amazon usually delivers products that exceed expectations with their AmazonBasics line, so this one was a little disappointing. That being said, I can't complain too much at this price, so I've gone ahead and given it 4 stars.
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on May 25, 2017
I took a gamble and got the smaller camera case for my Nikon D100. It works great and the size is PERFECT for me. It easily holds the camera body and lens.

I do like to keep the camera cables/charger, etc. together, but this bag is a bit of a tight squeeze. (I have a UK charger so require an additional adapter--- which combined take up valuable space.) I was able to fit everything in but either taking the camera out or putting back in without fiddling with the other bits makes it a challenge. HOWEVER, I would rather not traipse around carrying the extra weight, so I am contented to keep the charger and cable in a logical location for regular top-up of the battery.

Overall, I love the size of this camera bag; it's compact and not something I'd have to worry about side-swapping someone with as I walk past. It's also easier to tuck to my side for security purposes.

I thought this was a pretty clever design. The bottom is a flat and rigid (durable) plastic, and even with the camera inside it stands up on its own. The zip into the main compartment is on the top, following three sides of the case. The zipped side and front pouches would be perfect if I needed the space for extra batteries, memory cards, or heck, other sundries if I wanted to forgo my purse. Not really enough room to totally abandon my handbag, of course! But plenty for the 'day-long outing' sort of supplies (lip balm, cards/cash, keys, etc.). I also like the should strap and cushioned handle on the top of the case in case I want to carry in my hand. The exterior is made of a rugged material with nice trim designs, and the zippers seem to be pretty durable. Finally, I think the interior is well-cushioned, which is something I need to see

Overall, I haven't had much chance to use this out in the field, but I am pleased with this purchase and despite the space limitations I still would prefer this size as I don't like carrying around larger/bulkier items. I still can't believe I got this for the price paid-- what a steal!
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